Getting In and Out of a Car After A TKR

This can be tricky for awhile after having a total knee replacement. When first discharged from the hospital, I noticed how low my friend’s car was to the ground. It was extremely difficult to maneuver in and out of the car. I hadn’t thought about that prior to my tkr.

Here are some other suggestions….

Height. If the chassis, or your seat, is too low to the ground…put a pillow onto the seat. This will lift your body and provide more comfort. I would recommend using a fluffy, narrow pillow that covers the entire width of your rump. Otherwise, it might be too painful. That’s just me, though.

Seat. Move the seat all the way back. This is common sense, but it will give you more leg room. Remember, your tkr leg is not going to have much, if any, flexion when first out of surgery.
Even as I progressed during recuperation, I needed to slide my seat back to get in and out of my car. Then, once in the car, I could slide it forward again.

Plastic bag. Some people I know used a plastic bag to cover the seat. This provided them with more sliding ability. I never had to use this, but if it works for you….go for it.

Speed. Go slow. While getting in and out of my car during my tkr recuperation, a slug would have won a race with me. However, I never banged my leg against the car door, either. 🙂 Better safe than sorry, is my motto.

Hope these suggestions work for others going through the same thing.

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2 thoughts on “Getting In and Out of a Car After A TKR”

  1. I drive an SUV, so the height is okay, much better than trying to get in and out of my hubby’s car….because my legs are short…..never thought about a plastic bag, I have cloth seats now and sometimes it is difficult to slide in and out.

    I do still move the seat all the way back when getting in and out, and I can’t get in and out in a hurry!

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