Eight Months Post TKR Update

  Hi everyone. Many of you have asked me to share a previous article I wrote about my eight months post-tkr update. So, from my archives and without further adieu…

It is eight months after a total knee replacement surgery. I like to keep track of how things are going, so I figured I would update it here.  In addition to keeping a physical log, this post will be part of my emotional log. Here is some personal insight about  my eight months post tkr situation.

Yesterday I went for a wonderful walk, my usual Sunday walk. It is a 1.25-1.5 mile walk. Ranking-wise, it is easy. The walking surface is varied – gravel, wood walkways, pavement, and grass. So, it is hard to get bored with. The walk was a great exercise and I felt fantastic afterwards. Then….

Two hours later, as I was driving home…I got very tired. My knee started to hurt and swelled up more than usual. I took a couple aspirin. Then I ate lunch, took a shower, and laid on the couch. I iced my knee, figuring it would do some good.

The rest of the night, my knee hurt and stayed more swollen than usual. I iced it again for awhile. I feel like I am coming down with a cold, too. I’ll have to fight that, too. This is tiring.

Today, my knee still has increased swelling (even though I iced it earlier), some tingling from my damaged nerve, and has pain on and off.  I’ll ice it some more.

I’m so tired of this.I thought this would be over at eight months after a total knee replacement.

I’m grateful for the surgery, but this recuperation process has got the best of me today. It’s tiring and ticks me off so much – I’m depressed. I know it could be much worse and feel bad about griping about it. So why am I? I know as time goes on, things will work out. These negative emotions are just temporary.

I want to get things done, but live upstairs and just don’t want to do the stair thing today. Sometimes I just can’t stand the sight of stairs. Today is one of them. πŸ™

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  1. Hang in there, the powers that be tell us it gets better. Try this prior to going to bed: 1/2 a Vicaden and a Benadryl and then listen to some soothing music. I use my iPod a lot at night. I have Panasonic RP-HT21 headset (its the most comfortable I could find). I hate ear buds! lay on your side with your knee bent on a pillow. Don’t know if it will work for you but it does me. I can usually get a good 6 hours if I do this right away. If not…Ouch!
    Are you near a pool with a hot tub? I stated pool therapy on my own a couple of weeks ago. Bought the book Total Knee Replacement and Rehabilitation and use it faithfully. I also started rocking in a rocking chair and riding my stationary bike more often. That limbers me up better.
    I know how you feel about the stairs, I live in a split level home, I have to climb stairs no matter how I look at it, food it up stair, bed is downstairs.
    Tomorrow will be a better day.
    Sleepless in Minnesota

  2. I had total knee replacement in January, 2008. I had been working out faithfully and my legs were in good shape. My recovery/rehab went very well. In June-July, I played 40 rounds of golf in St. Andrews, Scotland–walking and carrying my clubs. No trouble nor pain in my surgical knee!

    I am scheduled for replacement of my other knee in December (osteoarthritis). Again I am working out to get in the best shape I can. The rehab is tedious and boring–but necessary. Three months of pain and tedium pays off. I didn’t need many painkillers after my first surgery.

    I am 74 years young. Remember–age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!!


    Jinx Hoover

  3. Hi….

    Try not to let this setback affect you. Maybe think back to what you could do a year or more at this time. Were you even able to walk 1/4 of a mile? Where you in much pain over a year ago?

    Hang in there! Things WILL get better. It’s tough to slow down your pace when you feel as if you could do so much more.

    Maybe the key to preventing swelling and pain is to pace yourself. Instead of walking 1.5 miles at one time, walk 1/4 of a mile every other day (if this isn’t something you have been doing.) When your knee is able to stand that much activity, add another 1/4 of a mile. In other words take baby steps.

    BTW, the book that Charleen mentioned is very good. Lots of exercises and one of the people who wrote the book is a doctor who had knee surgery.

    One of my friends had TKR and she told me some days will be great; others not so good. But two years after the TKR, she says the surgery was well worth it.

    I have a feeling that by next year at this time, you’ll be speed walking through your neighborhood!



  4. I had 2 total knee replacements 7 weeks ago. The stiffness is really getting to me. I do great at physical therapy and have very good movements. In the morning I can hardly walk. Today the weather is bad and I am sore. I also can feel my new knees rubbing against my slacks. Totally annoying. Any body else can feel there new knees???

  5. Hi Jeanne,
    Yes, it’s hard to move in the morning. All kinds of aches and pains, to be sure. It’ll get better, though. Just keep doing your exercises diligently and icing as needed.
    Kudos to you getting both knees done at one time. And, it’s only been 7 weeks. You deserve a lot of credit!
    My bionic knee doesn’t rub against my slacks since I wear baggier pants than needed just for that reason. I agree, it’s not a comfortable feeling when it does happen. Plus, I notice that fleece helps ease the discomfort.
    You’re only 7 weeks out of bi-tkr surgery and you can feel your knees? Good for you! I’m still partially swollen.
    Good luck!

  6. It’s encouraging to read all these reports that others have with their TKR…I had mine 10 weeks ago..
    I can walk good, but getting up and down from seated position causes a lot of pain…right across the middle of my knee..I expected to be just about pain free by now..I have been discouraged…I just want the pain to go…

  7. Well how very interesting reading everyones good and bad experiences after having a TNR.
    My own experience is that I am a little disappointed that after 10 weeks I can still only manage about 1 hour sleep at a time in bed and then I have to move my position. I try with a soft pillow under my knee with a small amount of success but still only manage about 1 hour maximum. Pain killers do nothing for the discomfort. I am not too unhappy when its time to get up as I know that at least when I do get up I will be moving about and in less pain. Whatever way I try to walk the knee Klonks all the time, its just as if it is not in line properly. Stiffness in the morning seems normal after reading everyones experiences. I am disappointed that the knee is still swollen even though I use ice packs 5/6 times a day. I have always done the correct excersizes given by physio and as I live in a bungalow I have also recently purchased a stepping machine. I was led to believe that I should be ready to return to work 12 weeks after the operation, but I am nowhere ready. Lets hope time will be the healer.

  8. Robert Summerville

    It is 3 months after my TKR. Feb 2, 2009. I have not missed a day of some type of physical workout. My knee is very strong and I can walk a mile or 2 just about every day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my gym days so you can see how hard I am working to get my knee in shape. I have no problem with stairs (up or down). I still have some swelling and a click just about every time I bend my knee. I have a little pain at times. The worst time is during the night. Not a lot of pain but aching enough to wake me up. A good nights sleep is a thing of the past. The worst thing is a sour muscle in the top of my calf. At times it does not bother me, and other times it is painful. it has hurt for about a month and does not seem to get better. My surgeon told me to keep working and it will get better!!! Hope it does. Good luck to everyone.

  9. I’m glad that I read everyone’s post. I was under the impression that I would be feeling great by now but I also have all the problems mentioned here. It’s been a little over two months and my skin feels as if it will tear apart when I bend my knees. Been doing PT three times a week and trying to take a short walk each day. My knees still swell up and ache and my physical therapist told me I’ll be happy I did both knees in about a year. A year!!! Wow, I had no idea it would take that long. Okay, the older I get the faster times go by so maybe a year will be here before I know it. LOL…. Good luck everyone, hope we will all feel great soon.

  10. I’m 3 months post tkr. No knee joint pain but my muscles ache especially after sitting for a while and getting up or getting out of bed in the morning. It usually ceases after I walk around for a while. Also I don’t have full extension yet. I have to sit on the floor and put weights on it to get full extension. Then I can walk without a limp. I can also prop it on a chair and shove down gently to full extension.

    Do your muscles ache also?

  11. Robert Summerville

    Robert Summerville
    I’m 4 months (next week) post tkr. I don’t have joint pain. I still have some calf muscle pain after hard workouts. I have no limp and have full extension & 130 bend. My leg strength is very good, I still hit the gym 1 1/2 hrs 3 times a week. I play golf 3 times a week, walk 9 holes, ride 9 holes. Still have a little discomfort during the night, still not bad for a 70 yr old. Besides that, everything is doing ok. It is sure better than before surgery.

  12. I had a TKR of the right knee done 1/6/09, I am 54 and have always worked out, I still have pain on the outer right side of the knee, I still get stiff, I have a 130 bend, which is good. I still have problems going up and down the stairs and getting up from a sitting position without hold onto sumething. I know in time this will get better and I am hoping before the year is out. I do what I am soppose to do, but I get discouraged because I am doing the right things and I strill have these problems. what else can I possibly do? I will try anything other than take a lot of medicine. I try to stay away from that. I do massage my knee a lot.

  13. Barbara……I am at almost 8 months, and my report sounds much like yours. I’m not sure that my bend is 130 though, although I am curious.

    I have difficulty going from sitting to standing without pain in my quads right above my knee now. I’m working on some more exercises for that, and also swimming every day as much as possible.

    Leg stiff gets stiff if I sit, or stand too long, and at night I sometimes put an ice pack on it to combat the swelling, which is not nearly as bad as it was.

    I do massage with a good cream twice a day…….

    I feel bad these days saying anything about it, because, most people think I should be well over the whole thing! So, I suffer in silence as much as I can…..I come here to post b/c everyone here understands!


  14. Still posting on this one because I am at 8 months now…..this morning I went to the Therapy Place and asked Rhonda if she would measure my flex to see if it is any different…..so…it’s 110 degrees, just what it was when I stopped rehab in January.

    I suppose it’s good that it’s not worse, but I was hoping it would be better. She did say my extension was “excellent”….and my knee overall looked good…..so, there I am!

    8 months and still 110 degrees…..

  15. Robert Summervile

    Just a update, almost 5 1/2 months after my TKR. Everything is about the same as the last time I posted. Playing golf 3 or 4 times a week, hit the gym 3 days a week. I still have some swelling but not much pain. I don’t sleep as good as I would like to but that is getting better. Overall I am very pleased with the results. I know I have a lot of hard work to keep getting better but it is great to be able to do things I haven’t been able to for years. Hope everyone keeps getting better results with your new knees.

  16. Robert,
    Thanks for the update, it’s great to hear and very encouraging.
    I agree…it’s definitely better than before surgery.

    Your comments are so helpful and so entertaining. I love that bend envy. lol

  17. I had bilateral knee replacements this past Feb.
    I am so tired of my legs aching. Can anyone tell me if this will eventually go away?

  18. Yes, eventually! I’m at 11 months now and finally feeling like I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

    I can sort of cross my legs, I can put my shoes and socks on with my knee bent where I can actually reach it without bending all the way to the floor to reach my foot.

    Mine still gets stiff from being in one position too long but once I stand up and get started moving, it’s fine. Still the transition that gets me from time to time.

    It will get better…….really!

  19. Robert Summervile

    9 months after my total knee replacement. The past month has been my best. My knee feels like it is part of me, I was not sure this would happen. Almost no pain now. I still workout 3 days a week for 1 1/2 hours per session. I have not missed one day since i finished my therapy.
    Play golf 3 or 4 times a week and walk every round. This is not bad for a 70 year old. It has been a painful struggle to get my knee in shape but I think it was worth it. I hope everyone has the same success I am having.

  20. Hi Dave, it takes more time. I am 10 months after my TKR. I have worked really hard in the gym (3 days a week) and I had the same problems that most have with swelling and pain. After about 6 months my knee improve almost daily. Now I have a little pain once in a while but most of the time it is perfect. I don’t even think of the knee.
    I play lots of golf and walk most of the time. My legs are in the best shape in 20 years. (70 yrs old)
    Just give it a little time and keep working on it and thing will get better soon, Good luck!!!

  21. I had TKR on 10/26/09. My major concern is sleeping. The steady ache keeps me awake. I’m probably averaging 1 to 2 hours per night if I don’t take a pain pill and/or a sleeping pill. I try to stay off the medication as much as possible but it gets physically draining when going to work without sleep the next day. I drive but not any distance (15 miles at one time is all I can stand) before pain sets and I need to put my leg up. My foot, during the day, goes numb and the knee always swells up. My extension is great and my flex is 122 degrees but when does this all end?

  22. Hi Dave,
    You’re doing much better than I was at your early post-tkr period. Hang in there. Read through this blog and you’ll find plenty of support and info to help you.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  23. It takes about a year to feel completely back to what you felt before. I was about 4 months out before I could stop taking anything for pain.
    I had both done at the same time in Feb. this past year.. and I can say I’m almost there. It takes time and the recouperating is very slow…but worth it. Just keep moving….

  24. Hello all my TKR buddies. Tomorrow I will make 10 weeks post op left knee. Thx so much for all your good and horror stories. Still very stiff in the AM and sleeping only cat-naps (hate nights). Pillows not helping at all. Back and forth from bed to recliner. Never know where I’m going to wake up at. I am at about 110-115. Pretty much on my own with PT and most of the times confused. Nice to have read your blogs. Helps me quite a bit especially when discouraged with my progress. Thx so much. Happy holidays to you and yours. God bless.

  25. I hd TKR 12/9/09 (it will be 6 weeks on wed) Your posts — everyone — are really helping me this morning. I’m impatient – want to be a year out NOW so will take a deep breath & continue one day at a time. I drove on Saturday – solo! A week ago I tried & it hurt so much to brake & gas — don’t know why I tried this past Sat but am really glad I did. Again — thank you all for sharing – It’s very reassuring!

  26. Hi I am 9 weeks post surgery for rtTKR. I have 130 degrees of bend . My other knee needs to be replace also and is failing fast. I have quite a bit of quad pain but it is manageable and some calf pain ( tendon I think) I am sleeping about 4 hours in a row now and am managing with tylenol . I have graduated to physio to once a week but exercise everyday for about 45 minutes and walk the dog aoubt 10 blocks once or twice a day. I am planning a trip after Easter at the 10 week mark. I can’t believe I waited so long to have my TKR while it was not a piece of cake for the first 5 weeks it has been better and better every day. i think I have been very lucky.

  27. MAY 2011 , 3 months exactly after TKR. I was very lucky to read all yoour comments for I am so tired of this very slow process. However all the problems I have heard from you “colleagues”all apply to me. The thing that worris me however is that the knee still does doest “belong ” to me its packed and hard and grinds as if its not in place, which can’t be because I bend it pretty good. Sleeping at night is out. I still walk with a crutch when I am out for its difficult to keep a straight line. it swells and when it does I make mud cake of green clay and wrap cling paper around it. it works wonders. I can’t believe anyone who says they felt no pain…and no one , friend, foe or physician told me about the time factor…. will it eer end

  28. All comments are approved by me prior to publication. That’s what the comment statement means. πŸ™‚

  29. It’s been 2 months and 1 week since my TKR and at the same time my Dr. removed the rod that was inserted down my tibea from 22 years ago (I was hit by a car on a motorcyle, had ankle, posterior crutiate ligamate knee and broken tibea damage). I am in so much pain and take 2 oxycodones twice a day and only take them when it gets to the point I am crying. When will this ever end? I fear my Dr. is going to totally stop prescribing the pain meds and I don’t know how I’m going to handle the pain. Ibuprofin just doesn’t cut it!

    I feel all your pain and can totally relate but it is wearing on me, my family and my friends because they think I should be over it by now.

  30. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. We all understand what you’re going through. I always found icing to be a great natural pain reliever. That, while elevating my leg.
    It does get better. Everyone recuperates at their own pace.
    Keep trucking and doing your exercises. Good luck!

  31. I am a 70 year old female, had total knee replacement on left knee in 2009. no problems whatsoever now, just like knee was years ago, good. but, my right knee that was replaced in 2010, in june, give me some problems. My right instep has been swollen off and on since the surgery and there is a sizable lump on top of my right foot, instep that is sore when I push on it or walk. I am in las vegas at this time, will see my surgeon in june again. but, I recently stepped off of a step out of a motorhome and started to fall, and twisted really hard and hurt my right knee, it is sore and swollen some now, it happened a week ago. Hopefully this will get better in some time. I am really concerned about this problem with my arch. any insight?? donna

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  34. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Glad you enjoy it and find it useful.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  35. Hi I am 5 1/2 months post right TKR. I can only say it has been a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. I tried to be as fit as possible going into surgery- ie cycling , yoga, but could do very little weight bearing activity as both knees have terrible arthritis. Since the surgery I have had chronic pain in the hip joint and glut muscles. I also have a sharp biting pain at the top inside area of the calf. If I walk for more than 15 to 20 minutes this area feels like a sharp dog bite and pain radiates down the shin. I have been doing physio, acupuncture, chiropractor, deep tissue massage, and stretch daily. I don’t have the deep sharp pain in the knee joint any more but the left knee is more sore than ever. Any ideas about the calf pain? Also the aching in the full leg is so annoying especially at night. Allergies to codeine limit pain meds and anti inflammatories are killing my stonach. Oh well I hope it will get better. I’m 56 and have really had to change my life, stairs Ha! hiking! walking!!! even standing from a seated position is very difficult.

  36. Draughn Boykins

    Hi Booktoots! I discovered your weblog by using msn. This is an extremely neatly written article that really helps me understand I’m not alone. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  37. My knee was replaced one year ago. I started playing golf at3months and doubles tennis at 6 months. My knee does not bother me during those activities. However it swells up and often the swelling may not go right back down. I am able to walk my 80 lb. Dog .
    I have walked up to 6 miles one day and then 4miles a few days later. Now I can not get the swelling to go down. It is also stiff. I am sure it will get better as I could not even walk around the block without my brace before it was done. I feel very lucky and would not hesitate to have the other knee done if needed. By the way I am 74 tears old.

  38. So glad to read everyone’s posts on here. At 7 months, 2 days post RTKR I am still struggling some. I still have a bubble of swelling that is there pretty much non-stop. And the muscle area above my knee is still extremely sore and makes it impossible to stand from a seated position or get out of a car without “pushing off”. I had no idea it would take me this long. Must say it is better than pre-surgery but still a long way to go. I go to see my surgeon next week but am anticipating the same “old” response…doing fine and all complaints are normal. I wish all of you speedy healing and ease is getting around.

  39. I am only 44 and out 6 weeks on right and 9 weeks on the left knee(s). I wonder if there is anyone out here in my age bracket. So thankful to read about people having trouble sleeping – that is when I take pain meds and just in the hopes that I can get more than 2 hours of continuous sleep. Changing positions very painful. During the day things seem to be improving nicely – 132 degree bend in both knees with therapist but don’t feel like I get than much on my own. Will my knees just ever be flexible enough to pull in\bend on their own without me having to pull in with my hands? Still having to push off with hands to get up from a sitting position but feel like I’m getting stronger each day. Main concern – my knees feel “knock knee’d” – they assure me that I’m straight but I swear when I walk they ‘cave’ in some – especially going up stairs.

  40. Hi all,
    Like everyone else, I am glad to read these stories, and it’s nice to hear good ones in here! Stephanie, I am six years older than you, 50 — does that count as the same age bracket? It’s exactly two months since my TKR. I am thrilled by the lack of joint pain, and can hardly wait to get the other knee done, as its limitations are hampering the exercises for my new knee. Yesterday I went for a bit of a walk, and today I made it through a shopping trip to Wal-Mart and 20 minutes on the stationary bike. I am so lucky to be almost pain-free since about three weeks post-op. My biggest problem is really bad swelling in the thigh. Anyone else encountered that?

  41. Me again.
    I wanted to ask about going back to work. I’m a high school teacher and librarian. I’m on my feet most of the time at work and have to walk very quickly long distances between classes, plus do stairs a lot (I am really only doing the two steps in and out of my house so far.) There is an elevator at work, but it means walking at least twice as far to get to it! I have another month left…three months… of medical leave but am really worried I won’t be anywhere near ready to go back. Part-time is not a viable option. I can ask for an extension with a doctor’s note. Advice or thoughts would be welcome.
    Btw, I did not go into this as a very fit person, having been told I needed tkr on both knees for at least 15 years, but I was also told I was too young. So fitness level and weight are struggles in this process too.
    Thanks again!

  42. Judy – yeah I’d say we’re the same age bracket πŸ™‚ LOL. I’m not having swelling in thigh but because my legs are now straight rather than bull-legged I walk different and so my muscles and hips tend to hurt some. Good luck on your second knee. I was told not to expect two of the same kinds of outcomes – just an FYI. But both my knees went pretty well.

  43. Judy – with a doctors note could you go back part time – or at least the note would give your employer the information as to why you would need to go “light duty” or part time. That way you wouldn’t feel rushed and could take the stairs as you build up to it. My weight and fitness level are also an issue. I went back part time at only 3 weeks – full time at five weeks after the second knee (remember I did mine 3 weeks apart). I have been going out and measuring home which is in and out of vehicle many times and walking on uneven ground. My knees didn’t hurt like they did before but they did feel “tired” if that makes any sense. I get stiff with extra use and or exercise and then the next day seem to have a hard time….but I am getting stronger as each day goes! Just plan on having some bad\sore days….and your employer should understand that……hopefully. Good Luck!

  44. I just returned today part-time, it was 7 weeks Monday since my TKR.
    I made it thru the first day, I did feel swelling occurring half way thru my shift.
    I have this dead heavy weight feeling in my knee, especially when I walk.
    Does anyone else experiemce that. It is very frustrating.
    Of course, like everyone else, I don’t really sleep either-looking forward to getting a good nights rest.
    Hopefully I can handle working full-time next week. I wish the best for everyone else on here.

  45. Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Kudos on returning to work. There were times I experienced a heavy weight feeling in my tkr leg, also. It didn’t last long for me.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

    Marie (aka Booktoots)

  46. Shirley – I also have wondered if the metal weighed that much more than my bone! I’m not sure I have a dead feeling but my knee ‘feels’ heavier to lift too…..strange – hope it does not last forever. Thought I would report that in the last two weeks it seems almost suddenly that I’m sleeping better. FINALLY able to sleep on my stomach and change positions without so much discomfort is helping. So that should come along better as well! Good Luck – Stephanie

  47. nov of 2011 I had TKR on my right knee I have good days and bad days , some swelling and nerve pain . The evenings are when it bothers me the most so I wear a knee sleeve and that helps .
    I have ostioarthritis so I need to have my left knee done and I am planning on the summer of 2013 to have it done
    My left knee is grinding and hurting more then ever , I wear a knee sleeve on it and that helps but my gait is still off and I think that cause most of the hip and leg pain.
    So any ideas on how to ease hip ,leg and knee pain in unoperated knee.
    That slows me down more then anything .

  48. had double knee replacement in germany nine months ago- playing my best tennis ever–in germany they let you stay as long as you like in the hospital and the pt is amazing–no pain–just some swelling at the ankles after long trips

  49. I am a 61 yo nurse 5 1/2 wks out rt tkr for arthritis. Very discouraged w/ the slow progress. Perhaps my expectations were too high but I wonder if I will be able to return to work at 3 mo. I have very good extension/flex but am easily exhausted after any activity. My knee feels much the same as it did prior to surgery – very stiff and as if there are bands about the knee that are pulling so tightly that they will snap – throw in constant swelling and numbness. Unable to find a comfortable position and don’t know a good nites sleep. I do the ordered post op exercises, cycling and icing but do not even feel comfortable walking without the walker at hand so I can sit down. All the more discouraged when I read the postings of some doing so well after bilateral knees or those of u walking a mile or have 10+ years on me.

  50. Hi Deborah,
    Thanks for visiting my site. You sound like you’re doing remarkably well for being only 5.5 weeks post-tkr. Slow progress is discouraging, but realize an end is in site. Take a look around my site for more encouragement and info.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  51. I am 55, almost 5 months post tkr. I fell and injured my knee at work over 29 yrs ago, so I have been dealing with this for a long time. Throw in that I now live 816miles one way from my knee surgeon and work comp has decided no more PT, no more pain pills regardless of what my surgeon says. This was my 21st surgery. I have had constant swelling since surgery, but really, for years. I have had some pain relief. I went to an acute rehab clinic in Los Angeles right from the hospital. I did have some other health complications that were unexpected and was in hospital for 5 days. I spent another 8 days at the rehab clinic. 6 more days in a hotel waiting to get my staples out. I was told in the rehab clinic that with all I have had done and been through that it would take up to 3 years for my knee to be the best it will be. I will be almost 59 then. My doc has finally told me the swelling may last a year or more, as well as the pain.
    On top of everything else, two days after I got home from seeing my doc for my 4 mos check, I fell and landed on the side of my knee. I simply do not have the money to go back to CA to see my doc and no doc will see me here because it is CA work comp. I see my doc in Oct which it will take me that long to save the money for gas and motel rooms to get there and back home again.
    Is there anyone else dealing with this kind of situation?


  52. Hi I am 8 months pot TKR. I am surprised that no one talks about nutrition. When eating clean, no sugar or gluten you should have less pain and swelling. I am 54, bike 15 miles, walk hills 2-3 miles and weight train.
    If I go off my eating plan I also get into trouble.
    Give it a try!

  53. Hello to all the new knees!
    Its been 16 weeks since I had bilateral knee replacement. I was in agony walking for several years leading up to the surgery. I am very happy that I had both knees done at the same time, as I know that I would not go back for another surgery. I am still quite uncomfortable, although I try not to take pain meds unless I really have to in the evening to sleep. The first 2 1/2 months or more I walked around like a zombie, hardly sleeping. It gets very tiring. I am wondering how many of you have tried water aerobics? I am also wondering if losing weight will aid in helping relieve the aching pains. I can sit for quite awhile without discomfort, however I can’t drive more than 20-30 min at a time. I do feel exhausted most of the time as I wake up about every 2 hours during the night at times for long intervals. At times I get every discouraged in the slow progress. I see that most people are quite active, I use our hot tub and take a short walk everyday as well as use the stepper and weights, in addition to the bending exercises.

  54. Hello Fellow New Knee Recipients,
    One month past my 46th Birthday, I had Bi-lateral Total Knee Replacements. I am now at 12 weeks Post-op and still have pain and swelling, cannot stand or walk very far without the “knees” telling me to elevate and ice. I’ve been walking 8 blocks, everyday for the last 5 weeks. Also I get on the stationary bike, just to loosen up, every morning. I am amazed at what a slow healing process this has been. First 5 weeks were HELL. I was an invalid when I got home from the hospital, my Husband took off 4 weeks of work to take care of me. He would put the strap they sent me home with around my waist and he would have to hoist me off of the toilet, due to my not being able to use legs. I had calluses on my hands and elbows from pulling my body around in the bed. I’ll be glad when I can have a day without pain and swelling, one thing I learned was that you don’t know that you’ve over done it, until you’ve over done it. The knees will definitely let you know to Slow down.
    Thanks for everyone’s stories that I have read. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off!

  55. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your inspiring comment. I am sure my readers appreciate your insight as much as I do. Good luck and keep in touch!

  56. It’s comforting to hear I’m not the only one with pain 12 months plus post TKR…not so much the knee, but calf and front of thigh pain and stiffness. Surgeon cannot explain, and all problems such as infection etc have been ruled out. Has anyone else got similar discomfort? And what have you done to get improvement ? As the medical profession can’t help, I guess I have to try something different ! Any suggestions welcome. And good luck everyone, in your recoveries.

  57. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I also sent you a private email response. There are a number of postings regarding dealing with discomfort throughout this site. Yoga and rocking chairs always helped reduce my calf and front of thigh discomfort.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  58. Someone I work with visits your site quite often and recommended it to me to read too. The writing style is great and the content is interesting. It’s helping me a lot. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

  59. I had TKR revision 6 months ago. The pain an swelling has never gone away. I had lower back pain last week which traveled into my hip. The pain in my hip comes and goes.. I did start PT again a couple weeks ago.. the electric shocks applied to my knee..then iced. Anyone else have a problem like this? I am 68,

  60. Searching for anyone who can lend advice. I am ten months post op with bilateral knee replacements. My left knee is doing well, except for the occasional flare up of the I.T. Band, and the surgeon tells me it is where it should be, however not well enough to return to work (law enforcement.) My right knee is not doing so well. the surgeon tells me that it will just take time. I wonder if there is a problem due to the fact that I have pain in the right knee all the time. The xray shows that the replacements are aligned correctly, but to look at the knee it does look out of line. Think it might be time for a second opinion.

  61. Hi CSM,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I was having pain in my tkr 10 months post surgery. Perhaps other readers will pitch in on this.
    If you believe you need a second opinion, go for it. Remember, I am not a medical professional and do not dispense medical advice on this site. My readers and I only share our experiences.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  62. Thanks for all of your posts regarding your experiences….from the good, the bad and the ugly!!!

    I am nervous and getting a total knee replacement on this coming Tuesday morning.

    Hoping that I will be able to post a positive comment once I am better.

    Thanks again.


  63. Hello all…glad I found this blog. It is making me feel a little more at ease. 42 yr old, 10 wks post op , right tkr. I am experiencing swelling 1 to 2 days after PT. Dr is relating it to rehab, but the swelling seems so severe. My entire leg, from my foot to my thigh. Ultrasound yesterday to rule out blood clot. This was clear. I also was 6 weeks @ 25% weight bearing right after surgery, so this could also be a factor. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue…it is very frustrating. Thought I would be able to go , go a little more by now…:). Thanks for listening & best wishes to all future tkr patients and past ones too !

  64. Hi Beth,
    My knee, calve and ankle would swell after PT. Swelling went down within two hours after elevating and icing. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep in touch!

  65. Hi I had a total knee replacement 5 months ago and recovered very quickly – I’m just 56 and went private as I had a Bakers cyst on the back of my knee and started limping a year earlier. Everyone says I was very young for a total knee replacement but I trusted the surgeon ( I had BUPA) Now I am in more daily pain than I have ever been in .I can walk 2 miles no problem but if I get to work after a 45 min drive I can hardly get out of the car – then I have to negotiate 4 flights of stairs – and I can’t get up th e first filght without really holing on to the banister and it hurts a lot but gets easier the further up I go ! Despite 20 sessions of physio I still limp and the pain seems to be in the middle of the knee – as if I have a real knee that hurts but I don’t ! Has anyone else had such problems? I now have no BUPA so the Surgeon won’t see me and I went to my GP and they turned me away as I’ve had a private operation with a non NHS surgeon (and saved the £14,ooo !)

  66. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I feel for you…as I’m sure we all do. If it’s any consolation, I have difficulties doing stairs and shifting from a sitting to standing position since my tkr almost 5 years ago. I’ve written other posts about these topics. Also…I’ve been limping for 37 years due to a leg length discrepancy. I wear a shoe lift to compensate.
    Good luck and keep in touch.

  67. I had a TKR eight weeks ago and am really pleased with my progress, I’m a 67 year old female with arthritis in both knees. I reached 130 degrees in six weeks. My physiotherapist says I’m about six weeks ahead of where I should be. I’ve never been athletic and am somewhat overweight so am surprised with the results. I have an amazing surgeon in Toronto, Canada. I’m doing my physio faithfully. After about six weeks I’ve been sleeping through the night with no pain. I’m just taking Tylenol for arthritis and the occasional Tylenol 3 . I haven’t used a cane since week 3 . I do get tired if I walk too far so have to plan my trips carefully. I’ve been so pleased with my results that I’ve booked my other knee. I think I’m very fortunate.

  68. Hang in there . Had TKR 1yr 2months ago. I’m only 55 , was an avid soccer player, strapped on the old acl brace and played 8vs 8 . Played in the back instead of mid . enjoying life , even kicked it with the daughter on the pitch .. yea I know but it’s worth it…

  69. Hi Marilyn,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Kudos to you on your progress! Best of luck and stay in touch.
    Happy Holidays!

  70. Hi, it’s very reassuring to read everyone’s comments about their knee replacements. I had my left knee replaced 5 weeks ago, and although I don’t have much pain, I do feel as though I have a tight band round my knee, and for quite a while I was worried the incision would burst open. The worst thing for me is the lack of energy and the lack of sleep I feel as though I am dragging myself around.
    Happy Christmas everyone.

  71. I had my TKR on Oct 2nd on my right knee, almost three months ago. It is reassuring to know that I am not the only one experiencing this pain. My pain is mostly muscle pain, mostly in the thigh but can occur anywhere in the leg. I am also having pain in my hip and buttock. I can’t sleep on that side at all. I am still taking pain meds but just once during the day and usually have to take it to go to sleep. I’ve reached 133 degree flexion and can totally straighten the leg, so I have done very well. If only the pain would stop. I feel self-conscious asking the doc for pain meds this long after surgery and I really wait as long as I can before I take anything. Nothing else eases the pain. I guess I just have to give it more time. Reading these posts is helpful so thanks everyone for sharing. Good luck to all.

  72. I had left tkr on June 11, 2012 and 7 months later still have pain and swelling in my leg. Some days, it feels like I have a tight band around my knee. I experience pain in the bottom of my thigh and the outside of my calf. I have localized swelling in my calf opposite the knee. I sometimes get a jolting or shockig pain in the knee area. I was at a 120 degree bend 3 weeks after surgery. After two weeks of rehab, I had to stop going because I had so much pain in my hip joints. I think PT was too agressive with the squats they had me doing. Went to a chiropractor to get some relief from the hip pain. I wasn’t able to stand for more than 15 minutes at a time because of my knee pain, but that has improved the last month. I still have pain in the hips though. I can only sleep on my right side because of pain in the knee during the night and the hips. I take Aleve before going to bed and that lasts about 4 hours, then the hip pain and knee pain keep me awake and I just doze for the next four hours. The surgeon told me at my 6 mos. checkup that I could have pain and swelling up to a year after surgery. He said my x-ray of the knee looked great. Like everyone else, no one ever mentioned that I would be this uncomfortable for this long. Incidentally, I was not able to take any painkillers since right after my surgery (made me nauseated) so I survived on Tylenol. I must admit that the pain has finally lessened in the past month. Ironically, the pain subsides in my hips after getting up in the morning. I don’t need hip replacement. Thanks for listening to my tale of woe. It was great reading that I am not the only one going through these things. I will be 75 next month and like some of you was not able to exercise because of my knee and didn’t get around very good. Good luck to everyone with their reuperation. I keep waiting for the one year mark tht the dr. promised.

  73. I am sooo glad I found this site and have been able to read about the progress of those who have had knee replacement surgery. I am 7 months out from double knee replacement…. I have always been very tough and thought this would be no different. Boy, it was harder than I thought. I had a terrible time sleeping…could not sleep for about three months…but I had a wonderful turn around at 12 weeks. I never had problems walking or with physical therapy. Just that sleeping. I am still very stiff when I ‘ve sat for a long time. I can now tell when the weather is going to change…how funny is that. People were telling the truth when they said they knew a change was coming. I am so glad I did BOTH knees at the same time…because when I was well…then I was ALL well…not facing going back for more surgery. I have never regretted doing both and am a cheerleader for DOING BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. I was walking two to three miles a day before daylight savings time was over and it gets dark so early now. Have some extra weight to get off, have lost 25 but have to get more disciplined. I get worried when my knees get achy, or like for the last few nights the back of my right knee has hurt….but a north wind just started here in Texas, thunderstorm has hit. So I am going to count this ache as part of the weather. Now, I wish I could get to the ground as easy as I used to could. I believe I need to exercise more and that will help that. It sure is not pretty that getting back up off the ground. I have to have a really good reason to do that. Thank you everyone for sharing. I have heard many times that it does take a good year to begin to feel like your knees are really yours again. God bless you all….continued progress for us all….

  74. I had my LTKR on Nov. 12th,going to PT 2X/week, began water aerobics, and have done water therapy. Went to the gym today and began with recumbent bike, no resistance (unlike at PT where they do resistance). I know I should have had some resistance as it prevents over-extension but didn’t want to get too tired before having to do the water therapy. I meant to be on the bike for 30 minutes, which I had done once before since the surgery, and then get into the pool for therapy exercizes. After about 4 minutes on the bike, my knee began to really hurt, to the point where I knew I had to stop. When I tried to stand, I experienced intense pain and could not put weight on it at all. While needing to grasp the back of the bike, I took a couple of steps to be in earshot of a PT, who immediately had me sit and ice. I ended up being taken to my car in a wheelchair where my husband met me. It did not hurt while sitting, thus driving was fine. I went immediately to my chiropractor who found a lot of tightness in my hamstrings. I am now home and icing/resting with an appt. at orthopedics tomorrow morning. I have been assured that the cemented KR is fine–that after 3 months, it has healed enough. Before going to the gym, I had been sitting at my pc for a couple of hours, moving my legs every once in awhile; climbed stairs (still just one step at a time; what I had been doing for 8 yrs. since I had the knee problem); drove 20 minutes to the gym, and began riding the bike. Up until this point, at my PT sessions, I had done highest weight leg presses, balanced on the TKR leg for 2 reps of 1-1/2 minutes, bike warm-up for 12 minutes, leg lifts with 4 lb. weight on TKR leg (side and straight lifts; 30 each), and am working on my goal of using steps normally–my goal: I do water therapy or aerobics on alternate days. I stopped using a cane at 2 months and “act” as though I am back to normal, meaning I don’t dwell on thinking about my TKR and walk without limping. I still have insomnia and understand that people change position in bed from 3-36 times a night. I, like others, know this from being woken up by pain when rolling over/stretching out. πŸ™‚ I try not to take any pain pill, but find to get to sleep with initially little pain, it helps to take one, so I have resorted to doing so; everyone says where there is pain there is no gain. Recent bloodwork for thyroid issues shows a level is elevated and that is possibly why I have such a hard time sleeping (I range from 2-4 hours a night), though I know it is also a huge side effect of having a TKR, so that has to be sorted out. Not much pain during the day. I probably do not rest enough during the day and push myself; as others have written, once 3 months passes, one has the feeling that others are over with hearing about it and since one is getting around, one should be “all better”; and we also want to get on with life. Have others had the hamstring issue? I feel this is a setback and hope that is all it is. I am grateful for everyone’s story on this site as it helps to know I am not alone. (I had also gone to an offered pre-op joint camp where the TKR was explained fully, read the popular TKR book, spoke to other patients, but still was not prepared for the healing time or pain associated with this type of surgery.)

  75. Update: Saw an Ortho PA today and had an X-ray. Surgeon reviewed it and said all was fine and everything lined up perfectly; assumes I did hyper-extend my knee and hamstrings affected. Icing and rest recommended . Does feel better today. Moral is to not push it; realize that TKR replacement surgery is major and healing WILL take time. Good luck to everyone else!y

  76. Bilateral TKR 5 months ago…still feels very stiff, although flex is good (120 plus), also feels like tight bands around knees, quite stiff and painful during the night, lucky to sleep two hours at a time, faithfully did exercises prior and now, home, gym and pool (also curling with a stick)….maybe doing too much ??? Really painful up and down stairs. Not taking much meds as want to avoid side effects and they didn’t seem to help anyway (hydromorph, naproxen) Did not research this in advance…made incorrect assumption I would recupperate quickly. One positive is friends state I am walking much better than pre-surgery. Still it is very frustrating and depressing not knowing if or when pain and stiffness will go away. Always afraid something is wrong in there…surgeon says doing well!!!

  77. I am also grateful for these blogs. 11 week mark today … I am still needing pain meds. Back to work next week … Should be okay … I have retreated to heat rather than ice . It seems more soothing and physio is fine by that. Cant use bike of any kind .. Surgeon said swin and walk. In recent x-ray noticed 30 degree tibial bend …. Ahhh … Not just crazy knees…. I am going with .. It is what it is and oribably will pass and if i need pain meds florva year .. At least i can walk better than before even though the pain is actually about the same or worse at the moment! I get 5 to 6 hours sleep, wake with a bang have a hot flush, sweat then pain… Although it seems to settle with heat and one tablet … And then sometimes i get back to sleep. At least my brain feels like it s working now .. It took about 9 weeks for that to happen! Good luck with the journey everyone

  78. I had a TKR in my left knee 5 months ago and although I did well in PT for 3 monts and have 140 ROM I struggle with stiffness and a lot of tissue crunching when I get up from a chair or bend down. I don’t have pain from this but am concerned as my PT and Dr didn’t say this was common. Is this OK and will I ever feel somewhat normal again? I do think the surgery was the best thing as I can now walk pain free from bone on bone. Any one have this tissue movement or crunching noise?

  79. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I have written about “crunching” in other posts since I also experienced it. Take a look around my site and learn why you’re not alone.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  80. Anyone post TKR with knees that feel like they are in a vice or tightening down leather cinches? I had Bilateral TKR 9 months ago. Still feels like I am in a restraint. Feels totally like muscles, tendons, scar tissue or swelling, and my joints do not hurt. But they never feel “normal” (whatever that is) and feels like I am working hard to overcome the restraints. Any advice of what to do to improve the situation would be appreciated.

  81. Hi Chara,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I also sent you a private email response.
    Your symptoms sound like mine at your stage, only I didn’t have a bilateral. I’ve discussed this throughout my site, so take a look around.
    Good luck and keep in touch…

  82. Hi nancy,i had tkr 5 months ago as well and am now experiencing the same as you in my left knee,i have an appt in 2 weeks with the surgion,i thought that it was from over working it on climbing stairs and squats,other than that it is doing well for walking long distances,i didnt bother going to pt and now im not sure what i should or shouldnt be doing at this stage,was thinking of going to pt now.I am 74

  83. Right total knee 11/12/12 so 12 plus weeks ago. Sleep well in a recliner. Can’t get in and out of bed as can’t lift my leg. Still require walker to walk. Lots of swelling in leg and foot. Rarely take pain med though it still hurts quite a bit especially at the kneecap. Go to PT and they are beginning to think some sort of patella misalignment. I am a nurse and I still didn’t expect this much trouble being able to work. Don’t know how or when I’ll be able to go back to work. I cry a lot and it is very depressing thinking something is wrong with me because I can’t make it work.

  84. Hi LInda,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. You’re doing exactly what I was doing at 4 months post-tkr, except I was using crutches. I’m not a medical pro, but it doesn’t seem anything is wrong with you to me. We totally understand you’re being depressed, I’m certain.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  85. Hi, I am glad I found this website. I thought I was the only one that was having the problems mentioned in this blog. I to cry a lot I find it uncontrollable at times and over the littlest things. I change position in bed at least every 20 minutes is driving me nuts. Around the 8th week my sister had to take me to the ER I was making lunch and went to move and could not put any weight on my leg. I had to have the walk just to get back to the couch after a few hours of the pain getting worse and worse I called her and she took me to ER. At first I thought I had a blood clot, but it turned out to be a bakers cysts behind my knee. I am still having pain in my leg and knee. My surgery was November 29. 2012

  86. In over ten years, my pain and condition as been under control with improving conditions for less than six weeks.
    My situation prior to having a TKR, NOV 2003 would likely cause my recovery to take much longer along with higher levels of pain, which I explained.
    Conditions were worse than I expected with post op care nearly killing me, financially ruining me and leaving me better off dead!
    Thou I have never used drugs or alcohol, or had problems with prescribed drugs for past medical conditions. In Washington State and a Navy Vet, I am unable receive the best treatment for my situation, because it requires prescribing the use of high levels of pain killers. Which anyone could object too and ruin there life. Thus I am unable to get care needed to recover or help me! SO I AM BETTER OFF DEAD!

  87. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. For the record, I didn’t need…nor was prescribed…high level pain killers for my tkr recuperation.

  88. I have much to be grateful for as I read others tale of difficulty, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to be better than I am presently. I am 10 weeks post op from right TKR, I am faithful to do the PT prescribed, I’ve not skipped even a day of therapy. That said I am experiencing the tightness many of you describe which is very frustrating and I can’t help but hope that it will get better. There is still some swelling although in the morning my knee looks pretty close to the same as my nonsurgical knee. I just wondered when anyone has noticed the lessening or absence of this tight feeling. I have flexion of 117 degrees and sure don’t accept that as good enough. Would any of you respond and let me know what therapy or exercise has been what you feel to be “Most beneficial” in your recovery process? I think I have a good PT, but can’t help but wonder if there are some things that she has not tried that might just be THE thing that would help move me along in this process. God has been gracious and is healing me day by day, I know this to be true. I am looking forward to the day that I am one of those people that say, “I wish I had done this sooner.”

  89. I had staged bilateral TKR in September 2012 (10 days apart). I am back to belly dancing, doing Zumba, hiking for miles, and just did five LONG days at Disney World. It was a tough recovery for me for about six weeks because I felt like I had ants crawling under my skin. (I still have some numbness, but the area is decreasing slowly.) Once the ants calmed down, things progressed pretty well. I have excellent bending and straightening, no stiffness, and am generally pain free, although once in awhile I will get a pain on the inside of my right knee. It bothered me in the night last night a bit, in fact. I have no problem going down any steps, and am getting better at 8″ steps (anything lower is no problem). Getting up from a chair or commode without using my hands is getting better, too. The more I dance, the better my quads are getting as they were really atrophied after nearly a decade of needing TKR. My doc thinks I’m doing really well with my exercise activities and progress, so I am assuming that it’ll eventually work itself out over time. Tylenol here and there relieves most of the time. If this is the worst I have to live with, I can take it. I still think it will improve, however. Best thing I ever did for myself besides a gastric bypass. πŸ™‚

  90. Hi Zee,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your very positive comment. It’s great to hear how well you’re doing. It’ll inspire others.
    Keep up the good work and stay in touch.

  91. It will be 5 months on March 8th for a total left knee replacement.I still have lots of swelling and some pain but not like before.I am so glad I found this page to find out I’m not alone.My goal is to get down on floor on knees and play with grandkids without hurting.Thanks to all of you for letting me know I’m not alone and good luck to all of us on a speedy and healthy recovery.

  92. On March 5 it will be 8 months since TKR. I was not a great experience. The anesthesia made me sick and afterwards I lost my appetite for about 6 weeks and also 20 lbs. The only positive I have been able to shop for a new wardrobe. That has been fun! I was in PT was four months total. I was on pain killers the entire time. I hit a plateat at 2 1/2 months, the knee refused to bend beyond 110 degrees or completely straighten. After the manipulation there was improvement…I reached 120 degrees with help and almost complete straightening. I’m not at 120 degrees on my own but its almost straight. I’m riding a bike, walking and stretching everyday. Walking down stairs is very painful and I’m stiff after sitting for long periods and I have a slight limp because the leg is not completly straight. I’m very frustrated but I’m told in time it will feel like a regular knee. Still waiting on that….
    Its great to read the other comments and to realize I’m not alone in my experience.

  93. It will be 6 months on March 17th for a total right knee replacement. I still have pain when I get up in the morning and after seating for long periods of time. My goal is to get down on floor and play with grandkids without hurting. I am so glad I found this page and thanks to all of you for letting me know IÒ€ℒm not alone and good luck to all of us on a speedy and healthy recovery.

  94. To all of you who are having trouble sleeping through the night……I purchased a foam leg elevator foam block from amazon.com When the pain begins, I lie on my back and use the foam block to elevate both legs and the pain gradually subsides. I know it is difficult to sleep on your back, but this really works. I have the 8 inch elevator and 10 inch as well. The eight inch one is more comfortable. Best of luck to all of you!

  95. Not sure if after reading all these posts it has helped or made me more depressed.I am a very youthful 62 year old fit person. Am 5 months post left TKR. Had no choice other than to return to work after 3 months as I am self employed and economics therefore, forced return; and am doing a very physical job. Am feeling at the moment like a cripple and that I will never be able to walk again without a limp let alone run or dance.I don’t seem to have the level of pain that some others have as am quite able to sleep, and sit etc pain free, but when it comes to just plain old walking it feels like I’m carrying a lead weight in the middle of my leg and just doesn’t feel like a “normal” joint at all. Physio keeps changing my exercise plan but progress seems minimal.Still have a fair bit of swelling which I ice several times a day and still have an area just below the kneecap on the outside that is still numb. Joint itself is also very sore when any pressure is put on certain parts of it.The bend in the knee is fine only minimally less than my “good” leg but still can’t get that perfect straight leg extension raise which I think is the core to the walking problem. Also always does a double click when I do leg swings and am aware of a click whatever exercises I do on it.
    Also different to everyone else here..I am in far more pain and disability than I was before the op. I could walk for several hours,jog and dance, with a little but managable pain, but couldn’t run fast without the knee giving up and collapsing painfully.I now can’t do any of those things. At this point in time I really regret having it done.

  96. It’s so good to hear everyone’s experience. I had my tkr last December and have terrible stiffness, like a band around my knee. My therapist tells me he’s never seen such a tight knee (ROM 5 to 65) and he is so negative at times that I have become quite depressed. I honestly thought I was the only person to have such pain and stiffness. However, the stories on this site show me others have had problems, and that I’m not on my own. Thank you so much for sharing. Never underestimate the power of a good old moan to people who might just understand what you are going through.