Helpful Website about Knees

Hi Everyone! While doing online research, I came upon an informative website you may be interested in. Its all about knees, one of our favorite subjects. 🙂 It’s maintained by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons.

It’s titled “Save Your Knees” and is found at:

For some reason the link isn’t going through. 🙁 (and emoticon for angry face)

3 thoughts on “Helpful Website about Knees”

  1. hey marie, that’s a good site i just checked it out. i am on facebook and i joined a group called kneegeeks. this is a good site also, check it out sometime. take care

  2. Thanks for the tip. Say, have you or anyone discussed travelling in Europe with a TKR and going through airports or any other “metal detectors”? I will be going through two huge airports, Heathrow in London and the Rome, Italy airport. Are they similar to US?


    (9 month TKR and VERY happy with it)

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