Guest Blogger Update

Hi my favorite readers! Something’s been happening that is noteworthy of mentioning here. It concerns the topic of guest bloggers.

As may know, I have been requesting guest bloggers to contact me in hopes of sharing information while increasing exposure to their sites. Well, I have received responses. However, here’s the point….

Even though I have received some fantastic posts (which have been published on this site), some others have had absolutely nothing to do with my health-related subject area. The posts have obviously been spinned to bring attention to the blogger’s site. Isn’t it common sense that when you submit a guest post to a site that it relates to the general theme of the site? I keep forgetting not everyone has common sense.

So, please don’t send me your guest posts that have nothing to do with this site’s theme of health. Have more respect for me, my readers and yourself. Keep your political nonsense, miracle cures, celebrity gossip, erectile dysfunction drug stupidity and/or other similar-related blog posts for another site.

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