Don’t Use Your TKR As An Excuse…

We all know how difficult the tkr recuperation process is. And, that’s an understatement. However, please do not use your new knee as an excuse to become unhealthy.

During the first couple of weeks after a tkr, varying degrees of depression is common. If you didn’t feel that way, I’d say something’s wrong. However, you need to exercise and take care of yourself. Period. If you don’t, why did you have the tkr in the first place? Didn’t you want to improve the quality of your life? Of course, you did.

Some say that they gain weight and experience other health ailments because they “can’t exercise”. Bull. Grab your crutches (or walker) and walk around the interior of your house. It’s not only exercise, it’s therapy. Use your muscles and be grateful you have them. Get your tkr working. When you’re sitting down, do isometrics. Tighten your muscles for a few seconds and release the tension. This is very easy exercise. You will burn calories. Yes, in the beginning stages it’s painful. That’s why it’s called rehabilitation. You’re only helping yourself. There are a variety of tkr exercises on this blog that you can do. Look around.

Once you have progressed beyond the initial few weeks, get outside and walk. You don’t have to walk a mile a minute, start out at your own pace. If you walk at a snail’s pace (which I did), so be it. Walk at a comfortable pace. Make certain you have good walking shoes. Just walk. You will burn calories irregardless how fast you walk, simply because you’re moving your body. You don’t need any fancy gym equipment to partake in walking.

All the calorie-burning exercise in the world won’t matter if you’re not eating properly. Eating a healthy diet can be fun and tasty. For instance, snack on fresh fruits and vegetables instead of calorie-laden processed foods. Visit my natural foods blog at for more help.

Good luck! Control your thought processes and your tkr rehab.

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