Foot Cramps & A TKR

Hi my favorite readers! I’ve received a number of comments from many of you about foot cramps and a tkr. I don’t feel so alone regarding this topic since it seems to be a common occurrence.

I also experience foot and toe cramps. Mine occur within the arch area of either foot. Sometimes they extend into my middle toe on my non-tkr leg. On my tkr side, the cramp usually occurs in my big toe.

It is always painful and unexpected. To alleviate the pain and cramp intensity, if possible, I massage the area. If it’s not possible to immediately massage the area, I simply stand up straight and use positive affirmations. That actually works.

I do not panic. Panic increases pain levels. I know because when I first started having cramps, I did panic. And…OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I am able to immediately massage the area, I tell myself “It’s not that bad”, “it’s OK” as I gently rub the area. When the cramp goes away, I stand up straight and gently walk to my destination. If possible, after massaging, I elevate the leg.

I also find it helpful to eat bananas – high in potassium -daily. Sometimes more than one. Potassium helps.

A very good exercise for alleviating foot pain involves a tennis ball or similar size ball. Sit upright in a comfortable chair. Put the ball underneath your affected foot. I find it particularly helpful to have the ball directly under my arch area.

Slowly begin rolling your foot over the ball. Apply enough pressure to provide a mild massage. Do this movement for as long as comfortable.

When done properly, you will feel the pressure points of your feet getting a workout. You will probably find yourself smiling. 🙂

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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