Do You Have Foot Cramps After A TKR?

Hi everyone. I have received a number of comments from many of you regarding foot cramps and a tkr. I do not feel so alone regarding this topic since it seems to be a common occurrence.

I also experience foot and toe cramps on a sporadic basis. Mine occur within the arch area of either foot. Sometimes they extend into my middle toe on my non-tkr leg. On my total knee replacement side, the cramp usually occurs in my big toe.

It is always painful and unexpected. To alleviate the pain and cramp intensity, if possible, I massage the area. If i t is not possible to immediately massage the area, I simply stand up straight and use positive affirmations. That actually works. “It will go away. Just give it time,” I tell myself.

I do not panic. Panic increases pain levels. I know because when I first started having cramps, I did panic. And…OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! You may likely do the  same.

When I am able to immediately massage the area, I also tell myself “It’s not that bad”, “it’s OK” as I gently rub the area – if at all possible. When the cramp goes away, I stand up straight and gently walk to my destination. If possible, after massaging, I elevate the leg.

I also find it helpful to eat bananas – high in potassium -daily. Sometimes more than one. Potassium helps.

A very good exercise for alleviating foot pain involves a tennis ball or similar size ball. Sit upright in a comfortable chair. Put the ball underneath your affected foot. I find it particularly helpful to have the ball directly under my arch area.

Slowly begin rolling your foot over the ball. Apply enough pressure to provide a mild massage. Do this movement for as long as comfortable.

When done properly, you will feel the pressure points of your feet getting a workout. You will probably find yourself smiling. 🙂

Hope this helps others going through the same thing. Let me know your experiences so we can all help each other.

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