Do These Hamstring Muscle Exercises To Reduce Pain

After your tkr, total knee replacement, you will experience pain in your hamstring muscles – the muscles located on the backside of your thigh and knee. When done consistently, hamstring exercises can be a natural pain reliever that also improves your overall functioning level. Here are some hamstring exercises to reduce pain:

Upright stretch

Do these gentle stand-up stretching maneuvers to lower your pain level.

Find a table or other firm surface that is waist-height.

Place your tkr leg onto the table.

Make certain your leg is parallel to your hip.

Keep your opposite-side foot firmly planted on the floor.

Gently and slowly bend your upper body forward until you feel a stretch along the backside of your leg.

Bend as far as possible while keeping your knee and back straight.

Hold this hamstring exercise stretch for five seconds.

Slowly return to the original upright position.

Rest for five seconds.

Repeat this exercise five times.


Bicycling is an excellent warm-up for your hamstring exercise program. Bicycling increases circulation, which in turn loosens muscles. This helps minimize your injury risks. It is a low-impact activity that places minimal stress on your tkr.

Begin by setting the resistance level at zero. Increase the intensity and time as your become stronger. Pedal at a comfortable pace.

Leg Bends

Leg bends are also known as hamstring curls.

Stand facing a sturdy chair.

Hold onto the chair while lifting your tkr leg from the floor.

Bend your knee as far as possible, bringing your heel toward your buttocks.

Hold this stretch for five seconds.

Slowly lower your leg to the original position.

Rest 10 seconds.

Repeat this exercise 10 times.


Always warm-up prior to any exercise program.

Stop at the first sign of excessive pain or discomfort.

Drink water throughout your regime.

Always cool-down for five minutes after your regime.

Consider icing your tkr after exercising to reduce pain and swelling.

Always place safety first while doing the above hamstring muscle exercises to reduce pain.

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