Dental Work After A TKR (Total Knee Replacement)

Hi everyone. Prior to my total knee replacement, I needed to attend a pre-op total knee replacement class. It was very informative and I was glad it was provided. Well, while going through this class, I received some particularly surprising and interesting information about dental work after a tkr.

It turns out that for two years after a tkr, patients need to take antibiotics every time they are planning on having a dental appointment. It doesn’t matter what type of dental work is being done, either. It can be a gentle cleaning or a fun-filled root canal. Whatever it is, antibiotics are needed.

It turns out that when dental work is done, sometimes blood is drawn. (You know, like when you’re cleaning your teeth too vigorously and they start to bleed? Or….am I the only one this happens to? 🙂 )

This can increase the likelihood of an infection occurring. So, to be safe, the medical profession requires antibiotics be taken.

My dentist believes this is old school thinking, which in time will not be necessary. Regardless, I still need to follow these instructions for the time being.

I bring this up since I am going to the dentist tomorrow and needed to pick up my antibiotics today. Instructions state I take two capsules one hour prior to appointment.

Oh boy, can’t wait. First, the antibiotics. Secondly, the jack hammer drill. 🙁 Life is rough sometimes. (That’s a sarcastic joke attempt).

(If my dentist ever reads this blog, thanks to my guest writer for writing this post. 🙂

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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