Do You Know About Blogging Etiquette?

Hi everyone. It’s that time again when I must reiterate some information. Due to the increasing popularity of my site, I am receiving greater numbers of people attempting to use my site for free exposure. Blogging is a way to bring people together. Sly advertising ploys do not fit the bill. Here are some fundamental rules of blogging:

* If you have something to sell, contact me directly. Do not include a link to your valuable website or product site in the post/comment. My site is not a free advertising forum. If you do include a link, I will simply remove it and post your comment “as is”. My readers regularly approach me asking where to turn for specific products or services, so take advantage of this and inquire about advertising opportunities.

* Stop sending me very well-written posts discussing the virtues of a product that you or your company either sell or develop. I’m not printing these comments without removing the link(s) first. Period. The best way to get your point across is by approaching me directly and asking about guest blogger opportunities. Every guest blogger on my site gets a free link to his or her own site/product at the end of a 500-word post/article.

* I do not accept product reviews as comments. Most of the reviewers are paid, therefore skewing the information. So..stop sending them. They will be deleted. Or, I will alter content to suit my reader’s needs. Period.

* Everyone loves praise, except when it’s used as an enticement. Avoid telling me how great I am only to end your comment with a pitch about how I can benefit by visiting your wonderful, SEO-impacted website or utilizing your state-of-the-art technological skills. It ain’t happening.

So, that’s about it for now. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. So many people are blogging anymore, the rules of blogging etiquette are easily forgotten. If you do not know the rules, go to your local library, bookstore, or online REPUTABLE source to learn more. Tons of information exists.

It is VERY important to remember that proper protocol exists in well-established, high caliber blogs like this one. Use it and succeed. Ignore it and fail. Period.

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