Fresh Off The Press – My E-Book!

Hi everyone,
After having received requests for a pre-op tkr book, I just completed one. It’s in PDF form and is 30 pages. It’s an electronic book, or what is popularly known as an “ebook”. 🙂

It’s a helpful book that I wish I would have had when I knew I’d be having my total knee replacement. What’s so nice about it is the fact that it contains “insider’s secrets” to properly preparing for a tkr surgery. It’s stuff that’s not mentioned in the literature I was given by my doctor’s office. And, seeing that I went through the process TWICE for the same surgery, I consider myself an expert who can help others. 🙂

I’m still learning about all the ways to use WordPress, but for the time being, I have added a page specifically for this e-book. And, the e-book can be purchased via PayPal. 🙂 (I like Paypal since its so convenient and easy to use. Plus, it’s secure).

Still in the process of how best to word the marketing portion of selling the book without sounding too pushy or obnoxious. 😕

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