Changing Leg Lengths After A TKR

Something strange has been happening lately. As I mentioned in previous blog posts, I am back to wearing a shoe lift on my tkr leg. This started three months ago, about a year after my tkr. Wearing the shoe lift is no big deal to me since I wore one for 33 years.

However, and this is my dilemma now, my leg length changes. Some days I will notice I need more lift on my tkr leg, while on other days…I need less. It is totally bizarre to me. (Prior to my tkr, my leg length never changed on a daily basis).

The only thing that I attribute the discrepancy to is the fact some days my bionic knee is more swollen than on other days. Perhaps this swelling affects how straight my total knee replacement leg gets. I.e. less swelling means more leg length (more straightened) and vice versa. I don’t know.

Could be much worse. I’m not complaining just curious. I just wear an internal lift on days I notice I need more than what my external lift provides. No biggie…

Hopefully this can help someone else who is going through the same thing.

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