Have You Traveled Internationally After A TKR?

Hi everyone. I recently had a question posed to me that I’m hoping others can help out with as well. Do you have experiences involving airport metal detectors while traveling overseas?

The last time I traveled internationally, there were no metal detectors. And..it was when there was still an east and west Germany. Ok..I’m older than my young sounding words make me out to be. 😕

Can anyone help out by sharing their experiences? Inquiring minds want to know. (Actually, one of my readers wants to know and I told him others chip in here to share their experiences)..

Thanks in advance….

1 thought on “Have You Traveled Internationally After A TKR?”

  1. I know it may be late,but yes I have traveled internationally since my tkr. The metal detector is going to go off whether you are traveling in the states or aboard,that’s the way it is. Most detectors will indicate as to where on the body the offending object is. You are going to have to go through the routine of additional screening. They really do not care about the card the doctor gave you indicating your replacement.

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