Exercise is Fun

It seems common to hear someone say they don’t have time to exercise. They’ll have time when they’re laying in a hospital bed due to being so inactive, is my opinion. I hear the standard..”oh, getting older just naturally means gaining weight”. Bull. Yes, it’s true that the metabolism slows down as we age, but don’t use that as an excuse for getting fat. Too many people do. All you have to do is eat healthy, eat fewer calories and exercise more. Burn more calories than you consume, in plain and simple terms.

Your mindset is the ruling factor. You need to start viewing exercise as enjoyable while thinking of the positive end results. I even viewed the tkr rehabilitative exercises as fun since it was such a challenge to get my muscles back. It’s nice being able to take a muscle from a nonoperative point to operating level.

When you get used to exercising, you’ll love it. I don’t like the term ‘workout’ since it connotates work. If you view exercise as fun, the time will pass and you will feel great. You’ll love using your body. After being in a body cast for two years, let me tell you…there’s nothing comparable to being able to move your body.

There are a number of ways to make exercise enjoyable. Some like putting on music to take their mind off the task at hand. Reading a book while using your treadmill is another. Find what’s best for you. First of all, you need to find an enjoyable activity. This makes it easier to stick with it. After you have regained enough usage of your tkr, try a number of ways to get more physical activity into your everyday life. Walking will be the most convenient and simplest way to start. Plus, it’s great exercise during and after your knee replacement.

You’ll probably find there is more than one enjoyable way to move more. For me, riding a stationary bike provides many benefits so I do it some days. Most days, though, you’ll find me in the pool. Water exercises and swimming are far more fun. Water’s natural buoyancy is way too cool. Floating is a blast. It’s not exercise, but it is an enjoyable way to spend a few seconds while in the water. 🙂

Personally, I find the best way to make exercise fun is by feeling so good while I’m doing it. It’s fantastic to be able to stretch out. It’s fun to feel my heart beating faster along with the increased breathing.

Some ‘experts’ claim that there is no need to take your pulse, keep track of time or really pay attention to what you are doing. These items, supposedly, take away from the fun factor. I don’t agree. I have a firm belief that you need to be aware of what your body is doing. Setting a timer or periodically watching the clock prevents overdoing it and taking a pulse throughout physical activity does the same. That’s me, though, and you may be different.

Change your mindset from dreading exercise to one of viewing it as a fun challenge. It may take hard work, but you can do it.

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