Hot Knee & A TKR

I’ve had some inquiries regarding having a hot knee  after a tkr. It brought back some memories I’d like to share. Ahh…memories.

For about the first five months after my tkr, every time I would get done exercising, my knee would get warm. Depending upon how strenuous my exercise was, the heatness would vary.

When I was still gaining flexibility and increasing my tkr muscle strength, it was very warm. The icing afterwards was always a shock at first. This was immediately after my tkr until three months, as an estimate.

The exercises were more therapy based at that time. I remember being told to feel the tkr warmth to determine how hard I was working. As my muscles worked, they’d warm up. I could feel the warmth without touching my tkr knee.

After a solid four months, the warmness would decrease, but it was still there. I had to touch my tkr knee to feel the warmth at this stage. This is the stage when I started to walk as exercise, but very slowly.

I wasn’t using any walking aide. I was still building up my gait that I hadn’t had in 30 years. My hamstrings (plural for one leg?) were still very painful.

Now that I’m at 18 months post tkr, my knee does not get warm after exercise. Or…if it does, I don’t notice it.

Hope this helps anyone else going through the tkr recuperation.

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16 thoughts on “Hot Knee & A TKR”

  1. Thanks so much for jotting down your thoughts, memories, feelings. I’m scheduled for my tkr on Sept. 1, and I am so eager. I appreciate the advice and the personal point of view. I’m so ready to walk aroubd the block, take the dogs out, not use a shopping cart as a walker in disguise. The rough spots will be easier knowing someone else is sharing them.

  2. i am 4 TKR my left leg still cannot weight up .i cannot still bend or touch leg down .this is give bad mood .can you teach how bend and touch leg. because this i need use.

  3. Hello.This article was extremely remarkable, particularly since I was browsing for thoughts on this matter last Monday.

  4. I had a TKR February 2012, and it was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life! I regret it so much! I went through all my pt and I have had not one BUT two M.U.A.’s and neither helped me. I was and still am in severe pain. I would cry so bad during pt. and I am currently at a whopping 60 degrees. I was forced to return to work for financial reasons. And I can’t even begin to describe the pain!

    My knee and entire leg swells up so bad, my leg is slightly red and my knee is still hot to the touch, my doctor said he doesn’t believe there is an infection. I’m so scared that this is my life now

  5. I am 9 months post op. It was 8 months before I could run without pain; however, my knee is still warm to the touch. I’m told it takes one year to reach total recovery. Keep moving and icing and good luck.

  6. I am 4 months TKR. What a trying time this has been. I am 130 flex and 0 extension and that has been tougher than a high school career of 3 aday football practices.

    I am in pain daily but am convinced after the 12 week mark you just have to work thru the pain.

    If you are contemplating the surgery but not willing to work…..dont do as you will be sorry. If you are willing to bust your ass….it will be worth it!You just gotta do it!

  7. Wonderful web site. Lots of useful information here. I am sending it to several friends who are going through tkr recuperation. I’ll also be sharing in delicious. And obviously, thanks for your sweat!

  8. I had my tkr 11 mths ago, i was in hospital for 1 wk, and hav,nt taken 1 painkiller since being discharged, 3 wks after the opp i was driving,( a manual transmission, not auto)and after 6 wks i was back on my harley. my knee still gets a little warm & tight, mainly after standing or sitting for long periods, my opp was carried out in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and the treatment was supurb, so persivere and it will get better

  9. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to hear how well you’re doing! I have visions of you on your Harley now. You’re an inspiration to others, I am sure. 🙂

  10. I had acl and menccitis repair may 9 2014 . I had same surgery on my other knee 3 years ago. This one is causing me numbness down left side if keg an to if but sharp pains on the top of my foot. This pain so bad I have to breath thur it worse at night and my foot swells up makes it unbearable. Like pins and needles . Feels a little better with sick on they tell me it’s normal but people arms telling me it sounds like nerve neropaury . Anyone else have thi I have almost full range motion back

  11. Hi Ria,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I have nerve damage similar to what you’re describing. I’ve written about it in other posts throughout this site. Take a look around!
    Type terms like “neuropathy”, “nerve damage”, in the search box for assistance. Search box is in upper right hand corner of home page. Good luck and keep in touch..

  12. I am 50 post knee replacement. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I am 49 and I have been very active my whole life. I have cried and struggled through my therapy but I am at 125 flexion and 5 extension. It is a struggle sometimes to accomplish the little tasks that we take for granted. Work through the pain, it will be worth it.

  13. I am 3 months post op (united kingdom), I had the op after 20yrs of knee pain and 3 arthroscopy op’s, and I am now walking with out a limp at last, my scare is still warm but I put this down to the healing process of the surrounding tissue, for those having movement issues here we are given a booklet pre op with some simple exercises to do pre & post op and it is important to maintain these exercises for the first six months up to 1 year, but some of you may need to revisit your medical team if still having movement issues, post op in the UK we are not discharged from hospital until we can bend to 90 degrees, this angle is usual achieved the following day with the help of PT,

    excessive heat to the knee, excessive redness could very well be caused by infection and medical advice should be sort straight away, and a possible coarse of antibiotics given

  14. Hello all. I had my TKR in Aug. of 2015. During surgery blood vessels were nicked which caused me to have to keep that leg straight for my first 2 weeks of recovery. This caused me to start off behind.But I then started PT they tore the scar tissue that had built up. I worked really hard for 2 months and attended 135 degree of flexure. I bike ride 2 days a week ,go to yoga 3 nights a week and walk at least 2 miles a day. Can anyone tell me if kneeling on this knee in yoga is a bad thing to do?I don’t really feel the knee hitting the floor but iI feel the pressure of it. Knee is hot after exercise but I just ice it. Is running out of the question?? Im, 62.

  15. Hi MB..
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. It sounds like you are doing very well.
    As stated throughout this site, I do not give medical advice. I do not know whether kneeling or running is for you or not. I have written other posts about this topic. Consider taking the time to search for ‘kneeling’ to bring up a list.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  16. Hey there! I am so glad I found this site. This is happening to me now and your insight surely has me feeling less alone. Thanks!

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