Four Year Post TKR update

Some of my readers contacted me and asked about my tkr flexibility so long after my surgery. I inadvertently didn’t mention that in my four year post-tkr update. So….(thanks for asking, btw…short for by the way..)

My tkr flexibility is averaging 95, which is about the same as it was before my knee replacement. I have no concerns with this issue since it’s so nice to walk without pain and, besides, I couldn’t bend my real knee that well.

There’s excessive scar tissue around my tkr area, causing the inflexibility. Again, that’s no concern to me since it’s been accumulating for over 35 years.

I have noticed that my opposite-side knee is crunching. I’ve been told I have mild osteoarthritis in the knee. Again, I’m not that concerned since my “good” knee has been accommodating my body weight because of my “poor” knee for a long time.

There are times when I notice my opposite-side hip is letting me know it needs relaxing due to my leg length discrepancy. That’s life. A little icing and relaxing never hurt anyone. 🙂

Hope this helps others going through their four year after a tkr period.

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