Happy Labor Day 2021!

Hi my favorite readers. Today is the first Monday in September. This means that it is set aside as Labor Day in the United States. Dating back to 1894, the year Congress passed an act that legally made this a holiday.

The holiday is intended to give workers a chance to relax. The day of celebration was originally developed by the labor movement. The day was set aside as a tribute to specifically show appreciation for the dedication, economic, and social accomplishments the American workforce has made toward the government’s overall success.

Accordingly to this year’s industry statistics, an estimated 45% of the population will be working. (Just thought I’d throw that in.) I know my neighbors sure are…lawn mowers, construction, landscaping, etc….yikes….

Click on the above link for more historical information about Labor Day.

Enjoy and be safe!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day 2021!”

  1. I am one month TKA. I have ditched the crutch but find I have horrible sciatica (Iif thats what it is) and without my crutch my gait is off and I ten to rock or hitch with discomfort in the hip area when I take a step. PT measured that my TKA leg is now more than an inch longer. :O Now what do I do? Yes the other knee needs to be replaced too but is no where near as bad as the one that was just done. I sure don’t want to end up walking like this the rest of my life. I haven’t seen any other complaints about this issue and would love to hear something encouraging. This was supposed to get me back to my previously active life not make me more disabled. Scared and frustrated, in Florida

  2. Hi Terry Kay,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr concern. I also have a leg length discrepancy and “solve” the situation by wearing a shoe lift. I have written about this in posts throughout this site. Take a look around.
    I recommend talking with either your pt or doctor about this issue. You may need a prescription.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

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