Happy Halloween To All!! A Bootiful Pumpkin Recipe…

Happy Halloween to everyone reading this post. Halloween is a great holiday that is just pure fun. There’s something about the beautiful fall colors of rust, gold, orange, and dark tones that is simply exquisite – in my opinion. Plus – Entertainment can be found in a variety of ways ranging from haunted houses, corn mazes to parties.

Another great part of this holiday is the FOOD!! Autumn is a great time of the year to enjoy succulent squashes.  Besides being colorful, squashes are very nutritious and easy to cook with! Pumpkins – a squash – can be used in so many different ways other than just carving them up. Here’s a quick, nutritious way to use pumpkin…

Buy a fresh pumpkin called “sugar pumpkin”. They’re the smaller ones that usually range about 6”-8” in diameter. In addition to being so pretty, they are quite tasty.

Simply cut up the pumpkin. Scoop out the seeds and set them aside. You can make a healthy snack of pumpkin seeds from these. (Recipe forthcoming)

Place the cut pumpkin into a steamer. Steam until done, about 20 minutes. You can tell when it’s done by poking it with a fork or knive. The utensil should go in and out easily.

When done, remove from heat. Let cool.

Either: Mash up the flesh and turn it into a side dish of mashed pumpkin. Add butter and spices to your taste.

Or, take the steamed pumpkin wedge and sprinkle some brown sugar on it.  Simply scrumptious!!

How easy is that? Enjoy!


(I’m tying together eating healthy with healing after a total knee replacement. This is good for the computer bots. 🙂 ) Remember, you are what you eat!! Eating healthy will help your recuperation process.

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