Golf Season Starts for San Jose Sharks

What a series! Last night, though, the San Jose Sharks just didn’t have what it takes to beat the Anaheim Ducks. The game started with a fight between Joe Thornton and Ryan Getzlaf in the faceoff circle. 🙂

Even though I wanted San Jose to win (I like watching their finesse), I am also happy that Anaheim beat them. Contradictory, yes. I actually didn’t want either team to win, but someone had to do it. 😕

Now…onwards to the next level of the Stanley Cup Playoffs of 2009. Anaheim (eighth seed) will play Detroit (second seed). Oh oh.

Memories from the past are flooding my mind. Not good. There was this Playoff series whereby a goalie for Anaheim by the name of Giguerre had me sitting up, yelling at the television screen….”Who is that guy?” “Where’d that guy come from?” “What the hey?” He fended off 60 shots on goal by the Wings. And….Anaheim knocked Detroit out of the Playoffs. 🙁

The past does not make the present. The past does not make the present. Repeat…

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