Go Karting And TKR Recuperation

Hi everyone. During the Labor Day weekend, there was an opportunity to partake in what is known to be a fun and exciting activity. That fun activity is go karting. Well, when presented with the offer, I took it on and viewed it as an experiment.Go karting and tkr recuperation.

My experiment consisted of a variety of questions that needed answered. They were:

* Will my tkr knee be flexible enough to ride in a go kart?

* Will I be able to get in and out of the vehicle without any concern?

* Will I be able to ride comfortably in one?

*What will the experience be like?

The go kart course was on a friend’s property, so only a portion of the course was paved. The rest of it was on the grass – very small hills, and flat surfaces. I’ve been go karting prior to my total knee replacement, but it was on a go kart race course…totally paved. That was great and a total blast!

Findings? Mixed emotions. To answer the above questions: My knee was flexible enough to ride in a go kart. There was no pain at all. Nice. 🙂 Getting in and out of the go kart was much easier than I had imagined. I just took my time.

Riding in the go kart, for the most part, was comfortable. The braking started to take a toll, but that was only near the end of my ride. (The brake required using my bionic knee leg – left one).

I believe the ride would have been more fun on a totally paved, flat surface. The many tight turns on the grass hills (very minor) was rather unnerving at times. I kept picturing the go kart as tipping over.

Overall, the experience was fun. My ride was only about 5-10 minutes. I wasn’t up to going on the longer route, since my knee was telling me to stop after that time period. I was content taking the  beginner  course to basically get used to the go kart. That was enough for me.

What was strange to me is the fact that I got rather dizzy after my ride was done. It wasn’t like I was zipping along, either. I think I was going about 2 MPH. 🙂 Never let it be said I’m not a daredevil.

At the end of this experiment, I was pooped. My knee did swell up a little, but.it was no big deal. BTW: In four days it’ll be 7 months since my total knee replacement surgery was done.

Results: I’ll wait awhile to do it again.

Hope this tkr insight helps others going through the same thing.

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