Don’t Forget Your Stretching

Hi my favorite readers! We all know the necessity of strengthening our muscles and bones, so it’s easy to forget that stretching is just as important.

Stretching exercises come in handy to relieve the pain after strengthening your muscles. You know those days when you’re not really in pain, but have a feeling of discomfort? This is especially true after periods of walking for any amount of time. You did your weight-bearing exercising (walking)…now do some stretching to help your muscles recuperate. It’s actually known as cooling down and you’ll feel fantastic while doing it.

Here’s a simple way to stretch your leg muscles, that I always find particularly helpful..

While standing, move one leg forward about 12 inches. Straighten the leg as much as possible. Tighten your stomach muscles and lean your upper body as far as possible over your straightened leg/knee. Feel the stretch along the backside of your leg. To increase the stretch, lift your butt towards the ceiling a bit. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds, or as long as it feels comfortable.

Do the exercise at a comfortable, relaxed pace and do not overdo it. Seems like common sense, but it is important to remember.

Find helpful and interesting? Kindly share with others….Thanks!

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