"E.J. LaGreca" has arrived

On today’s NHL Live! Broadcast, a fan emailed a very entertaining picture of our beloved broadcasting duo. A picture of Don LaGreca’s hair and moustaches was combined with the face of E.J. Hradek.  In other words, EJ’s face was superimposed onto the hair and outline of Don LaGreca’s head. Plus, he was wearing Don LaGreca’s moustache. I may not be describing it clearly, but it is truly a sight to behold. Everyone will have their own opinion on it, I happen to find it very entertaining. It’s one of the results marveling the wonders of modern technology. 🙂

To make it even better, Eddie O offered to pay $300 for the picture. He promised to have that amount divided between two relevant NHL charities – one found at http://www.stanleycupbuckscounty.org (of which Bill Clement is an organizer) and Hockey Fights Cancer (if I recall recorrectly). Eddie O didn’t want the picture signed for some reason. Hmmmm…

Fans emailed in offering suggestions about making “E.J. LaGreca” t-shirts and selling them for charity. The ideas are flourishing about how this infamous picture will help everyone involved.

All in all, another day of hockey knowledge and all around entertainment provided by the NHL Network’s NHL Live! Show with E.J. Hradek and Don LaGreca as hosts.

Stay tuned….

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