Excerpt #2

Having recently undergone a total knee replacement, I have had my fill of ‘pain meds’. None work that well.  At least for me they haven’t.  There is one method, however, that is surprisingly great.  It is all-natural, cheap, and convenient.  In fact, it can be found in everyone’s freezer.

This effective pain reliever is known as ice.  Plain and simple ice.  I was really surprised  when the doctor mentioned that the best way to alleviate pain was with ice.  I like that.   All the other pain meds had awful side effects like nausea and breathing difficulties. 🙁

Ice has no side effects – that I can see.  The only drawback is the fact at it melts.  Gee, what a dilemma. :)  It’s great having pain decreased quickly instead of waiting for pills to kick in.

I was given one of those ice bags that you see in movies being used for headaches (or hangovers).  (A vision of Curly sporting one of these suddenly came to mind). It’s not a very big bag.  Other choices include:

  • large gel pack.  These seem to keep cold for about an hour. Nice. Plus, they fit along the back of my knee very nicely.
  • battery-operated, 12-hour ice pack.  This is huge and reminds me of a torture contraption. One of my friends lent it to me, but it doesn’t have a battery. Hmm.
  • small gel pack.  Perfect size for isolated knee areas.
  • plastic, Ziploc type bag. Cheap and easy.  Fill with ice, close, and wrap with a towel.  The towel absorbs the melting ice and keeps me dry.

Well, my ice has melted. Gotta go.



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  1. having my share of knee surgeries over the last 6 years i have been on ice more than i care to count. so i have the best advice for a ice bag that you will love. get yourself a ice bag that has the screw on top. the ones that you would use for a headache . they are rubber and can be found at any drugstore. then you fill it up with one part rubbing alcohol and two parts water. freeze it and it freezes like a gel that you can flatten it out. and it will fit around your knee or anywhere and will stay cold longer than you need to keep it on. it’s fabulous! just like to ice they give you at physical therapy. the best part is that you don’t have to empty it for a long time, just refreeze it. when it starts to not gel up anymore then that means that you need to add some more alcohol. enjoy!

  2. Sharon’s idea is a great one. I use this too and have three of them in the freezer. The ice packs have been especially good for me at night when the knee acts up.

    I slip the ice packs in a plastic ziploc bag and then slide in a pillow case, closing the end with a rubber band just above the bag. The plastic bag holds the moisture and the pillow case makes it easy to grab at night to switch out with another ice pack.

    When the pack thaws out, I toss it back in the fridge and grab another if needed.

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