NHL Live! Can Be Detrimental To One’s Health

When EJ Hradek “special guest”s on the NHL Live! XM/Sirius Radio show, which is broadcast on the NHL Network, him and Don LaGreca can be a mighty good force of pure entertainment. Sometimes, though, this hockey lovin’ duo’s broadcast can be detrimental to one’s health. Here is why…

Currently, the NHL teams are vying for playoff position. So, on a recent show, the subject of rating the NHL teams came up. Don LaGreca would read the team’s name and EJ Hradek would give his input about the team’s probability of making the NHL Playoffs. Only, there was a new twist.

EJ Hradek said he was going to adopt the persona of a Reverend.”What does this mean?”, I wondered.

All was fine and dandy until the segment began. As Don LaGreca named the first team, the Ottawa Senators, “Reverend” Hradek spoke with a very calm, steadfast, and soft voice. “Ahh…Ottawa..” he replied as his head was down and nodding back and forth. “I pronounce them dead,â” he finished up with.

My coffee, which up until then was tasting very good, spurted out of my mouth. It went all over my top and had me scrambling for a napkin. I hadn’t moved that fast all day.

That is why I say, beware of NHL Live! With Don LaGreca and “Special Guest” EJ Hradek. It may be hazardous to your health. 😉

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