Dog Walking for TKR Exercise

Hi everyone. There was a recent article on the American Heart Association’s website about using dog walking as part of your exercise routine. The article prompted my recollection about one of my tkr recuperation events. Dog walking is the perfect way to get tkr exercise during our COVID-19 times.

Here it is: I just completed a dog-sitting gig with two of my friendly four-legged beasts. Actually, one is a mini-Schnauzer  and the other a Westland Terrier. A Westie   is the dog you see in those Caesar dog food commercials. Small dogs with big attitudes. They both loved their daily walks. And, it provided a workout for me, as well. My entire body got a workout keeping those two on track. (They were on leashes.)

Anyways, the Schnauzer had leg surgery about 8 months ago. It is interesting to see the parallels between dogs and humans regarding the recuperation process. Basically, it’s the same.

You start out slow and gradually increase your time and duration in all areas. I find it quite interesting, actually. This little gal (dog) has it down, though. She doesn’t jump up when she wants to be picked up. She can jump sometimes, though. I know because I saw her when she didn’t think I was looking.

Her energy level is not where it used to be. That’s a parallel to tkr recuperation. There’s the favoring of the surgical leg, which we all do. (At least, I know I have without realizing it. It’s kind of catching up to me now. :?) That’s a parallel.

When animals cannot do something, it goes without saying that the reason is physical and not mental. When humans cannot do something, why is it we sometimes hear..”You can do it if you wanted to?” It is not always mind over matter. Thought to ponder…

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  1. This is a good approach to what, for some, may be a controversial topic. Very well though out post. – I am dying from the treatment of too many physicians. – Alexander the Great

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