My 45 Years Of Wearing A 1 To 2 Inch Shoe Lift

My 45 years of wearing a 1-2″ shoe lift began after fracturing my femur (thigh bone) in a life-threatening car accident.

My fractured femur was misaligned while going through the six-week in-hospital traction experience. My lower femur overlapped my upper femur while in traction. In the beginning, it was a 1” leg length discrepancy. Over the years it has advanced to an almost 2” difference.

Many trials and tribulations have provided me with insight that I believe can help others going through the same thing. In fact, I know it can. It includes discrimination stories.

Do you know the difference between a rocker and flat sole? How about how to measure your leg length discrepancy? Does crimination exist? Those stories plus more are included in my ebook.

Bonus sections included.