Eight Months Post TKR Update

  Hi everyone. Many of you have asked me to share a previous article I wrote about my eight months post-tkr update. So, from my archives and without further adieu…

It is eight months after a total knee replacement surgery. I like to keep track of how things are going, so I figured I would update it here.  In addition to keeping a physical log, this post will be part of my emotional log. Here is some personal insight about  my eight months post tkr situation.

Yesterday I went for a wonderful walk, my usual Sunday walk. It is a 1.25-1.5 mile walk. Ranking-wise, it is easy. The walking surface is varied – gravel, wood walkways, pavement, and grass. So, it is hard to get bored with. The walk was a great exercise and I felt fantastic afterwards. Then….

Two hours later, as I was driving home…I got very tired. My knee started to hurt and swelled up more than usual. I took a couple aspirin. Then I ate lunch, took a shower, and laid on the couch. I iced my knee, figuring it would do some good.

The rest of the night, my knee hurt and stayed more swollen than usual. I iced it again for awhile. I feel like I am coming down with a cold, too. I’ll have to fight that, too. This is tiring.

Today, my knee still has increased swelling (even though I iced it earlier), some tingling from my damaged nerve, and has pain on and off.  I’ll ice it some more.

I’m so tired of this.I thought this would be over at eight months after a total knee replacement.

I’m grateful for the surgery, but this recuperation process has got the best of me today. It’s tiring and ticks me off so much – I’m depressed. I know it could be much worse and feel bad about griping about it. So why am I? I know as time goes on, things will work out. These negative emotions are just temporary.

I want to get things done, but live upstairs and just don’t want to do the stair thing today. Sometimes I just can’t stand the sight of stairs. Today is one of them. 🙁

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  1. Hang in there, the powers that be tell us it gets better. Try this prior to going to bed: 1/2 a Vicaden and a Benadryl and then listen to some soothing music. I use my iPod a lot at night. I have Panasonic RP-HT21 headset (its the most comfortable I could find). I hate ear buds! lay on your side with your knee bent on a pillow. Don’t know if it will work for you but it does me. I can usually get a good 6 hours if I do this right away. If not…Ouch!
    Are you near a pool with a hot tub? I stated pool therapy on my own a couple of weeks ago. Bought the book Total Knee Replacement and Rehabilitation and use it faithfully. I also started rocking in a rocking chair and riding my stationary bike more often. That limbers me up better.
    I know how you feel about the stairs, I live in a split level home, I have to climb stairs no matter how I look at it, food it up stair, bed is downstairs.
    Tomorrow will be a better day.
    Sleepless in Minnesota

  2. I had total knee replacement in January, 2008. I had been working out faithfully and my legs were in good shape. My recovery/rehab went very well. In June-July, I played 40 rounds of golf in St. Andrews, Scotland–walking and carrying my clubs. No trouble nor pain in my surgical knee!

    I am scheduled for replacement of my other knee in December (osteoarthritis). Again I am working out to get in the best shape I can. The rehab is tedious and boring–but necessary. Three months of pain and tedium pays off. I didn’t need many painkillers after my first surgery.

    I am 74 years young. Remember–age is a question of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!!


    Jinx Hoover

  3. Hi….

    Try not to let this setback affect you. Maybe think back to what you could do a year or more at this time. Were you even able to walk 1/4 of a mile? Where you in much pain over a year ago?

    Hang in there! Things WILL get better. It’s tough to slow down your pace when you feel as if you could do so much more.

    Maybe the key to preventing swelling and pain is to pace yourself. Instead of walking 1.5 miles at one time, walk 1/4 of a mile every other day (if this isn’t something you have been doing.) When your knee is able to stand that much activity, add another 1/4 of a mile. In other words take baby steps.

    BTW, the book that Charleen mentioned is very good. Lots of exercises and one of the people who wrote the book is a doctor who had knee surgery.

    One of my friends had TKR and she told me some days will be great; others not so good. But two years after the TKR, she says the surgery was well worth it.

    I have a feeling that by next year at this time, you’ll be speed walking through your neighborhood!



  4. I had 2 total knee replacements 7 weeks ago. The stiffness is really getting to me. I do great at physical therapy and have very good movements. In the morning I can hardly walk. Today the weather is bad and I am sore. I also can feel my new knees rubbing against my slacks. Totally annoying. Any body else can feel there new knees???

  5. Hi Jeanne,
    Yes, it’s hard to move in the morning. All kinds of aches and pains, to be sure. It’ll get better, though. Just keep doing your exercises diligently and icing as needed.
    Kudos to you getting both knees done at one time. And, it’s only been 7 weeks. You deserve a lot of credit!
    My bionic knee doesn’t rub against my slacks since I wear baggier pants than needed just for that reason. I agree, it’s not a comfortable feeling when it does happen. Plus, I notice that fleece helps ease the discomfort.
    You’re only 7 weeks out of bi-tkr surgery and you can feel your knees? Good for you! I’m still partially swollen.
    Good luck!

  6. It’s encouraging to read all these reports that others have with their TKR…I had mine 10 weeks ago..
    I can walk good, but getting up and down from seated position causes a lot of pain…right across the middle of my knee..I expected to be just about pain free by now..I have been discouraged…I just want the pain to go…

  7. Well how very interesting reading everyones good and bad experiences after having a TNR.
    My own experience is that I am a little disappointed that after 10 weeks I can still only manage about 1 hour sleep at a time in bed and then I have to move my position. I try with a soft pillow under my knee with a small amount of success but still only manage about 1 hour maximum. Pain killers do nothing for the discomfort. I am not too unhappy when its time to get up as I know that at least when I do get up I will be moving about and in less pain. Whatever way I try to walk the knee Klonks all the time, its just as if it is not in line properly. Stiffness in the morning seems normal after reading everyones experiences. I am disappointed that the knee is still swollen even though I use ice packs 5/6 times a day. I have always done the correct excersizes given by physio and as I live in a bungalow I have also recently purchased a stepping machine. I was led to believe that I should be ready to return to work 12 weeks after the operation, but I am nowhere ready. Lets hope time will be the healer.

  8. Robert Summerville

    It is 3 months after my TKR. Feb 2, 2009. I have not missed a day of some type of physical workout. My knee is very strong and I can walk a mile or 2 just about every day. Monday, Wednesday and Friday are my gym days so you can see how hard I am working to get my knee in shape. I have no problem with stairs (up or down). I still have some swelling and a click just about every time I bend my knee. I have a little pain at times. The worst time is during the night. Not a lot of pain but aching enough to wake me up. A good nights sleep is a thing of the past. The worst thing is a sour muscle in the top of my calf. At times it does not bother me, and other times it is painful. it has hurt for about a month and does not seem to get better. My surgeon told me to keep working and it will get better!!! Hope it does. Good luck to everyone.

  9. I’m glad that I read everyone’s post. I was under the impression that I would be feeling great by now but I also have all the problems mentioned here. It’s been a little over two months and my skin feels as if it will tear apart when I bend my knees. Been doing PT three times a week and trying to take a short walk each day. My knees still swell up and ache and my physical therapist told me I’ll be happy I did both knees in about a year. A year!!! Wow, I had no idea it would take that long. Okay, the older I get the faster times go by so maybe a year will be here before I know it. LOL…. Good luck everyone, hope we will all feel great soon.

  10. I’m 3 months post tkr. No knee joint pain but my muscles ache especially after sitting for a while and getting up or getting out of bed in the morning. It usually ceases after I walk around for a while. Also I don’t have full extension yet. I have to sit on the floor and put weights on it to get full extension. Then I can walk without a limp. I can also prop it on a chair and shove down gently to full extension.

    Do your muscles ache also?

  11. Robert Summerville

    Robert Summerville
    I’m 4 months (next week) post tkr. I don’t have joint pain. I still have some calf muscle pain after hard workouts. I have no limp and have full extension & 130 bend. My leg strength is very good, I still hit the gym 1 1/2 hrs 3 times a week. I play golf 3 times a week, walk 9 holes, ride 9 holes. Still have a little discomfort during the night, still not bad for a 70 yr old. Besides that, everything is doing ok. It is sure better than before surgery.

  12. I had a TKR of the right knee done 1/6/09, I am 54 and have always worked out, I still have pain on the outer right side of the knee, I still get stiff, I have a 130 bend, which is good. I still have problems going up and down the stairs and getting up from a sitting position without hold onto sumething. I know in time this will get better and I am hoping before the year is out. I do what I am soppose to do, but I get discouraged because I am doing the right things and I strill have these problems. what else can I possibly do? I will try anything other than take a lot of medicine. I try to stay away from that. I do massage my knee a lot.

  13. Barbara……I am at almost 8 months, and my report sounds much like yours. I’m not sure that my bend is 130 though, although I am curious.

    I have difficulty going from sitting to standing without pain in my quads right above my knee now. I’m working on some more exercises for that, and also swimming every day as much as possible.

    Leg stiff gets stiff if I sit, or stand too long, and at night I sometimes put an ice pack on it to combat the swelling, which is not nearly as bad as it was.

    I do massage with a good cream twice a day…….

    I feel bad these days saying anything about it, because, most people think I should be well over the whole thing! So, I suffer in silence as much as I can…..I come here to post b/c everyone here understands!


  14. Still posting on this one because I am at 8 months now…..this morning I went to the Therapy Place and asked Rhonda if she would measure my flex to see if it is any different…..so…it’s 110 degrees, just what it was when I stopped rehab in January.

    I suppose it’s good that it’s not worse, but I was hoping it would be better. She did say my extension was “excellent”….and my knee overall looked good…..so, there I am!

    8 months and still 110 degrees…..

  15. Robert Summervile

    Just a update, almost 5 1/2 months after my TKR. Everything is about the same as the last time I posted. Playing golf 3 or 4 times a week, hit the gym 3 days a week. I still have some swelling but not much pain. I don’t sleep as good as I would like to but that is getting better. Overall I am very pleased with the results. I know I have a lot of hard work to keep getting better but it is great to be able to do things I haven’t been able to for years. Hope everyone keeps getting better results with your new knees.

  16. Robert,
    Thanks for the update, it’s great to hear and very encouraging.
    I agree…it’s definitely better than before surgery.

    Your comments are so helpful and so entertaining. I love that bend envy. lol

  17. I had bilateral knee replacements this past Feb.
    I am so tired of my legs aching. Can anyone tell me if this will eventually go away?

  18. Yes, eventually! I’m at 11 months now and finally feeling like I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

    I can sort of cross my legs, I can put my shoes and socks on with my knee bent where I can actually reach it without bending all the way to the floor to reach my foot.

    Mine still gets stiff from being in one position too long but once I stand up and get started moving, it’s fine. Still the transition that gets me from time to time.

    It will get better…….really!

  19. Robert Summervile

    9 months after my total knee replacement. The past month has been my best. My knee feels like it is part of me, I was not sure this would happen. Almost no pain now. I still workout 3 days a week for 1 1/2 hours per session. I have not missed one day since i finished my therapy.
    Play golf 3 or 4 times a week and walk every round. This is not bad for a 70 year old. It has been a painful struggle to get my knee in shape but I think it was worth it. I hope everyone has the same success I am having.

  20. Hi Dave, it takes more time. I am 10 months after my TKR. I have worked really hard in the gym (3 days a week) and I had the same problems that most have with swelling and pain. After about 6 months my knee improve almost daily. Now I have a little pain once in a while but most of the time it is perfect. I don’t even think of the knee.
    I play lots of golf and walk most of the time. My legs are in the best shape in 20 years. (70 yrs old)
    Just give it a little time and keep working on it and thing will get better soon, Good luck!!!

  21. I had TKR on 10/26/09. My major concern is sleeping. The steady ache keeps me awake. I’m probably averaging 1 to 2 hours per night if I don’t take a pain pill and/or a sleeping pill. I try to stay off the medication as much as possible but it gets physically draining when going to work without sleep the next day. I drive but not any distance (15 miles at one time is all I can stand) before pain sets and I need to put my leg up. My foot, during the day, goes numb and the knee always swells up. My extension is great and my flex is 122 degrees but when does this all end?

  22. Hi Dave,
    You’re doing much better than I was at your early post-tkr period. Hang in there. Read through this blog and you’ll find plenty of support and info to help you.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  23. It takes about a year to feel completely back to what you felt before. I was about 4 months out before I could stop taking anything for pain.
    I had both done at the same time in Feb. this past year.. and I can say I’m almost there. It takes time and the recouperating is very slow…but worth it. Just keep moving….

  24. Hello all my TKR buddies. Tomorrow I will make 10 weeks post op left knee. Thx so much for all your good and horror stories. Still very stiff in the AM and sleeping only cat-naps (hate nights). Pillows not helping at all. Back and forth from bed to recliner. Never know where I’m going to wake up at. I am at about 110-115. Pretty much on my own with PT and most of the times confused. Nice to have read your blogs. Helps me quite a bit especially when discouraged with my progress. Thx so much. Happy holidays to you and yours. God bless.

  25. I hd TKR 12/9/09 (it will be 6 weeks on wed) Your posts — everyone — are really helping me this morning. I’m impatient – want to be a year out NOW so will take a deep breath & continue one day at a time. I drove on Saturday – solo! A week ago I tried & it hurt so much to brake & gas — don’t know why I tried this past Sat but am really glad I did. Again — thank you all for sharing – It’s very reassuring!

  26. Hi I am 9 weeks post surgery for rtTKR. I have 130 degrees of bend . My other knee needs to be replace also and is failing fast. I have quite a bit of quad pain but it is manageable and some calf pain ( tendon I think) I am sleeping about 4 hours in a row now and am managing with tylenol . I have graduated to physio to once a week but exercise everyday for about 45 minutes and walk the dog aoubt 10 blocks once or twice a day. I am planning a trip after Easter at the 10 week mark. I can’t believe I waited so long to have my TKR while it was not a piece of cake for the first 5 weeks it has been better and better every day. i think I have been very lucky.

  27. MAY 2011 , 3 months exactly after TKR. I was very lucky to read all yoour comments for I am so tired of this very slow process. However all the problems I have heard from you “colleagues”all apply to me. The thing that worris me however is that the knee still does doest “belong ” to me its packed and hard and grinds as if its not in place, which can’t be because I bend it pretty good. Sleeping at night is out. I still walk with a crutch when I am out for its difficult to keep a straight line. it swells and when it does I make mud cake of green clay and wrap cling paper around it. it works wonders. I can’t believe anyone who says they felt no pain…and no one , friend, foe or physician told me about the time factor…. will it eer end

  28. All comments are approved by me prior to publication. That’s what the comment statement means. 🙂

  29. It’s been 2 months and 1 week since my TKR and at the same time my Dr. removed the rod that was inserted down my tibea from 22 years ago (I was hit by a car on a motorcyle, had ankle, posterior crutiate ligamate knee and broken tibea damage). I am in so much pain and take 2 oxycodones twice a day and only take them when it gets to the point I am crying. When will this ever end? I fear my Dr. is going to totally stop prescribing the pain meds and I don’t know how I’m going to handle the pain. Ibuprofin just doesn’t cut it!

    I feel all your pain and can totally relate but it is wearing on me, my family and my friends because they think I should be over it by now.

  30. Hi Deb,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. We all understand what you’re going through. I always found icing to be a great natural pain reliever. That, while elevating my leg.
    It does get better. Everyone recuperates at their own pace.
    Keep trucking and doing your exercises. Good luck!

  31. I am a 70 year old female, had total knee replacement on left knee in 2009. no problems whatsoever now, just like knee was years ago, good. but, my right knee that was replaced in 2010, in june, give me some problems. My right instep has been swollen off and on since the surgery and there is a sizable lump on top of my right foot, instep that is sore when I push on it or walk. I am in las vegas at this time, will see my surgeon in june again. but, I recently stepped off of a step out of a motorhome and started to fall, and twisted really hard and hurt my right knee, it is sore and swollen some now, it happened a week ago. Hopefully this will get better in some time. I am really concerned about this problem with my arch. any insight?? donna

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  34. Hi Bill,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Glad you enjoy it and find it useful.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  35. Hi I am 5 1/2 months post right TKR. I can only say it has been a lot harder than I ever thought it would be. I tried to be as fit as possible going into surgery- ie cycling , yoga, but could do very little weight bearing activity as both knees have terrible arthritis. Since the surgery I have had chronic pain in the hip joint and glut muscles. I also have a sharp biting pain at the top inside area of the calf. If I walk for more than 15 to 20 minutes this area feels like a sharp dog bite and pain radiates down the shin. I have been doing physio, acupuncture, chiropractor, deep tissue massage, and stretch daily. I don’t have the deep sharp pain in the knee joint any more but the left knee is more sore than ever. Any ideas about the calf pain? Also the aching in the full leg is so annoying especially at night. Allergies to codeine limit pain meds and anti inflammatories are killing my stonach. Oh well I hope it will get better. I’m 56 and have really had to change my life, stairs Ha! hiking! walking!!! even standing from a seated position is very difficult.

  36. Draughn Boykins

    Hi Booktoots! I discovered your weblog by using msn. This is an extremely neatly written article that really helps me understand I’m not alone. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your helpful information. Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  37. My knee was replaced one year ago. I started playing golf at3months and doubles tennis at 6 months. My knee does not bother me during those activities. However it swells up and often the swelling may not go right back down. I am able to walk my 80 lb. Dog .
    I have walked up to 6 miles one day and then 4miles a few days later. Now I can not get the swelling to go down. It is also stiff. I am sure it will get better as I could not even walk around the block without my brace before it was done. I feel very lucky and would not hesitate to have the other knee done if needed. By the way I am 74 tears old.

  38. So glad to read everyone’s posts on here. At 7 months, 2 days post RTKR I am still struggling some. I still have a bubble of swelling that is there pretty much non-stop. And the muscle area above my knee is still extremely sore and makes it impossible to stand from a seated position or get out of a car without “pushing off”. I had no idea it would take me this long. Must say it is better than pre-surgery but still a long way to go. I go to see my surgeon next week but am anticipating the same “old” response…doing fine and all complaints are normal. I wish all of you speedy healing and ease is getting around.

  39. I am only 44 and out 6 weeks on right and 9 weeks on the left knee(s). I wonder if there is anyone out here in my age bracket. So thankful to read about people having trouble sleeping – that is when I take pain meds and just in the hopes that I can get more than 2 hours of continuous sleep. Changing positions very painful. During the day things seem to be improving nicely – 132 degree bend in both knees with therapist but don’t feel like I get than much on my own. Will my knees just ever be flexible enough to pull in\bend on their own without me having to pull in with my hands? Still having to push off with hands to get up from a sitting position but feel like I’m getting stronger each day. Main concern – my knees feel “knock knee’d” – they assure me that I’m straight but I swear when I walk they ‘cave’ in some – especially going up stairs.

  40. Hi all,
    Like everyone else, I am glad to read these stories, and it’s nice to hear good ones in here! Stephanie, I am six years older than you, 50 — does that count as the same age bracket? It’s exactly two months since my TKR. I am thrilled by the lack of joint pain, and can hardly wait to get the other knee done, as its limitations are hampering the exercises for my new knee. Yesterday I went for a bit of a walk, and today I made it through a shopping trip to Wal-Mart and 20 minutes on the stationary bike. I am so lucky to be almost pain-free since about three weeks post-op. My biggest problem is really bad swelling in the thigh. Anyone else encountered that?

  41. Me again.
    I wanted to ask about going back to work. I’m a high school teacher and librarian. I’m on my feet most of the time at work and have to walk very quickly long distances between classes, plus do stairs a lot (I am really only doing the two steps in and out of my house so far.) There is an elevator at work, but it means walking at least twice as far to get to it! I have another month left…three months… of medical leave but am really worried I won’t be anywhere near ready to go back. Part-time is not a viable option. I can ask for an extension with a doctor’s note. Advice or thoughts would be welcome.
    Btw, I did not go into this as a very fit person, having been told I needed tkr on both knees for at least 15 years, but I was also told I was too young. So fitness level and weight are struggles in this process too.
    Thanks again!

  42. Judy – yeah I’d say we’re the same age bracket 🙂 LOL. I’m not having swelling in thigh but because my legs are now straight rather than bull-legged I walk different and so my muscles and hips tend to hurt some. Good luck on your second knee. I was told not to expect two of the same kinds of outcomes – just an FYI. But both my knees went pretty well.

  43. Judy – with a doctors note could you go back part time – or at least the note would give your employer the information as to why you would need to go “light duty” or part time. That way you wouldn’t feel rushed and could take the stairs as you build up to it. My weight and fitness level are also an issue. I went back part time at only 3 weeks – full time at five weeks after the second knee (remember I did mine 3 weeks apart). I have been going out and measuring home which is in and out of vehicle many times and walking on uneven ground. My knees didn’t hurt like they did before but they did feel “tired” if that makes any sense. I get stiff with extra use and or exercise and then the next day seem to have a hard time….but I am getting stronger as each day goes! Just plan on having some bad\sore days….and your employer should understand that……hopefully. Good Luck!

  44. I just returned today part-time, it was 7 weeks Monday since my TKR.
    I made it thru the first day, I did feel swelling occurring half way thru my shift.
    I have this dead heavy weight feeling in my knee, especially when I walk.
    Does anyone else experiemce that. It is very frustrating.
    Of course, like everyone else, I don’t really sleep either-looking forward to getting a good nights rest.
    Hopefully I can handle working full-time next week. I wish the best for everyone else on here.

  45. Hi Shirley,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Kudos on returning to work. There were times I experienced a heavy weight feeling in my tkr leg, also. It didn’t last long for me.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

    Marie (aka Booktoots)

  46. Shirley – I also have wondered if the metal weighed that much more than my bone! I’m not sure I have a dead feeling but my knee ‘feels’ heavier to lift too…..strange – hope it does not last forever. Thought I would report that in the last two weeks it seems almost suddenly that I’m sleeping better. FINALLY able to sleep on my stomach and change positions without so much discomfort is helping. So that should come along better as well! Good Luck – Stephanie

  47. nov of 2011 I had TKR on my right knee I have good days and bad days , some swelling and nerve pain . The evenings are when it bothers me the most so I wear a knee sleeve and that helps .
    I have ostioarthritis so I need to have my left knee done and I am planning on the summer of 2013 to have it done
    My left knee is grinding and hurting more then ever , I wear a knee sleeve on it and that helps but my gait is still off and I think that cause most of the hip and leg pain.
    So any ideas on how to ease hip ,leg and knee pain in unoperated knee.
    That slows me down more then anything .

  48. had double knee replacement in germany nine months ago- playing my best tennis ever–in germany they let you stay as long as you like in the hospital and the pt is amazing–no pain–just some swelling at the ankles after long trips

  49. I am a 61 yo nurse 5 1/2 wks out rt tkr for arthritis. Very discouraged w/ the slow progress. Perhaps my expectations were too high but I wonder if I will be able to return to work at 3 mo. I have very good extension/flex but am easily exhausted after any activity. My knee feels much the same as it did prior to surgery – very stiff and as if there are bands about the knee that are pulling so tightly that they will snap – throw in constant swelling and numbness. Unable to find a comfortable position and don’t know a good nites sleep. I do the ordered post op exercises, cycling and icing but do not even feel comfortable walking without the walker at hand so I can sit down. All the more discouraged when I read the postings of some doing so well after bilateral knees or those of u walking a mile or have 10+ years on me.

  50. Hi Deborah,
    Thanks for visiting my site. You sound like you’re doing remarkably well for being only 5.5 weeks post-tkr. Slow progress is discouraging, but realize an end is in site. Take a look around my site for more encouragement and info.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  51. I am 55, almost 5 months post tkr. I fell and injured my knee at work over 29 yrs ago, so I have been dealing with this for a long time. Throw in that I now live 816miles one way from my knee surgeon and work comp has decided no more PT, no more pain pills regardless of what my surgeon says. This was my 21st surgery. I have had constant swelling since surgery, but really, for years. I have had some pain relief. I went to an acute rehab clinic in Los Angeles right from the hospital. I did have some other health complications that were unexpected and was in hospital for 5 days. I spent another 8 days at the rehab clinic. 6 more days in a hotel waiting to get my staples out. I was told in the rehab clinic that with all I have had done and been through that it would take up to 3 years for my knee to be the best it will be. I will be almost 59 then. My doc has finally told me the swelling may last a year or more, as well as the pain.
    On top of everything else, two days after I got home from seeing my doc for my 4 mos check, I fell and landed on the side of my knee. I simply do not have the money to go back to CA to see my doc and no doc will see me here because it is CA work comp. I see my doc in Oct which it will take me that long to save the money for gas and motel rooms to get there and back home again.
    Is there anyone else dealing with this kind of situation?


  52. Hi I am 8 months pot TKR. I am surprised that no one talks about nutrition. When eating clean, no sugar or gluten you should have less pain and swelling. I am 54, bike 15 miles, walk hills 2-3 miles and weight train.
    If I go off my eating plan I also get into trouble.
    Give it a try!

  53. Hello to all the new knees!
    Its been 16 weeks since I had bilateral knee replacement. I was in agony walking for several years leading up to the surgery. I am very happy that I had both knees done at the same time, as I know that I would not go back for another surgery. I am still quite uncomfortable, although I try not to take pain meds unless I really have to in the evening to sleep. The first 2 1/2 months or more I walked around like a zombie, hardly sleeping. It gets very tiring. I am wondering how many of you have tried water aerobics? I am also wondering if losing weight will aid in helping relieve the aching pains. I can sit for quite awhile without discomfort, however I can’t drive more than 20-30 min at a time. I do feel exhausted most of the time as I wake up about every 2 hours during the night at times for long intervals. At times I get every discouraged in the slow progress. I see that most people are quite active, I use our hot tub and take a short walk everyday as well as use the stepper and weights, in addition to the bending exercises.

  54. Hello Fellow New Knee Recipients,
    One month past my 46th Birthday, I had Bi-lateral Total Knee Replacements. I am now at 12 weeks Post-op and still have pain and swelling, cannot stand or walk very far without the “knees” telling me to elevate and ice. I’ve been walking 8 blocks, everyday for the last 5 weeks. Also I get on the stationary bike, just to loosen up, every morning. I am amazed at what a slow healing process this has been. First 5 weeks were HELL. I was an invalid when I got home from the hospital, my Husband took off 4 weeks of work to take care of me. He would put the strap they sent me home with around my waist and he would have to hoist me off of the toilet, due to my not being able to use legs. I had calluses on my hands and elbows from pulling my body around in the bed. I’ll be glad when I can have a day without pain and swelling, one thing I learned was that you don’t know that you’ve over done it, until you’ve over done it. The knees will definitely let you know to Slow down.
    Thanks for everyone’s stories that I have read. Keep up the hard work and it will pay off!

  55. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your inspiring comment. I am sure my readers appreciate your insight as much as I do. Good luck and keep in touch!

  56. It’s comforting to hear I’m not the only one with pain 12 months plus post TKR…not so much the knee, but calf and front of thigh pain and stiffness. Surgeon cannot explain, and all problems such as infection etc have been ruled out. Has anyone else got similar discomfort? And what have you done to get improvement ? As the medical profession can’t help, I guess I have to try something different ! Any suggestions welcome. And good luck everyone, in your recoveries.

  57. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I also sent you a private email response. There are a number of postings regarding dealing with discomfort throughout this site. Yoga and rocking chairs always helped reduce my calf and front of thigh discomfort.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  58. Someone I work with visits your site quite often and recommended it to me to read too. The writing style is great and the content is interesting. It’s helping me a lot. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

  59. I had TKR revision 6 months ago. The pain an swelling has never gone away. I had lower back pain last week which traveled into my hip. The pain in my hip comes and goes.. I did start PT again a couple weeks ago.. the electric shocks applied to my knee..then iced. Anyone else have a problem like this? I am 68,

  60. Searching for anyone who can lend advice. I am ten months post op with bilateral knee replacements. My left knee is doing well, except for the occasional flare up of the I.T. Band, and the surgeon tells me it is where it should be, however not well enough to return to work (law enforcement.) My right knee is not doing so well. the surgeon tells me that it will just take time. I wonder if there is a problem due to the fact that I have pain in the right knee all the time. The xray shows that the replacements are aligned correctly, but to look at the knee it does look out of line. Think it might be time for a second opinion.

  61. Hi CSM,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I was having pain in my tkr 10 months post surgery. Perhaps other readers will pitch in on this.
    If you believe you need a second opinion, go for it. Remember, I am not a medical professional and do not dispense medical advice on this site. My readers and I only share our experiences.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  62. Thanks for all of your posts regarding your experiences….from the good, the bad and the ugly!!!

    I am nervous and getting a total knee replacement on this coming Tuesday morning.

    Hoping that I will be able to post a positive comment once I am better.

    Thanks again.


  63. Hello all…glad I found this blog. It is making me feel a little more at ease. 42 yr old, 10 wks post op , right tkr. I am experiencing swelling 1 to 2 days after PT. Dr is relating it to rehab, but the swelling seems so severe. My entire leg, from my foot to my thigh. Ultrasound yesterday to rule out blood clot. This was clear. I also was 6 weeks @ 25% weight bearing right after surgery, so this could also be a factor. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue…it is very frustrating. Thought I would be able to go , go a little more by now…:). Thanks for listening & best wishes to all future tkr patients and past ones too !

  64. Hi Beth,
    My knee, calve and ankle would swell after PT. Swelling went down within two hours after elevating and icing. Hope this helps. Good luck and keep in touch!

  65. Hi I had a total knee replacement 5 months ago and recovered very quickly – I’m just 56 and went private as I had a Bakers cyst on the back of my knee and started limping a year earlier. Everyone says I was very young for a total knee replacement but I trusted the surgeon ( I had BUPA) Now I am in more daily pain than I have ever been in .I can walk 2 miles no problem but if I get to work after a 45 min drive I can hardly get out of the car – then I have to negotiate 4 flights of stairs – and I can’t get up th e first filght without really holing on to the banister and it hurts a lot but gets easier the further up I go ! Despite 20 sessions of physio I still limp and the pain seems to be in the middle of the knee – as if I have a real knee that hurts but I don’t ! Has anyone else had such problems? I now have no BUPA so the Surgeon won’t see me and I went to my GP and they turned me away as I’ve had a private operation with a non NHS surgeon (and saved the £14,ooo !)

  66. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I feel for you…as I’m sure we all do. If it’s any consolation, I have difficulties doing stairs and shifting from a sitting to standing position since my tkr almost 5 years ago. I’ve written other posts about these topics. Also…I’ve been limping for 37 years due to a leg length discrepancy. I wear a shoe lift to compensate.
    Good luck and keep in touch.

  67. I had a TKR eight weeks ago and am really pleased with my progress, I’m a 67 year old female with arthritis in both knees. I reached 130 degrees in six weeks. My physiotherapist says I’m about six weeks ahead of where I should be. I’ve never been athletic and am somewhat overweight so am surprised with the results. I have an amazing surgeon in Toronto, Canada. I’m doing my physio faithfully. After about six weeks I’ve been sleeping through the night with no pain. I’m just taking Tylenol for arthritis and the occasional Tylenol 3 . I haven’t used a cane since week 3 . I do get tired if I walk too far so have to plan my trips carefully. I’ve been so pleased with my results that I’ve booked my other knee. I think I’m very fortunate.

  68. Hang in there . Had TKR 1yr 2months ago. I’m only 55 , was an avid soccer player, strapped on the old acl brace and played 8vs 8 . Played in the back instead of mid . enjoying life , even kicked it with the daughter on the pitch .. yea I know but it’s worth it…

  69. Hi Marilyn,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Kudos to you on your progress! Best of luck and stay in touch.
    Happy Holidays!

  70. Hi, it’s very reassuring to read everyone’s comments about their knee replacements. I had my left knee replaced 5 weeks ago, and although I don’t have much pain, I do feel as though I have a tight band round my knee, and for quite a while I was worried the incision would burst open. The worst thing for me is the lack of energy and the lack of sleep I feel as though I am dragging myself around.
    Happy Christmas everyone.

  71. I had my TKR on Oct 2nd on my right knee, almost three months ago. It is reassuring to know that I am not the only one experiencing this pain. My pain is mostly muscle pain, mostly in the thigh but can occur anywhere in the leg. I am also having pain in my hip and buttock. I can’t sleep on that side at all. I am still taking pain meds but just once during the day and usually have to take it to go to sleep. I’ve reached 133 degree flexion and can totally straighten the leg, so I have done very well. If only the pain would stop. I feel self-conscious asking the doc for pain meds this long after surgery and I really wait as long as I can before I take anything. Nothing else eases the pain. I guess I just have to give it more time. Reading these posts is helpful so thanks everyone for sharing. Good luck to all.

  72. I had left tkr on June 11, 2012 and 7 months later still have pain and swelling in my leg. Some days, it feels like I have a tight band around my knee. I experience pain in the bottom of my thigh and the outside of my calf. I have localized swelling in my calf opposite the knee. I sometimes get a jolting or shockig pain in the knee area. I was at a 120 degree bend 3 weeks after surgery. After two weeks of rehab, I had to stop going because I had so much pain in my hip joints. I think PT was too agressive with the squats they had me doing. Went to a chiropractor to get some relief from the hip pain. I wasn’t able to stand for more than 15 minutes at a time because of my knee pain, but that has improved the last month. I still have pain in the hips though. I can only sleep on my right side because of pain in the knee during the night and the hips. I take Aleve before going to bed and that lasts about 4 hours, then the hip pain and knee pain keep me awake and I just doze for the next four hours. The surgeon told me at my 6 mos. checkup that I could have pain and swelling up to a year after surgery. He said my x-ray of the knee looked great. Like everyone else, no one ever mentioned that I would be this uncomfortable for this long. Incidentally, I was not able to take any painkillers since right after my surgery (made me nauseated) so I survived on Tylenol. I must admit that the pain has finally lessened in the past month. Ironically, the pain subsides in my hips after getting up in the morning. I don’t need hip replacement. Thanks for listening to my tale of woe. It was great reading that I am not the only one going through these things. I will be 75 next month and like some of you was not able to exercise because of my knee and didn’t get around very good. Good luck to everyone with their reuperation. I keep waiting for the one year mark tht the dr. promised.

  73. I am sooo glad I found this site and have been able to read about the progress of those who have had knee replacement surgery. I am 7 months out from double knee replacement…. I have always been very tough and thought this would be no different. Boy, it was harder than I thought. I had a terrible time sleeping…could not sleep for about three months…but I had a wonderful turn around at 12 weeks. I never had problems walking or with physical therapy. Just that sleeping. I am still very stiff when I ‘ve sat for a long time. I can now tell when the weather is going to change…how funny is that. People were telling the truth when they said they knew a change was coming. I am so glad I did BOTH knees at the same time…because when I was well…then I was ALL well…not facing going back for more surgery. I have never regretted doing both and am a cheerleader for DOING BOTH AT THE SAME TIME. I was walking two to three miles a day before daylight savings time was over and it gets dark so early now. Have some extra weight to get off, have lost 25 but have to get more disciplined. I get worried when my knees get achy, or like for the last few nights the back of my right knee has hurt….but a north wind just started here in Texas, thunderstorm has hit. So I am going to count this ache as part of the weather. Now, I wish I could get to the ground as easy as I used to could. I believe I need to exercise more and that will help that. It sure is not pretty that getting back up off the ground. I have to have a really good reason to do that. Thank you everyone for sharing. I have heard many times that it does take a good year to begin to feel like your knees are really yours again. God bless you all….continued progress for us all….

  74. I had my LTKR on Nov. 12th,going to PT 2X/week, began water aerobics, and have done water therapy. Went to the gym today and began with recumbent bike, no resistance (unlike at PT where they do resistance). I know I should have had some resistance as it prevents over-extension but didn’t want to get too tired before having to do the water therapy. I meant to be on the bike for 30 minutes, which I had done once before since the surgery, and then get into the pool for therapy exercizes. After about 4 minutes on the bike, my knee began to really hurt, to the point where I knew I had to stop. When I tried to stand, I experienced intense pain and could not put weight on it at all. While needing to grasp the back of the bike, I took a couple of steps to be in earshot of a PT, who immediately had me sit and ice. I ended up being taken to my car in a wheelchair where my husband met me. It did not hurt while sitting, thus driving was fine. I went immediately to my chiropractor who found a lot of tightness in my hamstrings. I am now home and icing/resting with an appt. at orthopedics tomorrow morning. I have been assured that the cemented KR is fine–that after 3 months, it has healed enough. Before going to the gym, I had been sitting at my pc for a couple of hours, moving my legs every once in awhile; climbed stairs (still just one step at a time; what I had been doing for 8 yrs. since I had the knee problem); drove 20 minutes to the gym, and began riding the bike. Up until this point, at my PT sessions, I had done highest weight leg presses, balanced on the TKR leg for 2 reps of 1-1/2 minutes, bike warm-up for 12 minutes, leg lifts with 4 lb. weight on TKR leg (side and straight lifts; 30 each), and am working on my goal of using steps normally–my goal: I do water therapy or aerobics on alternate days. I stopped using a cane at 2 months and “act” as though I am back to normal, meaning I don’t dwell on thinking about my TKR and walk without limping. I still have insomnia and understand that people change position in bed from 3-36 times a night. I, like others, know this from being woken up by pain when rolling over/stretching out. 🙂 I try not to take any pain pill, but find to get to sleep with initially little pain, it helps to take one, so I have resorted to doing so; everyone says where there is pain there is no gain. Recent bloodwork for thyroid issues shows a level is elevated and that is possibly why I have such a hard time sleeping (I range from 2-4 hours a night), though I know it is also a huge side effect of having a TKR, so that has to be sorted out. Not much pain during the day. I probably do not rest enough during the day and push myself; as others have written, once 3 months passes, one has the feeling that others are over with hearing about it and since one is getting around, one should be “all better”; and we also want to get on with life. Have others had the hamstring issue? I feel this is a setback and hope that is all it is. I am grateful for everyone’s story on this site as it helps to know I am not alone. (I had also gone to an offered pre-op joint camp where the TKR was explained fully, read the popular TKR book, spoke to other patients, but still was not prepared for the healing time or pain associated with this type of surgery.)

  75. Update: Saw an Ortho PA today and had an X-ray. Surgeon reviewed it and said all was fine and everything lined up perfectly; assumes I did hyper-extend my knee and hamstrings affected. Icing and rest recommended . Does feel better today. Moral is to not push it; realize that TKR replacement surgery is major and healing WILL take time. Good luck to everyone else!y

  76. Bilateral TKR 5 months ago…still feels very stiff, although flex is good (120 plus), also feels like tight bands around knees, quite stiff and painful during the night, lucky to sleep two hours at a time, faithfully did exercises prior and now, home, gym and pool (also curling with a stick)….maybe doing too much ??? Really painful up and down stairs. Not taking much meds as want to avoid side effects and they didn’t seem to help anyway (hydromorph, naproxen) Did not research this in advance…made incorrect assumption I would recupperate quickly. One positive is friends state I am walking much better than pre-surgery. Still it is very frustrating and depressing not knowing if or when pain and stiffness will go away. Always afraid something is wrong in there…surgeon says doing well!!!

  77. I am also grateful for these blogs. 11 week mark today … I am still needing pain meds. Back to work next week … Should be okay … I have retreated to heat rather than ice . It seems more soothing and physio is fine by that. Cant use bike of any kind .. Surgeon said swin and walk. In recent x-ray noticed 30 degree tibial bend …. Ahhh … Not just crazy knees…. I am going with .. It is what it is and oribably will pass and if i need pain meds florva year .. At least i can walk better than before even though the pain is actually about the same or worse at the moment! I get 5 to 6 hours sleep, wake with a bang have a hot flush, sweat then pain… Although it seems to settle with heat and one tablet … And then sometimes i get back to sleep. At least my brain feels like it s working now .. It took about 9 weeks for that to happen! Good luck with the journey everyone

  78. I had a TKR in my left knee 5 months ago and although I did well in PT for 3 monts and have 140 ROM I struggle with stiffness and a lot of tissue crunching when I get up from a chair or bend down. I don’t have pain from this but am concerned as my PT and Dr didn’t say this was common. Is this OK and will I ever feel somewhat normal again? I do think the surgery was the best thing as I can now walk pain free from bone on bone. Any one have this tissue movement or crunching noise?

  79. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I have written about “crunching” in other posts since I also experienced it. Take a look around my site and learn why you’re not alone.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  80. Anyone post TKR with knees that feel like they are in a vice or tightening down leather cinches? I had Bilateral TKR 9 months ago. Still feels like I am in a restraint. Feels totally like muscles, tendons, scar tissue or swelling, and my joints do not hurt. But they never feel “normal” (whatever that is) and feels like I am working hard to overcome the restraints. Any advice of what to do to improve the situation would be appreciated.

  81. Hi Chara,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I also sent you a private email response.
    Your symptoms sound like mine at your stage, only I didn’t have a bilateral. I’ve discussed this throughout my site, so take a look around.
    Good luck and keep in touch…

  82. Hi nancy,i had tkr 5 months ago as well and am now experiencing the same as you in my left knee,i have an appt in 2 weeks with the surgion,i thought that it was from over working it on climbing stairs and squats,other than that it is doing well for walking long distances,i didnt bother going to pt and now im not sure what i should or shouldnt be doing at this stage,was thinking of going to pt now.I am 74

  83. Right total knee 11/12/12 so 12 plus weeks ago. Sleep well in a recliner. Can’t get in and out of bed as can’t lift my leg. Still require walker to walk. Lots of swelling in leg and foot. Rarely take pain med though it still hurts quite a bit especially at the kneecap. Go to PT and they are beginning to think some sort of patella misalignment. I am a nurse and I still didn’t expect this much trouble being able to work. Don’t know how or when I’ll be able to go back to work. I cry a lot and it is very depressing thinking something is wrong with me because I can’t make it work.

  84. Hi LInda,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. You’re doing exactly what I was doing at 4 months post-tkr, except I was using crutches. I’m not a medical pro, but it doesn’t seem anything is wrong with you to me. We totally understand you’re being depressed, I’m certain.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  85. Hi, I am glad I found this website. I thought I was the only one that was having the problems mentioned in this blog. I to cry a lot I find it uncontrollable at times and over the littlest things. I change position in bed at least every 20 minutes is driving me nuts. Around the 8th week my sister had to take me to the ER I was making lunch and went to move and could not put any weight on my leg. I had to have the walk just to get back to the couch after a few hours of the pain getting worse and worse I called her and she took me to ER. At first I thought I had a blood clot, but it turned out to be a bakers cysts behind my knee. I am still having pain in my leg and knee. My surgery was November 29. 2012

  86. In over ten years, my pain and condition as been under control with improving conditions for less than six weeks.
    My situation prior to having a TKR, NOV 2003 would likely cause my recovery to take much longer along with higher levels of pain, which I explained.
    Conditions were worse than I expected with post op care nearly killing me, financially ruining me and leaving me better off dead!
    Thou I have never used drugs or alcohol, or had problems with prescribed drugs for past medical conditions. In Washington State and a Navy Vet, I am unable receive the best treatment for my situation, because it requires prescribing the use of high levels of pain killers. Which anyone could object too and ruin there life. Thus I am unable to get care needed to recover or help me! SO I AM BETTER OFF DEAD!

  87. Hi Ed,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. For the record, I didn’t need…nor was prescribed…high level pain killers for my tkr recuperation.

  88. I have much to be grateful for as I read others tale of difficulty, but it doesn’t stop me from wanting to be better than I am presently. I am 10 weeks post op from right TKR, I am faithful to do the PT prescribed, I’ve not skipped even a day of therapy. That said I am experiencing the tightness many of you describe which is very frustrating and I can’t help but hope that it will get better. There is still some swelling although in the morning my knee looks pretty close to the same as my nonsurgical knee. I just wondered when anyone has noticed the lessening or absence of this tight feeling. I have flexion of 117 degrees and sure don’t accept that as good enough. Would any of you respond and let me know what therapy or exercise has been what you feel to be “Most beneficial” in your recovery process? I think I have a good PT, but can’t help but wonder if there are some things that she has not tried that might just be THE thing that would help move me along in this process. God has been gracious and is healing me day by day, I know this to be true. I am looking forward to the day that I am one of those people that say, “I wish I had done this sooner.”

  89. I had staged bilateral TKR in September 2012 (10 days apart). I am back to belly dancing, doing Zumba, hiking for miles, and just did five LONG days at Disney World. It was a tough recovery for me for about six weeks because I felt like I had ants crawling under my skin. (I still have some numbness, but the area is decreasing slowly.) Once the ants calmed down, things progressed pretty well. I have excellent bending and straightening, no stiffness, and am generally pain free, although once in awhile I will get a pain on the inside of my right knee. It bothered me in the night last night a bit, in fact. I have no problem going down any steps, and am getting better at 8″ steps (anything lower is no problem). Getting up from a chair or commode without using my hands is getting better, too. The more I dance, the better my quads are getting as they were really atrophied after nearly a decade of needing TKR. My doc thinks I’m doing really well with my exercise activities and progress, so I am assuming that it’ll eventually work itself out over time. Tylenol here and there relieves most of the time. If this is the worst I have to live with, I can take it. I still think it will improve, however. Best thing I ever did for myself besides a gastric bypass. 🙂

  90. Hi Zee,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your very positive comment. It’s great to hear how well you’re doing. It’ll inspire others.
    Keep up the good work and stay in touch.

  91. It will be 5 months on March 8th for a total left knee replacement.I still have lots of swelling and some pain but not like before.I am so glad I found this page to find out I’m not alone.My goal is to get down on floor on knees and play with grandkids without hurting.Thanks to all of you for letting me know I’m not alone and good luck to all of us on a speedy and healthy recovery.

  92. On March 5 it will be 8 months since TKR. I was not a great experience. The anesthesia made me sick and afterwards I lost my appetite for about 6 weeks and also 20 lbs. The only positive I have been able to shop for a new wardrobe. That has been fun! I was in PT was four months total. I was on pain killers the entire time. I hit a plateat at 2 1/2 months, the knee refused to bend beyond 110 degrees or completely straighten. After the manipulation there was improvement…I reached 120 degrees with help and almost complete straightening. I’m not at 120 degrees on my own but its almost straight. I’m riding a bike, walking and stretching everyday. Walking down stairs is very painful and I’m stiff after sitting for long periods and I have a slight limp because the leg is not completly straight. I’m very frustrated but I’m told in time it will feel like a regular knee. Still waiting on that….
    Its great to read the other comments and to realize I’m not alone in my experience.

  93. It will be 6 months on March 17th for a total right knee replacement. I still have pain when I get up in the morning and after seating for long periods of time. My goal is to get down on floor and play with grandkids without hurting. I am so glad I found this page and thanks to all of you for letting me know I’m not alone and good luck to all of us on a speedy and healthy recovery.

  94. To all of you who are having trouble sleeping through the night……I purchased a foam leg elevator foam block from amazon.com When the pain begins, I lie on my back and use the foam block to elevate both legs and the pain gradually subsides. I know it is difficult to sleep on your back, but this really works. I have the 8 inch elevator and 10 inch as well. The eight inch one is more comfortable. Best of luck to all of you!

  95. Not sure if after reading all these posts it has helped or made me more depressed.I am a very youthful 62 year old fit person. Am 5 months post left TKR. Had no choice other than to return to work after 3 months as I am self employed and economics therefore, forced return; and am doing a very physical job. Am feeling at the moment like a cripple and that I will never be able to walk again without a limp let alone run or dance.I don’t seem to have the level of pain that some others have as am quite able to sleep, and sit etc pain free, but when it comes to just plain old walking it feels like I’m carrying a lead weight in the middle of my leg and just doesn’t feel like a “normal” joint at all. Physio keeps changing my exercise plan but progress seems minimal.Still have a fair bit of swelling which I ice several times a day and still have an area just below the kneecap on the outside that is still numb. Joint itself is also very sore when any pressure is put on certain parts of it.The bend in the knee is fine only minimally less than my “good” leg but still can’t get that perfect straight leg extension raise which I think is the core to the walking problem. Also always does a double click when I do leg swings and am aware of a click whatever exercises I do on it.
    Also different to everyone else here..I am in far more pain and disability than I was before the op. I could walk for several hours,jog and dance, with a little but managable pain, but couldn’t run fast without the knee giving up and collapsing painfully.I now can’t do any of those things. At this point in time I really regret having it done.

  96. It’s so good to hear everyone’s experience. I had my tkr last December and have terrible stiffness, like a band around my knee. My therapist tells me he’s never seen such a tight knee (ROM 5 to 65) and he is so negative at times that I have become quite depressed. I honestly thought I was the only person to have such pain and stiffness. However, the stories on this site show me others have had problems, and that I’m not on my own. Thank you so much for sharing. Never underestimate the power of a good old moan to people who might just understand what you are going through.

  97. Just thought I’d pass on something that has helped me recently. My leg gets tighter and tighter at times – I’m sure you are all familiar with the sensation of having a very tight strap being pulled within your knee. I’ve had a few sessions of something called Rolfing, which is a physical manipulation of the fascia in the muscles, and it has really helped. Areas that were hard and stiff to the touch have really loosened up. However, it is the positive attitude of the Rolfer that helps. She works by constantly focusing on the small positive changes that are happening and keeps me in the here and now. Before this I was almost obsessing on how limited I am etc etc! So, in short, it has helped my motivation as well as my knee. She also looks at my posture, stance and balance, and this helps too. My physio tends to just focus on the knee. Feeling much more positive about my bodies ability to heal now – and I cry less too!

  98. Hi Snoopy!
    I have also heard of other people receiving benefits from Rolfing. Thanks for sharing this information. Good luck and keep in touch!

  99. Had a TKR on my left knee, 8 weeks ago (Jan 21, 2013). Thought after the surgery it was the worst thing I had ever done. Now I am glad I did it. I ended up having to have a blood transfusion, along with a few other problems. I also found out I was allergic to the pain medicine, causing my blood pressure to drop dangerously low whenever PT came to stand me up, so I couldn’t even get out of the bed for 10 days (7 days to determine it was the pain meds, 3 days to get it out of my system). I then refused anything but Extra-Strength Tylenol. The first 10 steps I took made me cry, but I was thrilled too. My flex is at 106, with a current goal of 110 (pre-surgery was 80). I will go see my ortho in April and discuss having the right knee done, since it too needs replacing (bone on bone arthritis). I use a walker, have trouble with stairs, and getting out of chairs, but I can walk! Before my LTKR, I used an electric scooter to get around, would sit on stairs and use my arms to move my bottom up them, one at a time, but mostly avoided them. My PT says not being able to use my right knee is holding me back, and I am really doing very well. I never had the problem with not being able to sleep, just seem to need a lot more. Before the surgery, I was in constant pain. Now there is still sometimes pain in my left leg, but it is more because I am using muscles that I haven’t used in a long time. I admit I get frustrated because I can’t do some of the things that I used to do and will cry, but am glad I did it.

  100. I am 63 years old. I was in good health (60 minutes cardio plus walked a mile a day) except for the bone on bone arthritis in my knees. I had bilateral knee replacement surgery February 21, 2013. I spent a few days in the hospital and was able to walk with a walker. I spent 10 days in a skilled care facility, and was able to walk without any aids, but keep using 2 canes just for safety. The therapist in the nursing home got my knee flexion to almost 100 degrees. My home health therapist after 10 visits now has my right knee flexing to 135 degrees and my left to 125 degrees.

    I have been on hydrocodon (12 per day) ever since the surgery. Recently I’ve been cutting back to 9 and now 6 per day. My pain is low grade and builds to about a 6 just before I take my next pill.

    I want to drive my car again but have been told I can’t do this while taking hydrocodon. Is this true?

    Did any of you switch effectively to other pain meds to deal with the pain and swelling until it went down to the point you didn’t need pain medication?

  101. Hi Joel,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Since Hydrocodon is a narcotic (isn’t it?), I would think it’s not wise to drive while taking it. To be sure, consult with your pharmacist. I’m not a medical professional who dispenses advice.
    In my case, the only pain killer I was on was aspirin. Prescription medications didn’t do anything for me but get me sick.
    Ice did the trick for me. In fact, it was the best pain killer to use. It ROCKS!!!
    Hope this helps.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  102. Thank you for this site, it has been extremely helpful! I had bilateral TKR January 3, 2013, so I am almost 12 weeks out. My right knee is coming along fine. My left knee was also until week 10 when I started getting extreme calf pain, which if I keep walking on it results in a “dead leg”. I am on and off of crutches for this. My ortho has no idea what is going on. I have read a lot of people complaining about calf pain but does anyone know what causes this? I can be walking fine and then the pain starts in the calf, works its way down the shin and within ten minutes I am unable to walk. The pain is excruciating when this happens, and the pain and resulting inability to walk can last for a day. This has happened 7 times in the past two weeks and seems to be getting worse instead of better. I have had to stop doing everything except the exercises I can do in bed. I am having a ct scan next week so I will hopefully get some answers. Anyone ever come up with a reason for the calf pains? Thank you!!

  103. Is there anyway to email Dina from January 16 2012? She seems to be describing what is happening to me! I would love to know if it went away or if she ever found out what it was? Blood clot has been ruled out. Thank you!!!

  104. Hi to all TKR – I had my op in Nov 12. I was the same as most of you – impatient, I wanted to be OK within a few months but here I am 5 months later and still have a lot of numbness down the left side of my left leg, and also my heel and ankle are also a little numb.The surgeon tells me it is nerve endings and they should be healed by now, my local doctor tells me if it is not right by now then this is what I have to put up with. Does anyone else have this problem??
    I’m walking well and sleeping fine, going down stairs I have to hang on. I some times get a pain that feels like a lot of needles in my knee but doesn’t last long. My bend is only 106. I have been very strict with my exercise routine at home and going to the pool, the more I try to bend is when I get pain behind the knee.
    Anyone else with these problems

  105. My daughter stopped by today and found me crying. This is my 7th week after having TKR on my left Knee. Im just so tired of all of this. Its like one step forward and two steps back. I thought I was doing OK but cant get my leg to bend past 90 without force. I went to therapy yesterday. Spent one hour in the pool. Afterwards tried to use one of the machines and when I would draw back my knee a real sharp burning pain shot directly below my knee. Today its sore all down my leg and I can barely walk. My therapist told me if it keeps hurting I will have to call my doctor. He wasnt to happy with my progress and told me if there was no change. I might have to have manipulation. I know everyone heals differently. Im trying to keep a positive outlook. But sometimes its hard. My husband told me to stop reading stuff on the internet. But only people that has had this surgery , understands. I just keep praying for a miracle and I am going to wake up one morning and this will all be in the past.

  106. I am 7 months post TKR. I had my right knee done three years ago with ‘normal’ healing, so I had no concerns regarding the other knee. In fact, I do not even notice that I have a replacement and almost at that point for the second. I have had a good recovery except for one thing. If I sit in a ‘normal’ chair (dining table, card table) for much more than 10-15 minutes, my knee “locks” in the bent position. The pain in in the back of the knee and sometimes will go to the calf. It is impossible to straighten it without alot of pain and attempts at straightening it. The recumpant bike helps the most. The surgeon gave me Lyrica and told be me see my PCP for refills. On the lighter side, I am able to almost anything but get up off the floor without creating hilarious laughter. I just want to be able to get up from a table without creating such pain and great concerns to my friends. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks.

  107. Hi Janice,
    I have contacted Dina and asked permission to share her email address. As soon as I hear back, I will let you know. Good luck and keep in touch!

  108. I am 9 weeks out from TKA. I think I am doing very good. I had a Dr that used a new medication during the surgery to give pain coverage for 3 days. I did not need a femoral block before surgery and did not need a PCA pump after surgery. I was able to walk around my room the same night. I have done very good thru out. I did have a set back as I went off off the oxycodone after 3 weeks, I went thru withdrawals!! Never have I experienced such sickness. We were not even sure that was what it was for awhile. I think my strength would be better if not for that. I have been back to work for 3 weeks now, but would of been back sooner- I lost 2 weeks because of the withdrawal.thanks for letting me vent and it is so helpful to me to see and hear what to expect.

  109. Great site. Makes me feel like I will be fine on the days I’m having some pain and thinking there might be something wrong. Im 41 years old have had knee problems since i was 7. Had surgery on the right knee at 15 and the left at 21. Had a right total knee done in october and its been tough at times. i finished my physical therapy back in february and do pretty well, but I do find I do better on days that I keep moving more than just sitting at my desk. As the knee stays loose better. I spend about an hour on the bike every night and that helps too. Did a fairly long walk earlier this week(2 miles) and the knee has been a little more achy since but I’m guessing its just normal healing and using muscles that biking doesn’t… I’m hoping that this is the case anyway because we’re taking the kids to Disney in another week and a half. I’ve got my 6 month checkup a couple days before so hopefully it’s all set because that’ll be a lot of walking! Thanks everyone for sharing your stories, they’ve really helped over the last few months!

  110. I AM four months out and to day with great effort reached 71. my highest was 90 and that was a bout a month ago and it has gone backwards ever since. I can not begin to say how much I regret having this surgery done. At least I could still get in and out of a car before and and was not in absolute unbearable pain with no way out. I would never consider this again even if my other leg became useless at least the pain level would be more bearable than it is now. Now they want me off the pain meds so I can suffer even more. If they told the truth about this surgery no one would have it done. This has been the worst four months of my life and I am given no reason to believe it will get better. I go to the surgeon and they say just have patience it will get better as I am able to do less and less each day. I cold take a lot more of the pain pills and it still would not ease the pain to make this doable. Last week is the first time they have even touched the leg since surgery and i feel that was just to shut me up and get me out of they way. You will never do the things you did before not even close so don’t delude yourself.
    But for something constructive if you insist on having it done have therapy at least three months before surgery to build up all the muscles and create as much muscle memory as you can.Find the best rehab place to stay for at least two weeks to a month and then get as much therapy as you possible can. three days a week is not enough and if you do it at home with home health care if like me you will regret it.
    If you have back trouble believe me it will get worse so if you can loose as much excess weight and build up every muscle that supports your back before you even consider it.
    If you have fibro it will flair up in a major way so maybe take something for the fibro long enough before surgery so it stays at a mild roar.
    Be ready for the other knee to start giving you trouble if you do not build it up also. And now the new knee is like walking on a steel rod with a tight rubber band rapped around it that the other knee is getting damaged during your recovery so it is not a suggestion that you have both done they are telling you will or you will suffer the rest of your life even more than before.
    It is time to take the sugar coating off this barbaric surgery. One out of fifty ends up like me and those are not great odds. If someone told you, that you had a one out of 50 chance of surviving cancer how confident would you be.
    Oh yeah your surgeon is only a surgeon and is not interesting in anything but the outcome of his stitch job. Make sure you have all the support your will need from other professionals to deal with all the side effects and carnage left behind that beautiful scare you have. Don’t count on getting the info from your surgeon or his smiling soft spoken PA.DO a lot of research up front and don’t just read the ones that go back to work in a month and are horseback riding. There are a lot more doing poorly with little or no movement and suffer every day for the rest of their livers. GO in with Eyes wide open.Them if the benefits seem to out way the risk think twice.
    I have had therapy three days a week now for four months an now doing five and only getting worse.judge for yourself. but do it with full knowledge.

  111. At 54 year old guy and I am 5 mos. and 9 days post op from a TKR. Last week I rode 145 miles in 5 days on my bicycle, with two of those days involving all out efforts. Yes I have some stiffness and some aching. But the pain associated is nothing close to what I had pre. op. It’s hard to explain. I notice the uncomfortablness after I do leg presses. I am still working to get more range of motion which I imagine will be on going for life. After leg presses my range of motion is very stiff on the bike for the first qtr. mile and I will notice it letting me know its attached. LOL. I’m just thankful to have two working legs. I look forward to racing season and even more activities. The only limitation is in our minds.

  112. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. It’s too bad you have such negative results and feedback. You’re lucky you can even take pain meds…I couldn’t. And…I survived. Have you tried ICING?
    You’re only four months out and your negative thinking is going to hinder your progress. If you believe it’s going to get worse….it will. Consider the tkr recuperation a challenge, not a setback.
    Therapy three months prior to the tkr? How about simply exercising? Isometrics are easy ways to strengthen muscles. You can even do those while sitting on the couch. How about eating properly to nourish your body and keep your energy up?
    Not all surgeons are only interested in stitch jobs. A competent one will work with you to optimize your recuperation and new lifestyle. Your use of the term ‘stitch job’ is only a reflection of your hindered thought processes.
    I am one who wouldn’t trade the surgery for anything in the world. And, no…my ROM is not where it “ought” to be. Tkr recuperation is difficult, painful, and sometimes limiting….but so very worth it.

    That’s enough for now…I am printing your comment in all fairness to you and others who may be going through the same thing.

  113. It is defiantly not for the faint of heart. I am happy for you. But every one does not turn out that way.I have had a great outlook with ever fraction we celebrated till now and for two months no progress and it has not been for lack of trying. I did the exercises before as was suggested but unless you are otherwise healthy it is not enough. I eat right took nutrition to build me up. Pain pills after you leave the hospital have minimal benefits. But better than nothing.MY pain is increasing not getting less. I Have and do ice I do land and water therapy I do stairs and walking. Even now I am learning to leave with the lack of mobility. The inability to get in a car, getting dressed,going to the bathroom ,getting in the shower the realities of this surgery. Less mobility was not why I had it done. I believe anyone should have all the answers or all the right questions to ask before they have this done.
    I will be getting a second opinion soon and hopefully it will give more answers and a brighter outlook. My stitches look great I had a great Surgeon he just forgot there was a person connected to the knee.I doubt in a year you will even see it but if the knee does not work who cares what it looks like. I was the one out of 50 and everyone needs to be mentally prepared for that possibility, Ignorance is not always bliss. I keep hoping and if it gets better I will be happy to give you the rosie report you desire.It is not all bad to see the ups and downs of it all.

  114. I wish I had found your site a long time ago. I just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of my left TKR, and 6 months for my right TKR. I am 58 and overweight. I did do the exercises prior to both surgeries, and used the CPM machine religiously. I was also fortunate to have a surgeon that really cares. Before the surgeries, I could not walk without severe pain. 3 months out from my first TKR I was able to walk all over Disneyland with my grandchildren. My back pain also has decreased considerably because I can now stand correctly!
    My right TKR had some minor setbacks which delayed my PT for about 3 weeks (due to psoriasis, my incision did not want to seal), so I had to keep the leg immobilized for 3 weeks.
    But having had the surgeries 6 months apart I can definitely say, hang in there, do your exercises, it pays off! My left leg lets me know how my right leg will feel in another 6 months, which is better, and better. I am again able to ride bikes, and take my grandkids fishing and to the amusement parks, and just for walks in the park. I wish I had not waited so long.

  115. Your site is great and very well done. I am currently 8 weeks post TKR and generally mostly pain free during the day except when I try to go up stairs without the baby steps using my good right leg. My TKR was a little unusual as I had a patellectomy 45 years ago and they joined the tendons that go to the kneecap together, thus loosing me some ability in flexion. I actually have more now than I did before the operation. Started pre-op with 98 deg. and ended up now with 120 deg. Very happy with that. Nights are still pretty bad for me as well as many others I see. One little tip that I found out that does help quite a bit is to drink tonic water. It contains quinine and that is a good muscle relaxant. Whether you add gin or not is up to you! (I don’t). When I get past this night thing, and I know I will, I am looking forward to using this leg a lot! Right now, I confine myself to easy neighborhood walks of roughly one mile, and that does not seem to give me any issues. Much of the day, I can just stand and feel no pain, and that is not something I have been able to do for a long time.

  116. As with each and every other person who has left a message, I too am very glad I found this blog. I am 9 weeks TRK. I was a stubborn individual and did not utilize all of the pin medications that the doctors had available to me, and if you are contemplating knee surgery, go ahead and utilize what they offer. In my case it was Tylenol 500 mgs, 2 tablets, every 4 hours as needed for pain. Like most of you in the 3rd week after surgery, I was at a total ROM of 132, but even the PT said that I was being too aggressive, and that I needed to slow down. I have the same “Lead” knee syndrome as others ahve described, and the area directly above the knee and below the knee are swollen 60% of the time. Sleep last for about 5 hours at a time, and I still feel somewhat brain drained by around 2:00 PM in the afternoon at work. I “believe” it will get better, but there are times around 2:00 AM, that the brain just is not buying my belief. I am told by a number of people that it will get better consistantly, but it will do so in a time of it’s choosing.

  117. I guess I really agree with Kathy. I feel like Im making no great amount of progress. I did have manipulation 2 wks ago. my knee is bending at 100. But now Im walking with a limp and my knee is not as straight as before the man. I thought at 4 months things would be better. It hurts and is really stiff when I get up. I will set for 5 min thinking about it because I know what it is going to feel like when I do stand. I am so tired of pain. The limping is causing my hip and back to hurt. If I can learn to walk without limp. Im going to consider myself lucky and accept things for what they are. I also will never have the other knee done.

  118. I am 13 weeks post-op having had TKR on my left knee February 26th. Like everyone who has posted to this website, I never anticipated that recovery would be so difficult and so long. While I heard that full recovery takes one year, I thought like many of you, I could beat the odds and get through this quicker. I’m 61, extremely healthy and was in good shape before the surgery. By way of background, I had injured my left knee at the age of 15 in ballet class and the kneecap was never properly set. I have been an avid athlete all my life but I developed severe osteoarthritis, so I started experiencing problems 15 years ago. Since then, I started to back off many of my favorite activities. Over the past two years, I walked and played golf but had extreme difficulty going up and down stairs. After a friend had very successful results with TKR last May, I elected to have the surgery.
    My surgery went well but I discovered that I do not tolerate pain meds well. I took myself off them entirely by 8 weeks. I also have problems with NAISDs so today I only take Tylenol for Arthritis. I do not have any of the real deep surgical pain anymore but do experience a real discomfort with tightness around my knee and aches as the day goes on. I do exercises every day, ride my recundant bike daily for 3-6 miles each ride and have PT twice each week. I work hard with exercises and I know I have gotten significantly stronger. As a side benefit, I lost weight. I cannot walk long distances yet although I have tried. I went back to work at a desk job at 7 weeks but have learned the hard way that I have to stand up and move around to avoid significant discomfort and stiffness as the day wears on. I still find it very difficult to get through a full day of work. I have tight hamstrings that cause pain behind my knee if I sit too long. I do hamstring stretches every morning and a night. Yes, like all of you I have achy calves and sore spots and some days are worse than others. In the mornings when I wake up, however I can actually see a normal sized knee for about 45 minutes before the swelling starts up.
    I hope to be back on my golf league in 2 weeks so my PT has added exercises that help with agility and balance as well as strength. I need to be able to walk on uneven surfaces and hills with confidence when I return to golf. It was inspiring to hear so many of you are successfully golfing. This year, I expect to take a lot of penalty strokes where my ball seems unreachable to get. I have no problems climbing up stairs but need to hold a rail to go down steps in a normal fashion. I still do not have 0 degree extension and my bend is around 120. The doctors said my ROM will continue to improve with time.
    My biggest problem has been the inability to stay asleep, and it has caused me to be a bit depressed and a bit negative. After 7 weeks of nights where I got only 1-2 hours of total sleep, I asked for a prescription for sleep meds. With the prescription meds, I now get 5-6 hours each night. I have tried to sleep without the meds but find that while I may be able to fall asleep, I wake up within 2 hours tossing and turning to get comfortable and then can’t get back to sleep. I tried Tylenol PM, antihistamines, and melatonin but nothing works like the prescription meds. Hopefully, I won’t need these in the future but for now, they help.
    My friend who had the surgery last May said I will feel great after a year. It gives me hope.

  119. Donlei Darnell

    I had both knees done 13 months ago and although I have problems I would do it over again the same way. Recovery was pretty normal but I found I could be much more comfortable sleeping in the recliner than the bed and did so for many months. I have also realized that not moving, not exercising is NOT good. The more I work my muscles and be active, the better my knees feel. It is when I spend too much time at the computer or watching TV that I stiffen up. I’m not saying run a marathon every day but do walk as much as you can and STAY ACTIVE.
    I just remind myself it is not going to be completely normal, I will never kneel with comfort, I won’t run like the wind but I can do so much without pain now that I couldn’t do before.
    Stick with it…..it will come.

  120. Hi Doniel,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your very uplifting comment. It’s great to hear you’re doing so well and encouraging others. Keep up the great work!

  121. I need to offer some sincere hope for those folks that feel dis-heartened by the time it take for recovery. I am now 10 weeks post TKR on the right knee. For the first 5 weeks after surgery I wondered what I had done to hurt so bad, and to feel so uncomfortable. Physical Therapy helped, but I could only do that 3 times a week. I will admit that I did not take prescription pain medication after the surgery. I used Tylenol over the counter. THAT may not have been my smartest move during all of this, but I have been and continue to be in a much better position to figure out how my replacement really is doing. At 10 weeks, I now only have a mild aching sensation in the knee after it is at rest. When I stand up it takes about 5-10 seconds for the knee to get primed 100% (and that is taking less and less time as I go along), and the “lead weight” feeling that was in the knee, is now knocked down by about 80%. Again, right after the surgery you “believe” that there is no way it is going to get any better. And if you sit down, and don’t move around a lot (not running or vigorous exercises, but walking and bending the knee on a regular basis)it won’t get much better, but with some efforts, you will be amazed at what happens in that 8th to 10th week. And it gets better as you progress. I can easily reach a 0 extension and a 133 degree knee bend without forcing myself. I know you folks can to. You just have to regain your confidence, and your up-beat nature, and you will be surprised at how well things will go in the short and long term. Please stay positive in your thinking, and just keep telling yourself it does get much better, but you have to show patience in yourself to get there.

  122. I am so glad that I found this site. I am just two weeks post surgery and am already walking well without any aids. I manage very well throughout the day, but after about two hours sleep at night I just can’t get comfortable any more with pain in my legs and I toss and turn for the rest of the night, and get very little sleep thereafter. For years I have suffered with restless legs syndrome but since surgery this has escalated a thousand times. It has been suggested that my restless legs are worse after surgery because of the blood loss during the op, so I am on iron tablets and Magnesium and am hoping this will give me some improvement soon. Without a good night’s sleep I am not nice to be around.

  123. Hi Daphne,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your insight and entertaining comment. I particularly enjoyed your sleep deprivation comment. That’s a good one! 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  124. I had a total knee replacement 7 months ago and I am doing pretty good with my new knee. It gets stiff every now and then but overall it is good. The problem I have is clicking. My knee clicks all the time. The doctor said this is normal, but I tell you this clicking I have is not normal. It is with every step I take. It doesn’t hurt, just annoying. Another problem I am having is that my other body parts cannot heal from cuts, bruises, infections etc. Supposedly my knee is taking all my energy to heal it and there is no energy to heal my other body parts. Has anyone ever heard of that. I am not a sickly person at all and I have been to the doctor tons of times since my surgery.(Not for my knee but other things)

  125. Hi Sherry,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I sent you a private email, also. Don’t feel so alone. I experienced both clicking and slow healing after my tkr. I’ve written posts about these factors. Take a look around my site for more information.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  126. I had a new kind of surgery. Just an inscision on the side of my knee. Total replacement on both. 3 months apart. Was walking a mile in 2 weeks and driving a stick in 10 days. Very little pain. Great doctor!!!

  127. I have just found this site and I am so encouraged to read of others’ struggles.I am 79 and had TKR on my left leg almost 3 months ago. Lack of a good night’s sleep is the hardest. My leg’s muscles etc seize up about 3 hours into my sleep and this wakes me everytime I move. It is so painful ,especially the ham-strings: sleep is impossible as every movement hurts.I take Paracetamol before going to bed but they are not so effective. The usual anti-inflammatories upset my stomach so I try to avoid them.Why is my knee still getting hot and swollen 3 months down the track? The surgeon and the physio both say this is normal ?? Is it?

  128. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr recuperation comment. I experienced the same things you did during my initial recuperation. Take a look around this site for posts about hot or warm tkr knee.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  129. Here I am in my 6th week. I am tapering off pain meds, sleeping better but still have a lot of stiffness and swelling. Also, since I cut down on y pain meds, I find the knee on the unoperated leg is hurting. Any advice?

  130. Hi Charlie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and providing feedback about your tkr. I sent you a private message, also. Your symptoms are common according to others who have gone through the surgery. Take a look around my site for posts discussing your concern. Also, my insomnia book contains over 100 real-life stories that may be helpful and insightful for you. Find it on my Storefront page.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  131. Debbie Conover

    Hello, Booktoots,

    I am writing on behalf of my husband who is now 6 1/2 weeks post TKR (left knee)
    He is experiencing a “clunking” sound which he has pointed out to his surgeon and his PT. Both have replied the with the same response. “don’t worry about that, keep stretching and exercising” My husband is fearful that something is wrong and they are avoiding telling him the truth about the “knocking” sound.

    Has ANYONE experienced this from their TKR ?

    Thanks in advance for feedback.

  132. I wrote back in early April about my knee locking up after sitting. The pain was constant and debilitating. My PCP had set up an appointment with a Physical Medicine doctor to see if he could figure it out. There was a three week wait. I decided to have a massage to ease the tension in the rest of my body. I blindly chose a massage therapist. He is a Medical Massage Practitioner as well as Registered Massage Therapist. By using ultrasound and electropuncture (laser) he has been able to completely unblock the nerves causing the pain and I have been almost pain free since my third visit. I continue to go for other issues, but he always does ultrasound on the knee and massage. I am so glad I turned to alternative medicine. Otherwise, more pills, more ineffective pt and still having pain were my future.
    I do want to say, that the first three months of rehab and following the prescribed routine are very important to recovery. A laugh a day (or more) is a great prescription for all of us.

  133. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving the comment about your husband’s tkr. I’ve written other posts about tkr clicking. Others have shared their stories as well.
    Take a look around my site for more info about this topic.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  134. Hi! I am currently eight months post TKR. I still have some stiffness and warmth in my knee. I also have discomfort down my shin. Sensation down the knee is like trickling water.i My surgeon tells me it is the saphenous nerve which runs down the inside of the knee and down into the shin. I read some comments about nerve damage. Wondering if this is what I am experiencing.

    My extension and flexion are great. I am still exercising at a gym three times a week. Anyone else experiencing my discomforts?


  135. Hi everyone!
    It has been so nice to see that I am not alone in my journey to feeling healthy again.. I am 8 weeks post left TRK and am experiencing the pain and frustrated that many other seem to be. I am only bending 115 degrees and have had a great deal of swelling and discoloration of my knee. I too only sleep a couple of hours at a time and my quads seem to have total shut down. They and my brain are not on speaking terms yet so I have a great deal of trouble trying to lift my leg. I. Do have to say that I know it will get better. I just had my 2year anniversary of my right trk and it is AMAZING! Before surgery my ROM was limited to 10 – 85 degrees , which makes doing e erything very difficult. Now my ROM is -3 to 135 degrees and I am totally without pain. We just need to keep working hard and resting often because it does get better!

  136. Colin Horsfall

    Hi Debbie,
    Tell your man that I to am experiencing a clicking in my knee & also have some very obvious lateral movement. I also started getting at the 7th week an intermittent attack of stiff 7 sore calf muscle at back of knee & spasms in the knee. I read on the net thet the looseness in the knee will disappear as the tissue grows back around the joint . By the way I have been a fit club cyclist all along & am now 71. I was back on the bike at week 4 ,5, 6 for easy rides . I had to lay off the biking for the last 3 weeks so it looks like it is for most of us ,progress with 2 steps forward & 1 step back quite normal. Just have to hang in & don’t worry about the clicking at this stage.

  137. Exactly one year post tkr. Movement is good and I have no pain, but knee getting tighter as i go on. Walking is not sore but the tightening up worries me as I am fearful that it is further scar tissue developing. Clunking too. SO, this is what I want to know – am I doing too much and should rest it more, or am I doing too little and muscles are seizing up? I walk my dogs every day – not far, but out about twenty mins good walking. I use the exercise bike but don’t follow an exercise programme now. Work it, or rest it?

  138. Hi Ally,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your interesting comment.
    That decision is up to you, not this site. As I have stated throughout this site, I am not a medical professional. I’m only someone who has experienced a tkr and is discussing experiences.
    I once had a physical therapist tell me that if my knee is swollen and painful for more than two hours after exercise, I’m overdoing it.
    Personally, I never went a day without exercising.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  139. Well I am back at 5 months, and as with most of the folks here, minor issues have crept up, but I am still progressing with -03 Extension, and 135 flex. Having some minor issues around the site of the surgery, but pain is very minimal and manageable. I see a common thread in the comments, and that is the sleep issue. I, like many others who have posted have been unable to resume the course of normal sleep. I get at most 4 hours, with possibly another 30 minutes or so. At 58 that is not nearly enough sleep since I still work full time. Being tired during the day does not help the knee or the rest of the body, and the brain is not entirely happy with things either. I believe that this may be the cause of a lot of depressing thoughts, and worries about recovery. If anyone has come up with a non-medication idea of how to regain the normal 7-8 hours of restful and comfortable sleep after the TKR, I would be interested in hearing any thoughts and/or ideas.

  140. Hi John,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your sleeping concern. You’re only five months post-tkr? Good luck on sleeping 7-8 hours. I sure didn’t for a solid 8-9 months. I’ve written posts about it throughout this site. Search for insomnia on my site and article titles will pop up.
    My book may be very useful to you. Check it out under my Storefront page.
    Stay in touch and good luck!

  141. please,tell me what to do.six months after my surgery(TOTAL KNEE REPLACEMENT)I HAVE CRAMPS ON MY BIG TOE and it is extremely sensitive to touch. What to do, please some one help me.

  142. I had a right tkr on June 18th. Nearly 10 weeks ago. Rom is 140 with excellent extenson. Doc and PT are thrilled. I found the pain hard to cope with. Like most people when my doc said recovery would take 6 mths to a year I didn’t think it applied to me. Why do we all expect to be different? I did everything I was told and I am happy to say I’m finally getting 6 hours sleep and pain is easing. Definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. I still take over the counter pain killers. Hang in there everyone. I know I’m lucky. Love reading this blog. Thank you all x

  143. Hi Carole,
    Thanks for stopping by. I also get foot and/ or toe cramps. When I do, I massage and eat a banana. I’ll write a post about this topic. Appreciate your idea. Remember…just because it works for me, doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. You may need a doctor.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  144. I had tkr on my left knee on 6-4-13 My problem is that I have numbness in my big and second toe and the arch of my foot. It is not painful but it is very bothersome. I was hoping that by now 3 months out that I would start to get for feeling back. I don’t have much swelling or pain anymore. I don’t need ice or pain pills much anymore. Sometime the scar feels tight and hurts when I bend my knee though. My muscles in both legs get pretty tired at the end of the day. I thing that the surgery is a success except for the numb foot.

  145. I am glad I found this site! I had Bil TKR in May 2013. Progress has been slow, despite PT twice a week,daily exercises, including riding a stationary bike and walking 1/2-1 mile 3 times a week. I still have significant swelling after exercising or prolonged activity, with the associated aching and discomfort. I elevate and ice as much as possible. I still have pain getting in or out of a chair, and stairs are difficult as well.I also have had and continue to have the heavy , dead knee feeling in both knees. I returned to work 1/2 days at 10 weeks and full time at 12 weeks. I am nurse so I am on my feet alot. I do get discouraged with the length of time the recovery process is taking, I too have heard in a year, I will be glad I did it. I hope so, I was always very active and am very anxious to “have my life back”! It is encouraging to read the posts from others, that they have struggled with similar issues. I feel after reading the posts that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

  146. Would like to hear more from Chris, who apparently had the minimally invasive surgery I’m having in a week! He or she posted on July 1st.

  147. Actually, I would like to hear from ANYbody who’s had minimally invasive knee replacement surgery!

  148. Hi Jane,
    There have been people posting about having this surgery. Take a look around my site. You can also try putting those words into the search box in either the Category box (left side bar) or Search box (right side bar).

  149. I’m a 58-year-old, very out of shape (mostly because I’ve delayed TKR for so long)a ex-athleteic woman who is 8 months post-op today. My story is different and I don’t recommend this for everyone, but ……. I did very little therapy after surgery. After seeing (via Internet) how invasive (and Nancy, I had minimally invasive) knee replacement is, my husband and I both decided that it just seemed not real smart to put so much stress and pressure on a joint that had been so traumatized by surgery. I did a lot of icing, resting, and elevating — while consciously trying to bend and straighten as much as possible without pain while sitting in the recliner. My insurance didn’t ok therapy until six weeks post op — the therapist thought my ROM would be terrible since I hadn’t had any rehab yet. My first visit to him, he measured me at 117 and 5 — he was astonished. I went to therapy twice a week for 1 hour per visit — my therapist never forced the knee to either straighten or bend. If he gave me an exercise that I said was painful for my knee, he told me to quit and we would do something else. My therapy sessions were easy and light — the 5 other days of the week, I did light exercise once per day while still icing, elevating and resting. By 3 months, I was done with therapy, had a ROM of 127 and 0, and was able to travel cross-country both by plane and car, and do all normal activities. I ceased all therapy and exercise and just lived my normal life. At 6 months, I had no pain at all, the knee felt like it was a part of me, and only THEN did I really started exercising — swimming, walking, biking — with no pain or swelling at all after any activity. Today, at 8 months, the knee feels great and I’m happy we took the route we took.! I had the same trauma everyone does the first 3-6 weeks — couldn’t sleep, couldn’t get in and out of chairs — wondered if I would ever be normal again, but instead of listening to the people who kept warning me that if I didn’t kill myself at therapy, my knee would never be right, I listened to my own body, and I’m glad I did. I’ve talked to several others who have tried the non-traditional, less-aggressive approach and it has worked well for them too. This probably isn’t for everyone, but if you’re struggling with pain and swelling and you are being told to just work harder in therapy, you might want to rethink that advice. Nancy, I experienced very little knee pain in the hospital right after surgery. They used a nerve block so I couldn’t feel anything in the knee for 48 hours — I was dreading waking up in Recovery in a lot of pain, but seriously hardly had any at all. The three days in the hospital, I was very comfortable with the help of pain meds. I think I was on some form of pain medication for about six weeks — after 3 weeks, mostly at night, just to help me sleep. I hope this post helps someone out there who is still struggling after so many months of intense therapy and still so much pain — maybe you should give your new knee a BREAK!

  150. I am 60, and am at 10 weeks with my tkr on my right knee. I also have the sleeping issue and have gotten to the point where I hate going to bed because I know I’m in for a night of pain. I’m still on pain meds, 4 per day, and can’t get past the fear that this pain will never go away. I’ve been very depressed and start crying for no reason, at the drop of a hat. I do exercises daily, and 2-3 miles on my recumbant bike and wonder if the pain and swelling ever goes away. My mom had tkr around 10 years ago and she still has a hard time getting in and out of cars and with pain now and again. Have returned to work 3 hours a day, starting 5 hours tomorrow. Working has been OK, I have a desk job, and can get up and move as I need to. What scares me is that in 2 weeks I go full time and the mornings are so terribly hard. I’ll have to get up at 4am just to get to work at 8am, to have time for my knee to wake up and shower and get my exercises in. I am on anti-depressants and they help some, but the fear and depression has a huge grip on me right now, despite the knowledge that everyone says it will get better. I saw tips on tonic water and benadryl to help with sleeping and am going to try that, and also that medical massage with ultra sound and laser work. I’d be grateful for any ideas on how to overcome the depression and fear. Saying it will get better doesn’t help much because right now it doesn’t feel like that is truth for me.

  151. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and feeling comfortable enough to leave your tkr concern comment. I think we have all cried for no reason during rehab. I sure did. I considered it part of the process. The same goes for swelling, pain and mobility concerns.
    Your being able to ride 2-3 miles on your bike is FANTASTIC. That’s far better than I was able to do at your stage.
    I have no experience taking anti-depressant medications, so cannot help you in that area.
    It’ll be tough going through your work routine…but with the proper attitude, you can do it.
    Instead of having the fear and depression control you…how about turning the tables?
    If you believe it won’t get better….it won’t.
    If you think you’re going to fall….you will.
    If you view your rehab as a challenge…you’ll conquer it.

    P.S. I was in continual fear before my tkr since I didn’t know when my knee would painfully lock up. It seemed to have a mind of its own.

    Good luck and stay in touch!

  152. I tried one of the suggestions for sleeping, and took 1 Benadryl before bed. I actually got 3-1/2 hours of sleep for the last two nights! Both my doctor and PT said not to do the ultrasound as it affects the knee with heat and could negatively affect the metal as well as the cement that holds it in place – just fyi for anyone considering this.

  153. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a little bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog.

    A great read. I’ll definitely be back.

  154. I had TKR 6 mos ago next month (Oct 1st) at 48 yrs old. I’ve been in P/T since being released from the hospital. Same as everyone I have had good days and some fairly BAD days. My partner should have a pair of angles wings waiting in heaven 😉
    Last month I took Mediterranean Cruise and spent some extra time in Italy (about 6 days). I was very self conscious about taking stairs as if felt I was holding people up, I finally just “let go of the it” and just did my own thing without double thinking my difficulty. I’ll check in another 6 mos and see how things go. I’d like to hear from others who are further out
    by a few years to get a glean on what to expect down the road.

  155. Hi Jeff,
    Glad to hear about your travels while recuperating from your tkr. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Take a look around my site. It’s been 5.5 years since my tkr and I’ve written numerous posts discussing this. Many readers have pitched in, also.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  156. I am just amazed at the different results being experienced by people with TKR’s. I am just on twelve weeks and I played a game of lawn bowls this week.
    Very tired and a bad sleep, had to ice during the night but next morning it was o.k.. We have lots of bowling friends who all have good results so I am hoping for the best. I am six foot two inches and almost eighty one years but am very fit. I do not go to a gym. should I? My main complaint is a clunk on my tibia just below the joint at every stride that I take. I does not hurt but it is worrying. The other thing which I have not been able to alleviate is the constant swelling in my foot and ankle over the last three weeks. It does not hurt to walk and I am very stiff after sitting. I have a bend of 120 degrees and I can only sleep for hourly intervals with a cushion between my legs.
    I was worried about my progress until I read your column and now I think that I am doing very well. Good luck to everyone.

  157. Hi Colin,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I also sent you a private email response. Glad to hear you find my site useful and comforting. 🙂
    I would recommend visiting the doctor if your clunking continues. Mine was sporadic and of no concern.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  158. Just to catch up with my progress, last night I had no pain at all and I took no pain killers during the day. I also slept without the cushion between my legs. It is now thirteen weeks. I also found that I had less pain in my recliner during the night than in bed post opp. My modus operandi is ice, ice, ice.
    And I do some light pedalling on my bike. I have had to spend a lot of time working at my computer lately and the knee becomes very stiff but loosens up after a walk around. I still have a swollen ankle and foot but the crawly feeling under my toes has gone. Overall things seem to be improving.

  159. I have read all the comments and I feel so much better as 10 months ago I had a complete new knee in a private hospital, was not happy so had a Muliputation opp, still not working, had key hole surgery 5 weeks ago where they took 6 samples to see if I had an infection all came back negative, I still cannot straighton or bend my leg very far and it is painful behind the knee as well as in front, I cannot sleep more that 2 hrs when I have to move over and put a pillow in between my knees as when it touches the sheet its like tingling sensation, do you think I should go and see my own GP and see if he can help in any way as it is really getting me down, I have to still use two sticks and I feel like this is never going to get any better. could do with some advice please.

  160. Hi Sylvia,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. You’re experiencing all the concerns I did at your stage, except for the manipulation and infection. My advice….consult your GP.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  161. Hello everyone, nice to hear your stories. I am 64, healthy and active. I’m 8 weeks out from bilateral tkr. Saw the surgeon today and he released me with no restrictions. I have a sedentary job and went back to work from home Week 3 and to the office full time Week 4.

    One thing I did that helped my progress immensely was to go to a rehab hospital instead of going straight home from the surgical hospital. My surgeon recommends this for his bilateral patients and I think he is right. While there I had 6 hours PT a day, and by the time I got home (10 days postop) I was walking with a cane and doing well. By Week 3 I had ditched the cane also. I know my progress has been unusual and that I am very lucky.

    I have the same sleep probs as everyone else but not too much pain during the day, except when standing up after sitting a long time, and sometimes during PT. I ride my exercise bike every morning to loosen up, and I also have a mini bike under my desk at work which I use a couple of times a day. Before the surgery, due to severe OA, I had deformed legs, stress fractures from the bone on bone pain, and was unable to walk much at all. I’m very happy with the surgery, my progress and my nice straight legs. Plus I’m a half an inch taller!

    It’s likely that my pain was so severe pre-op that it seems like a picnic now. Good luck everyone and thanks for sharing. Thanks for creating this site, Booktoots!

  162. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for your kind words. It’s great to hear you find my site useful. I’m confident others will enjoy your tkr insight as much as I have.
    Stay in touch and good luck!

  163. I am at 9 weeks from a tkr and did really good until last week and now I seem to be at a plauteau and its gard to walk around and my whole leg aches at night and I have had to go back to taking vicadin. Very frustrating since I have to gi back to work in a week.

  164. Kathy,
    I just might take your advice, I did a lot of walking last weekend and on Mon had PT and couldnt hardly do anything so I skipped my Fri and now am feeling better.

  165. Hi, it’s Ann again. I’ve had an interesting development. One knee is dramatically more flexible than the other. Remember I had bilateral tkr; it’s now 9 weeks ago. Most of the time I don’t notice the difference but if I have been sitting a long time – like during my 50-minute commute to work – I can tell that one knee is much more stiff than the other. It’s really wierd since they were both replaced the same day!

    On the whole, I’m still doing well. I just think it’s odd. Any other bilaterals out there with wisdom to share?

  166. After surgery, I had a nerve block for three days, which probably made a big difference in my recovery. It’s been about seven weeks since the operation, and I’m doing great! After a rather long stay in a rehab facility, I’m going to outpatient rehab three days a week. I do the exercises at home that were given me. I sleep well and, sorry to say, have been eating like a little piggy. Never lost my appetite, even facing hospital food. I was terrified before the surgery, as I could only take Tylenol; but I concentrated on the fact that I was having the minimally invasive cut and that gave me some courage. (not much – I’m a big sissy) I still use ice packs, as I have occasional soreness. Of course, I’m still swollen and will be for ages. I also have occasional clicking. The way I feel is – if it’s normal, I’m fine with it, whatever it is. My ROM is 110 now, and I’m happy with this. In fact, I’m happy with everything and do realize that I am very, very lucky that things turned out so well.

  167. Well, it is sixteen weeks now and my knee seems perfect. The pain eased at twelve weeks and was gone in thirteen. At eight weeks I thought that I had made a big mistake but I kept up the exercises and it worked. Your blog has been a big help and I thank you and urge others to have faith and I wish you all the best. I turned Eighty one years on the 31st of October and weigh 100kg.and am 185cm tall. Unfortunately I am suffering from a swollen ankle and foot on the op. side and it seems I have traded a limpy knee for a limpy foot.

  168. I had bilateral TKR mid June- 5 months ago. All is well (stairs now a breeze, ROM perfect according to my PT, EXCEPT after walking for a while I get a “heavy dead, dragging feeling” in my both legs which makes it difficult to walk well. Hard to keep up with people I am with- Also sometimes I experience “freezing” of my feet when turning. Still really hurts when getting up and down from chair. I do treadmill and stationary bike plus exercises learned at PT. Knee muscles VERY sore after exercising! My recovery although painful went well- never needed any device. The above are my major complaints that are really upsetting me. Doctor says all is fine and no need to see me- I do take alleve but try to limit taking it too often.

  169. Had tkr of right knee 6 1/2 months ago. I was 52 at the time of my surgery. I think I’m back to a new normal. I’ve begun taking a spinning class 3 days a week and walking 1 1/2miles daily. My knee does get that “full”, stiff feeling that I can only attribute to swelling. I sleep like a baby and am thrilled about that!! My only complaint, and it’s a small one, is that my knee feels like there is an internal wrap on it. It just feels tighter than my other knee. Will this ever change? Keep moving and keep weight off is the best advice I can give. Make your health your priority, not an afterthought.

  170. Hi Sammy,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I also sent you a private email. It’s great hearing you’re doing so well.
    Yes, that “tight feeling” does disappear over time. At least it did in my case.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  171. I just want to bring you up on the progress of my total knee replacement which was done 8 months ago. Even though I go to the gym and ride a bicycle for 30 minutes and then walk on a treadmill for 15 minutes my knee is still always stiff. I feel like I have an ace bandage around the knee. I’m also experiencing tightness and pain in my hamstrings. I can’t believe that after 8 months I’m still dealing with this pain and stiffness. I just made an appointment with my doctor in January to discuss my options. Right now I’m sitting here typing but I know when I get up my knee will hurt like hell. I ice the knee daily but it really doesn’t help. How long is this going to go on? I don’t take anything for the pain because of a heart condition.

  172. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. You’re experiencing the same situations I did at your stage. I am almost 6 years post-tkr and my knee still gets stiff. This is especially true after sitting for long periods of time.
    Keep in touch and good luck! Keep us updated after your doctor’s appointment. I hope a manipulation is not recommended. Just saying….

  173. I am now 6 months post surgery for bilateral replacement. Not happy!! My knees still really hurt after exercise (bike and slow treadmll). I also see that my gait is not great-slower and “cloppy”. My knee still feels really heavy after walking a short while. It really kills when getting up from a seated position. I thought that would improve. My surgeon I’m sure will say wait a year for complete recovery. Also my foot freezes sometimes and difficult to turn. Any thoughts???

  174. Hi Amy…
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your bilateral tkr comment. It took me a solid year before I felt “good”. I experienced all the symptoms you are experiencing, if that helps. Stiffness upon rising from a seated position is a regular occurrance at all stages. I’ve written about this in other posts. Take a look around!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  175. Hi there all,
    I am 7 months with my “new” knee and think I’m doing ok. I still can only bend to 125′ but I finally got my leg straight. The only issues I have is that my knee seems to grind on the outside when I bend it. And the tendons in that area feel like they are popping. Also I’m real sore at the base of the implant attached on my lower leg. Is that normal? All in all it hurts a little and gets me a little down but I only need Aleve maybe once a week now on busy days at work. Doc said I can do a light jog but it swelled so I haven’t done it since. Just started dancing and playing the wii to get some exercise (I’ve gained 15lbs) and it swelled again. I’m sleeping mostly thru the night so that’s a good thing. I am planning on hiking the Smokys in march so I’m hoping it gets better! Last time I went hiking it’s what prompted me to get this done. Good luck all and Happy New Year!

  176. Now that I am thirteen months post op, I can finally say, “I wish I had done this sooner.” Even at this stage I am seeing improvement, the muscles around my new knee seem to be firing with more strength than at any other previous time. I am grateful that those long, hard months are behind me and still will admit I’ve never gone through such a hard thing. Yes, my knee still gets tight, but that is after really pushing the limits, but that said, I would do it again knowing what I know now. Feeling grateful to be past the initial feeling that I had really made a mistake in getting TKR. Praise God for tender mercy and strength to persevere.

  177. I had bilateral tkr on 12-26,thought I researched and talked to everybody I could think of.I tore my meniscus in march of 2012 working for a major delivery company.It was time even though I,m 54,I was tired of coming home laying in bed due to pain.SURGERY Went great but coming home I had no idea I would not be able to sleep in bed.i,m at 109 degrees and can handle what PT throws at me,but getting interrupted 1 to 2 hours of sleep was not in the cards.I look forward more to sleep at this point than the pain going away.Iknow this goes hand in hand.Thanks for the website with the reassurance of your fellow posters.

  178. Hi Jim,
    So glad you find my site useful. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr sleeping comment. I felt the same way you do.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  179. Hi Marie,it,s been a week since Ifound your site and wrote a post.Just want to thank you for your response it means so much to me.Ijust had a spasm in my knee that I thought would rip my knee cap right off.This has been an experience I’ll never forget,I now know why the insurance company was asking me psychological questions in my pre surgery phone call.One knee is hard enough but two is quite the undertaking.I check your sight quite often for inspiration and peace of mind,since my nights are usually spent pacing the first floor to waste time.I know people have a lot worse surgeries then mine but this does test you mentally and physically.Many thanks,Jim

  180. Thank you so much for your very kind words, Jim. Bless you for undertaking two tkr’s. As you said, one is difficult enough. Keep on trucking, good luck, and stay in touch!

  181. Sure glad I found this site as I was beginning to think there was something terribly wrong with my progress. I’m 14 weeks post op right knee and 8 for the left. Still have much more pain than I anticipated and taking Percocet 5 mg 3-4X/day. Good ROM and decent strength. A major issue is severe sciatic pain which I thought would get better with the TKR’s and an improved gait. Unfortunately still plagued with that pain and it seems to be interfering with my knee recovery at this point. My weight is fine and I’m an active “young” female, late 60’s. I end up crying almost every day with frustration from the pain and inability to move freely. Sleep is fitful too. All this seems to be a popular theme with most of the posts as well as stiffness, difficulty standing from sitting, etc. Good to sound off with those who “get it”. Friends and others don’t have a clue and would never be able to understand why I’m still having difficulties. When I feel good I think I’ve turned the corner only to be in more pain the next day. Seems any increased activity just makes the pain worse. Winter has taken a toll too with having to be extra careful outside in snow and ice. I want to bite heads off when I’m in pain and feel like a monster at times. Normally I’m very good natured. I had a great surgeon, terrific hospital care and wonderful PT so in that respect feel fortunate. I’m also having massage, acupuncture, and do my exercises. My expectations were unrealistic I guess.

  182. Hi Jeanette,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. So glad to hear you find this site useful and feel less alone because of it. You sound like you’re doing great. Keep in touch and good luck!

  183. Hi Marie, Jim here,you said keep in touch so I’m back with an update. Every day sees improvement with my two knees, I ditched the walker after 4 weeks and used the cane for about a week. I started driving in my 6th week with no problems, my pain between my knees went away in my 5th week enabling me to finally start sleeping in bed. Setbacks are common as I had inflammation in one knee that set me back till I could use some anti-inflammatory pills. Sleep is slowly progressing as the half hour nights I hope are a thing of the past. I usually am getting 4 to 5 hours a night which is all one can hope with this ordeal. Pain seems to come like clockwork around 7pm and I head for the shower and stretch out to alleviate some pain. I was taking about four showers per 24 hour period and it seemed to help me along with ice packs. I also rub the scar tissue with wet washcloths to eliminate that tingly warm feeling I get on the knees. I’m at 122 degrees for my last rehab and am coming on 7 weeks. I still have that stiffness feeling all day and realize that will be my crutch for months to come. I hope to go to my hospital tomorrow to personally thank those RN’S and CNA’S that helped me get through that surgery and show some of them the progress one can make. I know I Have a ways to go and it’s hard to stay positive at times but your sight is still an inspiration for me to go to when I’m having a bad day

    Sorry I made this long but many things to say.

  184. Hi Jim,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your informative update. It’s great to hear you’re doing so well. That’s a fantastic idea about going to your RN’s and CNA’s to thank them. I bet not many people do that.
    Keep up the good work and stay in touch!

  185. I am 49 years old and had tkr almost 1 year ago, after an accident 30 yrs ago my right knee deteriorated muscles faded leg bowed and finally failed last january. Could not move around without a crutch. Had the op with usual unbearable pain and sleepless nights and thinking it would never be part of me. But it has strengthened week by week with exercising at home as i felt comfortable. Now I have no pain, rom 135 which i havent had for 30 years At 10 mths over xmas i went for a brisk 13Km beach walk on soft sand, no pain or swelling, absolutely awesome. when i see a stairway i smile and look forward to the exercise and the challenge up and down. I often wonder how long it’s going to last, ‘cos it’s great being so comfortably mobile and love it

  186. Just found your site……..wonder if I could ask a question please. I had a RTKR on 24/9/2013. My quad muscle was wrecked from having had numerous falls because the knee would just “give way”. I also had an inherited lymphedema which is being address with correctly fitted compression stockings. My recovery is very, very slow. I had 7 days in hospital after surgery, then 14 days at our local rehab hospital facility. I have done PT from then on. I don’t have a lot of pain……mainly when going from sitting/lying to standing which everyone seems to have in varying degrees. My quad is not strong enough to lift my leg to put the brake on in the care in an emergency if needed so I am not driving yet (almost 6 months later). I am a VERY independent person, still working (at 69) & my husband has to drive me to work & come pick me up at the end of the day. I had so many falls (was on the floor for 6 hours after one in August last year, before surgery) that I am still using a wheelie walker outdoors and a stick/cane indoors. I am doing exercises for the quad on a set of pedals, doing general PT, but am so frustrated with the lack of power in the quad & somedays I just can’t help but cry, because I feel this is as good as it will get. Has anyone else had this problem? Would greatly appreciate any advice/commiserations, anything. Thanks in advance.

  187. I am 7 months after TKR and according to doctor and therapist am doing well. I have stiffness (no swelling), etc. but my main question/concern is I felt like I could not survive a day without my Advil, taking 200-800mg a day, not for my knee but overall body inflammation. I swim 1/2 mile 4-5 times a week so I’m fairly active. I am now trying to rely on vitamins, high Omega-3 diet and anti-inflammatory supplements. Turmeric was recommended. Does anyone else find that overall body inflammation is a problem? I keep thinking my body does not like the “foreign body part” and is rebelling…

  188. I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post

  189. Ok folks, its been almost 7 months since my TKR and now my other knee is hurting really bad and because of this I cant do the walking I need to do. Any suggestions of when to go ahead and schedule the 2nd surgery? Help!!

  190. Hi Joyce,
    Consult with a doctor or other medical care professional. The decision is up to you…no one on this site knows your individual situation. No medical advice is given here.
    Good luck!

  191. I had a left knee TKR. Ended up with a blood clot within days after the surgery which set me back a good bit. Ended up with a 21 day stay then went home. Had in-home therapy which helped but I still ended up having a manipulation done about 3 months later. I think they over did it. Good ole medicare cut me off just when I was getting to where I should have been at 2 months. I’ve tried to keep up with everything at least 3-4 days a week but the muscles just remain tight all the time and sitting for any length of time makes it very hard to get up and get going. My knee remains tight all the time and swells after exercise. Went to the doc for the year eval yesterday and the x-rays were supposedly OK but he was worried about the lack of mobility and painful muscles so he ordered me back into PT (VA) for 4-6 wks and then back for a review. He said if it doesn’t work then he’ll be doing a knee fluid eval to see if there is something else going on. I also have other muscle weakness/strength issues with my hands and arms. I think I was better off without the surgery although my joint pain is gone the other issues remain.

  192. Had total knee right 11 weeks ago. Doing pretty good can walk up stairs (down is a challenge), ride a bike do the stepper and walking is okey but still feels weird because of the numbness on the right side.

    Like I said the numbness on the right side feels stiff and tight is this normal?

    Thank you

  193. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. ‘Normal’ depends upon the individual. If it’s any consolation, though, I had numbness and tightness at your stage, also. I’ve written about it in other posts. Take a look around my site!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  194. I really enjoy this blog had my tkr on the left leg 4/1 so far I think I am doing fairly well home therapy is over start at rehab next week have to take 2 to 3 pain meds a day mostly at night.I find it hard sleeping as most have stated i tried last night 1 benedryl and 1 pain pill and was able to sleep much better so that was much appreciated.Yesterday the bend measured out at 115* which the therapist said was very good its hard but I am determined to be able to walk pain free as before the surgery i was walking 1 to 2 miles a day and my dog is really missing our daily walks .just for the record I am 61 and in fairly decent shape other than bad knees. Thanks Again for this blog

  195. I am four weeks out. I had TKR on my left knee. The first night in the hospital I had extreme pain until they gave me Toradol that works extremely well. I was able to get up and move around with very little pain I could bend my knee to 101 angle. I was able to walk around fairly quickly getting up and down the stairs things like that. I did have a lot and I mean a lot of swelling and with the swelling came pain. I find the hardest thing for me is nighttime my leg hurts a lot during the night . I find I can’t stay in one position very long and the pain is worse at night. I’m still taking pain medicine to get me through the night and I’m hoping at some point that will stop. I do get this pain some times on the right side of my left me almost like a sharpshooting pain and I still feel the tight band around the knee. People say that that will eventually go away I’m hoping that the right. I can bend my knee to 120 and each time I go to physical therapy it gets better. Again like I said for me I think the worst part of this whole thing is nighttime the lack of sleep and the pain and swelling at night if it wasn’t for that I think the experience wouldn’t have been so bad.

  196. Hi Shirlyn,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. You’re doing much better than I was at your stage. 🙂 Keep up the great work! Stay in touch…

  197. Hi Ron,
    I’m sure your tkr comment will help others, as well. Thanks for the kudos on enjoying my site. Keep in touch and good luck!

  198. Thanks Julie. That’s an informative site. Maybe it’s just me…but the site of those things being in my body has my hair on end. Yikes…
    Having said that, mine has certainly been worth it. 🙂

  199. Don,t know if its just me but it seems each day I seem to feel a little more confidence with the new knee.Yesterday my son took me to a movie and lunch and I felt like a human again being able to be out and about ,so I its a day by day thing hopefully each day gets a little better and again the pain pill and benedryl really have helped at night.

  200. I had my TKR on 9/23/13 , My leg was very crooked do to the fact that I was bone to bone on my knee . I also have a
    had a THR a piece of cake . I will have to say at almost 8 months I still question myself – why did I have this done . I have great ROM I have since the very beginning after surgery , I am at 135 . I have some numbness still on the outer part of my knee , still have swelling and still have a hard time walking more than a 1/2 mile !!! My knee aches if I do too much . Which I would not think a 1/2 mile would be too much !!! I go downstairs better than up them I feel the need to pull myself up them . I have no pain at night . I feel like I wobble . My surgeon says my legs are the same length and that it is not crooked anymore . I look in the mirror and its crooked ! I get so frustrated . I did this so I could do the things I used to be able to do but slowly could not do anymore . Sometimes I feel I can do less now. It is hard not to get depressed and I wonder if this is the way it will always be ????

  201. 51 year old female. Had left TKR 1/6/14. First 6 weeks were ok – not as bad as I had thought they would be. Do continue to have sleeping problems like many of you.

    However, I think I went back to my teaching job too early (at 10 weeks) because I have been suffering ever since (been a month)! Yesterday my foot and leg swelled up a lot – did not have this much swelling before. Going to see surgeon tomorrow but worried as to why now. Anyone else experience this??

  202. I had TKR on 18 Feb 14 along with a removal of a screw that kept my 2nd bone graft in place from an injury incurred in the Army. The TKR was surgery #4 on my left leg. A couple of weeks after my surgery my incision began to tear open an ooze pus. My doctor placed me on antibiotics for 5 days but my incision still kept oozing so on my follow up 8 days later resulted in surgery #5 on March 26 to clean the incision and to manipulate my knee as my been was only 70 degrees. A major setback in some instances as the clock on my recovery has restarted. Surgery #5 was very painful and I’m now experiencing pain that I didn’t experience before. Mostly its sharp pain down the left side of my leg that sometimes goes to my toes. Massages, ice, and oxy are the norm when this pain becomes unbearable. Now I in an aggressive 3x a week physical therapy and the goal is to get me knee to been at 125 or better before my next appointment with my doctor. Everyone says it takes time especially since my injury is connected to my military service and my leg has been operated on 5x. I sleep with a pillow under my knee and an ice pack to relieve the pain. I too am restless at night as a result of pain. I’m looking to the future with hope as my knee is very unstable when I do certain bends at PT. I’m still on two crutches and won’t graduate to one until my balance improves. Right now I have one crutch and cane envy.

  203. Hi Brandy,
    Thanks for stopping by and sharing your incredible tkr story. I feel for you. What an ordeal to go through. Take a look around this site..there’s bound to be something that can provide additional insight.
    Good luck and keep in touch! Thanks for serving in the military, also.

  204. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. At 3 months, my leg and foot were swollen on a daily basis. I have written posts about this throughout my site. Take a look around. Good luck and keep in touch!

  205. Well I had my TKR on the 15th July 2014 and I have made a few posts and I just want to report that it is perfect to use and walk around and mow the lawn and play lawn bowls etc. I have to have xrays and see my surgeon on the 11th July and I think that that will be the last time. Remember I am 81 yrs and weigh 100kg and am 6feet two inches tall. Lots of people in my club have new knees and no trouble, back playing in no time at all. I feel sorry for those with pain as mine was bad for a month but I think if you are fairly fit it helps with your recovery. Good luck everyone.

  206. Great to hear you’re doing so well, Colin! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your inspirational tkr comment. Good luck & keep in touch. 🙂

  207. I am 8 months post-op from bilateral TKR. Great range of motion. No pain at night. Just mainly stiffness when I get up from chairs. At 8 months how much weight can I safely lift now. I am anurse. I know I am not supposed to lift anything heavy with a twisting motion at the same time. I was able to go off muscle relaxers and NSAIDS 2 months ago.

  208. I had tkr 1 year ago on my right knee here in bulgaria, 5 days after the opperation i stopped taking painkillers,and hav,nt had one since. after 3wks i was able to drive & 6wks i was riding the harley, the only niggles i have are the joint goes stiff if i stand to long,and a slight numness to the touch

  209. Update 9/23/13 TKR still difficult to walk any distance , sleep fine . Great ROM -135 . Leg still remains crooked even though surgeon says its straight . I still feel like I wobble when I walk and still question why I had the surgery 🙁

  210. I am now at 11 months since my total knee replacement. I have excellent ROM 130. I still have a problem with my leg extension which is a plus 6 or 7. My knee is still very stiff and sore after any exercising I do. I did play my first round of golf but at about hole 12 my knee stiffened up real bad and I finished the round limping. I saw the doctor and he told me a TKR can take up to 18 months to fully heal. He said to think of the cutting which needed to be done to install that artificial knee. I totally understood but at least he was honest with me regarding the time of recovery. I was given more exercises to do to stretch out my hamstrings. I put a ten pound weight on my ankle and lay on my stomach while my knee hangs over the side of the bed. It hurts like hell but I will do anything to get my extension to 0. I also ride a bicycle and walk the treadmill as much as possible. I live with this stiffness and sore knee knowing before the operation I was in so much pain I could barely walk let alone climb stairs. For all you who have the same issues as me, remember to stay positive. Each of us is going to heal at a different pace. I’ve had two knee replacements and the first one was completely healed in 6 months. This second knee is just talking longer. If I can give you one suggestion, make sure you keep up your exercises, eat well, and stay positive. You will get better as time goes on.

  211. I feel the exact same way and I’m not because I’m a small person motorcycle wreck in 79I have found myself 17 days wishing that I just did not have to do it anymore

  212. I’m about 3 1/2 weeks past my first TKR. (This was of my “better” knee — hope to have the other one replaced as soon as I can rehab the first one.) I was wondering if anyone has ever had (or as heard of) this problem: I’m only slightly overweight, but possibly because of the extra fat in my leg above the knee, I have an indentation or “hole” that forms at the top 2 inches of the incision — only when I stand. I’m so concerned that, even after everything heals, this indentation in above my knee may be permanent when I stand. It looks and feels as if the skin below the surface of the incision is attached to the bone beneath the skin, pulling the skin inward. I have asked both my PT and my PA, but they don’t seem to have ever seen this before. (They’re hoping that with toning and exercise, this “hole” will go away.) Anybody have any input or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  213. Hi Linn,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your interesting tkr comment. I have not experienced what you are going through, so cannot offer any insight. Perhaps others will pitch in to help.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  214. Hi Marie, I can answer Linn,s question,I also had a indentation only once though, kind of freaked me out.No idea what caused it but it was gone next day. Thought maybe my workout caused it. Well it,s been awhile since I have chimed in,it’s been 5 months and I went back to work last week. My sleep problems went away and for the last two and a half months all I want to do is sleep.I know now the only real answer to this surgery is to have time pass and hope for the best, I went trough pt and occupational therapy due to my job requirements,I have issues for sure but feel the worse is behind me. Having both knees done together was an experience for sure but I’m glad I did it. Considering it was only a few years back and I was fine,to go through this has had an impact I will not soon forget.Again thx for your sight and as always I will still read post to keep my sanity in check….. Jim

  215. I am 12 weeks out now and able to return to work i have 0 to 130 degrees of motion now, the surgeon says i am doing very well.After 4 weeks i was really unhappy with the results but kept working at it then after 5 weeks the tightness started to subside and i was able to move around better , so i guess have patience it does get better and this blog has been awesome to see what knee replacement is and entails good luck to all and hang in there….Ron

  216. I had TKR in Oct 2013, still have major stiffness and it seems like the ROM has lessened since surgery. I did the PT three time a week and at home as well. now I go to the gym and take water aerobics 3 times a week (2 hours per session) and do additional training in the gym 2 to 3 times a week. The pain is debilitating and something I push through. I used to smile and was happy, now I feel like all I do is complain because of the pain. Pain management doctor has tried several drugs, most of which have horrible side effects so I got off them as they didn’t make the pain go away nor did they give me the ability to power through bending. I am lucky if the ROM is 90. I had it up to a forced bend of 105 but then the pain wasn’t worth staying up all night and being in misery for two more days. I feel like my world is coming undone. I had better range before surgery, different paid as it was bone on bone. The doctors have told me to be patient…have zen like patience and I am trying. It gets very depressing because all the simple things I used to be able to do, are now difficult. I can go up stains pretty good, going down is the challenge. Can’t get the pedals on the stationary bike all the was around yet. Family life is suffering. I was told 6 months to a year to recover, somehow I don’t feel that 4 more months is going to make much difference. I appreciate being able to read and identify with others going through this as most of my family and friends I am afraid don’t understand the amount of pain I am going through nor do they understand how debilitating it is when simple isn’t simple anymore. glad the sun shined today!

  217. I am 7 months post a bilateral knee replacement. I am 51 years and returned to a very active job (music teacher) after 7 weeks. After 3 months of PT and trying to be dedicated to ride the recumbent bike I am feeling better. I quit eating sugar and adopted a low carb diet (less weight less strain) and have been diligent this summer to exercise on the recumbent bike. My strength is amazing with steady exercise and I am so encouraged! I was sore when standing from seated position but I am finding that is going away with the exercise and diet. NO problems sleeping and have not taken any pain meds for at least 4 months. Making sure not to overdue and allowing yourself to take baby steps is key….but be consistent! I had an excellent surgeon and am very encouraged for the activity awaiting my recovery 🙂

  218. Hi Sue,
    Great to hear you’re doing so well! Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your inspiring tkr comment. Good luck and stay in touch..

  219. So grateful for everyone’s sharing. TKR on June 2nd. I am a 52 year old woman who had her first surgery on this knee at 17. Lots of trauma and muscle deficit through the years, including a couple of failed surgeries. Pre TKR I had only 90 degrees flexion, and very minimal muscle control. My incision follow a previous one, which goes “around” the kneecap instead of a medial incision. I don’t quite know what to think, as the experience is not what I expected. My concerns at present are poor ROM (around 50 degrees on my own), swelling, and a very tight and swollen area over the kneecap – this feel like it’s holding things in place and rewriting my movement. I am trying to build up my muscles, however, they were so weak before surgery this is going slow……. I cry once a day at least, which is cleansing for me- but new also….. I know it will get better, but my surgeon has made it clear that, if I am not at the proper flexion when we meet on July 18, he will manipulate my knee – won’t this further damage tissue that is healing? Conversely, are there already adhesions forming? I’m so confused and disappointed……

  220. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. That’s a very interesting story you have. If it’s any consolation…I am 6.5 years post-tkr and my ROM is 95. Like yours, my scar tissue is also almost 40 years old.
    There’s no way I, nor my surgeon, would consider a manipulation.
    Have you considered getting a second opinion?
    There are other posts and comments on this site about manipulations and poor ROM. Take a look around.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  221. Thank you for the reply. I am not asking for medical advice, although admittedly don’t completely understand what a “manipulation under anesthesia” could accomplish? I’ve read all the posts once and will go through them again. Gratefully, Tracey.

  222. I am 64 and scheduled for right knee replacement on September24. It has been good to read these postings. I went down our basement stairs on June 7 and forgot about the last step; hitting the concrete was my first inkling that something was “wrong.” I sprained my left ankle horribly and the right knee swelled. My doctor looked at xrays and said the right knee arthritis has now made me a perfect candidate for what we had postponed for a year… It has been difficult to recover from the sprain (which is very swollen still) so I can imagine variations of what my recovery from knee replacement will be like – lack of sleep, icing, canes/crutches,crying in the bathroom when I can’t get around well,etc. I am a teacher and my headmaster at my private school has planned for me to take 6 weeks off (2 are fall break) and if I need more, I get it. He has also said if needed he would do a video feed so I could teach from home if I wanted. I am very thankful and hoping that my pre-surgery exercise and eating, along with realizing that “recovery” in this could mean a year or more, will see me thru. Friends have warned me to do my pre-work and do my therapy afterwards.I appreciate all these postings!

  223. How did you get to a rom of 95 without a manipulation? My patellar tendon is rock hard and swollen which is keeping my kneecap from gliding, and my knee from bending – has been that way since right after surgery. I am so frustrated and angry……and am starting acupuncture next week. I’d love to hear what you’ve done to either address your scar tissue, or get the rom. I don’t want to go through the rest of my life wit 50 degrees flexion and every day I wait for things to heal and the swelling to subside, I’m getting more scar tissue…..

  224. Hi Tracey,
    I worked diligently doing my tkr recuperation exercises. I put in extra time on the machines and at home. I still do exercises 6.5 years post-tkr. I knew my ROM would be equivalent to what it was prior to my tkr.
    Hope this helps…

  225. I had my Right TKR in 2010. I have fallen at least 3 times: once in a stool being alone with my 2 dogs; once in my study room (office) and lastly in the airline which has caused me to slow down in my walking. I have a very decreased walking ability right now. I was seen by my
    surgeon 2 days ago and he wrote a letter to my MD that I have to be seen by a Neurologist because of my decreased walking. I am very frustrated because I was not walking this way before after the surgery.

  226. I love reading all the posts. I had TKR in December 2013 so I am about 7 months out. I never had a lot of pain after surgery, it was more just really stiff and didn’t have a lot of bend. My Dr. was more concerned about the straightness of it at first so worked on that in PT for quite awhile. I did therapy for 10 weeks. At first I would get very frustrated, I didn’t feel like I was making any progress but even after I decided to stop therapy I have improved quite a bit. I don’t regret having the surgery at all. My pain was so terrible before I couldn’t even make it through the grocery store. When I see people post they have 130 ROM I am envious, I probably have around 120 and it is good enough for me!! So for people that have just had surgery or it’s been a couple of months or so, give it time. It does get better, just keep doing your exercises.

  227. Hey, I had my TKR on Dec 2013. Phyllis, my situation is a lot like yours. I am still having stiffness, pain and swelling. I am also wobbly. I am now wearing a brace and I so wish I had never had this done. I cannot do as much as I could before the surgery. Getting up and down is very painful and I cannot stand for any length of time. Any suggestions?

  228. I’m scheduled to have a TKR in about 11 days. After reading all of your posts, I’m starting to be scared off. I know I have to do something, I can’t walk without limping and can’t straighten my right leg and my back keeps going out because of the limp. I did look into minimally invasive surgery, but the surgeon I’ve chosen does not do that. He does however do computer/camera assisted surgery which gives him a 3D view inside the knee. This should lead to good placement of the device. How many of you had surgeons that use this method? I do know I’ve picked the right man, he is lovely – just hope it will all be worth it in the end.


  230. I had rtkr 2 years ago and it turned out excellant. So I had the ltkr done June 2nd 2014. It’s been 9 weeks and this one seems different in healing. Honestly I can’t remember the other one so much. I wish I could to compare. But reading your stories of how many months have passed and still recovering has helped me hold on.
    I still have some mild pain or discomfort walking downstairs,bending..I can walk for a good distance fine. I pray it get to were my other knee is in 2 years..

  231. I’ve been reading these post and have been through a lot of them. I’ve had a tkr on my left knee done 2005,2006,2007,2013 and I’m 58 years old. The first time I used a crutch for a very long time, I kept telling my surgeon something was wrong, he said nothing can be done until a year has past. Finally he did an mri and found it loose. I had another surgery same thing happening, sore, stiff, therapy not working, I kept telling my doctor something is wrong and he would say things are going great, I told him no they are not. He would reassure me things are going great and it is not loose. I would go to therapy and the therapist said something is wrong with that knee, she told the doctor her concerns, he still said it was okay. I could take my foot and turn it backwards and put it up against my other foot and stand, I showed this to my therapist.
    I finally got so disgusted with this doctor and showed him what I could do with that knee and he ordered and mri again. Meantime I went to another doctor in another town for a second opinion and this doctor told me it appears to be loose. I did some research and found a very good surgeon and made an appointment. My surgeon got back the results of the mri and still told me things were ok. I never went back to him because I know he was lying to me, the mri said the same thing as the first time.
    I finally saw the new surgeon and gave him the mri and he told me my knee was malrotated, cracked tibia, missing bone, loose ligaments, and was loose. Surgery was set up and was finally done right after the third time. I had a lot of therapy and a long road to recovery. I didn’t think that knee was ever going to be right. I had a lot of pain, stiffness, range of motion problems, with the loose ligaments knee went out all the time and lots of swelling.
    I thought I was up and running again after a long road of suffering and after 6 years of doing great, here we go again. I found myself going down the same road only a different route, I had an infection November 2013. I had the worst knee pain ever and could not walk because of the pain. I had to have a RTKR to clean out the infection, put on heavy duty antibiotics, was in the hospital 5 days in isolation, the isolation wasn’t because I was contagious, but didn’t want me to catch anything from other people. I knew the drill after being a 4th time and knew the exercises to do. I was sent home with a pic line for antibiotics to be given for the next 6 weeks. I was so darn sick I didn’t want to do anything for a few weeks. I was given a choice go to a nursing home or go home and my husband hook me up 3x’s a day to antibiotics. I took going home because I thought the recovery would go much better.
    I became allergic to the antibiotic a few days before it was to end so they ended it because things were going great. I doing pretty good now, but I do get a lot of stiffness and swelling and the ligaments will never heal all the way and I have to be careful to keep from falling, as we all know when we have a handicap, which I call the loose ligaments, we adapt.
    I will say I did learn a few tricks, I would sit on the couch with a chair in front of me and would place my left foot on the chair and gently push on my thigh above the knee to help straighten it out, I have also used light weights above and below the knee to do the same thing. To get my knee to bend better I used the stairs when going up or down I would lean forward on that knee holding on to the rail to get it to bend more. When sitting on the couch I was told to take my right foot and put it in front of my left foot and pull it towards me as far as I could handle it.
    Biofreeze helps some with pain.
    The best plan is ask your doctor or therapist before doing anything not sure of, don’t over due things and research.
    I know this is long and I know I left things out but it’s an even longer story. Here’s a note to everyone I live in Illinois and the first doctor has been kicked out of all hospitals up here and is in Mississipi even though I had a case couldn’t do anything because of where we live and was told no doctor will go against him because they could loose there malpractice insurance the only way I could do anything was to go to another state and we didn’t have that kind of money.

  232. Well, I had my TKR 3 and a half weeks ago. Wow – the pain is indescribable isn’t it. I screamed the hospital down a few times. However, I’m doing really well now. I have a physio visiting me at home and we’re up to 112 degrees bend already. I am walking around the house without using the crutches and finally braved our 15 internal stairs 2 days ago – I can do them one at a time no crutches. I’m having strange pain at night in that leg which seems to be caused by a pinched sciatic nerve. I’ve been out and done the food shopping twice now with my husband and am back to cooking already. My main complaint at the moment is constipation – dsmn drugs.

  233. I had a bi-lateral knee replacement on May 1, 2014 (4 months ago), because of my osteoarthritis. Everything has gone well . . . no swelling, ROM is 120, I do my exercises faithfully, etc., but when I get up from a sitting position, the pain (which is located where the top of my kneecap meets my quad muscle) is very, very painful. I dread sitting down, because of the anticipation of having to eventually get up. My physical therapist seems to think that strengthening my quad muscle will help with this problem, but I was hoping that at this stage I wouldn’t be experiencing this intensity of pain. I am 67 years old and not overweight. Has anyone else had this experience?

  234. 7 weeks out, 125 degree bend – yahoo. Having another week off work, not quite up to it yet. Still having back trouble and getting it treated but my physio is away so I’m having to use his associate who is not as familiar with my back – very slow process. I can now go up the stairs normally but not down – it hurts a bit but I keep trying. I’ve been driving and have been out alone on a couple of clothes shopping trips – nothing fits as I lost 8kgs. I take a crutch with me for safety’s sake but only use it a wee bit.

    Wow Babs – you are brave to have both done. I’m having a lot of calf pain when I go out and walk a fair distance. I’ve been doing stretching of the calf but nothing seems to help.

  235. I wonder what happens to all these folks here and other web sites that have pain and issues for months. They never post back really. Maybe a few. I bet most get better and live on. I know from my first TKR it take 2 years or so to get healed. Even then there is still symptoms that persist. I mean you always know it’s there and never again like our young knees we use to have.

  236. I had my TKR on my right knee this past Wednesday. I had read the book Total Knee Replacement and Rehabilitation and worked on pre-op therapy for 1.5 months every morning. I was very pleased that when the therapist came in I could lift the knee very easily and the measure was 85 degrees. The only problem I had was nausea while using the continuous motion machine and right after surgery. Once they got my pain meds down,it was much easier. I start PT on the 29th and will go 3x a week for 6 weeks and have blood drawn 2x a week for 6 weeks. So, so far so good! The nursing staff told me that on the 2nd day just about everyone on the floor was throwing up, but I was doing better overall due to the pre-op work I had done.

  237. I am enjoying this website. It is very helpful. I am 7 weeks post opt Right tkr surgery. (August 2014) and have been very discouraged. I had no idea the pain was this bad. I was diagnosed with a frozen knee cap at 5 weeks. Scar tissue kept it from moving. I was also upset at the stiffness in the mornings and difficulty putting weight on my leg. In addition, I feel tightness around my ankle and a tight band around my knee. I have always been extremely healthy. I am 65 and this is my first physical setback.

    Do any of you have words of encouragement about the tightness around the ankle and knee. My range of motion is only 90 degrees but as the scar issue loosens, it will improve. My back was injured somehow during surgery. It aches also. The doctor says it is my sciatic nerve. This has been overwhelming but I feel encouraged after reading your comments. Thank you.

  238. Hello, I was 62 years of age when I received my first TKR. Very pleased. After 6 1/2 weeks I was cleared to play golf and have not looked back…….0 pain. My only warning is the pain meds which I struggled with the “withdrawal” it was TRAMADOL, the narcotic free pain med that Doctors seem to love. Since this was the only surgery of my life, perhaps that was the problem. It took me 6 weeks to rid myself of all the issues ( restless legs, nausea, flu like symptoms, and the worse………insomnia, as in an hour or two of sleep.) I will not be taking that Med. again. I walk my dogs every other day at least 1-2 miles (they run I walk,ha) and am able to do just about as much as before TKR……other than the crunching I hear when standing up all is good!

  239. I just completed reading this article and cannot believe how much applies to me! Thanks for writing it and making me feel less alone. ) You have just right stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting.
    I am surprised and pleased with how much effort you set to make this kind of wonderful
    informative website.

  240. Martyn McCormack

    Had bilateral TKR in February and May 2013 on my left and right knee respectively. Have struggled with pain management following my surgeons decision to take me off my morphine, which resulted in an emergency admission and seven days in another hospital, within one day of returning home from surgery. Whilst my overall knee pain has declined significantly, at night I wake up after about three hours in absolute agony from the acute, stabbing like pain in the inside of both knees. Having micro surgery on November 5th 2014 on my right knee to remove any remaining cartilage that might be rubbing against the new knee joint. If successful, I will have similar operation on my left knee. Just wondered whether other people have experienced similar problems. I am 63 years young and try to walk from anywhere between three to eight miles every day. I am still on 40mgs of morphine (down from 140 msg) and 600 msg of Gabapentin (down from 2700) but struggle to reduce the medication below these quantities. Also on Duloxetine (60mg)

  241. Hi Martyn,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Numerous other readers have undergone cartilage removal procedures after a tkr. Take a look around my site for more information and comments.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  242. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have appreciated your site during my recovery. I had my TKR right knee April 16, 2014. Although I had no pain I knew my knee was a ticking time bomb with bone on bone and arthritis, so decided to go ahead with the TKR. Never in my life have I experienced such pain! Definitely not for the faint of heart. Surgery went great, 2 days in hosp., home PT arrived the next day, 2x/wk for 4 wks and then 4 mo of PT. Pain is not your friend with this, so, TAKE YOUR PAIN MEDS, there will be plenty of time to stop them later. Power through PT,there isn’t anything more important at this point, PT-Ice-Rest-PT-Ice-Rest, etc. At about 3 mo my IT band really began acting out, my leg from hip down just ached horribly and kept me up most nights. Stretching & massage works. I seemed to turn a corner at 4 mo when I began doing normal activities and didn’t focus on my knee anymore, I just got tired of it running my life. I had to force myself to stay in bed and not get up with the 3:18 am wake up to retrain myself. I really worked my scar tissue from my incision with a good healing cream to keep it flexible from the day I got home. Once the swelling across the front of my knee receded, that’s when the new normal I enjoy now hit. I still ice when I overwork it and it’s the best medicine, I still have some pain walking up & down steps but it’s getting better, I’m learning to kneel and rise with more grace(it’s been so awkward & ungraceful). It’s been a long 7 months and I can see that everyone’s healing process is different and the good news is that it does happen and there is life beyond TKR, the pain, the tears and the sleepless nights. Because the recovery time is so long you have to sometimes look really hard from day to day to see the progress, it is there, remember Day 1?
    Thanks again to everyone who writes, some days it has been my only bright spot and I remember I’m not alone in this journey.

  243. Hi Anne,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s nice knowing my site is helping you. People are great on this site, aren’t they? Keep in touch and good luck!

  244. I had Bilateral knee surgery in march and I’m having problems with my walking gate and balance. My left leg doesn’t walk as good as my right. I’m still exercising and golfing but the walking gait is frustrating. Has anyone else had this problem and gotten better?

  245. Jim Peckenpaugh
    Give it time. I mean 2 years. Walk hike etc to delvelope the new knees into the body. Work that left knee. Teach it to walk. It will get better but it takes so long believe me. I had one knee done 2 years ago and one done this summer.

  246. Wow, I wish I found this site weeks ago. I was becoming so discouraged that I was not healing properly. I had surgery end of August 2014 due to osteoarthritis. Right now if I knew what this experience was going to be I would not of had it done. I think I am getting better and then it’s down hill again. I’m 11 weeks now and still have pain and aching. Cannot stand for more then 1/2 hr. or sit. My range is 116 right now but for some reason I am hurting. Still cannot sleep – up every hour and need to walk… go to rehab 3x’s a week and do feel it is helping. Now I am experiencing low back pain. Pain in my calf, and tender around knee cap and this klucking/clicking noise is happening when I walk. PT says its from the swelling and the PT said it was due to swelling and the joint is not going into its proper position. Also experiencing burning and stinging in my foot. I’m suppose to be going back to work in 2 weeks and not sure how I am going to do it. I commute and it brings me to a 11 hour day by the time I get home. Reading everyone’s story makes me feel a little better but when will it end…so discouraged and frustrated…cannot even imagine as of now having my other done if ever needed. Thanks for listing and good luck to everyone.

  247. Hello everybody,
    I had my right knee replacement done on Oct 21st 2014, I had a spinal and nerve block , they were both good experiences, I only take Tylonal when I exercise, I am at 95% for bend, I sleep like a log….lol I am wondering about the tight band feeling around the knee, does it get better with time or exercise? I have been twice to an occupation Theropist ( I live in a rural area) I do all me exercises twice a day but wonder if I can get on my exersise bike yet? Any comments would be gratefully received …

  248. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. I do not give medical advice. Whether you can get onto an exercise bike or not is determined by your or your medical care provider. I would recommend asking your occupation therapist or doctor. For myself, I was on an exercise bike as part of my physical therapy program. It’s not a pretty sight. 😕
    I have written about the tight feeling around my tkr in various posts throughout my site. Take a look around! Good luck and keep in touch. 🙂

  249. Thank you for this website. I had TKR in May after arthroscopic surgery I March. I have been off work since May of this year and feel isolated, depressed and have thought about suicide. I regret ever having this done. I have bought my fifth copper compression knee sleeve and just got the last one yesterday. Going to where it 24/7. It is Copper/Wear and was only $9.99 plus tax and shipping. So far so good. I have a month to get back to work so I ride the recumbent bike and go up and downstairs as much as I can. I admire anyone who does this and am hopeful again that I will get my life back. We vacationed and played golf and walked and I want/need to get back to that. SDI doesn’t pay well or consistently here in CA so no choice but to go back to work and hope I still have a job to back to. Take care all.

  250. Hi Ellen,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your tkr comment. We’ve all been there. It will get better. It sounds like you’re progressing well and staying current with your exercises. Keep in touch and realize you are not alone.

  251. Hi, I had a right knee replacement back in 7-20-12, had major problems 4 days later. Went back into hospital with blood clots and a blood disease. went back in 4 months later and had a manipulation. Since then I have been to 4 Drs. and still in major pain and discomfort. The knee is still swollen, warm to the touch and cant bend it like I should after 2plus years. I had every test you can think of, and nothing. Every Dr. does say that its not right, there must be something wrong. I can get around during the day but by 7pm Im done. I am only 53 years old, any advice from anyone at this time will help. thanks in advance

  252. Hi Dennis,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. That’s some story you have been going through. I, and my readers, feel for you. I have never had a manipulation or any of your concerns, so cannot provide any personal insight. Perhaps some of my readers can. Good luck and keep in touch!

  253. I love this site…….
    I had a tkr 7 weeks ago today. I have been doing real good, even through the infection that I had on the surgery site. I went through 3 rounds of medicine for it and now it is all healed. The doctor & therapist are all saying how well I am doing. The doctor was concerned before I had the surgery because of my age. (I’m 42) He said it takes long to heal @ my age and it is more painful also. As I said, I have been doing good. I bend @ 122 and walk up & down the stairs. But I do wake up in the morning very stiff. And I don’t have a lot of energy. I force myself to do things around the house & go shopping but I am so wore out after wards. And today being Thanksgiving, I did the cooking and had the dinner here at my house, I think I over did it some. I am really hurting to the point I’m thinking of taking a pain pill. And I have stopped taking them a few weeks ago. I am hoping to rest tonight and all will be well tomorrow. But I can’t wait until I get my energy back. I should being going back to work in 2 weeks. It is going to suck being so tired.

  254. Hi Carol,
    So glad to hear you enjoy my site. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. You sound like you’re doing very well…much better than I was at only 7 wks post-tkr. I know what you mean about being tired. Some times the thought of vegging on the sofa is very inviting.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  255. I had TKR nine weeks ago and after one week I had a blood clot go to both lungs. This made PT postponed for three weeks. I am in pain 24/7 and taking hydrocodone and tramadol every six hours. I still moan and hurt all the time. I am only at 102 degrees and I have talked with two people that had a manipulation and said that is what finally ended their pain. I am so very tired of hurting like this !!!!!!!

  256. october 10th, 2014 i had bilateral knee replacement…i was supposed to be in rehab 21 days only stayed 14 days..Home health came 1 day, called back said “i can’t help you” what on earth!! so i joined a gym..and got a trainer to work with me.. Wow.. i am 7 weeks out from double knee replacement and doing GREAT… i also suffered with insomnia .. but now using over the counter helps and it’s working fine..i didn’t want to get hooked on pain meds either..i am so excited to NOT be in pain anymore.. i feel very blessed…

  257. Hi Terre,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your very inspiring tkr comment. Good for you on taking control and doing so well! Keep in touch and good luck!

  258. To all you folks in pain. 99 percent of you need to give it time. Again like I posted above give it time. Months and years even. Walk Walk Walk then walk. Upstairs downstairs. Don’t be lazy looking for the parking spot in front of the store. Park back were it’s easy to park. When it hurts ice it down and rest it for the night. Also no two knees are the same. My LTKR was totally different then my RTKR over 2 years ago.
    And most of all remember that you’ll always know you have a artificial joint. It will clunk,click,knee caps might catch sometimes etc. But that’s the nature of these joints. But most of all you’ll be pain free and be able to walk,hike and just live life again.

  259. Hi jimbob,
    Thanks again for visiting my site and leaving your inspiring tkr comment. It is encouraging and one that many will benefit from! Good luck, keep in touch, and Happy Holidays!

  260. Hi
    I’m 52.
    I had my RT TKR June 13th 2014.About 6.5 months in.
    I’m doing great and apparently I was impressing everybody at how fast I was recovering.Even my insurance said I went back to work to soon according to their stats.(just 4 days of 4 hours per day ,it’ll increase in Jan)My doctor is cautious and has done my rt rotator cuff tear and has seen me through a broken humerus, so ,he’s good.
    I went through the calf pain and all that BUT what I haven’t seen is the pain at the interior just below the knee cap.It hurts when I get up after sitting and then when I limp on and slowly start walking the hurt goes away totally.My surrounding muscles are still weak because once in a while when i’m tired the knee will buckle.
    At Physio she will check my tracking next week but I hope she finds nothing serious.All and all i’m quite happy with the job but weary of this coming and going pain.O by the way this is where I tell you i’m 5’11” and weigh 295 lbs….yes I have tried to loose weight just to regain some of it maybe now that I can walk maybe i’ll be able to keep it of.Any ideas as to what this pain is I can rub it and it’ll go away a little sooner,I guess I’m weary of the unknown.

  261. Hi
    I’m 52.
    I had my RT TKR June 13th 2014.About 6.5 months in.
    I’m doing great and apparently I was impressing everybody at how fast I was recovering.Even my insurance said I went back to work to soon according to their stats.(just 4 days of 4 hours per day ,it’ll increase in Jan)My doctor is cautious and has done my rt rotator cuff tear and has seen me through a broken humerus, so ,he’s good.
    I went through the calf pain and all that BUT what I haven’t seen is the pain at the interior just below the knee cap.It hurts when I get up after sitting and then when I limp on and slowly start walking the hurt goes away totally.My surrounding muscles are still weak because once in a while when I’m tired the knee will buckle.I don’t mind going up stairs but I hate coming down.
    At Physio she will check my tracking next week but I hope she finds nothing serious.All and all i’m quite happy with the job but weary of this coming and going pain.O by the way this is where I tell you i’m 5’11” and weigh 295 lbs….yes I have tried to loose weight just to regain some of it maybe now that I can walk maybe i’ll be able to keep it of.Any ideas as to what this pain is I can rub it and it’ll go away a little sooner,I guess I’m weary of the unknown.

  262. Dear Fellow TKR,
    I have read with interest the other posts. I had my right knee done 6/2012
    And my left by different surgeon 6/2013. I had very different experiences.
    My first knee swelled dreadfully and pain was unbearable. The oxycodone was not effective and left me hyper and crazy feeling. My surgeon was unwilling to try any other forms of narcotic and stopped all pain medication at 6 weeks. My second knee never swelled as much and I made much quicker progress with extension, bending and walking endurance. A pain specialist worked with me to find a medication that worked much better. My rehab exercises were similar both time. Although I functioned pretty well, my original knee continued to be very painful when sitting, going up stairs or rising from a chair. I also had pains in the top of my calf muscle The tendons around that knee remained very tender and sore. I finally decided I was willing to do another surgery if that is what it took.He took Xrays and declared my Titanium was fine. He found bursitis below that knee and prescribed PT
    My PT did a full evaluation of my muscle strengths and stretching. She also evaluated my feet ( the source of all knee problems) She found that my body mechanics were very poor. In adapting to the surgeries I was off loading more stress on my first knee. I had imbalances in my ability to stretch and strength on each side. She started me on a simple program of strength training and put even more emphasis on stretching. She diagnosed that I was pronation my feet(turning inward)and prescribed some orthotics for me.
    She also used a cortisone cream with ultrasound and deep massage on the tendons and ligaments. I have seen her 3 times per week for 3 months. I perform my home exercises religiously nightly. Within a few weeks my pains subsided and now is totally gone. BUT if I skip even a night or two it is immediately BACK. When I Stand from sitting, sit for any time or climb stairs I again feel like an ice pick is stuck into the area above my knee, the sides of my knees hurt again. I find this amazing.. My failed experiments at slacking off have given me a dedication to my routine. Pain is a strong task master. I also found I was riding my recumbent wrong. I thought more resistance was better. My PT says knees like speed. Keep RPM above 60 and 70 is better.
    I know everyone is different, but I would strongly encourage people who are a year or more out and still having pain to get screened for Orthopedic problems and if metal is good get a prescription for PT and then look hard for a great PT who specializes in lower extremities. There is a time limit on the “it will get better with time” I wish I had complained sooner. I feel that only now am I reaping the benefits of that first TKR TWO YEARS AGO.

    Good wishes for a happy, healthy and pain free 2015. Carol
    When I saw my “good” Orthopod this year I told him my problems

  263. * 8 months bilateral replacement, right knee doing well, left knee tender still, very active 55 yoa. I was a powerlifter for years, I am a cop and went back to work after week 9, I still get sore in my hamstrings a lot and don’t understand why. Heat helps but the 10 degree weather doe not help a bit HA!

  264. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Working after week 9? Kudos to you! I also experienced painful hamstrings during recuperation.
    Cold weather concerns?…I hear you on that one! My tkr clicked A LOT while in 0 degrees F degree temps. Good luck and keep in touch!

  265. This site is great…it makes me feel as though I am not crazy still feeling pain, swollen and tenderness. Had right knee total replacement August 26th…no one really explained what was going to happen, etc. Just finished rehab after 4 months… and hoping I continue with the home exercises…I commuted and up early and home late whereas I am so tired when I get home…. I just thought I would feel so much better by now… don’t get me wrong I do but suffer after being on my feet for extended periods of time. Have also developed sciatica in and my right hip is giving me issues.. Just cannot except the fact that this can take up to a year if not longer.

  266. My TKR was November 26, 2014, so I am 8 weeks post op. My PT and surgeon say that I am doing well. Like others I cannot sleep more than a couple of hours at a time at night. I don’t have severe pain but wake up and have to adjust positions. My biggest issue is that I feel like the 2 metal parts of the joint hit each other with every step. It isn’t painful but very annoying. Has anyone else experienced this? Please tell me that it will go away. Going to PT 3 days a week and doing it at home the other 4. PT says it should get better as my muscles get stronger but I am discouraged. I haven’t been walking for exercise yet. Still get a lot of swelling so I’ve been told to limit weight bearing activities to just activities of daily living. My friends are younger and though supportive, don’t really understand how long this recovery takes. Keep asking me when I will be back on the tennis court! I try not to get discouraged but feel like I haven’t made any progress for several weeks. I appreciate hearing others experiences. Especially since I don’t know anyone who has had a TKR that I can talk to about it.

  267. Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. What you are going through is not unusual, that is why I started this site. There are plenty of posts on here about being discouraged, knee clicking, and other topics you are concerned about. There is plenty of feedback to be found! Realize you are not alone by taking some time to read the posts and applicable feedback. Good luck and keep in touch!

  268. Geo. 2/2/15

    10 wks since TKR through the day not to bad, doing recomended exercises
    But once it gets to evening time ( winter time hear ) it starts to throb.
    Take pain relief helps BUT in bed can’t get any rest , the only little relief I’ve
    found is leaving opt leg out in the cold.
    Just started going up and down stairs reasonably well ,with little help with hand rail .
    My biggest problem is keeping my spirits up on dull cold days.

  269. I had a double knee replacement almost 6 month ago to the day. I am still hurting, still feel like I will never take a long walk, dance, enjoy myself shopping. My knees are swollen and my doctor says the fluid build-up is not enough to drain. Really? My knees are huge! Out home is split level so I have no choice but to do stairs everyday. I can;t trudge thru the snow to go around back which is more level. I’m terrified of falling on ice or snow. I’m miserable but I try real hard to not show it. No one wants to be around a chronic complainer. I would NEVER EVER recommend this to anyone.I should never have done this and regret it something terrible. If I hear my doctor tell me one more time I’m just impatient I swear I will be arrested for physical assault!

  270. I forgot to add I am only 55 years old and feel like 100! I take no medications of any kind, and can’t help but wonder if that’s the reason for the pain? Thank you for this site, it is nice to read other people experience pain and regret etc after surgery too.

  271. Hi Debra,
    You’re not alone! Thanks for leaving your tkr comment. I didn’t take any pain meds, either. Others who have still complain of the pain. Take a look around my site and read more insight.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  272. Thank you so much for this amazing blog with comment section! I had TKA on my R knee Sept 4, 2014 and the L knee on Nov 24, 2014. I am doing well, according to my surgeon and therapist, but I still have incredible pain upon rising from a seated position. The pain is across my quads on both knees. I was told this is normal, but it doesn’t feel like it. Once I’m up, I can walk and move without pain – still sometimes need the use of a cane for stability. The pain at night keeps me awake, as others have shared. I took myself off the narcotics because of shortness of breath and a fear of becoming dependent/addicted. I use Lidocaine patches on my knees about 2x/wk and Tramadol when needed for pain. I guess I would like to know if the pain in the quads just above the knee is normal when rising from a seated position. Some people have said that feeling back to “normal” can take a year after tka. Looking forward to replies – thanks!

  273. Almost eight months since my left total knee replacement…still feeling tightness, tenderness, and general pain there at times. I found that sleeping on my side with a pillow either under it (or above depending on which side as we have cats…), seems to help a little bit. Still wake up in the morning with tightness – dampness and cold seem to really bother the knee more. Lower back pain still with me from epidural and previous osteoarthritis. Right hip and upper thigh seem to hurt me more so am assuming it also comes from them “strapping me down” or however they prevent your movement during the surgery. Only wish the doctors would provide more info prior to….Icing DOES help, as does heat at times – I sometimes wrap my replaced knee with a small acrylic throw when sitting and it provides just enough warmth. I also have issues with cold feet – after having been checked for any possible blood clot, and a massive amount of blood work done only a few months ago, I was told all is “okay”. Saw surgeon for 6 month check-up in December and he suggested I see another doctor for some of these other issues and really didn’t address my concerns…My comment to anyone is – “no matter what, let YOUR own body be your guide to what you feel YOU can do – exercises are great, but some days, you may hurt too much to tackle them”.

  274. What a relief to hear all your stories. I am 9 months out, swelling has finally gone down, I can flex my knee to do normal activites although not as much as I like. Through intensive P.T. my muscles have regained their strenth.

    However, the knee itself is very stiff, I can walk a mile but very painful, I ride my stationary bike with less pain than when I walk. Not being able to walk without pain is very dicouraging, I can only walk well on flat surfaces, tried going on a hike in the forest and it was a disaster.

    Very depressed, now I have to see a psychiatrist as my life is pretty much is shamples. Can no longer hike, no longer use my RV, can’t fly, can’t bicycle, and can’t even go shopping wihout using one of those electric carts. I am 68 years old and very unhappy about all of this. I think I would do better if they just cut off my limp and gave me an artifical one.

  275. Hi to every body.
    You will read I had TKR in November 2014. I can’t think how people are managing with out medication .Iam still on meds now .
    My leg has about 100 deg bend, still can’t straighten leg .
    Hinchinbrook hospital in uk excellent , after care is not so good.
    I would like to see physio more available ,to give confidence also for people
    to meet and talk to each, I,m guilty of not mixing with people my self , but once I meet people I don’t stop talking my wife tells me.
    Could not have managed with out wife’s care and attention .
    Good recovers and good wishes to you all.

  276. I am 6months out from TKR and all of a sudden for the last 4 days am having a sharp pain in the lower right side of my knee, what gives? anyone.

  277. I am at 6 months from my TKR and was doing good until about two weeks ago and it was raining and i was having pain in the lower left part of my knee and wrote it off as from the weather but now more than two weeks later it is a constant pain and it feels odd and seems somewhat swollen but icing it doesnt do anything. Does anyone have any help for me or advise in this area please. I hve appointment Tuesday and am kind of scared something is wrong and so dread seeing the doc.

  278. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for stopping by again and leaving your tkr comment. I like elevating my leg when this type of pain occurs. Perhaps others will share their experiences. Remember, what works for me may not work for you. I do not give medical advice on this site.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  279. I am 8 months out and did very well with the surgery. except the meds they made me ill. So did PT using Tylenol only. I have been done with PT now for quite some time. I recently upped my walking to 3 fast miles… and now I am having some pain after.. I thought I would be over this pain situation… but after reading these posts, it is reassuring that its normal… So.. Off to grab an ice bag and sit up for a bit… Hope everyone is doing well. esp Mark, who seems so discouraged..

  280. Roberto, how are you doing? I am Joyce and am 57 5’7 and weigh 280 and have had both knees done and still not in a good situation to lose weight even though I try I hope to start taking water aerobics soon but just cant do that much walking. You will see my comment I made earlier today.

  281. Thanks, Bootoots but tried that.Did a lot of walking today and was in a lot of pain after and had to take 2 oxycodone. 🙁

  282. Mark,
    I can understand your frustration but dont give up. It is very difficult but it does help to know we are not alone. I am 6months out am 57 and overweight and having a hard time being able to excercise enough to lose the weight I gained in the last two years during all of this. I was doing pretty well until about 2 weeks ago and not am having constant pain in my knee and am worried about apt tomorrow. This site is a good place to vent and just know your not alone.

  283. I am 7 months out and wish I would have never had TKR. I first had my left hip replaced,(which went well)then 12 weeks later had my right knee replaced. I did great in Therapy and was released. My knee remains swollen and heavy, heavy, heavy. I feel as though I am carrying a cement block around. It also hurts and clicks constantly. Lately I have noticed it is catching behind my knee. Will this nightmare ever end? I thought by now I would be back to my regular routine, but I find myself sitting a lot! I can usually get in around 3500 steps per day which is not even half of what I should be doing.I am beyond frustrated!!!

  284. I got in to doctor about my pain and he said x ray looks good and knee looks so so sent me to PT since I have started riding the city bus maybe thats whats bothering my knee. Went to PT and he said its my IT Band and did ultrasound, Tens unit and massage and holy *(&(*&(*& that was the spot and hurt like O*(*(*. I have to go now for awhile to hopefully make it better and I was doing so good before this so its very discouraging to me, back on pain meds sometimes.

  285. Darla
    I totally understand. I am at 8mo and as you can see from previous comments have the IT Band problem so it can get that it can be depressing especially if you had a good experience with one and not the other. There are sooooooooooo many variables but none of that helps when your in pain or frustrated.I hope things get better for you soon.
    Let me know

  286. I’m 10 weeks out and still having problems with sleep, being i sleep on my sides have tried the pillow helps very little. I’m an electrcian and used to work 10 hour days and was on my knees… kneeling , crawling, squating or up and down ladders all day long. Tried to get on my knees the other day to fix a clogged drain. What a mistake! thank god for neighbors . After reading thru all these comments sounds like it will be a while or ever again to do what i have done for 40 years. Can anyone tell me what I can expect or just how long the period is to crawl, kneel ,squat, or heavy duty ladder work? great site keep sending the comments.

  287. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. I’ve written posts about kneeling and other topics you inquire about. Do a search for the topic via my search box located on the home page – upper right hand corner.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  288. So very glad I found you all here. My TKR was on February, 11 2015. I’m 6 1/2 weeks post surgery and am finding some comfort reading about everyone’s experience with this surgery. I too am having difficulty sleeping more than 1 to 2 hours at a time due to the uncomfortable aching. My flexion has increased to 112 degrees with just a few weeks of PT but the constant feeling of stiffness is discouraging. I do have some swelling still and ice several times a day. I have just started venturing outdoors and find walking on uneven or sloped surfaces quite the challenge. I’m the ultimate impatient patient… so looking forward to walking up and down stairs like a normal person again however, at this point in time it doesn’t seem that will ever happen. I will keep reading these posts and build on your encouragement and positive experiences. Thank you all for sharing.

  289. So glad to read these comments. I am just 5 weeks after knee replacement I was feeling down not being able to move easily, drive and not sleeping well. I can see it will be awhile before things are back to normal. Only those who have had this surgery understand. I know I need patience and to continue with my exercises.

  290. Had TKR on both knees. One on July 2014 and the other on Oct 2014. I’m getting very disappointed and frustrated with my TKR. One is 8 months out the other is 5 months out. Still having a lot of stiffness and pain. Especially when doing squats or stairs. When I stand for long periods of time or try and be active and walk a lot I experience a lot of stiffness and pain. First I was doing PT exorcises every day and walking about 2.4 miles. Then I switched to PT exorcises every other day and still walking 2.4 miles every day. Still same results stiffness and pain. Doctor said maybe I’m over doing it to take a break. So I did. I just tried being normal and tried to stand a lot and walk and still having pain and stiffness. Also my knees seem to be making a lot of clicking and popping noise when I walk. Is this normal or should I be concerned. PLEASE anyone with answers or advice. Should I keep doing PT exorcises, Stationary bike and walking or stop all together and just walk and stand longer. HELP

  291. Hi Dan,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. Everything you are experiencing has happened, and still is, with me. Take a look around my site for more postings and insight. I, nor any of my readers, give any medical advice.
    Keep in touch and good luck.

  292. Hi Everyone
    I have done a lot of reading here, I am not alone. I had a TKR in August of 2014 so just about 8 months out. It started out well, and was downhill from there. I did 4.5 months of intensive therapy post op. I did not get my ROM past a 93 degrees. I am unable to ride a bike, walking is very painful as the stiffens up so bad. I just came back from a month in the warmth and that did not help at all, in fact things worsened. My knee swells 2-3 times the size. If my ROM is a 70 that might be a stretch. I try and keep active, have one of those fancy watches to track my daily steps and most days between 8,000-10,000 steps or over 4 kilometres. I am not sitting idle.
    I am just 58 and cannot see myself continuing this way. I have said all along something is not right. Can anyone shed any light on what I should do. My surgeon told me this was the risks of the surgery and sometimes these things happen. He said we could go back in now but it might make the knee worse. I can’t live with worse, this is bad enough. I tried getting in the pool while away, it helped sloth it while in, but did nothing after for the pain or the swelling. I would appreciate some comments or experiences as I am at a crossroads. I am going to try and seek the advice of another medical professional to see if anything can be done at this point.

  293. Hi Julianne,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your concerning tkr comment. You’re experiencing everything I went through – and still go through. In fact, you sound like you’re doing better than I was at your stage. Take a look around my site to gain more insight from myself and others.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  294. I am 8 months out on one knee and 5 months out on the other. Having issues with stiffness, pain and swelling. Been doing PT exercises and stationary bike up to 2 weeks ago then gave it a break to see if it would help. Is anyone else still doing PT exercises and stationary bike after 8 months out? If so, does it help alleviate some of the pain and stiffness that you are having?

  295. I am 56 years old had TKR on both knees within the past year. I’m a supervisor in a manufacturing facility and on my feet 90% of my working day and hope to be back to work soon. One knee is 8 months and the other is 5 months. Is anyone else out there with knee replacement that was able to return to work?

  296. I am 61 and had TKR 7 months ago (Sept, 2014). Still some swelling after walking and pain on outer side of knee when getting in or out of car. Still stiffness if I sit too long, and still a hard time with stairs. ROM 0 and 126. Thought i may have problems so went for bone scan today. Will have results next week. Looks like I may just need to give things a while longer. Hopefully all I need is more time and exercise! These posts are very helpful since posted by people going through the same things I did. By the way, I had the insomnia thing too for a while and took melatonin which helps promote sleep and is OTC.

  297. I found my way to this site looking for responses on stiffness – not in sense of ROM [0-125] but in terms of my knee feeling like it’s in a vice or working against hydraulic pressure, the intensity of which varies from none to quite a bit. This seems to be a common complaint but one without a pattern. I had TKR same day as Sharon K, February 11, so today marks 8 weeks. I don’t lack for strength or ability as I can hike, bike, climb all the stairs I want or hit the gym, but not without some discomfort in the medial side of the joint and at the patella, and even that varies. Aggressively massaging my knee – doctor’s orders – definitely helps and sometimes a lot. I use olive oil to make it easy to do although I’m sure lotion would work fine. I couldn’t sleep for a month, but I took off the sheets, pulled the comforter out so it’s not tucked in, put a sock on my TKR foot and I leave the TKR foot outside the covers. That helped and I can now sleep fine – some nights with the leg out and others with the leg in. It’s just the stiffness that bothers me. Doctor says X-rays look fine, everything lined up, etc. But the stiffness!!! It drives me nuts. I don’t find any correlation between my level of activity and how tight my knee feels. Everyone says it’s just time. I hope so.

  298. Maureen Costello

    I am 49 years old and am going on 17 weeks post bilateral TKR (surgery December 23, 2014); 9 weeks post MUA as my left knee (which was the worst knee going in) was not playing well in the sandbox. While the recovery is / has been hard, it is MAJOR surgery, and I have tried to set my expectations aside based on that. I am currently at 110+ degrees and hyperextended on my left (stubborn) side and 130 degrees and hyperextended on my right.

    I spent 4 days in the hospital and was up walking with the assistance of a walker on Day 2. I went directly to an acute care rehabilitation facility for 11 days after my release from the hospital. Then I spent 5 weeks in suburbia at my parents’ house solely focused on resting and going to PT. It was great that BOTH my parents had both had TKR on both knees (my dad also did his at the same time with the same surgeon) and I could see how fabulously well they are both doing in their mid-70s. My dad now 1+ years out is back to playing tennis several times a week and they both work out every day.

    I came back to New York City 2 days post MUA. It was a tough winter to be rehabbing, but I’ve done it. I’ve been in PT 3 days a week since being back. New York is a walking city, so I am forced to do more than most. I’ve had a couple of setbacks (a fall on ice and an inability to be able to put weight on my left leg after standing for 3 days straight for an event), but focus on resting and icing and doing what I could do in PT has found me able to bounce back. When I think “I wish I could do more” I think back to inpatient rehab where I left on crutches and couldn’t get up off the sofa in their apartment, where the OT tested out our ability to do everyday things. I was in pain the whole car ride home with my knees bent. Then I think back to my first “walk” in suburbia with my Mom at BJs; I was in SO MUCH pain and couldn’t even make the lap around the store. My next “walk” found me in the supermarket needing to sit down while my Mom finished shopping (and I couldn’t get up out of the seat!!). And my next “walk” after that in the mall where the escalator from one floor to the next was frightening. I don’t even think about walking any more. And I get in and out of a car now with ease.

    I’ve had luck with natural anti-inflammatories (tumeric and ginger drops in tea) as well as regular dosing of 2 tablets of extra strength Tylenol every 6 hours and Tylenol PM at bedtime; I also still take Dilodid (a narcotic that I was prescribed) at night, but have cut down to 1 tablet and am nearly done with the prescription. I have had foot reflexology to deal with the swelling and have recently been using The Stick (http://www.amazon.com/Stick-Self-Roller-Massager-Little-Stick/dp/B00JGVZVNU) to massage my tight IT bands and calves which also helps hugely with the generalized pain that I feel just from the muscles and nerves in my legs being regularly activated. It helps greatly to use the stick before sleeping and when getting up in the morning. And I ice like crazy still.

    I did not have a great appetite for about 7 weeks post-surgery which helped me lose 20 pounds. Since surgery I have been eating a clean diet (backing off sugar and carbs) that has been very helpful as well, I think.

    Yes, I thought I would be doing a lot more at this point. I wanted to be outside on my bike, but still want to be more sure on the indoor bike before I try this. A day at work is still hard and I need a lot of rest, so I socialize a lot less than I had been.

    Sure, I have my days that I am frustrated and have been in tears…but I am in SO MUCH LESS PAIN than I was on a daily basis prior to surgery that I am being patient and allowing that this will take a year+. it took a long time for my knees to get as bad as they were. And, when I have a particularly bad day, I look at the pictures that I took in pre-op. My legs from thigh to ankle were so swollen that there was no space between my legs on the gurney. Now, I have legs (and space between them) again!! Yippee!!

    Hang in!

  299. Frank Huthnance

    I am seven weeks post-op and have some doubts about the amount of exercise I am doing. In the mornings I wake up extemely stiff and it takes about 30 minutes of walking around and mild stretching to get to 90 degrees. Then I take my pain pill and begin exercising about 45 minutes afterwards. I start with a ¾ mile walk,, stopping from time-to-time to do wall squats until I have done 10 (15 seconds hold). I do my walks and squats 3x day. My exercie sessions are 3x day,7 days. After walking, I sit and do two 12 rep sessions pulling my foot back to bend my knee as far I can with as much pain as I can tolerate. I do 3 other exercises that also bend my knee. The max flexion I have achieved so far is 112 degrees. In summary, I am doing about 3-1/2 to 4 hours a day divided into 3 sessions. Am I doing too much and is why I am so stiff and hurting in the morning? Or, am I doing too little and is why I am at only 112 degrees beginning week eight?

  300. Went to Doctor today, bone scan and blood work were good, he said lateral pain with certain movements is the most common complaint he gets after TKR. I am 7.5 months out now and he gave a cortisone injection for swelling and told me it can take a year to 18 months for the knee to feel good. Said keep walking along with quad exercises and ice and elevate ay night.

  301. I had TKR redo on January 13, 2015 and I’m still having a lot of pain, stiffness and inflammation. The pain and inflammation are the worst. I can bend to 112 when pushed, but can’t sit or stand for any length of time. My doctor and PT says things are good, but it doesn’t seem like that to me.

  302. I am 8 1/2 months out from total knee replacement. I have had some complications unrelated to my knee that necessitated the use of antibiotics — a basal cell carcinoma removed from my chin, an abnormal (non-cancerous) mole removed from the same leg on which I had the TKR, a dental hygiene tooth cleaning for which I used 2,000 mg. of Amoxicillin, and two other dental appointments for fillings and a new crown. I had only planned on the dental hygiene appointments following TKR so – all-in-all, I would say I have had a pretty bad year. Four days ago, I was walking extremely fast in long hallways when I attended one of my language classes (studying foreign languages is my hobby). When I got home, my operated knee was hurting a lot. I started reading online and wondered if it could be an infection but I don’t see how an infection could come on that quickly. My doctor is unavailable and if it doesn’t get better, I will go to a hospital emergency department to have them check it out. I don’t want my knee to hurt. It scares me a lot. It is not so bad that I must take pain medication, however. I am able to walk without my walker and I seem to do OK on my stationery bike as long as I don’t stay on it too long. Any thoughts, anyone? I would love to hear some feedback from others who have had TKR and are at least 8 months out from surgery.

  303. Hi Kjersten,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your interesting tkr comment. I know for myself, if I would have walked too fast at 8.5 months post-tkr, my leg surely would have swollen and tremendously hurt. My solution for any time my tkr hurts and swells up is straightening it, elevating it, putting it on it, and relaxing. Take a look around my site for more information to help gain more insight.

  304. I am a 60 year old. I had severe osteoarthritis both knees. I am 8.5 months out on my right knee and 4.5 months out on my left. Both knees TKR. Good to have found this blog. I too am experiencing aching and tightness after being on my feet for more than a half hour. I swim and have a recumbent outside bike. Both activities I enjoy without any pain. I have no pain if sitting or laying down. However if I sit with my knees bent for over 30 minutes it is very tight getting up. I have no pain when I sleep. Although I seem to be moving in the right directions I am exhausted from the whole process. I hope the tightness and aching resolves itself overtime..sooner than later. I take only Extra Strength Tylenol Arthritis. Try to eat a somewhat healthy diet.

  305. Hi, glad I found this site. I am 5 month’s and 2 days out from bilateral tkr. I’m so happy that I had both knees done at the same time. Right after surgery I was so sick to my stomach from the pain pills and anesthesia. I lost 25th undo in 2 weeks. Now continue to do strength training. Glad to hear others are dealing get with some pain and stiffness. now I know this must be normal. Glad that I won’t have to go through this again. Am increasing walking distance each week. Good luck to everyone.

  306. Hi,
    I had a TKR 5 months ago.Everything going fine on the new knee.
    My problem is the other knee.I had no problems before,but when doing re-hab started experiencing intense pain around the kneecap.Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem?

  307. i had my R knee replaced September 2015. In October I tore my bicep tendon (I actually saw stars!). I had to wait 13 weeks to see the doctor. He told me my knee was tired, I had surgery to repair my shoulder. I am 4 weeks post op with that.. My knee hurts even more. I ran one errands this afternoon, drove between the errands and home. I was crying ”cuz I was in pain, after I climbed my 18 steps. PT went well after the knee surgery. I had even restarted my walking program. When the pain increased, I stopped walking. I am very close to the proverbial wall. What should I do? I Iam so very frustrated!

  308. 9 months out since total knee replacement. Thought I was doing ok but after flight on vacation, my foot swelled for 2 weeks. Home now 2 days. Been icing but foot and knee very sore. Very worried about blood clot. Did a lot of walking and swimming. Now very discouraged. Scheduled to have right knee done in September. Depressed.

  309. I am 10 weeks out from a left tkr and am feeling so discouraged. I am having difficulty straightening my knee all the way. My bend is good. I work daily on exercises and actually feel worse when I exercise. Does that make sense? I am doing PT at home and thinking of going back to a PT. I feel like I exercise all day and am in such pain at the end of the day. Reading all the comments makes me feel that I am not alone. Thanks!

  310. I’m going in on the 17th of this month for TKR surgery on my right leg. Not my first knee surgery, but will be my first TKR. I’ve been talking to friends who’ve had it and been doing a lot of reading. Discovering this site has provided me a lot of insight on the journey ahead. I’m 54 years old and have had a very active life up to the past couple of years when the pain, locking up, and swelling, have started impacting my abilities and ambitions. I’m looking forward to getting my life back.

  311. It is so helpful to have found this site and read all of your experiences. I wish I’d found it before my TKR (left) surgery a month ago. It would not have deterred me, but it would have prepared me better.

    I probably can’t complain. My surgery was ‘successful’ and I am making progress with my physio though slower than I wish.

    I’m beginning to experience ‘collateral’ damage: wicked insomnia (sleeping only about two solid hours a night with knee ache and discomfort); and depression. I’m sick of the pain, the aches, the physio, the difficulty or outright inability to do things that need doing; being trapped at home (hopefully the MD will ok me to drive soon) while life goes on without me.

    How naiive I was. I thought they just inserted the new knee, or parts, and after an initial adjustment period, up you got and off you went!

    I am grateful, but weary. Good to speak to people who understand.

  312. Had my total replacement of the right knee in Jan of 2015, I’m 64 years old and in decent physical shape. Surgery and therepy went well. Lately have noticed my knee seems to be turning inward (almost knock-kneened).. Saw the PA at the doctors office for my 6 month checkup. He agreed, however said the surgery is not a 100% fix. Can’t say I agree with that statement.
    Has anyone had that happen to them and if so what did you do.

  313. I have enjoyed reading comments for others that have been there and done that. I had double knee replacements on Jan. 28. My old knees were just worn out and pain. So glad that I had them both done at once. I have gotten along great and so much better than some post I have read. I used walker for a couple of weeks then 2 canes for another week mostly when going out of house. Home therapist said I did great and then had 3 rounds of therapy at an out patient facility. I do about everything that I want to do. Lots of yard work, garden, flower gardens. I have even been digging with a shovel, So happy to be pain free.

  314. Hello Everyone,
    Had my TKR on Mar. 25th, so 11 weeks out.
    I can across this web site before I had my TKR and toke all the issues everyone was having As things that could happen after surgery and hoped for the best. I was going in with an open mind.
    My surgery was needed because of 3 pervious operations over the last 30 years or so. I lived with pain And discomfort for all those years as I was very active (runner, biker, hockey, skiing) you name it I did it , and was not letting the pain and discomfort stop me.
    I am giving the above info because I think some of the issues I have read about is what was your life style before your surgery? I am 64 168 lbs. and had just stopped most of my activities 2 years before my surgery.
    It was hard to give that life style up.
    So, with that said, after 11 weeks , I have no old pain and yes I do have swelling and get discomfort after Exercising but that’s going to happen for a while (months). I take it as healing pain. I have no issues with straighting or bending – 0 to 122 At this time. I do want more bending and I am pushing myself every day to get there.
    The reason at this time of only getting to 122 is because of old scar tissue that I have had for many years. I am getting some intense knee bending to break that tissue up from my PT.
    I hate it but – No Pain no Gain.
    I feel just like everyone else, I don’t like going but I know it’s for the best.
    I have to say I have a great doctor and I also push myself.
    I was diving after 3 weeks (right knee done), back to work at 7 weeks, no problem with stairs (11 flights up and down at office every day). Walk every noon also. Again, I want to say I have discomfort after activity, But I try to keep moving and hope that one day I will get up in the morning to no swelling.
    Everyone is different and I just think that you have to look at what your lifestyle was before and what you will be happy with after surgery.
    As for the PT pushing you, remember they don’t know your pain so just do what you can do but Don’t give up.
    Good Luck to everyone.

  315. Hi Gary,
    What a wonderfully encouraging comment and viewpoint you are sharing with us. How nice. Thanks for stopping by my site and taking the time to post your tkr update and insight. Kudos!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  316. I am 8 months out from my TKR. I blew my knee out after a skiing accident when I was 20. I seemed to do okay for a few years after. I used to run for miles, raised 3 kids and exercised daily. After 30 years and 2 knee scopes, my doctor said I was bone on bone with arthritis and there was nothing more he could do short of the replacement. At the ripe old age of 50, I decided to get it done and get back to my active life. It’s been 8 months since the surgery. I was amazed at how much pain was involved in the recovery of TKR, but I did my therapy constantly. I actually felt better moving than sitting or laying down. I walked all over town for the first few months then I went back to my beach walking. I would walk every day for hours (5-6 miles) over the winter months. My knee was good. I even dropped 20 pounds! Now, over the past month I started getting this snapping feeling (very painful) on the outside of my knee. My knee feels like it is at a stand still in this recovery process. My surgeon said that I was 75% healed at my 6 month checkup. I actually told my husband last week that my knee hurts as much now as it did before the surgery. Am I asking too much too early? It’s the snapping like a rubber band on the outside of my knee that really concerns me. Has anyone else experienced the snapping feeling?

  317. Loved reading what you all wrote. I am 11 mths post surgery from full knee. Definitely surprised at how long this is all taking. Did PT for first 6 mths after. Still ice knee at night as its inflamed ad still quite large. Don’t talk to anyone about it anymore because everyone thinks I should be just fine by now so this was very helpful and encouraging.

  318. Carrie. Nice hearing from you. I feel the same way. I don’t talk about my knee anymore because its been almost nine months. I still ice it after walking for long periods. It gets inflamed and is warm to the touch on the outside. I’m hoping 12-15 months will be the turning point for me. I still cannot do a deep knee bend 🙁

  319. I had my tkr done 7 months ago and theres days that I wished I never had done. Somedays are worst then others. I still have pain in my knee and stiffnessplus the swelling. I also have been having a pinching pain constantly that doesn’t seem to go away. Ive done everything and still doing what Im suppose to do.Well it ever get any better.I guess Im just getting frustratuated because I can’t do everything 100 %.

  320. I had my TKR 9 months ago and it is terrible. I feel the same way Lisa. I have so uch pain in my knee that I don’t want to get up and walk but know I have to do the exercises to get better. I even went for a second opinion and that Dr. said the same thing. “It just takes time”! I’m so depressed, I have to move this month and don’t know how I’m going to do it. Now it is in the other knee. I’m only 55 and feel a lot older then that. I have to do stairs which is a good thing but they sure do hurt going up. So I feel for you Lisa and the rest of you. Karen I don’t really talk about my knee either because it seems like that is all I was talking about. So I keep it to myself 🙁 UGH

  321. Hi, I had two knee replacements this year the first in September the second 3 months later in
    December. The second one went great, the first one is still giving me problems, so much that I
    had so much scar tissue I had to have it scoped in March to clean it up cause I was in so much
    pain. I still have pain going up and down stairs and suffer with stiffness when I sit for awhile
    I am hoping that this is going to improve. My Left knee is still swelling and seems to be more of
    a problem with pain. Has anyone had to have their knee scoped after knee replacement? If so how did
    it go for you. I can’t say anything to anyone esp… my husband who thinks I should be well by now
    and doesn’t want to hear anymore about it.

  322. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your interesting tkr comment. I know how you feel about now wanting to discuss matters with “real life” people. That is one reason I started this site. People who do not go through this arduous surgery and recuperation simply cannot understand all that is involved. We understand.
    I have not had a knee scope, but know of many readers who have. Take a look around my site for more insight.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  323. Dr. Anshu Sachdev

    Knee replacement, or knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint to relieve the pain and disability of osteoarthritis. It may be performed for knee diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. In patients with severe deformity from advanced rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, or long standing osteoarthritis, the surgery may be more complicated and carry higher risk. Other major causes of debilitating pain include meniscus tears, cartilage defects, and ligament tears.

  324. After undergoing a couple of arthroscopic repairs to both knees over time I had a partial right knee replacement 2.5 years ago and it was a complete failure. Dr said the X-rays showed that prosthesis was perfectly positioned but that didn’t help me because it was
    still as painful as before the operation, if not more so. We were waiting for it to come good with a view to having similar surgery on my left knee. It finally got the better of me late last year so the decision was made to remove the partial prosthesis and go with TKR.
    Decided to have both knees done at once and had that surgery in April 2015. Surgery and rehab went very well – cannot overemphasise the benefits of hydrotherapy as part of your rehab if it is available. I now have 125 degrees bend in both knees and full
    extension as well as in both. For some reason the left knee has not recovered as well as the right which surprised me because the right has had more surgery.
    Still get pain on sitting and even more so on getting up (especially if I accidentally sit in a chair where my backside ends up lower than my knees – happens often as I am 6ft 5in tall). I was 290lb but dropped 44lb prior to the surgery and this had a massive effect
    on my ability to undertake rehab with a bit of enthusiasm. My home is 2 storeys and has 16 stairs, which I hate – why is it that when you need to read something your reading glasses are always on a different level of the house than you are?? Even putting them
    on a glasses chain didn’t work – I kept nearly choking myself.
    The knee pain is manageable without meds and with continued exercise I am sure will subside, so on the whole I am very happy with my surgery. The big problem I have is that my knees were so bad for so long that my back has now gone out in sympathy – lower
    back pain all the time especially if I sit or stand still for any extended period.
    From the look of a lot of the other posts here I have to consider myself fortunate – I wish you all the best for a complete recovery. But in the meantime – be careful of those low chairs!

  325. Hi to you all
    I am 9 months post surgery and still struggling. I continue to take morphine every day for the pain. I cannot lay on my tummy (so difficult for a sunworshipper!) and I cannot bear anything touching my knee, including anything tight fitting. I struggle to walk somedays and cannot yet walk up or down stairs properly. My surgeon says everything is fine. I am losing hope.

  326. Thank goodness I found this site, I’m a little more than 6 months out from my second TKR and all of a sudden my progress has stopped and turned backward. When I sit my leg gets stiff and hurts so bad when I get up I have to stand and flex it a while before I move. Seeing the ortho doc on Monday, hope he says everything is okay and that I should just keep up my exercises. Before reading all the other posts I thought I was going to find I have something terribly wrong. My first TKR was a little over a year ago and that knee is excellent, never did give me any trouble, but it’s buddy isn’t cooperating. I appreciate a place to complain and hear that others are in the same boat, like most of you my friends are tired of hearing how my leg hurts. Tomorrow is another day.

  327. I’m so happy to,be able to relate with many of you. Im a 53 year old who had my TKR 4/14/15. Still in early stages I think, and have many aches, pains, swelling and restless nights and was beginning to think I was crazy or not healing properly. It’s good to knowthis is normal. I am a first grade teacher and am weary about the new school year. My classroom is on the second floor too. I will be able to use the elevator when I’m alone, but to take the children anywhere it’s lots of stairs. I’m still doing one at a time. I have recently started with some lower back pain on the same side as the TkR and wonder if it’s related. I’ve have back problems but they are. Ow exasperated. I will continue to follow these posts for advice and comfort. Thank you!

  328. Had my TKR nearly 4 weeks ago. My problem is an aching buttock on the operated leg. Makes getting comfortable on any chair or bed very difficult. Has anyone else experienced this. Would a pressure cushion help?

  329. Hi Donna,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your welcoming, informative, comment. I find stretching works well whenever back pain starts. Stairs are a bear. 🙁 Good luck and keep in touch!

  330. Hi Jane,
    Thanks for visiting my site. I can proudly state that my butt has never given me any problems, except it turns many heads. ha! I am not familiar with a pressure cushion, so cannot offer any insight. Perhaps others will join in the conversation.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  331. I am 10 months out from TKR. I still have lots of issues with stairs – especially going down. I still have quite a lot of swelling on the top of my knee and had to have a Baker’s cyst drained by guided-wire cathater in June. This seemed to help initially but was not the miracle I was hoping for. I walk fairly well, and I can ride my bike. I had really thought this was going to be a miracle surgery for me – boy, was I fooled. I have NO complaints about my surgeon or my therapy care, but I was certainly expecting to be more mobile than I am. I have done so much reading and research – but I have resigned myself to this is a very slow recovery for me and/or this may be as good as it gets. Anybody else that is at least 10 months out – your situation and/or thoghts ?? Thanks – and best wishes to all who are recovering.

  332. I’ve been sitting here reading all these blogs and it has been helpful. I am 6 months out from a bilateral total knee replacement and still too have aches and pain. I thought I would be done with that by now but from what I’m reading it seems to be the norm. I have good days and weeks weeks and bad. I have no problem sleeping. I too have pain when getting up from a seated position and on the stairs. I am always wondering when sill this end???? Does anyone have problems with KNEElING? I can’t kneel it feels really weird. I too have stiffness ans soreness afterc exerrcise. I now have this shooting pain in my right knee cap n it feels swollen n I’m limping a bit n my ankle n calf even hurt!! Like what is up with this? I can’t bend my knees back all the way of get this cramp behind my knee does anyone else get that? I just want to be able to do the things I could before already but I guess I need to be more patient. I go for a check up tomorrow so we shall see what the Dr. Has to say.
    Thanks to all who posted it did help me alot to see that people further out from surgery still have issues like I do. I guess we just have to hang in there. Good luck to you all.

  333. Hi Rosemary,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. I’ve written about kneeling and the other topics you mention in other posts throughout this site. Take a look around for more insight!
    Keep in touch and good luck…

  334. Hello everyone. I’m so glad I found this ‘page’! I had bilateral TKR in May this year (I have just turned 56) and things went really well (apart from becoming very anaemic while in hospital and needing blood transfusions)I spent four days in a recovery room in hospital and then a week in rehab. at the hospital. I walked the first day after surgery with the help of a walker which I used on and off for about six weeks. I used crutches in rehab and for a few weeks at home but now I walk unaided at home but sometimes take a cane when I go out, depending on how I am feeling at the time. My surgeon is really pleased with me and says I am ‘the perfect patient’!!!! Please tell me why, if that is the case, that I still feel so tired, my legs ache more often than not and I get heat, redness and swelling daily in my knees!!!From my knees to my thighs, my muscles ache when I am on my feet for more than about fifteen minutes and my shin bones hurt. My left leg had bowed outward prior to surgery so I assume the muscular discomfort is because I am now using muscles I haven’t used properly for years. I use my exercise bike most days, go to a hydrotherapy pool and just walk in the warm water, I have begun going for short walks but still struggle a little with keeping myself walking straight and not tilting to the left a little. After my surgery I was told it takes over a year to recover from bilateral TKR and when I asked why I wasn’t told this BEFORE surgery, my surgeon said that it would frighten patients off having necessary surgery!!!! I have no regrets as I was really miserable prior to the surgery, but I am a bit depressed, still sore,still teary at times and wonder how I will stay upbeat and positive until I feel ‘normal’ again! It helps to read your comments, I no longer feel so alone in this, but any positive feedback and advice any one can give will be greatly appreciated. As I am typing this, my right knee is sending ‘waves’ of heat down my right shin and it’s really uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this sensation? Thank you in anticipation of any advice, support and help you can offer me, I really need to feel more positive but at the moment, I am struggling with it all.

  335. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. You sound just like me at your stage. I was getting those heating sensations and all other things you discuss. It just takes time. It gets discouraging, but there truly is a light at the end of the tunnel!
    Take a look around my site for more postings and comments about topics you are concerned about. There is a great community of people here willing to share stories and insight.
    Keep in touch and good luck! It’s nice knowing you find my site useful. 🙂

  336. Good morning.
    Thank you so much for your reply. I just had no idea that it takes so very long to reach full recovery from this surgery and it does get to me sometimes. I did read the posts but it was late so will certainly read them again (most probably numerous times) as it helps to hear other peoples stories. I guess a great deal of patience is what we all need after this surgery and that is something only we can give ourselves!!!! 🙂 It helps so much to know I’m ‘normal’!! I just wish there was a pill we could take for impatience and frustration!!! 😉 Have a good day. 🙂

  337. Hello….I am 47 years old and 12 days out from my total knee replacement of my right knee. I am doing physical therapy at home. I can walk without assistance although not perfectly. Most days are pain free except for physical therapy days. Those are the days I want to cut my leg off. After that the nights are difficult. I ice regularly, take Tylenol when needed and Oxycodone on physical therapy days. I can see from the others there that sleeping is a normal problem. I get about 5 hours ( thanks to Tylenol pm) before the pain hits and there is no way to get comfortable for the rest of the night. I don’t think anyone can truly ready themselves for the recovery. I thought I was prepared and still can’t believe how hard this is. I wasn’t prepared for the blinding sciatica pain that resurfaced after years of being dormant; but I definitely know all the pain and tears will be worth it when I can take my girls to the mall and actually shop with them rather than sitting on a bench waiting for them.

  338. Hi Marie, it’s me again! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a walking issue. It’s now four and a half months since my bilateral TKR and I’m still struggling to walk without ’tilting’ to the left a bit. It’s difficult to explain but when I walk, my left shoulder tips left so I don’t walk brilliantly (I think!!!) My surgeon keeps saying this will improve with time, but I would like to know if anyone else has/had this problem and a rough time frame of how long it might take me to ‘walk normally’ again. I’m beginning to lose hope and feel very frustrated and disillusioned about the whole rehab thing!!!!! All the best to my ‘fellow sufferers’, I hope you are all doing well.

  339. Hi Laraine,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr feedback. You’re doing much better than I was at your recuperation point. Kudos! Keep up the great work. I’m certain your comment will help many others, as well.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  340. Welcome back, Sharon!
    Thanks for leaving your tkr comment. Due to my leg length discrepancy, I haven’t “walked normally” for almost 40 years. Hang in there, I am certain your situation will improve.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  341. Thanks for the reply. I would just like to thank everyone for posting here, it helps so much to read what others are feeling after this surgery, as it means we are not alone in this! I have realised, after reading your posts that what I am going through is ‘normal’ and that with time, I will once again feel great. I am learning so much and still making forward progress, noticing little improvements still, which helps me get through the healing time. If I can master this walking caper!!!!!!! I will be so happy. I’m so looking forward to enjoying time with my family and friends, rather that ‘sitting out’ watching life move on all around me. Good luck to everyone.

  342. I’m scheduled for Bilateral replacement in November (20 years of soccer) – after reading a lot of these posts i’m even more scared now! i have 100% flexibility right now – i only have pain when i walk (stand etc) – no problem riding a bike. Surgeon said that i would miss the flexibility but would be happy that i could walk pain free. Is it worth it? also, does any one know if a recumbent or upright stationary bike is better for rehab?
    Thanks for your input!

  343. Hi Janice,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your bilateral tkr comment. I have written about rehab bikes in other posts. Take a look around! Comments aren’t meant to scare, just help you become better informed.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  344. I am now in week 24 of my 2nd knee replacement. I pushed myself hard on the knee exercises post operatively. its a hard slog, but you do get there. some slight soreness from a long drive but this soon wears off when you start walking. You just have to keep believing that it will heal and that it will all be worth it.

  345. Thank you so much for the site. It’s been a great help psychologically and information-wise. I found it a couple of months ago; wish I’d have found it sooner.

    I had a TKR 5 months ago, and knee is starting to feel much better.
    I had a question about straightening the leg. I’m between 1 and 2 degrees extension. The therapist and the surgeon have both told
    me that after three months, there is no further improvement in the extension.
    However, there was a post on this site (January 8, 2014), in which the poster, Debbie, wrote that she is 7 months post-TKR and
    “finally got her knee straight”. This gave me hope that I can still get my leg straighter. Does anyone have any experience
    with the time-lines of improvement.

    Margie S.

  346. Hi Margie, the reality is that each knee replacement is different. Like you I am post 5 months, with my 2nd TKR. The knee can change from week to week. Only a week ago I found sitting with my knee fully extended and raised on a table uncomfortable, as it put strain on the back of the knee. This week it’s improved and it’s now quite comfortable. Keep the faith, the knee will continue to improve I’m sure. A lot is to do with any swelling that you are getting. Some days mine is still hot and swollen and other days it’s fairly normal, and this affects the degree of straightening. Hang in there and good luck.

  347. Hi Andrews,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your helpful tkr comment to Margie. I am certain that she, and others, will benefit from your insight. It is very encouraging. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  348. Hi Andrew,
    Thanks. Your encouragement helps, esp. for days when there is no improvement. I’ll start icing again. I had stopped because there no longer was any major swelling, but there could still be enough to affect straightening.

    Margie S.

  349. Female, 50 years old, bilateral knee replacement on June 4, 2015.

    I went back to work at 11 weeks. It’s been tough. I have similar complaints as everyone else: difficulty getting up from seated position, takes a few moments for knees to “adjust” before starting to walk. “Graduated” from physical therapy to a twice-weekly fitness regimen after 6 weeks of outpatient PT. I’m still at the rehab facility as it’s easier than my gym. My regimen involves stretching, biking, step-ups, directional leg lifts w/5 pound ankle weights, leg press, and squats. Lots and lots of squats (assisted, using exercise ball and also suspension straps). I’ll be throwing in some time on the elliptical this week to shake things up some.

    My primary complaint is the somewhat unrelenting pain and discomfort during sleep. Surgeon prescribed Ambien from which I am getting off of, presently (four days off). I toss and turn nightly w/a squishy pillow between my knees for cushioning. I’m now also hurting in areas of my body that I believe are compensating for pain in my knees – hips, thighs, and ankles mostly.

    Also, since day one, post-surgery, I’ve been having that outer-knee band “popping” or “snapping” like a rubber band that another comment referenced. Reminding myself time is the absolute healer here but man, some days are really better than others. I haven’t iced with regularity since about week 5 but I think I may return to icing the knees after reading comments here and despite how much farther along I think I “should be”.

    I look forward to the day where the pain I’m in now is less than the pain I was in before surgery.

  350. Michele,
    I’m responding in case my own experience has some relevance to your situation: When I was three months post-operative, and having a lot of discomfort, my physical therapist said that I was overdoing the exercises in terms of what my body could tolerate. She said to limit myself to only 15 minutes a few times each day plus the exercise bike (I also cautiously use the weight machines at the gym).
    As to the snapping, have you spoken to the doctor who did the surgery to rule out that it is something the doctor has to address, e.g. an IT band that has to be fixed?

    Margie S.

  351. I live in Texas and am 45 needing a knee replacement. Those that had the knee replacements and are under 50. Can you advise the name of the surgeon? Please!

  352. I am now one full year out from my left TKR – and I had my check-up with my Ortho. I still have much swelling, and bottom line, he can’t figure out why. I am constantly pre-occupied with my knee. I have much regret about having the surgery – wished I would have waited. Now that I have a TKR on the left, I hardly notice the arthritic ridden right knee. I still do NOT have my muscle strength back in the new knee, and I have lots of nighttime pain. Just dull, achy pain – it is frustrating to deal with. I truly try to put the entire experience into perspective, and realize I am not dealing with cancer or some other frightening disease here – BUT, with that being said, it is still frustrating. I was expecting a miracle by getting this surgery based on stories I had heard and the encouragement I got to have it done. In fact, my neighbor had one and three weeks later she was out walking her two Greyhoound dogs – no cane, alone with the dogs, and moving right along like nothing had happened to her. At three weeks, I was barely able to move around with a cane. EVERY person is different, and every person has their own experience with this surgery – SO, my final thought to everyone contemplating this surgery is to go with your intuition – if you have reservations, WAIT.

  353. I had total knee replacement on my left knee on July 10 2015. I am 50. Before surgery I had almost 0 range of motion. On August 24 my doctor did manipulation under anesthesia because I was not bending to even 90. Today I am bending to 120. It was a long road and I never thought I was going to feel better. But my leg feels stronger every day. I can go up and down stairs. I can walk without pain. It gets better everyday. My only issue is that if I sit too long I get really stiff right above my knee. I have to exercise everyday including stretching and my elliptical recumbent bike. I am hoping that the stiffness will eventually go away. I am seeing a massage therapist/acupuncturist once a week would really helps a lot. He really loosens up the stiffness !! I am hopeful it will get better.

  354. Correction. I am seeing a massage/acupuncturist once a week “which ” really helps a lot !

  355. Hi Marie and everyone else. It’s been a while since I ‘was on’ here. I just thought I’d let you know how things are going with me now, at 5 months, 3 weeks post bilateral TKR. I am still finding I ‘wobble’ a bit when I’m tired but I have a full bend in both knees and full leg extension (although I never had a problem with that at all)I still have discomfort in both legs, mostly muscular and most likely due to the fact that I am now using muscles i haven’t used for years! I can get up from sitting and walk immediately which I couldn’t do for years pre surgery so that is fantastic. I have more stamina that even six weeks ago but tend to ‘over do’ things and then go backwards the next day somewhat!!!!!! I can stand and cook a full meal now whereas three months ago, I would have to stop and sit for a few minutes. I still have discomfort as I said, but my surgeon told me this is absolutely normal for a year post op!!!!!! My knees still swell, become red and hot if they have had a hard day but I put them up and put the ice packs on. It really helps. I still have days when I become very disheartened but I also have days when I realise how far I have come in this journey. For example, my daughter and I went to a Neil Diamond concert in Melbourne (Australia) last Thursday evening and I walked a fair way to the venue. We climbed a LOT of stairs, I stood during the show and ‘moved around’ a bit but when the concert finished, I got up from my seat and climbed those stairs again and walked to our car with no difficulty at all. I could not have done that prior to my surgery. I felt a bit ordinary yesterday and today, but small price to pay for a wonderful night out (and I know what I did to aggravate my knees)Even when I have not so good day, my knees still have full bend and the dreadful arthritic pain is gone . This pain/discomfort is healing, prior to surgery it was just getting worse. Your words and what you post helps me, I hope what I just typed helps some of you. Good luck to you all, we are all in this together and having this page to come to with our concerns is wonderful. Hang in there everyone, I’m trying to take my own advice and be positive and it helps!
    Sharon. 🙂

  356. I am a 67 yr. old female and have arthritis all through my hands, knees and feet. Both of my knees were bone on bone for well over a year. Lost my husband (12/2012), gained 35 lbs.+ – I have since lost 26lbs. and am still dieting. I had LTKR August 12, 2015 (12+ weeks ago). I am in pain most of the time. I was lucky enough not to need a cane or walker ever. Getting out of my car isn’t always easy, nor getting out of tub/shower. I can’t sit at my computer for more than 20 minutes, can’t walk more than 3 city blocks, can’t do any of the things I thought I would be able to do. I have to ice my knee while sitting in recliner with left leg up about 4-5 times daily. My knee bending range is 111 degrees and I can lay my leg flat. I go to PT twice/wk and can ride stationary bike for 5 minutes. I have trouble with balance (side to side) and had that before my surgery. If I am on the floor there is no way I am able to get up without help. I live in San Diego and this past summer has been a long hot one – we were in the 90’s though October. Now that the weather has cooled, my knee is so stiff. My knee sometimes feels as if there are tiny pins or metal particles dancing on my kneecap – very annoying. I feel as if I have taken 3 steps backwards in just 1 week. I also had a terrible head and throat cold Nov. 2-6 – couldn’t even get out of bed AND had to cancel 2 PT appts. I am NOT a happy camper. My doctor cut off my pain meds 3 weeks ago – that upset me. I am 67 – I don’t care if I am on pain meds for however long it takes. I had a midfoot fusion on my left foot in 2008 – the metatarsals (toe bones/ankle/ & heel bones) converged together (destroying the cartilage) and formed a bump on the top of my foot opposite my arch. It hurt every step I took. I had my all of my left foot shoes stretched – didn’t help. I would be walking: step, ouch, step, ouch etc. But I was on pain management at that time, so the pain was minimal. This surgery has done nothing but add more misery to my life. I don’t know about having my right knee replaced. Not looking good right now, but I will try to look for the light at the end of the tunnel.

  357. Hi Ruthe,
    I know it does not seem like it now, but it does get better. You’re doing better than I was at your stage. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your informative tkr comment. I am sure others will find it insightful.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  358. I am 76 years old, male and overweight. I had T K R 3 and 2 years ago.Before this I was very active,large garden walked a lot spent time in my Workshop,drove my 65 year old Classic Car.All of this is now but a distant memory. None of this is possible. I can walk about 50 yards with pain, I have fallen 34 times and keep a Mangar Lift in my car,gardening is now something that I pay a “Man ” to do for me
    I am in pain almost every day. The “Consultant ” tells me that there is nothing wrong. Physiotherapy was utterly abysmal., just 2 half hour sessions with the exercises plain daft” Raise your foot as high as your head ” was one. Would I suggest any one had this surgery , Not Bloody likely Oh and the operation was at a Private Hospital and cost the N H S £30,000

  359. Hi Nicholas,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your very informative tkr comment. Everyone has his or her own experiences to share. I am sorry yours is so disheartening.
    Keep in touch and good luck. Try your best to enjoy this holiday season, no matter how dismal your situation may appear at times. It could be much worse.
    Marie B (aka Booktoots)

  360. I had a left TKR three 1/2 months ago. MUCH more of a procedure, pain, and sleepless nights than I had thought it would be. Nevertheless, post surgery and rehab I was told I was way ahead of schedule by my Dr and PT. I worked out regularly (stretching, weights, stationary bike) prior to and again starting about 2 months post surgery. Problem #1: My new knee pops and moves side to side about 1/2″ to 1″ when standing upright with quads tightened. Dr says ‘normal’, but knee also pops when walking or other use. Problem #2: I starting have moderate to severe right lower hip pain (sometimes catching) during the last 3 weeks when I walk or turn in certain positions or in bed. The pain appears to be emanating from my lower back, but very little pain when I’m sitting. Also, painful when standing still. I still have moderate pain in my Left knee more often than not. Is anyone else having similar problems? Would appreciate your response(s). Thank you.

    Robert S

  361. Hello everyone. I just thought I’d touch base and give you an update of my recovery. It’s now been seven months since my bilateral TKR. I still get tired, heat in my knees, swelling if I overdo things but I am noticing I am more mobile, I can do so much more now before my ‘bionic’ knees react and I just feel things are slowly falling into place. I still have to concentrate on keeping my shoulders back when I walk to prevent tilting a little to one side but even that is getting easier. Anyway, I though a positive post might help you if you are feeling disheartened as I certainly have from time to time during this journey. I’m only in my 50’s and thought I’d be bouncing around much sooner than I have, but what I have experienced and still am is all very normal according to my surgeon. I had my six month check a few weeks ago and he was thrilled with my progress and recovery, so even though I still have ‘setbacks’ and the odd uncomfortable day, apparently I am ‘the perfect patient’! I was told I no longer need physio, my exercise bike or hydro therapy but can keep it all up if I like! As it’s now Summer in Australia, I’m in our pool as often as I can be and I just walk and walk. It really helps. So, in a nutshell, don’t lose hope, with time, it will all ‘come good’! Good luck and a very, very Merry Christmas everyone. I hope the New Year brings you all good health and a pain free future. 🙂 Marie, a very Merry Christmas and a brilliant New Year to you and yours and a huge thank you for this blog, it has helped me tremendously over the past few months!

  362. I had TKR of my right knee on June 1st, 2015. I knew as soon as a week after while in inpatient rehab that something was wrong. Everyone including the physical therapist there kept saying swelling stiffness and so on were normal but I knew mine wasn’t. My entire leg from ankle to groin was so swelled it looked deformed and they still wouldn’t listen. The pain was worse than before I had the surgery and my flexibility was worse as well.

    I started doing some research and I had all the signs of arthrofibrosis but no one would listen. I still was told it was all supposedly normal and that patients my size just take longer to heal. Let me add that I lost an extraordinary amount of weight so being told that was rediculous considering I probably weighed less than the surgeon.

    For some reason even though surgeon says scar tissue matures at 3 months he didn’t schedule one of my follow ups until 3.5 months after surgery when standard manual manipulation wasn’t a viable option. At that follow up the surgeon had a new physicians assistant whom finally listened. He saw how even touching just he skin caused me pain. He saw how my knee would not straighten and that I had far less than 90 degrees of flexion. He had a look on his face that scared me and then said let me get the surgeon for you right now.

    First the surgeon said the things about the manual manipulation and it being to late for that because of mature scar tissue and possibilty of breaking the inplant out of my leg during the procedure. I said well why did you not schedule my follow up before the 3 month mark. Why wouldn’y you listen when I told you all the issues and pain and symptoms I was having. He said he would try the manual manipulation anyway. I was of course terrified. I was no sooner at the front desk scheduling that when he came out and said he would do a athroscopic surgical revision as well as manual manipulation.

    In the words of his assistant at my first follow up after the revision I was told I had a severe amount of scar tissue removed. I also had adhesions down the entire length of the original incision site so bad the skin was puckered as if a thread was pulled so tight it was puckered up.

    I am finally doing better in terms of how original surgery went. Unfortunately my knee is forever deformed. It looks different and is still technically worse off than before the replacement. I have also now due to the knee replacement surgery developed complex regional pain syndrome type 1 as a direct cause of the trauma to the bone and nerve damage.

    I am saying all this because if you feel something isn’t right make your doctor listen. If he won’t get a second opinion to be sure. I would not want to see anyone go thru what I have because my knee will never be right ever again and maybe if doctor had listened from jump things would be different.

  363. Hi Sharon,
    Thanks for stopping by again and leaving your tkr update. It’s so nice to know you’re progressing well. Your comment will help others, I am sure. And…I so appreciate you finding my site useful.
    Keep in touch and good luck! Enjoy this wonderful holiday season, you deserve it! 🙂

  364. HI Gigi,
    I am so sorry to hear about your harrowing tkr experience. Thanks for sharing your insight for others to learn from. I completely agree that getting a second opinion is crucial when you are feeling unsure about something.
    Good luck and stay in touch.
    Take some time and spoil yourself this holiday season. You deserve it.

  365. hi all. not meaning to but in but I have a question and am looking for a place for some answers! I had both knees replaced about a year ago, the right one to the day today! I can do pretty much most things again, within reason. however, I have significant pain in the quad muscles right above both knees. getting out of a chair, or the car etc is very painful. is this normal? what can I do? when I work on them with some light squats etc it gets way worse! (I rehabbed as long as my insurance covered, about four months, then did it on my own) any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  366. Hi Freddy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. As I have stated throughout this site, I am not a medical care provider and do not provide medical advice. My readers and I share experiences to help others. Take a look around my site for more information. Everything you are concerned about is discussed in posts. You are experiencing everything I did at your stage. Remember…my site has been around for eight years.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  367. Hi, well I am 8 months post TKR surgery and reading all these comments is such therapy for me. I can walk upstairs and downstairs slowly – and we have stairs in the house so it was funny to hear others talk about ‘stair aversion’ – I know exactly what that is. I can walk maximum of 1k with some discomfort, but walking around the house is usually ok. I am sleeping through most nights, with the occasional night of waking up and not being able to get comfortable because of the aching. I had a terrible experience from the outset with physio – they caused so much pain that as soon as I could – I stopped them coming. I continued with exercises at home, but have not been able to get on our exercycle – at all. When I try and do a revolution, there is a pain at the back of my knee which makes it impossible. This hasn’t gone away. The surgeon just said – try walking in water. I do that, when I can, but I also feel like I have developed pain aversion and find it hard to push through things. I am in my late 50s and yes, overweight although am eating very healthily now and walking every second day. I, like so many here, thought the surgery would be so much easier and it’s so frustrating. My husband and I are travelling to Europe in September and I want my knee to be so much better. I’ll just have to keep up the walking. I still experience stiffness after exercise, especially if I sit and then try and get up again. Here’s hoping things will continue to improve.

  368. Hi Linda (January 20th, 2016)You sound so much like me regarding this surgery. I’m in my 50’s and had both knees replaced in May last year so it’s almost nine months post op, now for me. I have no trouble with stairs as we have them at home and frankly, can manages so much better since the surgery. I have just started walking again but still have to concentrate so I don’t ‘lean’ to one side a bit!!!! I sleep really well now, with no pain what so ever which is brilliant. We have a pool at home so I walk in the pool as often as I can and that is great. I don’t tilt at all in water!!!!! We also have an exercise bike and I persisted with it as soon as I could after surgery and that was probably the best thing I did. Before surgery, if I had been sitting for more than a couple of minutes, I would have to wait for about five minutes before I could actually move forward. Since my operation, I can get up from a couch of chair and move like a ‘normal’ person. I still have little flare ups if I do too much and the knees heat up, swell a little and ‘ache’ but ice packs fix that. I’m trying to live as normally as i can now, I garden which is so good for my frame of mind!!!! As I said, I have begun walking again and will hopefully lose the bit of weight i have put on due to the fact that for so many months post op. I couldn’t really exercise! My surgeon told me it takes a year plus to recover from this surgery as it really is very major (something they don’t tell you beforehand as it would frighten us off!!!!) so just remember that you have a way to go yet and you are doing so well. All the best Linda and enjoy your holiday.

  369. Wow Sharon – both knees I am assuming at the same time! That is just too painful for me to contemplate. When I consider what my knee was like before TKR, I know that I am so much better, but I just never anticipated how long it would take to recover. I know some people recover quickly, but I haven’t and that has been frustrating. Still, I have been going to the beach every second day, to swim and walk in the water. I’m not really a public pool person, so the beach is awesome. We are having such wonderful weather at the moment, so that helps. I am sure, the more I do, the more I can do.

  370. Wow everyone, I am so glad to have found this site. It is nice to not be alone In this. I had bilateral knee replacement on October 9/16, so I am a bit more thank 31/2 months. I am most frustrated with quad. pain and weakness. I always feel like I have ran a marathon. I am faithful with exercising but the more I exercise the more my legs feel rubbery and weak. I don’t know how ill return to work in 3 weeks like this

  371. Freddy, I saw your post regarding the pain in your quad muscle. I have had the same pain above my knee but now it is much better. The only thing I did was quad stretches several times a day. I’d put the top of my foot on a high chair and hold the stretch for about three minutes. If you are not sure how to do a good quad stretch just look it up online. It sure helped me, I think holding the stretch for that length of time was key. Good luck, it might be worth a try

  372. Hi Linda, Yes, both knees, one after the other as I know I probably wouldn’t have gone back for the second op. if I’d had them done one at a time!!!!! I had just an epidural so I was awake for the (just under) three hours that it all took and it really wasn’t bad at all. I find walking on the sand at the beach great, it keeps my walk straight as I have struggled a little with a slight tilt to one side (apparently also very normal) I am getting tired of my knees being the main focal point of my life but as it has only been over eight months and things are still settling down, there is always a ‘feeling’ in my legs and knees that healing is happening so I am always thinking of my knees and THAT is driving me crazy. I stopped using my exercise bike before Christmas but have begun riding it again as I find it does help my knees a lot. As I think I said before, no one tells you it takes up to and over a year for things to right themselves!!!!!! I still get very tired legs if I spent too much time walking (particularly if I wear sandals instead of runners) I find at home, if I am exercising and wear good runners, my knees seem ‘happier’ but I want to be able to wear my lovely shoes again with no discomfort! My legs are now straight, I can walk as soon as I get up from a chair (which I couldn’t do for years!), I sleep really well now, so I guess the rest is up to me….patience and exercise!!!!! We all seem to experience similar things which is very reassuring I think. good luck with it all and I hope knowing you are not alone in this journey helps. 🙂

  373. Hello again, I thought it would be good to post another update since I am one of the people who deeply regrets having had the knee replacement. I am SLOWLY improving. I can walk better than my last post from 5 months ago – however, I still CANNOT do steps well. THere is something about going down steps, and my strength is just NOT there. I still have substantial swelling, and if I do anything that requires standing in place for any length of time, my knee swells more and aches like a toothache feeling. Dull, aching, cramping, keep you awake pain.

    However, it’s given me hope that maybe another year, and I might have better stair reports. There is NEVER a day that my knee does not ache in some way. Now that Spring is starting to arrive (I live in KY) I am hoping to get back on my bike and ride the neighborhood to add better exercise. Last Spring/Summer I was still too fearful of falling, because I was so unsteady. I move much better in normal mobility as far as walking to and from parking lots to work, shop – and on a recent trip to Chicago – I logged 17K steps in one day walking around the city – and I did not feel like I was going to die that night.

    I have NEVER taken pain med since the surgery was over – that two weeks post-op period. However, I do take Celebrex for my arthritis, and I am sure this helps. So my message is, for everyone who is struggling with the ‘normal’ timeframes quoted for recovery – mayber your recovery is more like mine, SLOW. I am definitely in a better place than I was one year ago – I am now 17 months post-op. I will add that I will NEVER have my other knee replaced solely based on this experience. I will have to become totally incapacitated and unable to walk before I will go for the second one.

    I still LOVE my surgeon, am not at all unhappy with his work – and don’t think he did anything wrong – I think that every human body is it’s own machine and timeframe. My surgeon told me at my one-year that this could be as good as it gets. But even in the last 5 months since that appointment, I am better – again, SLOW. I can’t run, and my strength in that leg is still inadequate, but again better than the one-year mark.

    Be optimistic to those who are still struggling, I look at it in interms of I AM MOBILE. I CAN walk, drive, and have my independence. Sometimes, it’s not the miracle outcome we want, but we still have our independence. For this I am thankful. Take care knee replacement warriors!

  374. Oh it is so good to read this from everyone. I had a right tkr in Nov 14, MUA Dec, then had the right one done in Jan 2016 and an MUA on 1 March – so 9 weeks post op I guess. I have 105/110 bend and -10ish but it’s improving. It took a year to get the right one to 125/-3 so I’m not overly concerned and I’m doing physio, swimming and exercises in the pools’ hot tub which does help. But OMG I really have pain in my muscles afterwards and at night it’s really bad. It’s not pain as such more a deep ache in my muscles and my knee goes super hot too, so I guess it’s really doing a lot of healing. I’m on oxycodone, oxynorm and take magnesium and vit D, but the pain at night isn’t controlled at all. I’m trying tramadol at night on top of the morphine but it’s still not great. Last night I had a good nights sleep – the first in weeks. someone tell me it’ll end and any ideas on whether I ought to see a pain specialist, ask for a sleeping tablet or just keep on going. It’s hard knowing I’m opiate resistant, so what would knock someone else out completely, I can manage quite easily on.

  375. I am sorry to hear that the walk did not end well. Bouncing back from surgery is so difficult! I recently had the misfortune of having to under a pretty intense knee Surgery. I had to undergo some reconstructive surgery in order to correct a severe trauma. The whole process leading up to the surgery was traumatic for obvious reasons. I don’t want to go into too much detail but during my surgery, my team used a FAW blanket called the Bair Hugger and it helped so much with my post surgical recovery. I credit my super quick recovery to the blanket. I was able to get back to hiking in no time. Look up Bair Hugger for more info.

  376. I had bilateral knee replacement on Sept. 3, 2015. My recovery was great till December. Prior to December I was doing physical therapy 3 times per week plus working out at home. No pain meds needed. Starting in December I was having severe pain and right leg was giving out. No one knew why. It is now June and I am on Oxy 3 times per day and now taking depression meds. My knees are so stiff, stabbing pain, constant achy, muscle twitching in upper thigh, knees lock and very painful to get them to unlock and sleep what is that. Can anyone tell me why I was doing so good and now I regret having this done. My life was to improve I can’t even drive now.

  377. I am so glad I stumbled onto this site. A lot of what I’ve read here describes what I’m going through (and confirms that I’m not completely abnormal!). Anyone else here dealing with scar tissue? March 2016 TKR at the age of 56; six weeks after surgery I had a manipulation under anesthesia because I was not gaining range of motion due to scar tissue. The MUA did help and right now, three months post-surgery I am just shy of 90 degrees flexion, which is not great at three months but is progress for me. But the scar tissue is still incredibly tight, with a rubber band feeling, and is painful. Sometimes it feels like little. sharp teeth have dug into the incision, and when I do the PT exercise where I bend my knee toward my chest, it feels like tissue is actually tearing inside my knee. I do scar tissue massage on myself before I exercise, which helps, but the rubber band feelling comes back almost immediately. My surgeon and his assistant do a great job of talking me down off the ledge, explaining that my knee was so damaged pre-op that my recovery may be slower than most. It’s so hard to believe everything will be all right one day “a year from now” when you have scar tissue mucking up the works. I just have to keep pushing, but some days I’m very discouraged. Who’s idea was this knee replacement thing, anyway (smile)!

  378. It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I am satisfied that you just shared
    this helpful info with us. I feel less alone in my journey. Please keep us informed like this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  379. We absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for.
    Do you offer guest writers to write content to suit your
    needs? I wouldn’t mind composing a post or elaborating on most of the
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  380. Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and leave your comment. Yes, my readers and I are always looking for high quality guest posts. I have sent you a private email. Kindly respond at your earliest convenience.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  381. So glad I found this. Had TKR 3/15/16, so I am 16 weeks post-op. Had Arthroscopy & MUA 5/13/16, so that is 5 weeks post-op due to scar tissue. PT now tells me I had abnormal swelling from the start. That did not impede my recovery and after 5 days inpatient rehab, they sent me home. I was doing well. Then I just stopped progressing, and actually was regressing with ROM, stiffness and pain. Thus, the second procedure. I am at 98 flexion and like 8-12. I do see improvement, but it has been painfully slow. Cannot walk or stand for long periods. Have returned to work full time, but have my ice packs on hand as needed. I really hadn’t thoroughly researched it prior to having it, and am of a mind now that was probably a good thing. When my surgeon said I could potentially return to work in 6 weeks (driven, no commuting on public transportation) to me, that was my recovery period. When still taking pain meds I got very down. Was glad to be rid of them, as they only took the edge off anyway, Advil & Tylenol together do the same without the foggy feeling. So Kimberly-yes, I know exactly what you are talking about–I often say its like a bunch of rubber bands that someone keeps pulling. I am just going to keep working at it, and the Arthroscopy for scar tissue was so easy, I would do it again if I need to. Surgeon said no PT for a few days after the Arthroscopy, and PT wanted to see me next day–I should have listened to the PT.

  382. I had a bilateral TKR 5/17/2016. I’m 9 weeks post op and very stiff. Two days post op I had DVT in the left leg and blood clots in both lungs. I got a late start to PT and now my left ROM is only 88 and my right is 100. Going to surgeon next week to decide if I will be getting an MUA. I’m so nervous to have this done. Nervous of more pain and losing ground on the progress I’ve made so far.

  383. Having read this log we all seem to be telling similar stories. It’s nice to know we are not alone with this. I am 3 months post TKR. I am beginning to realise I might have some nerve damage as my heal is numb and when my knee swells up my foot starts to hurt. Sitting at a desk and standing both make my knee swell but I can walk for half a mile with little problems. I am told the swelling is causing the numbness in my foot and when the swelling has gone my foot will be OK. Fingers crossed.

  384. Very helpful tips. Thanks and Keep sharing..!

    I would like to share my experience with you..
    My mom was suffering from knee pain from last couple of months. I consulted with 2-3 orthopedic doctors in Pune, but was not satisfied. After knee replacement done by Dr Anshu sachdev at The Knee Klinik,finally my mom felt relief from knee pain and that significantly changed her day to day life.
    And I will share your tips with them, who are suffering with same problem.

  385. I had TKR 9 weeks ago. I have struggled with the vice like tightness around the knee. The PT cut a compression stocking so it just slips up over the knee. It has helped with the tightness and swelling.

  386. Hi Everyone, I fell the day after Christmas (12/26/15) & completely destroyed my elbow & injured my knee…………finally after 4 months of pain & unable to put full weight on my leg….they discovered I had a broken tibea,torn meniscus, & damaged ligament….so now they want to do a total knee replacement…next month ! I am still in PT for my elbow (10 screws & a plate) I
    m trying to put off my TKR surgery….. I also have osteoarthritis, a bakers cyst, & fatty tumor right below my knee….does anyone know if they can repair ALL these with a TKR ??? Thanks

  387. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for stopping by and posting your tkr comment. I am not a medical professional. Therefore, I am unable to offer any answer to your question. I was told by my surgeon that a total knee replacement is just that and nothing more. My recommendation would be asking your doctor. Best of luck and stay in touch!

  388. Hello there – back again at 22 months post-op from right TKR. It’s still a journey for me, BUT, the improvement continues. I have concluded that I was a patient who is just having a much slower recovery. With that said, I still have swelling and if I overdue it, I have a restless night. I take Celebrex to manage my arthritis, but I do NOT take any pain medication and I have not since my script ran out following my surgery. Just last week-end, I took a trip to Chicago and in two days I walked more than 30K steps according to my FitBit. I was tired, and my knee swelled, but it did not stop my having fun. I am still very protective of my knee. I walk slower than I did before my surgery and with more attention. My surgeon has reminded me a couple of times that I STILL have arthritis, I just have a healthy joint now. I expected some miracle, and getting your knee replaced does NOT remove arthritis. Keep this in mind when you are making decisions – I did NOT. While there are times that I regret have the surgery, overall it was most likely a wise decision. I just thought I was going to be like a new woman. I am able to walk, drive, ride my bike, walk up and down steps, and I am totally independent. So, with that said I write this update with gratitude. Looking back, I should have exercised more than I did and I might be better off than I am with my mobilty as far as speed, steps, and climbing. I had a great surgeon, came home the following day, followed all the rules, and kept my weight manageable. I have gained a few pounds and I need to revisit that issue – but overall, I am thankful for my recovery as I did not experience any complications. I purchased an ACTIVE650 knee sleeve that gives me more confidence, although I think it is more psychological than physical. I wear this when I am going on a bike ride and or/when I am going on a long walk. It has been very helpful and helps me manage my swelling. So my advice from one TKR to another – keep exercising, keep moving, and keep a positive attitude – have patience. Best of Luck to everyone out there who feels like it is a struggle for recovery.

  389. I find many of your articles seem to be biased and not include other alternative therapies like chiropractic.

  390. OMG, thank heaven for the internet! This thread has put my mind at rest. I had a TKR in January and things have gone really well generally. I can kneel, get up and down off the floor (albeit not very elegantly) and my knee bend is over 110*. But today my knee is killing me. It hurts to straighten it. It’s not the joint but the tissue around the knee, in particular to the outside & below the kneecap. I was panicking until I found this post. At least its not just me. I’m guessing rest & icing are whats needed. But don’t you wish the doctors just warned us about these problems. Thanks everyone.

  391. Hi Romaisa,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. If you have any viable therapy options which may help my readers, we are eager to hear about them.
    BTW..I notice you included your website as part of your response data. That is a subtle, and ineffective, way to get free advertising. It won’t work here.
    I do offer paid advertising. If interested, kindly contact me for more information.

  392. What is wrong with my foot ?

    I had a left TKR in April. Recovery was slow and painful to start but is now reasonable and improving. My foot on the other hand is not. Shortly after my op I noticed there was some numbness under my heal and instep. It was not much of a problem until I started walking further.I can now walk a mile or two on a good day but it is my foot that stops me as the numbness turns slowly to increasing pain. The surgeon in July said it was pressure on a nerve from the swelling around the knee. The doctor in August said it might be Plantar Fascilitis. My foot is not painful in the morning. It does seem to be allergic to shoes. Bear foot with my leg up is bliss. Shoe on is uncomfortable to say the least. Does this sound familiar to anyone ?

  393. I have read most of these comments with interest. Hope I, too, can get some help. My knee replacement was three years ago. I went through rehabilitation just fine but, unfortunately, did not continue to do daily excersises once my time with the therapist was over. My pain, of course, is an ever-present problem. I have started doing excursuses in our hot tub and am wondering if there is anything else I should be doing besides walking? I cannot put pressure on the knee and am wondering if anything will help me do that? I had an X-ray last year and the replacement is not the problem. I will be thankful for any help you can give.

  394. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Your comment – and reasons for difficulty – are perfect examples of why post-tkr exercises are important. You can never go wrong strengthening and stretching your leg muscles. Look around my site for more insight.

    Good luck and stay in touch.

  395. I had tkr in January and I’m progressing about like everyone else. If I walk or ride my bicycle for very long, I can’t excercise the next day. The swelling has never gone away. Went for acupuncture on a different problem and the doctor informed me I had a “Bakers cyst” behind the knee that had been replaced. I had never heard of this but understand it is very common after tkr. I am now continuing the acupuncture for my knee. We will see.

  396. vickie carpenter

    I had both knees replaced on July 20,2016. So its 3 mths now, i never imagined it would be this hard. I did about 15 therapy sessions ( all my insurance would cover), my ROM is great and my flex is good too. I am scheduled to return to work next week. I work in a college cafeteria, i’m on my feet all day. I really don’t know if i’m ready but i’m going to give it a try. My knees get so stiff if i sit or stand very long, i have the hardest time getting out of a chair and coming down steps is really tough. I walk a mile everyday and use my stationary bike, but nothing seems to help the stiffness. I really expected to be in better shape then this after 3 months.

  397. Hi all. I had tkr on both knees in March 2016. I was going along fantastically until about month 3. I was working out 2/3 times a weeks at the local y. I would have the usual pain and swelling following workouts, which I would take tylenol and ice packs for. Then I noticed that the swelling wouldn’t go down, excercising was more painful, and the pain had intensified (especially when the weather changed). My Ortho surgeon examined me and told me I ad fluid on both knees and needed the fluid extracted. After 2 extractions and cultures done, the Dr. tells me that he doesn’t know why my knees are so swollen (lumpy) and painful.
    Now I have to be seen by a Joint specialist. Anyone out there gone through this? I still keep as active as I can, but it has gotten progressively more difficult to do so.

  398. Susan Christensen

    I had my R TKR Oct 4th, and thankfully had read thru this before I had my surgery. but I am stymied on what I can realistically physically do around the house? Just to put a load of laundry in, and unload and load the dishwasher with a walker felt like I had been hiking all day. My spouse thinks I should be off pain meds completely, (crazy, right?)and functioning pretty much fully,cooking,cleaning,etc and can’t understand that AND my not being able to sleep all night. I do my excercises from my home PT faithfully and take a small walk each day, but the incline on the driveway back to my door is a real bugger. What is a realistic vision of daily activity? Everyone else on my medical team seems to think I am doing well, but the spouses complaints are really getting to me. Should I be doing alot more?

  399. Hello Susan,
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and leaving your tkr comment. It’s easy for others to spout off about something they are not going through.
    My suggestion for your husband: Tell him to stop flapping his jaws and zip it until he undergoes the surgery himself.
    You are only ONE month post-tkr and doing remarkably well. Take a look around my site for further insight. Remember…Do not overdo it.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  400. I just purchased two tommie copper knee sleeves. I really like them. For me they relieve a lot of the pain. I had surgery 8 months ago also. Cooler weather doesn’t help either. Stairs aren’t my favorite either. I have to use them every day. With the knee sleeves it is better.
    Good Luck.

  401. I had my knee done May 2 so it has been 7 months and I fell down Friday night getting out of the car and split my incision wide open! Had to go to the ER and get it stitched up. Has anyone ever done that?

  402. Hi Joan,
    Thanks for stopping by and posting your tkr question and comment. I have not experienced anything like what you are going through. Perhaps others will pitch in to help out. Best of luck and keep in touch!

  403. I had a TKR 4 years ago. It still gets painful from time to time but I can walk and still ride my bike. I was told I should keep using ice for pain but can you still use stretching exercises when the knee gets stiff? I went back to the surgeon a few times and he said everything looks good. Thanks

  404. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and leave your tkr comment. I’m still doing stretching exercises and it’s been 8+ years after my tkr. Ask your doctor. Hope this helps…Keep in touch and best of luck!

  405. Hello again…there are numerous exercises on the internet but most are geared for atheletes or young that have not have the tkr operation. Can you share some of the exercises that are geared specifically for people that have had a tkr. I know that everybody is different and some exercises work and some don’t. Thanks.

  406. Hi Andy,
    There are numerous posts about tkr exercises throughout this site. You can find some by typing in tkr exercise in the Search Box on my home page. Best of luck and keep in touch!

  407. Great!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. I will be digging into all the info. You have to keep exercising to keep your knee strong. Thanks.

  408. Can’t recover from second scope. Ligaments are always strained. I can barely walk now. Can’t imagine a knee replacement. Always exercising. Born with defective knees.

  409. Well sounds like we are all in the same shape. I am 68 years young and had my TKR 9 months ago. Well surgery went well and the phisical therphy was rough but I did manage to make it. OK all said and done I am still having alot of pain.I am a little overweight but not that bad.I also can walk with no issues.Little bit of a limp but no big deal. Every single day when I sit for long periods of time when I stand up it hurts.When I walk alot it hurts. when I ride the stand alone bike its hurts. I am so fed up with this hurting thing I really want my old knee back at times.Did I mention that I can’t even get on my knees anymore.Other people say that I will not be sorry for getting it done, that’s a laugh. Just retired March of 2016 thinking well once I get my knee done I will be like a new person. Well so far thst isn’t happening.Maybe I am expecting far to much.All I want is to ride my bike for 5miles and jog maybe at least 3 miles. So I ask is there hope in the sunlight for me or am I just hoping for to much.
    Well people I pray for you all on a speed of sound recovery.
    Best of luck!

  410. Hello, i had TKR a little over 7 mos. ago on right knee, left needs it as well! I might mention that i’m 71 & played a lot of softball as well. After yrs of putting off having this surgery & trying other methods it finally came down to doing it! I was just wandering if anyone else feels like they have a metal sleeve where the replacement is? Also if walking some i’ll get like an arthritis feeling as well or if sitting for a few minutes it feels like my knee has swelled up until i move it around. I did my 6 mo. exam & xray & doc said all looks good with everything but,i don’t know !I guess i feel i should be pain free & bk to playing ! I also get these burning sensations at times as well, don’t last long thou. When going down stairs i’ll lead with my right knee & going up i am normal that way.

  411. Hi Denny,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your insightful tkr comment. I do not feel like I have a metal sleeve on my tkr side. Perhaps others can pitch in with their stories.
    Keep up the good work and stay in touch!

  412. Marcelino Bloomberg


    I’m starting to feel something similar in my left knee, i take omega 3 / 6 and turmeric with black pepper currently but i guess soon i’ll have to face facts. I’ve bookmarked your page for the day that i need to read up on this 🙂

    Many Thanks
    Marcelino x

  413. Finding your site was a blessing this morning, I can’t wait to show my husband. He had a tkr 7 1/2 months ago and his knee seems like it’s always swollen. He gets around fairly well but again, the swelling is always there. Hopefully reading some of these posts will shed some light on his experience and discomfort..

  414. Hi Kim,
    Thank you for your kind words and for taking the time to post your tkr comment regarding your husband. Best of luck to your husband (and you!). Be sure to check back often. Tell him it will get better. 🙂

  415. Thank you for your site. It’s very helpful. I had TKR on November 2018. I went back to work 3 months later. My problem started after I went to work. I can hardly bend my leg after I have been on it for 8 hours. Just checking if anyone else has this problem.

  416. Hi Audrey,
    Thanks for your kind words about my site and for taking the time to visit. Your concern is not uncommon. I had that same problem and have written about it in various articles on this site. Others have posted comments elsewhere. Take a look around to realize you are not alone.
    Keep in touch and best of luck!

  417. Hey Booktoots,

    Proper guidance from doctor is very much required even after the operation, my grandma under do through Total Knee Replacement surgery and is doing well. We made sure she went with only the best doctor. Great site! Stay with it!

  418. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or
    something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is great blog. A fantastic
    read. I will certainly be back. Thanks again!

  419. I am 8 months post op TKR- pain wise – hardly any – it’s just the stiffness of the knee that gets me – I still do stretches which seems to help – but sometimes it’s a little rough to get up and going. when i first had it done – i went back to work 6 hour days at 2 weeks post op – i have a desk job but i feel like i went back way to soon – by 3.5 weeks i went back full time – I am having the other one done in 2 months and plan on taking a lot longer off and taking care of myself better the 2nd time around – I will say my knee is better than it was. It helps reading everyones comments and where they are at with their TKR.

  420. Hi Deb,
    I also left you an email.
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. You sound like you have it under control. Good for you! So glad to hear you enjoy reading what others have to say. 🙂 Keep in touch and good luck!

  421. I want to congratulate you for Eight Months Post TKR Update article.

    Life can be wonderful! We just need to keep up the hard work! 🙂 Kisses everyone!

  422. I am about 4 weeks into my tkr. Therapy didn’t start with me for a week. I believe that had hindered me from being able to bend more than 90 degrees at this time. I’m cold all the time, especially when I sit down. I’m getting better PT now but before I don’t think I had the best. Still using a walker. My leg feels like needles are in it when sitting and my knee/leg swells to the point I cannot bend it much. Any suggestions, encouraging thoughts? I’m getting discouraged fast.

  423. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. You are going through exactly what I did at your stage. I have written about solutions to make the predicament more friendly throughout this site. Take a look around! Hang in there and keep in touch. TKR recuperation is much more difficult than we are led to believe!
    I will also send a private email.

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