Are You Familiar With A TKR Rejection?

Hi everyone. One of my faithful readers, Renee, has posted an interesting dilemma. She is seeking our help. Her body is dealing with tkr rejection. I have never heard of this before and find it quite interesting. Here is her story:

“I got more info re my knee rejections. It appears my body does not like foreign objects. No allergies, infection or rheumatic disease. All bloodwork was normal.

I have been given one last option, to try a non approved drug to see if it will stop the loosening of my implants. If it works then I can have the surgery. If not, nothing can be done. No surgery.

I am telling you this as you have a lot of people who have had knee issues on your post.

I am seeking any information from anyone who may be going through this re my situation. I am also looking for doctors who have come across this.

Thanks for any help. Renee”

Since I, Marie B (aka Booktoots) have never dealt with a tkr rejection situation, I am hoping some of you have and will take the time to post a comment. She trusts your feedback.

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