First Day Without NHL Live!…ho hum..

Yesterday was a strange day.  It was the first time since March that I did not turn the tv on and watch NHL Live! with Don LaGreca and EJ Hradek.  There was no laughter, hockey news, nor entertainment for me.  The only other alternatives were not worth watching.

Alternatives to NHL Live!: I can only take Kelly Ripa for so long, the way she continually interrupts Regis.  I love Regis Philbin, but could smack Ripa.  Other talk shows are not entertaining…Diane Sawyer…come on.

Why can’t the NHL Network have reruns of the NHL Live! show?  That would be great!

Life is going to be rough until September 15.

Oh….Jamir Jagr is going to play in Russia next season.  The hockey duo (Hradek & LaGreca) told us this was possible before they went off the air.  See….no insider scoops anymore til September….:(

P.S. Thank you to my readers who are continually increasing my readership.  You rock!

2 Replies to “First Day Without NHL Live!…ho hum..”

  1. It’s mid August and I’m watching taped reruns of NHL Live from June to get through the days and weeks until Sept 15. I noticed on NHL Netwrok, they no longer list NHL Lives return and had removed EJ and Don’s name in the last weeks. Someone tell me it’s just a space saving thing and out beloved NHL Live will return.


  2. Say it ain’t so! I’m lost here…I hope it’s a space saving thing. I’m going to go check out NHL Network online and see if I can find anything out. Be right back…

    P.S. Thanks for the update…:)

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