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Hi everyone. After recent communications, it appears that not everything is easy to understand by everybody. So…Here are more guest post guidelines:

Please do not send me somebody else’s work and state you want it posted as a guest post or resource link. It is confusing and time consuming for me to edit, post and then unpost. Any guest post on my site must be written by you, or your team. That is why you have a short bio at the conclusion of the post.

CLEARLY STATE HOW YOU ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THE INFORMATION/ARTICLE/LINK. When you state “here is some information your readers may like”, tell me you searched the Web and found it worthwhile. Tell me why you believe it is important. That is common courtesy.

If you forward me information that would be of interest to my readers and I, clearly state it is written by someone else. Otherwise it is implied that you, or your team, wrote it. That is only common sense.

I post numerous resource links that are reader-worthy. I am always looking for new ones to add. If you are interested in having information included in this category/page – send me the link so I can look the information over. Kindly tell me you are forwarding it to me from another source. Otherwise, it is implied you wrote it.

A guest post is not a resource link. Do not approach me stating you have a guest post that you would like included in my Resources Page. A Guest Post is an article that follows my Writer’s Guidelines.

A resource link contains a link to the information. That is an obvious statement, but must be mentioned. There may be a short summary description (known as a meta description) involved to entice readers to click on the link.

Do not send me information and tell me how to handle it. I make the final determination on what is and is not included on my site. Period.

Do not send me copyrighted information without informing me who has the copyright. Are you that person/company/party? Is someone else that party? Do you have permission to reprint/share that information? It is not up to me to decide those issues. Any information forwarded to me is your responsibility.

Hope this puts everyone on the same page.

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