Colds & A TKR

Hi everyone. I recently received a good question from one of my readers that I thought others may like to hear my experience about. The question involved whether having an upper respiratory virus can affect your tkr. Colds and a tkr…

It was about six months after my tkr. Usually, I didn’t get many colds. Due to my immune system being compromised, though, I came down with symptoms resembling a severe cold or upper respiratory ailment.

I found out, after the fact, that I was sharing a food container with someone who was incubating a cold. Could have kicked the guy when I found that out.

My BAD cold lasted for two weeks. After the first three days, I called the doctor since it was so unusual for me to be sick. Plus, as tkr recipients, we all know the importance of not getting an infection.

When my symptoms didn’t clear in three to four days, I contacted the doctor. Having a cold, period, was unusual…let alone one lasting so long. I spoke with the nurse and was told that if the symptoms still existed in two weeks, see the doctor. Otherwise, rarely does a cold lead to an infection.

That was my total knee replacement situation…yours may be different. Personally, I would recommend contacting your doctor at the first sign of concern.

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