Democracy Needs Us

Hi Everyone. As many of us are horrified and outraged about the evils of Putin’s actions…there is something we can do to stand up for democracy in Ukraine. Democracy needs us. The people of Ukraine need us. How can you help?

There is a nonprofit charity organization in Ukraine titled “Come Back Alive”. Funds received help support soldiers fighting these atrocities. Donations go towards buying soldier supplies, training, body armor and much more. Thank you to Ryan Holiday of Daily Stoic fame for sharing the news about this much-needed and helpful charity.

Click on this link to be taken to “Come Back Alive” website. Make your secured donation there.

Thank you in advance for caring about helping humankind and standing up against Russian powers.

Find this blog post about how democracy needs us interesting? Kindly share with as many people as possible. We must show that good outweighs evil.

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