Healthy & Easy Cooking After A TKR

Actually, this is an easy way for anyone who wants to cook. It involves a crockpot. I swear by mine. For the most convenience, especially immediately after having a tkr, this just can’t be beat for providing the most flavor and tenderness of whatever is cooked in it.

I recommend buying some of those baby carrots that are already peeled. Believe me, peeling carrots (or any vegetable for that matter) will be the last thing you want to do when first coming home after your total knee replacement. The prepared fresh carrots just cannot be beat.

Buy some of those prepackaged and prepared (already cut and peeled) bags of fresh vegetables. Or, if you have someone else available that can perform those tasks of chopping, peeling, etc….go for it.

Cover the bottom of the crockpot with water. Only a little bit.
Then…..Place your favorite protein (chicken, beef, pork, tofu, etc.) into the crockpot.
Sprinkle with Italian seasoning or a variety of freshly cut herbs.
Turn heat until high. (I plan on it taking about 2 hours cooking time for really moist protein).

Add vegetables and cover crockpot.
Cover with terry cloth to keep in heat.

I like to periodically move the ingredients around, just to re-distribute the liquid. Plus, I turn over the protein.
Test for doneness.

Eating properly and nutritiously during your tkr recuperation is important. It’s important during any time of your life, but especially so when your body is getting back on track to ‘normal’ functioning.

Using a crockpot will provide you with the best homemade meal around. 🙂

Serve and enjoy!!!

3 thoughts on “Healthy & Easy Cooking After A TKR”

  1. I actually used my crock pot yesterday…..we were having steaks on the grill last night, so I went on and fixed dinner for tonight. Mine is not a really “healthy” meal…..I bought some country style pork ribs, par boiled them about 10 minutes, put into crock pot and poured in a bottle of Cattleman’s barbecue sauce…..cooked on high about 3 hours until fork tender. Opened a bag of coleslaw mix, poured in a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Cole Slaw dressing. Now, I am heating up the ribs, opening a can of Bush’s grilling beans….and, voila!

    Pork….it’s the other white meat!

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