Graduating from TKR Physical Therapy

Today, after 10 weeks, was my graduation from tkr physical therapy. That doesn’t mean, however, that I don’t need to do any more exercising. On the contrary, I still have muscle stiffness that needs some stretching. Graduating from physical therapy means that my flexibility degree was at 110.

I’m going to miss going in every day to do my exercises there.  It was a quiet atmosphere and the machines were great. Plus, the laughs were much needed by me. My PT lady was just great.  She’s a Jimmy Buffet fan that has the most upbeat attitude.

I have a rowing machine at home that will do well in stretching my leg muscles. It’s fun to use, actually.

So…outpatient pt has ended. A new phase begins. The work is not over. I’m going to work until I reach 125 flexibility.

3 thoughts on “Graduating from TKR Physical Therapy”

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  2. I had double total knee replacement 8 weeks ago and it is great to read your blog. I am still in PT and am struggling with 10 degrees but I have only had therapy for 6 weeks so far. My place of PT offers a step down program for when they are done with me. I can go as often as I like and they will design a program for me to follow and I get to use all of their machines for a minimal monthly fee for a couple of months. I think that will be great as I always feel really good after therapy. Others should ask if their place of therapy has that kind of program.

  3. Congrats to you Susan! I know how the struggling for more flexibility goes. That’s great how your PT place offers you that discounted rate. 🙂 Wish mine would. That’s a fantastic idea!!

    Good luck!

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