Food Supply & Research Findings

With so much information available anymore, sometimes it can appear confusing what to believe. I, personally, do not believe at all the “healthy food” that ties into ConAgra food manufacturers. There is something fishy about suddenly seeing all this “whole grain” info found on what used to be known as sugary cereals, don’t you think? I don’t care if the first ingredient is whole grain….it’s still sugar nonsense. “Cap’n Crunch” is now “healthy”? Spare me…And, you know friggin’ well that the cereal manufacturer receiving the “good heart” endorsement is paying for it, don’t you? The way our food supply is being taken over by sponsorship is sickening. My blood pressure is rising…so I’ll end this rant and go on to the next.

Anyways, I just got done reading an article in a “healthy living publication” about new research findings stating that sitting up straight in your chair is bad for you. Do you believe that?? It turns out that a study INVOLVING 22 PEOPLE states that using good posture actually puts too much strain on the lower back. The solution? Slouch down into your chair. And, of course, you had to purchase the book full of these newfound facts in order to get more information. Spare me….how stupid do they think we are?

Good posture rules in so many ways there’s not enough room to write them all down here. And, anyone (dr., medical pro or book publisher) who doesn’t believe that and is trying to convince you otherwise…is just trying to make a buck off of your gullibility. Don’t ever think that bad posture is good for you. Never, never, never. Going through college one learns to avoid using the words “never” and “always” since there are usually exceptions. In this case, there isn’t. So, I’ll say it again…”never, never, never”.

I’m tired of it. Keep your nonsensible “new research findings” to yourself. There’s a new one everyday. Money is hard enough to come by and if you think for a second that I’m spending it on your stupidity….think again…

End of two-part rant….

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