Dental Procedures & a TKR

Hello my favorite readers!

Recently some of you have asked about taking antibiotics before any type of dental procedure. For myself, I was told I would need to do this for two years after my total knee replacement.

If I recall correctly (it has been two years since my two year anti-biotic requirement period) – it was recommended I take antibiotics an hour before my dental appointment.

If you have any questions, contact your dentist and/or tkr doctor to be safe.

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

3 thoughts on “Dental Procedures & a TKR”

  1. My TKR doctor said for the rest of my life I will need to take antibiotics before any dental procedures, including cleanings.

  2. Hi – I had a total knee replacement in January 2019. I was told I have to take an antibiotic prior to any dental work; additionally my dermatologist told me I have to have an antibiotic prior to any skin biopsy. I have digestive issues (GERD) and struggle to keep my stomach in balance by taking probiotics and prebiotics. Taking an antibiotic really messes up my whole system. I showed my doctors the latest information, but they don’t seem to care. I understand the antibiotic is preventative. Of course I do not want to get an infection, but I don’t want to keep taking the antibiotics! Does anyone have better information for me? Thank you.

  3. Hi JanieSue,
    Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to post your tkr comment. I was told five years ago by a dentist that developments are being made to eliminate the need for antibiotics. I see a research article and blog post coming up. 🙂
    Have you thought of a Naturopath?
    Keep in touch and good luck!

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