How To Keep Your Aging Mind Active During COVID-19 Times

Hi everyone. Throughout our lives it is important to keep our brains healthy. The majority of people having a total knee replacement are likely in the older age range (including me!) , I thought it would be beneficial to share information about how to keep your aging mind active during COVID-19 times – and beyond! Of course, this applies to other age groups as well…

Play Brain Games.

Brain games come in all categories. The intent is to have fun while stimulating your mind. Whether it is memory training, visual acuity, puzzles, and/or video games – there is bound to be something that suits your fancy.


Crossword puzzles


Word games – word search, Hangman, Scrabble, etc.

Treasure hunts including geocaching


Engage In Brain Training..aka Brain Fitness

Brain training, on the other hand, is gym exercise for the brain. These maneuvers improve your cognitive abilities. You need to do these exercises to work on/improve memory, intelligence, navigation, communication, focus, mental acuity, and brain processing speed.

An efficient brain training program will be backed up by scientific proof (research). Scientific studies will be peer-reviewed, independent, repeatable, and published in professional journals.


Improved self confidence

Decreased depression

Improved driving skills

Lower medical costs

Faster visual processing speed



Using your opposite-side hand

If you are right-handed, use your computer mouse with your left

If you are left-handed, brush your teeth with your right hand


Close your eyes when performing tasks..rely on touch

Of course, use your common sense

Shower with your eyes closed and feel for your shampoo, soap, etc.

Play with coins to distinguish size changes

Change your daily routine

Walk your dog at a different time

Do a different exercise

Meditate in the evening, if morning is your usual

Play A Musical Instrument

Playing music offers so many benefits, it is a shame to not learn one that suits your desires. Find an instrument that sparks an interest and go for it.

Learn to Read Music

This is a language in and of itself. IT IS A BLAST! Since studies show that only 10% of musicians know how to perform this wonderful, rewarding task – you will be among the educated few.

Read, Read, Read

Our world is turning into a video-oriented one that discourages reading. What a shame. Reading powerfully stimulates the brain. It may take longer to read than watch a video, but the mental results far outweigh the video results.

Go to your library, check out a book, do some Kindle reading, and/or subscribe to a magazine/newsletter. The choice is yours.

That’s about it for now. Can you think of another way to keep your brain healthy as we age? Kindly share in the comment section below.

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