Early Withdrawals from NHL Live!

Well, July 3 is the last day for my beloved show..NHL Live!  Besides giving me the lowdown on hockey happenings, it provides me with culture.

For instance,  on Friday’s show, I learned about the Naked Cowboy.  Turns out that he is a real person living in New York City who plays guitar, and wears an interesting wardrobe.  He wears his cowboy hat, cowboy boots, and underwear.  It’s not just any underwear, however. The hockey duo of EJ Hradek and Don LaGreca let us uninformed viewers know that the underwear is known as “tidy whities”.  🙂

This guy was walking down the street and passed in front of the NHL Store.  When the commercial ended, and the show started back up, that’s when we heard about him. It was quite entertaining. 🙂

See….besides providing a fulfilling way to gain hockey news of all varieties (from phone and live interviews with key hockey players, personnel, owners, celebrity fans, etc.), we learn about the New York cultural scene.  It’s just the tip of the iceberg of all this show provides us fans with.

It would be great if the NHL Network programming execs could show reruns of that show while its in hiatus.  Life won’t be the same without my daily fix of NHL Live!

I’m beginning to have symptoms of early withdrawal. Ho hum…Bummer.  Now I’ll have to go back to 100 channels on, and nothing worth watching.

That’s something else….NHL Live! serves a purpose for saving television viewing ratings.  Personally, my television is not going to be in use during the time when I’d otherwise be watching NHL Live!.

Ho hum….

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