Hot TKR Update

Hi my favorite readers! I have been receiving an increasing number of comments about tkr knees getting warm or hot after activity. I have written about this previously and thought I would update information in this post.

Please note: My tkr surgery was over 5.5 years ago. To this day, my knee still gets slightly swollen and warm after overdoing it. All I need to do is ice it and elevate it for a while.

During the first three months of tkr recuperation, my knee would get hot after any activity. And..I mean hot. With the passing of months and years, the temperature would cool to the warm level.

The same applies to swelling. Initially, the swelling was very noticeable. Mostly it occurred in the kneecap area. Now, the swelling occurs but at a very reduced rate. When the swelling does occur now, it just makes it look like I have a fat knee. 😕

Hope this helps others going through the same thing.

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