Happy Administrative Assistant's Day

Well, in addition to it being Earth Day, it is Administrative Assistants’ Day. Those who are the backbone of any executive and/or company deserve their day of recognition for all the hard work and guff they put up with throughout the year. Actually, they do most of the work anyways. (That’s my unbiased opinion) 🙂 Now, if only their pay would match their duties and responsibilities. 😕

Having worked as a secretary (that’s what administrative assistants used to be called…back in the old days), I say….

1) take them out for a nice lunch or
2) give them a gift certificate to their favorite eatery or
3) give them a flower bouquet (if they’re not allergic to the pollen) or
4) give them tickets to their favorite sporting event or
5) give them a basket or bouquet of healthy edibles or
6) GIVE THEM THE DAY OFF WITH PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These are some suggestions for showing your appreciation to those who deserve it. (If you happen to have a slacker on your hands….give a gift certificate for a class on work ethics)

Happy Administrative Assistants’ Day to all deserving of it.

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