Paying Cold Weather Respects & TKR

Hello everyone! Hope you are all getting the 2015 year off to a great start. If this day finds you living in a colder climate geographical area, kudos to you! This is especially true for those of us living with a tkr. For those of you never living in a colder climate area, here are some reasons these people deserve extra credit:

It requires extra planning. Instead of simply throwing on a single layer of clothing, venturers must consider how to properly bundle up to fend off the cold. It involves covering all parts of the body in a manner that ensures warmth and protection. Heads, necks, abdomen, hands, legs, and feet need warmth.

It requires forethought. Will one drive or walk to the desired location? If driving, it involves cleaning snowfall and/or ice off a private vehicle. It involves warming up the engine prior to mobilizing the vehicle.

If walking to a desired location, it involves testing out the walking path prior to venturing out. That means taking a look at the sidewalks. Are they salted, sanded, and/or cleared of potential walking hazards? If not, is one able to safely walk on the surfaces? It involves wearing proper footwear, including shoes and socks, to ensure warmness and protection. involves not listening to the news…or taking the information lightly. I am thinking in particular about last night’s news. The temperatures were getting into the single digits for oncoming days. This segment I am thinking about discussed how cold temperatures negatively affect health.

That is a well-known fact, but the way the information was presented was pure fear mongering. It is wise to take this information into consideration, but how many people will use this scare tactic to talk themselves into getting sick? It will happen.

The key to success is being prepared on all levels. If cold temperatures abound, make certain to do the best possible with what is available. For me, it means wearing a knit cap and scarf at all times. To say I have a love affair going with those two items is an understatement. 🙂

So, the next time you meet someone from a cold climate region, congratulate them! These hearty souls deserve a trophy with their name engraved on it. Kudos to cold weather souls!

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