Falling Snow

Hi everyone,
I’ve added the WordPress extra known as “falling snow” to the home page here. The sight of snow flakes is pretty, but the thought of driving in the stuff is not the least pretty. So…let’s think of the prettiness of the season.

The snow angels, snow-capped mountains, snow people (yes, I said that, so political correctness rules..:) ) and snowball fights are all fun this time of the year.

For those in warmer climates, well…you can make bubbles and pretend they’re snow. (That was done while I was at Disney World one year.)


2 thoughts on “Falling Snow”

  1. I like the snow! We actually had some snow here, yes, here in Texas on Wednesday…….just a dusting, it was too warm to stick. Then today all the snow went south of us, but it was COLD today!

  2. I love how the snow looks coming down from INSIDE my home. We got about 3 inches today. I ordered it for my birthday on monday. I tried to go on an errand with my hubby and I literally had to hang onto him for dear life in fear of falling. My knee like freezes up in this cold weather and doesn’t want to go. It’s very scary and annoying. So be careful out there with our new knees and enjoy the snow from inside

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