Health Clubs After A Total Knee Replacement

I have never been a fan of all those mass-produced “health clubs” which cram people and equipment in like sardines. That, plus the fact that I just don’t enjoy the entire process of going to one of those places. I’d much rather stay at home, work out, and get the job done.

However, since my physical therapy ended over three months ago, I have not been able to find a good exercise bike. See, I need a sturdy one like those found in professional gyms. (That cost a lot.) It’s too easy to lose my balance, otherwise. And, there are too many flimsy types out there on the marketplace, in my opinion.

So, I found out that a couple of local health clubs were offering trial weeks. Cool. I’ll give it a try. OK. The first one had two guys grunting and groaning so loud it was obvious they just wanted attention. (In my opinion, anyways). Geez, I’m real impressed they can bench press 100 pounds. Not. Heck, I could moan and groan up a storm if I wanted to. I don’t though. This place did, however, have good equipment that was well kept and easy to use. Nice. Plus, there was room between the machines.

I just returned from the second one. NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I got onto the leg extension machine (and it took a while to do this…:( ), someone got on the machine next to me. It was one of those inner thigh machines and she was about 3” from me. 🙁 That ticked me off. Besides the fact that the machine was preposterous, the closeness to the other machines was ridiculous.

That brings me to the leg extension machine subject. What kind of idiot designs those machines so that the user’s upper body is almost laying down? Get real. By the time I finally got on that ridiculous machine, there was just no way I could use it properly. One has to have legs that are already in good usage. Ah…that must be the trick. It wasn’t developed to be used as a physical therapy machine. Hmmm. The one used in my physical therapy was PERFECT!!! The upper body was upright and made for an excellent workout. Even if I didn’t need the machine for physical therapy, I would prefer the upright position design. It is much more comfortable and easy to use.

So, I tried to get on another leg extension machine at this facility and couldn’t adjust the weight from 60 pounds. Those (term escapes me) pins that are used to choose your weight should not be difficult to use. Move on.

Another issue at this health club. BTW…why are those places called health clubs? Sometimes you can smell other users’ body odors. How healthy is that?

OK, back to the issue of the club. I got on the upright exercise bike and set it to the third level. I tried it at the first level and just did not have enough flexibility yet. The third level works out great for the first 2-3 minutes just to get warmed up. Well, BOOM! It slides down to the next notch right when I’m using it. OK. Settle down and keep pedaling. A bit later, BOOM!! same thing. It did that until it was at ZERO notches. Zero notches is where I eventually work to, it was just disconcerting in the mean time. Good thing those BOOMS! Didn’t happen when my knee couldn’t handle it. (Hey…another potential hazard to watch out for during the tkr recuperation. Malfunctioning exercise machines:) ) I had to advance faster than I wanted to. This series of events were unsettling since I made certain that the notch was properly set before I started. I know I did.

I pedaled for 10 minutes with numerous breaks. It was time to quit when I got a sharp pain in my ankle. Sharp pains signal STOP! The pain I experience in my total knee replacement knee area are dull and obviously from stretching my muscles.

Well, enough about my rambling about “health clubs”. I did get a good workout and my knee is thanking me. 🙂

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