Good Day v Bad Day

Seems I am getting asked a lot lately how I am feeling and doing.  Even though I am still going to PT, doing home exercises, and in pain at time… I still have to say….”I have good and bad days. Here’s insight into my good v bad days:

My bad days, though, are much better than what I was going through before surgery.”  It’s true.  I already notice no joint pain while climbing stairs.  And, I can walk a distance without any joint pain.  Nice.

It’s been 8 weeks since my total knee replacement. (I put that word phrase in there so search engines can pick it up.)   🙂

2 thoughts on “Good Day v Bad Day”

  1. Hi Booktot! It’s been great reading over your blog. My mum had replacement knee surgery 4 weeks ago. She spent one week in hospital, then a week in the rehabilitation unit of a different hospital, and she’s been at home 2 weeks. She has been avoiding doing the physiotherapy because of the pain. She had her first appointment since leaving hospital today but postponed it til Friday. i think she’s just dreading going there, and having to walk from the car to the physio’s. The knee is really swollen which we didn’t expect (but after reading your blog I see that this can be expected to continue for months). My mum is 81. The doctor told her she would be ‘right’ in 6 to 8 weeks after surgery. Well, clearly this isn’t going to happen! I feel quite worried because she hasn’t had too many good days since the surgery, the pain is awful for her, and constant pain is very wearing. I’ve printed out some of your blogs and I’m sure she’ll find them interesting.

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