Formidable Stairs – 2.5 Years Post TKR

It has been 2.5 years since my tkr. Stairs still cause concerns. I thought I’d share a story in case this has happened to anyone else.

I don’t do more than 3-5 stairs at a time, usually. Then, last week I needed to climb up and down 20 stairs. I did it twice during the day. When I got home…yikes.

I was exceptionally drained. I hadn’t been that overall tired in ages. My tkr knee was very stiff. Making dinner was an effort. So, I layed on the sofa and watched television. My tkr knee was starting to hurt. It appeared swollen on the outer side portion. The nerve damage from my previous (now extinct) bone spur was acting up. I hadn’t experienced that pain in ages, either.

When I went to sleep (or tried to sleep), my entire tkr leg was hurting. I could not get comfortable. It was especially troublesome behind my knee and alongside my knee. Bizarre…

The next day, I was still tired. And, my knee area still hurt. My tkr knee was stiffer than usual. I felt like I was coming down with a bug, but wouldn’t allow myself. I just took it easy the entire day. Bah hum bug. It would pass. It could be much worse. I canceled a boat outing due to my “under the weather” condition and poor weather forecast.

The following day I woke up and everything was hunky dory – including the weather. No pain, no tiredness, no boating.

End of story. Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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1 thought on “Formidable Stairs – 2.5 Years Post TKR”

  1. hey. nice new digs you got here. very snazzy. i found this post interesting. i’m at about 14 months post TKR now, and i still get a weird thing on the outside back of my knee sometimes. and yes, stairs seem to be part of it. i went scuba diving for the first time last week (a bit prematurely i’m sure as i’m 3 months past an achilles repair) and had to also do tons of stairs, at the pier and on the boat. and sure enough-the last few days have had that tendon ligament weirdness going on. so, are stairs ALWAYS going to be an issue with this type of surgery??? i kind of thought eventually it would work itself out.

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