Chair Yoga: Can It Help With A TKR, or Other, Recuperation?

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Hi everyone. You have likely heard about chair yoga, but may be uncertain about whether it can help you. After attending classes for about a year, I thought it would be fun to share some insight. I have written previously about this wonderful exercise form, but further insight is needed.

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* You can adjust the movements to your liking. Unlike some exercise routines that demand a certain movement, there are ways to obtain benefits without sacrificing your health. You can do a partial movement and gain tremendous benefits. A qualified instructor will gently guide you.

* Anyone can do this. Chair yoga is not easy yoga, but can be done by anyone. It is ideal for those needing to gently, yet firmly, get their bodies back into shape. Movements can strengthen, stretch, and balance your entire physique.

* You exercise in a quiet, calming manner. There is no high stress involved. Calming music plays in the background. Every session begins and ends with a quiet meditation that clears the mind.

* You learn the yoga term and how the movement affects the body. The insight into yoga is always interesting to me. It likely will be to you, as well.

These are just some reasons I suggest trying chair yoga whenever possible. Give it a shot. What do you have to lose? I have known many people who include this ancient exercise form as part of their daily routine.

So….To answer the title question: YES!!!!!!!!!!!

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