How Long Does It Take To Heal From A TKR?

One of my readers (you know who you are..:) ) let me know about this interesting article written for tkr patients that I – in turn- wanted to pass along. The Guest Post is as follows:

Total Knee Replacement: How Long Does It Take To Heal
Written by Richard Haynes.

When you finally decide to go ahead with a knee replacement, you can get bombarded with a lot of information from friends, family, and hopefully the surgeon. When it comes to friends and family, most of the information you will get are opinions though they mean well you get very little fact. The time it took for their knee to heal can vary and unless they had the knee operated on within the last 4-6 months the information you get may be inaccurate.

Your surgeon may or may have not discussed with you some of the experiences you will encounter when, it comes to the actual amount of time it will take for the knee itself to be completely healed.

During the healing process your knee will go through what I consider three phases from a rehabilitation standpoint. The phases are the acute phase, the post-acute phase, and the long term healing phase.

These are phases that I have discovered are important for a patient to understand. The time I feel to discuss them with the patient is not only prior to surgery but, again after surgery as there will be information during the pre-operative briefing that will not be retained.

In general the phases mentioned above tend to play out for the patient in the following way:

1.Acute Phase: This is without question the most painful. It lasts from the day of surgery out to week six.. This time can vary from patient to patient but by week five there is a noticeable decrease in pain. The knee will go through the swelling phase and “throbbing phase” when it comes to pain. It is vital that your understanding and compliance with pain control measures are followed. The use of ice before and after rehabilitation are recommended along with foot elevation to keep the swelling to a minimum. Sleepless nights are generally in store and are not unheard of due to pain. The best measure found to relieve the pain you will encounter during sleep is to move or pump the knee back and forth five to ten times as the knee gets stiff and the spasms occur.

2.Post-Acute Phase: This phase kicks in from roughly week seven to week twelve. Here is where you begin to get a better handle on how to control the swelling and you also have learned as well how temperamental the knee can be. In other words as you become more active the knee will fool you. You will be tempted to do more then the knee is ready to handle physically.

if you take on more then the knee is prepared for, the next day you will pay the price in increased pain and swelling. The use of pain medication though not as frequent is still advised. You should at this point be up on a single point cane and away from the walker which with the new found freedom add to the subtle ability to overwork the leg.

3.Long Term Healing Phase: This is the phase that most orthopedic surgeons will tell you will take close to a year for the knee to be totally healed. You will be able to however to do most anything within reason at this point unless it involves a high-impact activity like constant running and jumping. Pain, swelling, and muscle spasms at this point have completely subsided.

You will have obtained all the range of motion of the knee that you will get. Your strength gains however can always be improved in the muscles surrounding the knee. Your walking pattern has now been established and the knee can and will endure most anything you ask it too.

There will always be some differences among patients when it comes to set time frames with pain and recovery. Having a total knee replacement is considered a major surgery and the advances made in surgery have shorten the time frame by weeks if not by months with some.

The key to joint replacement recovery is patience. By having some patience you develop a stronger more pain free recovery instead of pushing yourself to the edge of suffering from chronic pain and overall physical breakdown.

Find interesting? Kindly share…Thanks!

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423 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Heal From A TKR?”

  1. I am about two years post-op. It has taken that long fully to heal. But I was impatient and tore into rehab and perhaps I overdid it. Now I can ride a bike and walk for miles and miles. I do squats in the gym, do personal training and lead a yoga class. I’m seventy years old and I am relatively pain-free.
    After my TKR (left knee) I got certified in personal training since I’d always been interested in fitness. I am not a yoga adept per se but the people I train wanted one day a week for yoga and so I teach what little I know and which I have made my own.
    I can’t do yoga with as much flexibility as I once had, nor can I go fully down – or lift as much – with my squatting as I could before the TKR. But given my age there are many things I can’t do as I once used to! Having the TKR was a great thing for me. Now I have to learn to pull back a bit and accept the limitations as well as the positives of my new knee.
    I would do it again…. and I may have to some day. It has been a great thing for me.

  2. That is what I needed to know BEFORE I had my surgery, and what my doctor and the people I talked to, did NOT tell me.

    I had a rude awakening along about week 4……It would have been nice to know this beforehand.

    I guess I am now in the “Post-acute phase”…….but at least I am back at work…….(and my bank account will be happy!)

  3. I am 3 weeks post TKR. I was becoming frustrated with the slowness of the rehab, but after reading this I have realigned myself to expect less. What kind of daily excersise is best?

  4. I think the daily exercise depends on where you are in the healing process, what you need to work on the most, and your ROM. It seems my PT recommended several things after 4 weeks including the recumbant bike, a towel stretch, quad sets, deep knee bends, and knee bends using a pillow to support my replaced knee along with some walking.

  5. Heartburn Home Remedy

    Not that I’m impressed a lot, but this is a lot more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on Furl telling that the info here is quite decent. Thanks.

  6. 9 Weeks ago yesterday, I had my TKR. I’m sporadically using my cane, have just started doing a 4 inch stair exercise, and having good days and bad for sure. Finally, I got up to 103 degrees of flexion, but with much bullet biting.
    Narcotic pain meds and tylenol are used but not so freely. My liver took a beating from heavy pain med and tylenol use earlier in my recovery. But, really I had no choice with the amount of pain I was in. Now, I am really picky about when I take the meds – and fortunately, my liver enzymes are coming back to normal – almost. Still – the pain is there and I do piss, moan, and groan about it – it’s frustrating. I can totally agree with the post acute phase comment. Doing too much always comes at me the next day and kicks my butt.

    I did have some good news today, though. My long term disability insurance called today to say they would approve my case – and agree with my surgeon that I should be out 6 months from my surgery date – on account that I have a very physical job with lots of lifting and saying on my feet all day. I feel grateful I have this as I am sure others have not been so fortunate to have this resource.
    I’m also grateful for this site, Booktoots! It’s been such a support.

  7. Hi all. I am 8 wks out. I am definately in phase 2. Dr visit this past Tuesday, Dr. says your doing great!! Now no dancing, or running yet. I THOUGHT I WOULD PEE MY PANTS LAUGHING AT HIM!!!! 1. I never have been a runner not starting now. 2. I COULDN’T DO ANY OF THAT IF I WANTED TOO. He must be nuts……
    I will be glad when I get to the point where I can dance or run if I WANTED to. He has obviously never had this surgery performed on his knee!!!!
    Thanks for all the info. It has truely been helpful to me.

  8. i tkr for 2mth and 3week.left.leg.because i walking limp.and pain and diffcuit walking .can you help to reduce pain and how to do walking better limp.sorry my english not good

  9. Hi Rose,
    No need to apologize about your English. You speak better than some living in the United States.
    Anyways, there are a variety of exercises you can do to strengthen your tkr leg. That sure helped my limping. Look though my blog and you’ll find some that worked for me.
    About your pain…we’ve all been there. I found icing while elevating my tkr to work best.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  10. I am 3 weeks out from TKR, and was feeling like it might not be doing as well as expected. I did not expect to still have so much pain and swelling, or have to take so much pain medication. Talk about sleepless nights, as soon as my head hits the pillow, the pain level goes up unbelievably! My knee is just as big as it was when I left the hospital, but I have pretty good motion in it. Looks like I just have to endure this for another couple of weeks at least, I won’t be trying to avoid the pain meds as much now…seems like it must be normal to still be on them. Thanks for the info!

  11. I had a TKR in July 2009, a couple of days later they opened it again to get blood out of the area. My doctor blamed it on the coumadin. Whatever the reason, I’m sure it contributed to my slow recovery. It has been eight months and I still have a lot of swelling and sleepless nights. I have stayed off the pain pills most of the time, however after I return from the YMCA I find I need to take one that night. I had a tremendous amount of anxiety and depression. At times overwhelming. I may need to have the right knee replaced some day, but right now I know I will put it off as long as possible.

  12. Hi Becky,
    I have been reading quite a few posts this evening and I haven’t read of anyone having been on a CPM (Constant Passive Motion)
    machine during recovery. I don’t know what I would have done without it. For those of you who are still only a few weeks out from
    TKR, maybe your doctor would consider prescribing one for you.
    It helped me immensely and kept my knee from getting too stiff
    and helped with the paid too. In fact, it felt better when on the machine than any other time. I used the CPM for 6 weeks and my
    ROM (range of motion) got to 110 by that time. Hope this info helps someone out there and good luck!

  13. I was starting to get a little frustrated with the persistent swelling and pain after my 8th week. The How Long Does It Take To Heal From A TKR? article was right on time. I’ve had a tendency to over due it because I started feeling a little better. Got my flexion up to 127 degrees today at my P/T session, much pain though. I think I’ll heed the advice in the article and be a little more patient. I still plan to play golf on 03/27/2011.

    Thanks again Booktoots for this forum.

  14. I had a TKR 4 weeks ago. Everyday is a little better but I’m still heavily dependent on pain meds. Nights are rough but I’ve found sleeping much easier if I can do something other than lay there thinking about the pain. I got a good set of earphones and put some restful music into my Ipod. I tried classical, new age, folk–just a lot of cds from the library until I found something that worked for me. I found the Moody Blues and folk music to be the best. Gentle music but complex enough to capture my interest. I never a great sleeper and i’m am surprised I can sleep with the music on but turns out that is not a problem at all. It has really made nights so much easier to take. Even if you are laying there for an hour or so, which i do often, it makes the time go faster. If you find yourself dreading nights you might give this a try.

  15. April 20 2011 4:08 pm
    I’m 3 weeks 1 day out from my TKR. My boss hoped I would be back at 4 weeks. NOT! I started setting my CPM at 90 on the low end and 110 at the top end. I was tired of waiting through the whole cycle from 0. Does the bending get easier after you pass 90 deg? I’m getting impatient!

  16. I am 14 weeks after my TKR. Prior to that I had the knee scoped and ended up with a lot of pain from arthritis. I still have nights where I am woke up in a lot of pain. I have still finished therapy. I am still in pain all day some days. I try to use the pain medicine sparingly. They have lowered the dosage. I walk a lot and try and exercise every day. Ice is your best friend. I ice four or five times a day.

  17. I am at 14 weeks post op tkr and my rom is 116 , my pt says great but my extension is -8 anyone else have this problem

  18. 7 weeks out from my TKR. ROM is 118, and PT was going well. As many have stated, you will pay for over activity the next day.

    I have a small area where a staple was that will not heal. It drains clear fluid. Dr. sent off sample to lab and it didn’t indicate staph. On antibiotics for 10 days, and he has stopped PT and put me in an immobilizer to calm down the knee. Dr. said that he hasn’t seen this very often, and could be a possible infected internal stitch. Has anyone experienced this?

    Booktoots thanks for this forum

  19. 9 weeks out from TKR. ROM is 110 and PT is really building strength in my leg. I overdo things as I feel good, then pay big time the next day.

    Scar is healing nicely. I apply Vitamin E oil frequently during the day to keep it supple as well as massaging the scar to keep it soft.

    I am back at work. I sit most of the day. I have to remember to get up and walk every hour. My ice pack is my friend. I use it a lot during the day and after exercising.

    Great forum, it’s nice to know that I’m not unusual in the way I am healing.

  20. Had tkr jan 24th 2012 I find that after doing therpy 3 times a wk I still get very stiff after sitting or laying down .I do ice and heat and still have this problem I hope this gos away soon it has been about 4 wks now without much improvement

  21. My surgery was January 9th so I’m about three months out. I’ve weaned myself off pain meds during the day for the most part, except for Tylenol. I’m still taking celebrex like I was prior to the surgery as it helps with overall inflammation for me. Following the tkr, just at the two week mark, i was ablw to give up the walker and use my pretty ne cane…but then my back went out due to my gait being off, ugh, then just my back felt better and I was able to give up e cane, I ended up in the hospital with a horrible virus. Overall, my recovery was hampered by these things, however, today my rom is at 125!

    My PT is happy, I go once a week for another three weeks, the pool therapy was the best. Vitamin e and cocoa butter oil help with the scar, the top of the scar is thicker and harder so I massage that each night with the oil. The bottom part of the scar is fading already.

    I am happy with the overall recovery, but I still need the pain meds at night. Once I lie down or even just to watch tv on the couch, my legs begin to feel achy and crampy. I sometimes watch tv from my exercise bike, which stinks for my back, but helps with the knee pain. I still have some swelling, but I try to ice often and that helps.

    So, if I’m at 12 weeks, how much longer do you think I’ll have to take pain meds at night? I cannot bear the aching crampy feeling in my legs at night. Yes, both legs but only the left one had the tkr. Great website.

  22. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Congrats on your ROM, that’s great!
    Everyone’s recuperation is different. I never took pain meds during the night, while others have.
    Take some time and peruse this site. You’ll find great feedback that may help you.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

    Marie (aka Booktoots)

  23. I had a TKR on Feb 3 2012 and I had 130 ROM at 8 weeks after surgery but developed a Baker’s cyst. The Baker’s cyst has prevented my progress with Rom and still have pain and little swelling at 14 weeks. What can I do to get rid off this cyst? I feel that I am ready for golf but my doctor wants me to wait until 4 months after surgery which will be 3 June. Very happy with my progress but recognizing that it will take at least a year to fully recover.

  24. Hi Antony,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. As I’ve pointed out throughout my site, I am not a medical professional and do not dispense medical advice. I have never had a Baker’s cyst, so have no idea about what it takes to remove it.
    I recommend contacting your medical care provider and/or doing online research into this condition.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  25. I am seven weeks out. I am told I am a shining star but I sure don’t feel like it today. I have an unfortunate tendency to push harder than is wise. If I do PT two days in a row my knee lets me know in no uncertain terms. I was not prepared for the fatigue and depression. I switched to Tramadol for pain although I still use Narco to sleep. I stopped using a walker six days post surgery, no cane after eight days. I allowed my ego to dictate my progress. Big mistake. Listen to the knee. The ego ia a liar. I wanted to be ahead of the curve. My knee isn’t on the same page.

  26. Hi Barb,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I’m confident my readers will relate to it as much as I have. Good luck and keep in touch!

  27. I am 6 mos out of TKR…I’m playing golf better than ever…my knee is very stable…I still take pain meds after golf and exercise…especially at bed time…still have trouble sleeping without sleep aid…pain, swelling and stiffness persist…I have to say my quality of life has surpassed my expectations…….just the pain, swelling and stiffness would cease…my surgeon says it takes time and keep challenging the knee…

  28. I hadr TKR on August 7, 2012. I am still in pain and basically have no pep! My bending is 105 but I need to work on my straightening of the knee. I know icing is supposed to be good but when I ice my knee I get a cramping feeling in my calf. I dread the nights as I have not had a full night’s sleep since before my surgery. I wake up every 2 hrs or so with pain and stiffness in my knee. It feels like circulation is being cut off in different parts of my leg. I am still taking pain meds 1 every 4-6 hours.

  29. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. We’ve all been through what you’re going through. If you want some assurance that you’re not alone in your can read real-life stories in my book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After A Total Knee Replacement”. The book is available in hard copy and digital formats. For more information, visit my page titled “Storefront”.
    Good luck and keep in touch.

  30. I am now 9 months out from having a tkr on my left knee. I can tell you that my rom has actually diminished. It was 129 when I finished my pt, but now it’s more like 123 or maybe even less. However, I can do just about anything and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can go up and down stairs and walk at fairs, etc.

    I will say, however, that I still experience some pain and stiffness occasionally. I don’t know if it’s weather related or from overuse…all I know is that lately I have some discomfort. From what I understand, I shouldn’t judge my pain until I’m at the one year mark.

    Just thought I’d share an update.

  31. I’m 76, and I had a TKR 7 weeks ago. I still have swelling and some discomfort, especially upon awakening. I take two Tylenol and a Celebrex each morning, and 1 oxycodone prior to PT which is 3 times a week. I have found that sleeping with a pillow between my legs relieves my discomfort at night. I ice my knee in the evenings.
    I had 12 sessions of PT prior to my surgery, and I feel that that made my recovery a lot easier. I was at 120 egreees flexion 5 days post-op, and I’m currently at 136 degrees flexion and 0 degrees extension.
    Apparently the recovery from TKR is a slow process, which doesn’t sit well with me, or others. But I now go up and down stairs like an adult and not a 2 year old, and that’s a plus.

  32. Hi Arnie,
    Thanks for leaving your informative comment. That’s a great idea to have PT before undergoing tkr surgery. Kudos on your stairs accomplishment, too. I’m impressed. 🙂
    Good luck and keep in touch!

    Marie (aka Booktoots)

  33. I am not that much of a online reader to be honest but your
    blogs really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back later. Many thanks

  34. I had a Tka five weeks ago (right leg)and I most certainly agree with you all about the pain and swelling. This being my second Tka (having had my left leg done june of 2011) I knew what to expect but it still didn’t help. The sleepless nights, bouts of depression and just feeling less of a woman (due to having one leg) really starts to get to you after awhile. I don’t have much pain in my knee any more just ALOT of discomfort. I’m going to continue to push through it though.

  35. Hi Lizz,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your informative comment. The best we can all do is to keep on plugging along and not give up. Good luck in your journey and keep in touch!
    Marie (aka Booktoots)

  36. It’s taking me a lot of labor. But, sure am looking forward to much health. Thanks for the insight.

  37. 11-17-2012
    I am 5 weeks & 5 days out from the TKR of my right knee. I had the left TKR 5 years ago. This time I was better prepared & I also have a much better Physical Theapist working with me.

    I do not have trouble sleeping or with more pain at night. I do have difficulty keeping the pain in check during the day. My surgeon’s nurse is in charge of how much narcotic pain med I am allowed; she is STINGY!! I am a tall, large woman weighing over 260 lb. I think she is giving me the same amount of pain meds as she would a dainty gal! I also take 2 Aleve twice a day. I am not a whiner–this pain is difficult to manage.

    I’m weaning my dose down & can go longer between doses. Up to 12 hours overnight.

    I am walking with a cane outside & walking well inside unaided. I can walk upstairs like a regular person, but like a two-year old down.

    Yesterday I drove my stick shift car to town (25 miles total). It felt so good to drive, but my knee was really howling by the time I got within 5 miles of home. I had to let my husband finish the drive home. Today my knee is really letting me know that I OVERDID with the Driving!!

  38. Hi, I had a TKR on both knees about 17 months ago and I am still experiencing stiffness and pain. My knees hurt constantly, especially when I try to stand up and walk. The first 5 to 6 steps are very painful, but after that, the pain and awkwardness in my walking seems to stop hurting. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can relieve the pain and stiffness?
    Your help would truly be appreciated.

  39. I had my left TKR three weeks ago yesterday and spent a week in rehab before coming home. I’m doing well but my ROM is not much more than 90 at this point. Of course, it was terrible before the surgery which explains why it feels normal. My other knee is actually in worse shape so it’s hard for me to step forward with stairs and other things that are depending on a solid “good” leg. Oh well, as the ortho resident told me the day after my surgery, I should expect 2 months of a lot of pain. I wanted to slug him even though I knew he was right.

  40. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your informative comment. My ROM is about the same as yours, but has been for over 30 years. So..we do what we can do. Keep in touch and good luck!

  41. Hello,
    I am so glad I found this information! I am 3 weeks post op r tkr. I was trying to wean myself from pain meds as it makes me dizzy and clouded. I am on Advil and switch to Tylenol at night. Nighttime is the worst. I must be moving quite a bit as I wake up in pain. Why don’t we get immobilizers to wear at night? I want to be able to chase my granddaughter, walk for exercise, and be pain free. ROm is 95 and I want to return to my job as a high school teacher on a part time basis due to standing all day. I am 52 and hoping this will provide me with good results. I wondered if anyone else has had problems with nausea, and just not feeling right?

  42. I am 4 days post op from TKR. I was sent directly home without the option of inpatient rehab. I am in a lot of pain. I can’t use the cpm without being tearful. My doctor has made me feel like he thinks I am a drug seeker even though I have made it through the last 5-10 years on anti inflammatory drugs alone. I can’t get 5 steps out of bed without the throbbing pain becoming overwhelming. I don’t know where to turn. I don’t know if this level of pain is normal or if it indicates there might be something really wrong annd i am now really uncomfortable talking to dr winters and a little angry. I have had a fever since the surgery. They just kept doing more and more tests in the hospital, taking more and more blood, with no answers.
    Does anyone has any advice?

  43. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your compelling comment. I’m sure we all feel for you. Speaking for myself, four days post-tkr involved excruciating pain. You think it’s bad now, wait until you start pt. Just be prepared, my friend. Take a look around this site for some insight into how other’s have been dealing with a tkr.
    I am not a medical professional, but am only sharing my tkr experiences on this site.
    If I was uncomfortable speaking with my current doctor, I would find another one to talk with. You have every right to be comfortable speaking with your doctor.
    Good luck and keep in touch.

  44. Hi! 8 weeks post op for TKR. Very frustrating 🙁 ROM is only 80 degrees so going back to hospital next week for a MUA (Manipulation under anaesetic) to try and gain more bend and to straighten the knee. Has been a hard journey as I’m allergic to most pain killers and seem resistant to sleeping tablets. Tired, emotional, frustrated. Really hoping the MUA works and I can then see & feel that progress is actually happening! I’m only 48 so in the UK considered very young to have this procedure. Looking forward to a good nights sleep, walking properly and finally enjoying my new knee! Early days I know but very impatient!

  45. Hi, I’m 8 weeks out of Rt TKR. I’m 54. ROM is, at best, 107 to 8 (flexed). Still very stiff, achy. I retuned to work part time at a medical clinic, up/ down all the time. I’m retuning full time in 1 week. This site has been very helpful. I believe I’m on about the same recover course as many of you are. My biggest frustration is waking up every hour to move. I hurt still so much at night. I have pain meds that, now, i am only taking before PT. they keep me awake! I do not fall asleep when I take them. I’ve use Tylenol PM, but I still don’t sleep! I know if I could get better sleep, the days would be so much better!! Any advice or I’s there another pain med out there that will allow better rest??

  46. I had TKR on my right leg on November 13th, 2012, and my left 4 weeks later. Both operations by the same doctor, same hospital, same anesthesia, but different paths of recovery. On the whole, I am very pleased. Pain wise, the only REAL pain I had was making the first full revolution on the stationary bike. The rest is cramping and general discomfort, for which pain killers do nothing. I’ve found Advil and ice takes care of most of it, but sleep, without Ambien, is impossible, and it only lasts for 4 to 6 hours. The Polar Care Cube worked great for sleeping early on, just cut down on the amount of ice, and use more water if you plan on leaving it on while you’re sleeping. Both knees are still stiff, but there’s no real pain. This is for information only, and I am by no means complaining. It’s a slow process that’s worth the wait!

  47. Thank you SO much for this site! I had TKR of left knee 3 weeks 4 days ago and am on a recovery roller coaster! Some days on top of the world followed by the horribly painful sleepless nights. It is reassuring to know that all of this is normal. I do my web searching around 2am to take my mind off my knee until time for another pain killer and reading these entries has been so helpful. Most important I believe is that you WILL pay for it if you overdo – my problem last night, no doubt! I will be returning to this site regularly as I work my way through the stages of recovery. I am 57 and plan to return to work in 2 weeks so I will need all of the advice I can find! Thank you again! Bonnie

  48. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your positive comment, Bonnie. It’s always fun knowing my writing and experiences are helping others like yourself. Stay in touch and good luck!

  49. Hi, I had TKR on my left knee 4 weeks ago. My physical therapist who comes to see me 3 times a week and this website are what gives me hope that things will get better. For the past 2 days I have spent many hours in bed elevating my leg and icing it because the swelling has once again increased. It hurts to sit or lay. I can hardly do my exercises because my leg is so big. I am taking ibuprophen during the day now and norco/vicoden at night. I can’t sleep at night because the pain spikes… Sounds like this is pretty normal. I am so tired of hurting. I had no idea recovery would be like this. This site and the comments i read have been so helpful. It makes me feel less alone. Thank you

  50. Hi Laurie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. It’s nice knowing that my site is helping you feel less alone. Your experiences are exactly the same as mine and so many other readers that have visited this site. Hang in there and keep in touch throughout your recuperation process.
    Good luck!

  51. Hi,
    I am a 53 year old nurse administrator now 7 weeks post TKR. I am so glad that I found this site. Definitely calms my anxieties about my recovery. Though I’m so glad I had the surgery I was worried that I was lagging behind “normal.” What is going well for me is that I had zero degrees extension right away. (I’ve always had significant knee hyper-extension though). Current flexion is 115, but am not yet 100% comfortable there. 105 deg is comfortable. I was able to have a custom made prosthesis which I feel aids in the success of my final outcome. I go to PT twice a week and then each day I do some work on my own. Walking well and haven’t used walker or cane since day 2 at home. What is not so good is that I’ve tended to push myself a lot and am having a fair amount of pain on the outside of my knee, especially when I stand from sitting or doing some mildly strenuous exercises. I suspect that it is ilio-tibial band syndrome – really a pain and haven’t been very successful in getting it resolved. Also experience periodic aching severe enough to medicate at times. Though I tried other strategies, I still need to take oxycodone and Tylenol and positioning at night to be able to get adequate sleep. I wonder what is the outside time frame that I should still need these meds. Sometime take it during the day for extreme aching and it works adequately. My MD isn’t voicing any concerns about pain med use yet. Rest, ice and elevation is always part of my self care. I’m wondering if any else has this type of problem and/or suggestions. I am getting the point that patience is the virtue of the day. Thanks and best wishes to all.

  52. Me again. I am now almost to the end of 6 weeks since TKR and still experiencing constant swellling and occasional pain. It feels like there is a very tight band around my knee. Part of the area is numb. Sometimes It hurts just to touch the skin on my leg. My flexion is only at 92. I do my exercises several times a day. I usually have to warm up a while before I can bend my knee enough to feel like I am actually working it. It gets so tight. I think it is odd the way the pain seems to move to different spots around my knee on different days. I need about 3 tablets of Norco to get through the night. I wake up quite often from the stiffness in my leg. I have been taking ibuprophen during the day but I find it makes me too emotional and doesn’t help with the pain or swelling. Today my leg was extra stiff and achey and the ibuprophen was making me feel defeated and teary. I came to this website and read the previous comments from people. It pulled me right out of the “poor me’s”. I think I am going to need to continue the pain meds for a while for sleep and to use on an occasional basis. Judging from what other people have written you can over do it one day and need help with the pain the following day even after a few months of recovery. I was wondering if anyone else has difficulty sitting for longer than a half hour. I have to keep constantly changing position. Laura, you sound like you are doing very well!! Bonnie, are you back at work? Thank you, Booktoots!

  53. What I haven’t seen in other comments is about simply standing and walking. I’m 9 weeks post tkr and do fine with ROM although getting my knee straight is still challenging. I am/was an active 61 female – my husband and I just retired and were hoping to enjoy life so I am very discouraged about my progress. My problem is that I can stand about 10 minutes being uncomfortable but beyond that I am in a lot of pain even having taken a pain med prior. There is still significant heat coming off the knee too. My insurance stopped my PT but I am religious about exercising and ice about 6 times a day/night. Finallly I can sleep fairly well so in that respect I feel there has been progress. My surgeon gave me almost 2 minutes of his time at my two post-op appointments saying saying everyone is different. Does it seem reasonable to have so much pain just standing a few minutes after two months? Should I seek a second opinion or what? Please advise me as the depression is making this even worse.

  54. Discovered your website just after I had a left total knee on 10 December 2012. I’m now just approaching the 3 month mark and wondering if it is normal to be uncomfortable doing any walking on concrete floors. I do 20 minutes on my eliptical every morning before going to physical therapy and feel great. I’m taking an anti inflammatory for the swelling and nothing more. I’m finally sleeping all thru the night.

  55. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I had pain for longer than two months after standing a short while, just so you don’t feel so alone. Take a look around my site and find out that what you’re experiencing is rather common.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  56. I am 11 weeks past right TKR. I have two more Pt appts. and I am being released. I have attained 127 ROM. and my knee lays completely flat. I am now working on stair climbing. My surgeon wanted to do a hospital manipulation at 3 weeks and I refused. I have had very little pain during the entire process. My therapist said all during my therapy that I would never have to have pain past a 2 in therapy. And I haven’t. My surgeon said I had to make my knee hurt to rehabilitate. How wrong he was. I can ride my exercise bike for a half hour at a time. I haven’t had to take meds since I left the rehab center after two weeks. I have had therapy strongly at the rehab center and have been in out patient therapy three times a week and extensive therapy at home. You have to be extremely motivated to exercise from the beginning. It started the night after my surgery. Stayed awake all night and worked my good leg up and down and did ankle rolls on both feet to help avoid blood clots. I still have a long way to go as I still can’t walk for great distances. But it will come. A positive attitude is most important and patience with the knee. First and foremost, it will not heal overnight. When it hurts, get off of it, use ice and rest. I am 73.

  57. I went back yesterday for my second post op check up with my surgeon that wanted to put me in the hsopital at 3 weeks and do a manipulation. Thank goodness I refused. My knee bent, yesterday, in his office to 127 degrees, and and my knee would lay totally flat. He was impressed. Said I was his star patient. I am now at 13 weeks post op. I have found out first hand that you do NOT have to hurt yourself or let any therapist hurt you to rehabilite the knee. If your therapist is hurting you past a 2 on the scale, find another therapist. You must take it slow and steady. Get off of it early in the evening and get a good nights sleep. The most important thing is not to rush your rehabilitation and if it hurts that means you are going to have swelling and that hinders the recovery. Stay with the exercises that they have you do in therapy after you are not going there anymore. The knee will not be fully healed for 6 mos to a year. Accept this fact and be patient with the knee. If the surgeon has done his job correctly during surgery, you will find that the knee will progress nicely with a lot of work and patience. Above all “if the knee hurts, get off of it and use ice for at least 20 minutes”.

  58. Hi,I’m so glad to have come across your website. I’m 4 weeks post open tkr of my left knee,the pain that I’m having isn’t in my knee,its in my thigh and my calf is very sensitive. I sometimes have pain that shoots through my ankle and my toes. I too am having difficulty sleeping at night because of the acheyness and throbbing in my leg. I try not to take pain pills because I don’t like how they make me feel. My Dr says I’m doing great but I sure don’t feel like I am. I have started my pt and my rom is only at 90,I feel like my knee gets stuck and I can’t bend it,does the bending get any easier? I am 45 and I get so angry because im having such a hard time getting it to bend more,I’m at a 12 when it comes to straightening my leg. I become very emotional and cry like a baby. Its good to know that I’m not the only one that is having these same problems,I just want to walk normal once again and sleep at night like I used too. I keep telling myself,if the older people can do it so can I,I commend them for that. I only wish my Dr would have told me about the after affects.

  59. Hi,
    I’m a fortyfive year old male,three weeks post op tkr experiencing much of the same aches and pains explained in previous posts.Although its early days regarding rehabilitation I think I’m on track using other peoples experiences as a measuring stick.The thing I’d like to know more about is if their knee feels natural as I keep forgetting that there’s a new joint in there at all.Thanks for such an informative site that shows there’s no time limit on your rehab,”its better when its better” and having unrealistic goals and targets may only cause frustration in the long run.Thanks and best wishes to you all in recovery.

  60. I had a LTKR on 01/22/2013. I’m 54. At almost 7 weeks out and I have had no pain since 5 weeks. My ROM is 118. It’s been years since I could properly walk down steps. Instead of my left foot always following my right one step at a time I can finally go down one step with my right then another step with my left. I’ve been married to the same man for 32 years and have 3 kids, ages 31, 29 and 9, yes that is correct we have a nine year old perfect little, all boy, son. I will forever be grateful to my surgeon for the opportunity to continue to do all the outdoor activities with my youngest that I enjoyed doing with my older kids.

  61. I am three weeks out after TKR. My doctor started the CPM machine on the day of surgery, and I use it 8 hours a day, 2 hours on and 1-2 hours off. It has helped tremendously to keep my knee limber. I guess I was one of the lucky ones regarding the pain. I have not had pain killers since the day after surgery. I just haven’t needed them. 3 days after surgery my ROM was 100, and I’m up to 110 today. The only problem I seem to be having is blood pooling in my lower leg, ankle, and the top of my foot. When I stand up, the blood rushes down to my shin area and it feels like a thousand needles are being stuck into me. The pain subsides after about 20 seconds, but that 20 seconds is NOT pleasant. I am scheduled to see my surgeon in 2 days. I will ask him about the blood pooling then. I don’t understand why I can’t use heat at this point to help dissipate the blood. Oh well, I don’t regret getting this done at all, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! Good luck to all post TKR patients! Speedy recovery.

  62. Hi PJ,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving such positive feedback. It’s great to hear such inspiring experiences. Good luck and stay in touch!

  63. Tim the Teacher

    I am 57 yo male and am almost 4 weeks postoperative from a left tkr after 4 torn meniscus episodes due to running? i am in between a walker and a cane. I only have 1 session left with my in home PT who thinks that I should be more than 92 in ROM and 0 in extension. She has been so aggressive as to bend my leg back several times w/o warning to see how far it will go. I have had it on a CPM up to 105 today but she swears she should be able to measure that herself with her own sneaky efforts. She threatened me with the manipulation bit if I didn’t improve soon. I refused to let her bend it on Monday. I feel that if the OS clears me for anti inflammatories it will get better when I start out patient PT on Friday. Only needed I pain med today.

  64. Hi Tim,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Manipulation must be the latest craze in the tkr field since so many people seem to be having their medical care providers recommend it.
    Just for the record…It’s been 5 years since my tkr and my ROM is about 93. I’m not worried about it. It’s about what it was prior to my surgery. I’ve written about this in other posts on this site.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  65. I am 7 weeks post TKR. This is a wicked surgery and has tested my sanity to the limits. My problem has been that I over did it coming out of rehab and have paid the price. I never used a walker and a cane for only a few days. I walked 2 miles at 2 weeks and regret that (set me way back). I still have significant pain and taking Rx nightime only. All those who have had this and still not sure if you would do it all over again…….I am in your camp……stay strong!

  66. Hi All and thanks Booktoots.
    I am 67 yrs old, had my PKR on my birthday, it was not a pleasant experience. I am now entering Week 9 and as much as I empathize with everyone here with all the difficulties you are experiencing, I think I can give you hope by saying that today I feel FINE.
    My first six weeks were horrendous, I overdid my PT and paid dearly for it. Passed out one day in PT due to over activity. Went on double dose of Bactrim for a possible infection. I am somewhat of a gym rat so I thought that the ore I did, the better off I would be, WRONG! The later day pain and swelling was enormous, I had to force myself to use a LOT of ice, meds and REST.
    My doctor knows me quite well for being determined and physically very active even at my age, he had to eventually order me to stay home and watch TV. For me, that was like a prison sentence however today after 8 weeks, I can report that I am feeling great. The pain for the most part is gone however I do have some stiffness in the mornings and the middle of the night.
    I think I am at about 80% recovered and am looking forward to golfing in the next few weeks. My advice to everyone, and I know it is different for everyone, DON’T OVERDUE YOUR PT! Take every opportunity presented to walk upstairs and downstairs (hold on to the rail), walk when you can, do your four step stairs stretch, ice, ice & ice. Use your meds if that is what it takes to get the PT done, just don’t overuse. I am now down to one (maybe two) Percocet per day. I use it particularly to try and get a good night’s sleep.
    Everyone including my doctor tells me that I am way ahead of the recovery game since I am almost normal again, I went through hell though and I KNOW you will too, just have patience and wait it out, it gets better. A lot better.

  67. I am a 66 yr. old and had a TKR on my right knee Jan. 22, 2012. My surgeon uses a minimally invasive technique. I spent 3 nights in the hospital, and 2 weeks in rehab. I have virtually no pain. My range of motion is 127 and I can straighten my leg perfectly. When I woke up in the hospital my knee was moving in the machine. 1st 24 hrs. were painful. After that, pain was minimal. I was driving at 3 weeks. My best advice is to REALLY research the surgeon you will use. I know many people who have had a TKR and are still struggling after several months. Also, pineapple juice really helps with the swelling. I still drink a couple of glasses per day. Stay positive, it’s so important.

  68. Male age 57 -I am 5 weeks out of left tkr. I used cpm twice daily for 3 hours per day to 90 degrees after 3 days. I had flatlined in recovery following the tkr surgery. Two days later got a pacemaker, underwent testing for another two weeks. Used percoset for first few days following surgery by day 5 stopped percocet as it made me nauseous Walked a little each day with walker for first two weeks while in CCU Went to acute rehab for 4 days and had PT and OT twice per day. Tried percocet one more time in rehab but did not tolerate it well so i stopped it completly Used cane on 2 nd day in rehab Went home after 19 days post op.was released with Vicodin script and I tried it a few times but still not tolerate it well although a little easier than Percoset so did not use. Did not use any Tylenol either was evaluated at home by home care and went for follow up with Ortho surgeon. Stopped cane after first couple days home during week 3-4 Was signed off for outpatient PT during first week home. Continued CPM about a half hour twice per day and exercised at home as well to week 6 Cpm to 120 degrees. Almost 6 weeks
    now 5 days out patient PT so far. Knee at 112 degrees flexion and -8
    extension. Walking without any cane or walker since week 3 Week 5 walking about 3/4 mile per day. In woods and on roads and or mall. No pain meds taken at all since week 3 and very little at that point. Maybe 10-12 pills total as I did not tolerate them well. I did start 5 mg Lexapro for anxiety/ depression during week 3 and have tolerated it ok although I have mid dull headaches during week 5-6. Tried Tylenol last night and it helped and I had a hard decent night sleep for a change. Sleep has been the most uncomfortable time for knee. Tilt board stretch, bike, leg Rex using ball some stretching from therapist Lucky to have minimal pain.

  69. I am frustrated. I am almost 11 weeks out of tkr and have awful pain around my knee I have 126 flexion so that is not the problem. I feel like there is a vice tightening around my knees. At night it feels like my knees are on fire.Why am I still having so much pain?

  70. Ellie,

    I am in my 11th week and my pain is mostly gone although I still use a Percocet occasionally after I have been to the gym. I also feel the vice tightening and the burning sometimes. I have been told that I am way ahead of the game since my recovery was so fast. I was walking without any assistance two days after I got home however just as it was positive so quickly, so I have experienced set backs without reason.

    I am a very healthy 67 and am proud of my robust and active lifestyle. I was quite surprised last Thursday after I went to the gym and during grocery shopping, my knee gave way. I had no indication of this happening since there was no pain after the gym and I felt pretty good. The rest of the day was pretty painful. I feel very frustrated at times since I keep wondering when and IF I will ever be free of pain again. I am going back for my 12 week checkup next week and hope to have a lot of these questions answered.

    My advice to you is to cultivate a lot of patience and remember that this kind of major surgery requires a LOT of time to heal and get you back to normal. Don’t overdo any PT and just because you feel fantastic one day does not necessarily mean that you can go crazy with more exercising. Give the internals time to heal and reconnect nerves, muscle and ligaments.

    I wish you all the best with your recovery and it will get better.

  71. Hi Ellie & Dallas Jones,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comments.
    Ellie…your pain level sounds like mine was at your stage of tkr recuperation.
    Dallas…I’m sure your inspiring comment will help others in addition to Ellie.
    Good luck to you both!

  72. It is so good to discover this blog. I’ve had so many questions but was not receiving concrete answers, I did not know the norm, what to expect, why one day I was fine, the next day I could not walk for the pain. What was I doing wrong!

    I had a TKR on my right knee 8 weeks ago. The day after surgery my ROM was 90 degrees, I was the STAR at the hospital that week. I went home and for the first week, with manageable pain, was moving around with little limitation. Just because you can do it does not make it smart. A little after a week after surgery, my knee began to swell. The pain was not manageable since I have a very low tolerance for narcotics I was put on bed rest, no movement, for the next two weeks doing very minimal Physical therapy. Ice 5 to 6 times a day. I was still using the walker.

    I got through that period with lessons learned. Week 3 proved a bit better,. The PT was happy but sometimes I would get nerve pain so extreme I was sidelined. I transitioned to a cane. This went on and off until week 6. ROM had setback, but now at 100. I began to sleep for more than 2 hours, but still some recurrence of nerve pain, but manageable. I had to go on a business trip I could not get out of on week 6, but for some reason, my knee began to improve, more stable, 100% of my body weight, I carried my cane, but used it rarely. My ROM had not improved that much, but little pain (use Ibuprofen 1 to 2 times a day).

    My PT stopped a week before the trip . I hired a Trainer at my GYM with physical therapy experience at week 7. My knee is swells, but minimally. I can walk up and down stairs. When it starts to hurt, I STOP. Lesson learned. We work in the pool and machine and floor exercises. I also do 30 to 45 minutes on a bike or elliptical 2 to 3 days a week. My ROM is at 116. I feel that I’m at the next level, still some swelling, ibuprofen when needed, and with the exercise I sleep at night.

    I am looking forward to the day when I don’t feel my knee. I will do my left knee sometime this year. I am beginning to feel the pain in the left knee with the exercise, but the TKR knee, no pain just a little swelling. It does feel numb and I do have moderate bone pain.

  73. April 22nd, 2013 at 6:39 am

    I had my knee replaced 6 months ago. I had previous work done on my knee and had scar tissue and so on. After 3 or 4 months I could straighten my leg to 0% and could bent my knee a touch over 130 degrees but after I go for a walk ( 3K) my knee still stiffens up and gets sore at the bottom of my kneecap. Is this normal? I know some people say they are golfing and hiking and so on after a few months. They must be super athlete’s or something but I know in most cases these knees take a long time to heal. I would appreciate any feedback.

  74. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I experienced the same thing you are going through. It’s fruitless to compare yourself with others. Everyone is different.
    Take a look around my site and find other useful information.
    Good luck and stay in touch!

  75. I am at 4 months post total right knee replacement. I am doing well, but what they say is so true. It does take 6 months to a year to totally heal. New bone has to grow around the parts than extend down and up into the bones. This does not happen over night, I have found. I have good ROM now, but still have the stiffness if I don’t rest often. Still have a catchy pain at times when moving the knee after sitting for awhile. I no longer have to prop my leg when sitting. Finally have been able to stop using the ice as the swelling is gone. I am 73 so I can afford to rest when I need to. I am still very active and healthy. Patience is the word to put at the top of the list after a surgery of this kind. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you that just had surgery. The surgery is a piece of cake, its the long long recovery and the physical therapy that is the pits. But it is well worth it in the long run.

  76. I’m 7 weeks out swells all of the time. Then pt guy put bandage on it called kinesio tape used in Japan..I’m a big woman 385 pounds. It helped with pain and swelling.. so bought my own make my husband put it on. And feels so good..I try to push to much too. And end up sidelined for it..just live and learn we all heal differently.patience is a virtue they good luck to me and you all thanks for your feedback and listening to mine.

  77. I found this site in the middle of yet another sleepless night and I have to say it saved my sanity. I am 2 and 1/2 weeks post op and making slow progress, but feeling just a little better every day. My swelling is minimal but pain is not! I take Percocet probably 3-4 times a day, and sleep meds at night. My biggest hurdle has been to rebuild quad strength (at one point had a flaccid leg that I relied on others to lift). That is improving as I can now life my leg on my own to a certain degree. I use the CPM and get to 100 degrees, but when I physically bend it, only get to 92. My leg can lie flat. Sitting in a chair kills me as the knee stiffens quickly. I am a work at home nurse and returned to work one week post op. Very hard!! Sleepless nights are the norm for me, sometimes only 20 minutes at a time. This morning I got cocky, thinking I could go the bathroom without my walker and on the way back, my knee buckled, sending extreme pain up my thigh. I’m icing right now. Thank you so much for this site. The comments have helped me survive and I will continue to read them. I wish everyone great success with recovery and can’t wait until I am where many of you are now. Thanks again

  78. Hi Kandi,
    Thanks so much for your positive feedback and insight. It’s great to hear my site is helping others going through the same thing. Best of luck to you and keep in touch.

  79. I had tkr on October 16, 2012. Just went back to my job in a big box store whose favorite color is orange. I cannot sit most of the day, so I am on my feet 7-8 hours in motion. Knee was doing ok until about 2 months ago. Now, I cannot go down the stairs one foot after the other. I have a lot of pain at the patella/tibia line and around the inside of the knee. It also has a small bruise. When , I bend it feels like its under pressure and going to explode! Have had several tests and ended with a bone scan. There is blood pooling at the femoral portion of the prosthesis and the patella tibial joint (?) appears to have decreased. No infection from bone scan. From what I have read, the prosthesis may have come loose, thus the blood and the patella may not be tracking properly. It’s scary with blood pooling since I have had two DVT in the past. Seeing surgeon next week. Anyone have any comments as to what has happened. 7 months later and still in pain and not able to do the things I used to. Not a happy camper!! Tkr is a slow, painful and frustrating recovery especially when your workplace is not accommodating for fear of showing favoritism to employees! Maybe they should pay for 2nd surgery if that is what happens?!?

  80. Thank goodness for this website. I am 8 weeks out from left TKR and still having rough time. Could not take pain meds – made me so sick. Lost quite bit of weight. Finally down to a Tramadol for PT (at home) ,pain at night, etc. Even Tylenol made mouth sore. Main thing – I did good in PT for the 6 weeks I was there and was walking some each day, etc. Do not know what happened…all of sudden, I have pains shooting in every direction from knee. Outside, inside, back of knee and calf very sore – hard to move knee at night – this all just started. Maybe overdid some with PT (only do about 20 minutes each day per doctor advice) and supposed to walk and increase a bit each day. Use cane as needed. I have had so many meltdowns cannot count. Need depression med I am sure but take so much now I hate to go on another pill. Had stroke from AFIB 3 years ago. Think I was too weak to have this surgery but would like feedback on pain around knee and down in leg – even into foot….even upper part of leg to groin has some pain. Is this normal – will I ever be normal again? I am 71 and did not want to be a wimp with this surgery. Have been thru a lot but never anything like this. Bless each of you.

  81. Hi Martha,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your real-life experience comment. Pain and immobility was very common in my entire tkr leg. Take some time and read through others’ comments. I’m sure you’ll find similarities.
    Personally, I don’t like the word “normal” since there is no such thing. Everyone brings different experiences and backgrounds to any situation.
    It took awhile to get my tkr in shape. Have you consulted with your doctor about this?
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  82. I am wondering why this website wasn’t found until after my TKR? Surgery was April 2 which makes it a bit over a month. I’ve graduated to a cane to get around and attend outpatient PT three times a week and pay a dear price each evening afterwards. Not only is there still a great deal of pain involved with the knee itself, but the muscle spasms, swelling (which feels like my skin is burning) are, at times, unbearable. And, again, I wonder where this site was prior to my surgery and, if I had stumbled upon it, would I have gone through with the surgery?
    My boss was under the impression I’d be back @ work within two weeks (this is what the doctor said was possible due to the fact that I sit at a desk for the most part of my job — there are times I may have to walk to the other side of the building (the size of a football field) but those times are few and far between.
    No, I am not back to work and cannot even fathom that thought due to the unbearable swelling along with the spasms that start up the moment I begin to move around — walking from the bed to the bathroom, walking into the living room and trying — in vain — to find a comfortable way to sit on the couch or chair. Next to impossible because the moment my right leg is touching the floor, the swelling begins, the pain sets in and I am in a bad state any way you look at it.
    Having a difficult time imagining when I’ll be able to go back to work simply due to the sitting aspect — sitting equals pain no matter how you cut the mustard.
    My range of motion is good — this is per my Physical Therapist but he is in agreement that I am not ready to return to work … so here I sit.
    I experience a high percentage of the pain @ night when trying to go to sleep which is almost impossible — tossing & turning trying to find a comfortable position is for not. Waking up two to three times a night due to pain is becoming a regular occurrence.
    So … where am I going with all of this … I guess from what I’ve read above, all of these issues I’m experiencing are par for the course but I do wonder if I would have gone through the procedure knowing all of this beforehand.
    I do wonder when I’ll be able to return to work but right now my only priority is getting to a place where comfort overrides discomfort. I am still taking pain meds as they are the only way to deal with a lot of these issues. I find I’m in total agreement with most that report you pay for the PT the next day … BOY, do I pay! Maybe that’s where the phrase, “No pain, no gain” comes from …
    Happy this site is here and my only wish (think I’ve said this before) is that I had stumbled upon it before the surgery …
    Good luck to everyone that is going through this and I wish everyone the best in their recovery …

  83. On May 22, 2013, I will be undergoing TKR on my right leg. After reading all of your write-ups, I’m kind of shaky about going through with this. I visited with my doctor this afternoon and brought up about all of these ordeals. He said that everyone heals differently and that there will be discomfort but if you take the meds as prescribed, everything should go very smoothly. I do have trust in my doctor. I will give an update after my surgery is through and I am home. The surgery that I will be having is the Subvastus Approach. It is a surgery which the doc does not cut through the patella muscle which makes recovery a bit easier. We shall see. Look for my updates and good luck to all who has had or will have TKR….

  84. Hi Sandra,
    Good luck with your upcoming tkr surgery. You’re doctor’s correct…everyone does heal differently and at his or her own rate. Keep us posted.
    Keep in touch and share this site with others who may find it useful.

  85. Hi again! I wrote first when I was 8 week’s out from right TKR. I am now 5 months out and doing fine. It was very difficult at times and i was very depressed! Now, I’m sleeping very good, and getting around good, almost better if I don’t sit to long at my desk. I work for a very busy cardiology clinic, sometimes 9 hours a day without much of a break! My other knee is painful and I had plans to do that knee in mid September, and be back to work so others could have the holidays off! As it turns out, my daughter is expecting twins this fall. Grandma has to be on her best! I’ve have decided to postpone surgery for another year and will be getting cortisone shots, which have helped in the past! The only think I can say know, is no matter how hard it was, and it was, I wish I would have done both at the time and have it all behind he, BUT…. I am not afraid to go through it again. I now know how to be a TKR patient! Thank you so much to all who have written in! This has been a great support to me.

  86. Hi Anne,
    I also sent you a private email message. Thanks for returning to my site and leaving us your updated condition. It’s nice hearing you enjoy our site. Good luck with both your knee and upcoming Grandma’s life.
    Keep in touch…….

  87. Hello to all,
    Tomorrow is my big day of surgery on the right knee. Scared out of my tree! Doc said I’ll be in the hospital about 3 days and back to work in 3 to 4 weeks. We shall see! It is great coming onto this site reading everyone’s episodes of their surgeries. I’ll keep all informed on my healing process. Please keep me in your prayers.

  88. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for visiting my site and informing everyone of your upcoming surgery. You’re in our prayers and thoughts. The surgery’s the easiest part. 🙂 You’ll do fine. Good luck and stay in touch…

  89. Hi, just found this very useful site! Hope someone can offer me some advice please. I had TKR in September 2012. After initial problems that most folk seem to have had, things were going great. Since December, my knee is increasingly sore, painful, gets very swollen if I stand on it for only 5 minutes and feels very unstable. When I saw consultant earlier this year, he sent me for xray which showed joint had loosened. Next month I have follow up appointment and also an xray scheduled. He mentioned the possibility of a revision if there was further loosening. I really don’t want a revision and I am not yet through a year’s recovery. Has anyone else experienced this and, if so, could you tell me what your outcome was? Thank you so much.

  90. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for visiting my site and finding it useful. I am not the one to ask about a loosened tkr since I have no experience in that area. Perhaps others readers can pitch in. I sure do feel for you, though. Bummer…
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  91. Hi, I just had bilateral tkr on May 6. I spent 3 nights in the hospital and 5 nights at a rehab center. After surgery I swelled 3 pant sizes from my toes to my waist. I iced and elevated 4 times a day but nothing worked until I practically stood on my head. I kept my head as flat on the bed and raised my feet as high as I could and within 2 days most of the swelling dissipated.
    My knees still feel quite tight but my pain is managed with half a tablet(2.5mg) of oxy at 8 am and at midnight and a tylenol 4 at 4pm. I also take a naproxen (375mg) as an anti inflamitory once a day. I sleep with 2 body pillows( one on either side) and throughout the night I can switch sleep
    ing on my side and on my back, which seems to allow me 2 hour intervals of sleep. I also ice in the middle of the night. I still use a walker because I was told to use either a walker or crutches until my 6 week visit. I do walk a few steps on my own each day, but have decided to follow the medical advise. I am currently doing the physio exercise on my own 2 times a day and will start seeing a pt after my 6 week visit with surgeon and am given more exercises to do, I too have difficulty sitting with my feet on the floor for any length of time and standing too long, but as many people on this website have stated, it just takes time. I am very happy I decided to get both knees done at the same time and keep my spirits up by researching where my first trip will be when I can walk like a normal person again. Great website!

  92. Had revision surgery on 13.5, from uni to TKR. There was a considerable amount of bone grafting needed. I am in constant pain, my leg feels like all the nerves are on the outside and from my ankle to the top of my thigh aches like ive been driven over. I have groin pain, and hip pain and havent had a nights sleep in 2 weeks, I feel irritated and upset and really don´t know how to cope with this excrutiating pain – normally I have a high pain threshold! I have various medications NONE of them work. The surgeon has changed my meds 3 times, to no avail. Whilst in hospital I lost 7 KG due to a bad stomach and not being able to eat – maybe due to meds, now the doctor wants to be careful what he gives me, but surely I shouldnt have all this pain…..there must be something I can get to help

  93. Have written before in May and was having hard time..some thing better but at nearly 12 weeks my knee has started hurting worse at night and so hard to sleep. Don’t know why. How long did some of you still ice at night -while sleeping(or trying to sleep:(- and any suggestions on what I might do. At 12 weeks how much do you actually walk – for therapy? I get in every position I can with my leg but still hurts. I take small dose of Valium along with my regular meds but nothing seems to help. Cannot take anything but Tylenol and does not help at all, it seems. So tired of not sleeping and then feeling drugged all day – how long does this last – doctor says recovery up to a year. Pray not this long. Best of luck to all of you and May God bless our servicemen and women all over the world.

  94. Hi Carole,
    Thanks for posting your comment on my site. I feel for you, as I’m sure we all do. Pain meds never worked for me, either. This may sound cliche’, but I found icing to be extremely helpful to lower pain levels.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  95. Hi Martha,
    Not sleeping after a tkr is very common. You might consider reading ‘Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR’ that I put together. It’s available for sale under my storefront.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  96. Hi, thanks for this site.. I am 10 days home feeling a bit frustrated. Came home very pleased with myself, 120 degrees, very little pain… Didn’t last. After doing my exercises regularly and correctly I started getting very sharp pain where lateral collateral ligament joins fibula. Couldn’t work through it, pain too severe. Decided to leave exercises a few days and ice and rest.. Range of movement now much reduced, limping, generally feel pretty down. At least I know there are plenty of others out there struggling. Not due to see anyone for another five weeks…. think I will contact a physiotherapist for advice..
    This is hard isn’t it ?

  97. I guess God blessed me although I did not feel that way the first few days as the pain was terrible. I had a bilateral total knee replacement on April 29th, 2013. I am 58 yrs old and weigh in around 205-210 and am 6’3″. I came home on day 4 as day two they left in the nerve and pain blocks but by 10 the next morning I walked about 100 feet. I do believe that the pre-op exercising of the legs is by far the biggest thing that gets left out site after site. I worked quads, hams, and inner and outer legs for 3 days a week hard maxing out on the 3rd set of each exercise and limping out of the gym due to my left leg being so bad ( my fault I kept putting it off and playing basketball with my 2 sons 21 and 24) but within 10 days I was walking with no aid at all around the house..doing the therapy was murder but it is temporary where prior to it was forever, right. Stretch those knees, make it hurt and hold it there for at least 20 seconds if possible or work up to that. By day 14 I had walked 3 straight days of 1 mile in about 35 minutes. At end of week 3 I was able to walk 3 miles without stopping in 1 hour and 30 minutes thought right leg did swell some I propped it up and iced it with some ibuprofen, ( was off all pain killers except otc by day 14.) I was back at work after 4 weeks and I am just past week 5 and every hour or so I walk for 2-3 minutes and do 2-3 hard knee bends with each knee for 20-30 seconds and am walking the 3 miles in just over an hour, missing it by 3-6 minutes depending on day. My experience is that the harder you work bending or trying to improve the rom and walking to improve circulation and going to the gym and do light work know which pain is no good and to stop but do the quads, hams, and inner and outer legs too ( adductor and abductor machines ). On the first day of week 3 my ROM was 107 for the left and 103 for the right ( which by the way had the drain knocked out on way to recovery and never did get drained so the left drained 600ml while the right drained zero which explains why it is still tighter and does not have the ROM yet. I had 6 days of in house therapy and they sent me to out patient where I had one day and picked up a copy of their exercises and am doing this on my own. Does it hurt… only during therapy..but its a good hurt as I know. One drawback is I do not know what my ROM is but 1 week ago I could not do the leg extension machine for my quads as the right leg could not get under the roller but within a week I can and though I was doing 240 10 times for a 3rd set before operation I am only at 100 lbs for 3rd set. Why no one tells you that you lose so much strength in your quads and hams etc is irresponsible…and the pre-op exercise routine should be so much more extensive and I think the post-op would be so much better for everyone.
    Paul….Semper Fi

  98. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for your thorough comment and for visiting my site. Your insight is very useful and encouraging. I’m confident my readers will enjoy it as well. It’s very nice to hear from someone who has experience lifting weights and making it seem so simple. Just goes to show that everyone is different. Lifting 40 pounds is a major feat for me. 🙂 Kudos to you for your accomplishments!
    Keep up the great work and stay in touch. Good luck!

  99. Well, I’m back with my adventurous TKR rehabilitation. Surgery was 5/22/13 and now I’m in my 3rd week. It has been tough. Physical therapist comes 3 days a week and he says I’m ahead of most patients of 3 weeks. Somehow I don’t feel that I’m ahead. I’m dealing with back pain and also leg pain from ankle up to hip. Doc says I can drive as of this coming week, so I am going for a test drive with my hubby tomorrow. I’m attempting to go to work for 4 hours on Tuesday (office manager). Pain is still fairly bad and I do not sleep well at all. Entire leg aches like a toothache but I get up and walk the house for about 10 minutes and crawl back into bed. It seems to help some. By the way, I walk with a cane but around the house I try not to use it much. The exercises are killers, as we all know, but I try not to miss doing them. Twice a day! My leg is now at 118 degrees which is a struggle to get it there and hurts like hell. I do more walking than exercising. Leg gets very stiff after sitting for awhile and it is kind of scary to walk after getting up with it feeling that way. But it does loosen up as you move. This is a very trying time for me because I’m not a big time exerciser. I’ll let everyone know how my first day back to work will be (which I’m a bit frightened about). Thanks for all of your prayers! I shall return in a few days. Good luck to all and keep the faith.

  100. Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for coming back and posting your tkr recuperation update. You sound like you’re doing well. I also found walking for useful…and still do. 🙂 Kudos to you! Good luck on your first day back at work…
    I also sent you a private email.

    Keep in touch and good luck!

  101. I am 46 years old and 5 days post op on a LTKR. I went home on day 2 and was just getting around well till I shifted in bed the wrong way and whammied some muscle/tendon on the right side of the knee. After 20 minutes of tears, a pain pill and ice, I’m still real sore. And now afraid to do it again! I wasn’t sure what my abilities should be at this time in healing (which is how I found this website), but I think I’m doing pretty good. I will keep looking here for other posts and keep my head high. I too, had no clue as to the pain I would feel afterward and it is hard to see through it all to when I’m feeling better. But I know it’s got to be better than the constant pain I was in before surgery. Wasn’t able to sleep much then either. Good Luck to every one and I hope things work out for you.

  102. I am 53 years old and had TKR 4 weeks ago I am having difficulty my leg is only at 75 degrees and the bending is a horror, terrible time sleeping, still can’t drive, getting frustrated I am looking for some tips on dealing.

  103. Had tkr 8 weeks go. Doing pretty good. Had physical therapy for about 4 weeks after rehab. Was at a standstill in progressing, so I switch to water therapy, wonderful. Lots more bending with little to no pain. Only thing after an hour of therapy I am really tired and sleep for one to two hours, but it sure feels good working in the water. I recommend this to everyone.

  104. Hello Everyone!
    I did go back to work for 2 days last week for 4 hr a day only. I was able to drive without any problems. I was concerned since it is my right knee involved. I took my cane with me but didn’t use it in the office but I did when I had to walk out of the office but only for an extra security. By the end of the 4 hour day, I was ready to go HOME. More so, very exhausted! This coming week, I will be working 4 4hr. days and then the week after will be full time again. Not looking forward to that.
    As for my healing process…… I still have pain in the entire leg up into my hip. It is hard to stand up since I get this pain in the inner side of the knee. Once I’m up it hurts for about 3 steps and then it is not too bad. Knee still feels very tight most of the time and the swelling is still there. I try to ice it twice a day and it does help. I do have this clicking noise off and on and when I sit down and relax the leg, the joint seems to move. I’ll be anxious to ask the doc about that when I go back for a check-up on the 11th of July. The PT says that is normal and until the swelling goes down, I will feel things like that on occasion. I try to walk as much as possible and I do the exercises twice a day. My PT is finished with me and said I will continue to improve as long as I continue the exercises he wants me to do.
    Sleeping………..YUK! I’m so tired when I go to bed that I fall asleep without any problem but 2 hours later, I’m wide awake. I walk around the house for about 5 minutes and try to fall back to sleep. Very difficult! If I get 4 hours of sleep a night, that is a lot. I bought a bottle of Tylenol PM this afternoon and will try it tonight. If I can get better rest, I think my day would be more fulfilling.
    This website is a Godsent to me and I’m sure to many others. Thanks Booktoots!

  105. It’s been 2 weeks since my tkr and I must I’m feeling pretty good. On a cane now and actually walked 1/4 mile yesterday. Like so many of you, I’m tired, only sleep for a couple of hours before I have to get up to move around. Dr. switched me to Vicodin and it helps a little. I will say though the only way I got to this level was by taking the meds every 4 hours. I was so concerned about getting addicted but in the end it was holding my progress back because of the pain. My PT is a dream! She’s so easy/hard with me and it has really helped. I went to Home Depot yesterday and you cannot believe the amount of people that came up to me telling me that it was the best thing they ever have done. (tkr) So I know that this will eventually go away and I’ll be better than before! Keep up the good work everyone and I wish you all the best!

  106. Hello again! I am now just about 18 months post TKR. I am thrilled to report that my full range of motion is great, in fact, my ortho doc said I need to stop trying so hard! I may over do it! Hahha. I love my new knee, I can walk and garden and hike and bend, etc.

    All that said, however, the down side is that since getting my new left knee, I have persistent right hip pain. And the neuropathy that I experiences immediately following the surgery has amped up a bit in recent months. Some nights I can’t sleep or am awakened due to the discomfort of this nerve pain. For a very long time I thought of the pain as muscular pain, cramps, etc., but what I have learned is that it is actually nerve pain…which is usually brought on by diabetes or trauma. In my case, it was trauma in the form of a TKR. I have an appt with a neurologist and I am anxious to see what she has to say. Mostly, I have to be mindful about moving often. I have a sit down job so I need to get up and move around. That helps with stiffness and pain and the neuropathy.

    I haven’t anyone’s posts that include any of the symptoms of neuropathy, but maybe I missed it. I would be curious to see if anyone else feels this. The neuropathy often seems cyclic in nature, meaning it flares and then goes away and then flares again. What it feels like is a burning from within the bones, trying to get out. When I walk up or down stairs, my legs are tired and feel as if they are full of sand. There is no additional inflammation, it’s just a very severe discomfort. This part of it is mostly in my calves. The other pain is in the palm of my hands and my feet, mostly the tops and toes and it just aches. I find myself stretching to relieve it but it’s temporary. I have tried Tylenol and muscle relaxers but the only drug that touches this particular pain is Vicodin. Unfortunately, I cannot take Vicodin for more than two days at a time so I end up sucking it up most nights.

    Lately, this pain has struck in the mid afternoon and again at night; it used to be only at night.

    So, anyone else?

    Btw, I would still have the TKR done despite what I’ve described above, but it is a little scary to think that I’m only 50 and could potentially live with this for many years.

  107. Hi Jo,
    Welcome back! Thanks for returning and leaving your comment. I’ve written about neuropathy in other posts. Mine is due to having a bone spur that played havoc on my nerves. And…my leg length discrepancy results in opposite-side hip pain. So…I know where you’re coming from. 🙂
    Look in the left sidebar under Categories. Search for articles on my site that way.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  108. Hello Everyone, I had my right TKR on Dec 19th 2012. I am approaching 7 months and I am doing well. No knee pain and it bends well. But I have the right hip pain like Jog above and it radiates from my hip and down my leg and crosses at the shin bone. It limits what I can do except when I take Excedrin and the pain will go away until the Excedrin wears off. I will not take it more than once a day, when I am the busiest. I have a follow up appointment in a few days and I will address this with my surgeon. It feels like the leg is too long and it is pushing up into my hip. I have done so well all along and to end up with this is very frustrating. I know it is nerve pain and I don’t want to be on meds the rest of my life for it. Something will have to be done. My apt is July 9th. I will keep you informed as to what he has to say about it. Sounds like this might be a common problem.

  109. This Thursday will be 4 weeks since my surgery. I am 44 years old …my bend is 112 and straightening of the knee is o. The doctor told me I am way ahead of the game but the pain is outrageous!! I ended up getting a ice cuff…it is the best thing EVER!!! The article as well as the posts have helped me so much…thank you

  110. Hello to all;
    Tomorrow begins my 6th week after TKR. BUT, today I landed up having to go see the surgeon due to my incision bleeding on the upper end. It began to bleed slightly on Saturday and bled every day since. Doc wanted to see me. When I went in this afternoon, he looked at my knee and said that the stitches that were suppose to dissolve but didn’t on the upper end of my leg. They had to cut an opening and dig in to remove the stitches. Thank goodness it didn’t hurt much but they landed up taking out 4 different stitches and told me that there was no infection. They had to put on a butterfly bandage to pull the hole together which was almost as big as a pencil eraser. He checked my range and said I’m doing great but still I have a long ways to go. I still have pain behind my knee and on the sides which he said was normal and will last for approximately 3 months. My sleep pattern is lousy. I’ve been taking Tylenol PM and I do get good rest but come morning, I still feel tired. As for pain meds, I continue taking vicodin when I need it but not on a daily basis. I still have pain in my hip and back but it isn’t as bad as it had been. All just hang in there. It does get better as time goes by. Thanks Booktoot for this website!

  111. I had a TKR on my left knee on February 16 2013 and on my right knee on May 29th 2013 and wish I had received more information before the operations. Of more consequence for me was pain management, as I have been on a cocktail of drugs (including morphine ) for over five years before the operations. My morphine intake was reduced prior to both operations, but for some bizarre reason, I was taken off morphine completely on my third day after my second TKR. The outcome was devastating, principally because of the reaction to coming off the morphine. The pain was excruciating, beyond anything I have ever experienced before. Within 2 days from being released from hospital, I was admitted to another hospital because of the pain and the extent to which both my knee and ankle were so swollen. Even now, back on morphine, I am struggling to cope with the pain, Every night the pain kicks in and I am forced to get out of bed within thirty minutes of settling down and I generally am lucky to have more than two hours sleep in any night, so during the day, I feel like an extra from Day of the Zombie. I have been referred to the Acute Pain Clinic but have another month before my appointment is due. I expect that my experience has been different from many of the people on this site and much of that was a consequence of having the operations far later than I should have done. Having both knees done within such a short interval was a judgement that I made and now regret. The surgeon told me that I had absolutely no cartilage left in either knee and had probably been in this situation for a very long time. On the positive side, the knees are actually making progress. I am getting 110 degrees flexion on both knees and my physio is delighted with how far I have improved; but the pain is like a living hell which shows no sign of abating. I do get pain during the day, but it goes to another level by late evening right through until mid-morning, so my quality of life is not exactly good for me and for my poor wife who has to deal with my sudden shrieks of pain because I have little warning when the pain kicks in. My main message to the readers here is to be very wary of your pain medication in the process.

  112. Hi Martyn,
    That’s some story you have. Thanks for sharing it with others. Best of luck to you with your tkr recuperation and pain management.
    Keep in touch…

  113. I had tkr right knee 4 weeks ago. Had been very active tap dancing + am 62 years old. Went to WW for 7 years and finally got to goal weight one month before surgery. What I have not seen addressed in this blog is the relationship between swelling + high sodium intake. Since joining WW in 2004, I have been buying low fat foods. I found that most of the low fat foods sold at the grocery tend to have a very high sodium content. Obviously, sodium leads to swelling. After cutting my sodium intake to 2000 mg per day, the swelling has improved and I am much more comfortable. I knew that this knee surgery would be difficult but the more you learn about it, the better you can cope. Something to think about.

  114. I am 12 weeks post TKR. My greatest diificulty now is that I go to bed as per normal and every night I wake three or four hours laterwith my Knee Rep. leg absolutely rigid along the outer hamstring muscle. It seizes up totally and is so painful that every turn in the bed is agony. Next morning that muscle is very sore and stiff. I haven’t had a good sleep for a long time and am so tired.What is the cause of this do you think ?It worries me.

  115. Well Folks, I am back.

    I reported back in April that I was coming along real nicely after my PKR on Jan 22, 2013. Since then, I seem to have gone downhill and am now waiting on a Revision TKR on July 16. As much as things appeared to be getting better, slowly, my pain kept increasing to the point where I could no longer continue with it. I am able to move around and do regular stuff, climb stairs and even drive my stick-shift, however, not without pain.

    Even at rest, I experience extremely sharp jabs of pain along with a burning sensation and overall pain in the entire joint. Continued use of Percocet appears to help manage the pain, but I cannot continue taking meds forever. My OS showed great concern, so we had X-Rays to determine whether or not there was some movement of the implant. None was discovered, we did blood tests to look for infection, none was discovered sooo, we decided to go ahead with a full TKR as soon as possible. We also plan to conduct a culture test during surgery and possibly a bone scan to look for possible cancer. This is something I am not looking forward to.

    The best part of the whole thing, is that now I know what to expect, it may not be as bad as the first time I was chopped up. I wish we had done the full TKR in the first place but hindsight is always 20/20. I don’t know if anyone has had this experience which required a revision in the first six months but it would be nice to hear your story.

    To everyone here, I wish you all the best and promise to come back again and give you updates after the 16th.

  116. Hi Dallas,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your interesting tkr comment. Since I didn’t have a revision, I have no feedback. I know other readers have gone through that. Hopefully, some will pitch in and share experiences.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  117. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment about tkr recuperation, especially sleep and pain. I’ve written about this numerous times throughout my site. Do a search and find posts about it.
    You can also purchase my book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After a TKR”, which contains over 100+ real-life patient stories. For more info, visit my Storefront page. There’s bound to be some useful info in my book to help you realize you are not alone.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  118. I’m back! Now 7 weeks into the TKR. Had a doc appointment yesterday. I got to see my new knee via x-ray. Very interesting! He manually manipulated my leg in all positions, some hurt, most didn’t much. He said motion is great and bending is 110. I’m still quite swollen entirely around the knee. Stiffness is still present also. He told me it would take a good 3 months for the swelling to go down and that the stiffness is normal and once the swelling is reduced the stiffness will also. I’m suppose to have the left knee done in September but I think I will wait until I go on Medicare which will be in 2 years. My left knee is not giving me all that much trouble at this point (keeping my fingers crossed). On a whole, I feel a lot better and move around much better than I did 2 weeks ago. I’m beginning to say AGAIN “Life is Good”! I’ll touch base on and off.

  119. Hi everyone. I am 5-1/2 weeks post tkr now. I am getting better, I think, I’m at 128′ bending but only -8 straightening. I still do not sleep well all night but have started Advil PM’s. Lets me sleep for at least 4 hours at a time. I was told by my home pt that my new knee has caused my leg to be about 1/2 inch longer than the other. I just kinda blew it off but now that the swelling has gone down some I can see a difference in my femur lengths when sitting in a chair with my knees together. And walking with a friend yesterday, she commented on how I was walking “funny”. I also have had a lot of pain in my hip. So today I started walking with one slipper on the shorter leg. Seems to be helping, surprisingly. I also find myself straightening the leg more when I walk. Did talk to the Dr. about it he claimed its because the new knee has space where the old one was bone on bone. I kinda wondered why they don’t take that into account when taking the old one out? Think I will head to the store for an insert today. Pain is still off and on. Still taking Vicodin only when needed like pt days! Other times I’m taking tylenol or ibuprofen. Some days I do get real depressed with the lack of activity that I can do and the on again pain. I keep thinking that I’m only 46 and should be out there and doing things I did before, only better! I’m sure in time I will be. I’ll check in again in a couple of weeks. It is getting better! 🙂

  120. Maria Hagenberger

    Hello Everyone. I had my left tkr on June 24.. I was a very active person and can’t believe I can’t turn the pedals on a stationary bike yet. Althought I finally see definition of the lower portion of the knee I feel like a stuffed pepper. It is such a feeling of tightness. Pt can’t manualy manipulate me because the vicodan doesn’t work …Md said that is the strongest medication we can give you. I am so disgusted…

  121. Just on 4 weeks TKR, lots a swelling still but movement and flexibility are coming on strong now…. daily physio and and ice pack later really helps. Sleeping with leg slightly elevated works (100 degrees atm 😀 ) a treat too. So on the mend well and truly now.
    Was great to get the info from this site and good luck to all my fellow TKR patients

  122. Hello again, As of two days ago, I am 7 months post op. I have been able to relieve the nerve pain in my hip that radiated down my leg. Went to the chiropractor and he gave me an exercise to do and it has completely relieved the nerve pain. Lay on your back on a firm surface and bend your knees. Then lay a leg over the thigh of the other leg and slowly pull the knee toward the chest and hold to a slow count to 20. Repeat with the other leg. You will feel that nerve complain for a while during the exercise for a few days. But keep it up and after a week or so, the never pain is gone. Do it a few times a day. My right TKR was really a success. Read my former posts as it has not been easy, but well worth the trip. As I said before, I am 73 and feel that I have done remarkable well. Just remember Therapy, Therapy, Therapy. Cant stress that enough. Good luck to all, and may God Bless.

  123. TKR,6 full weeks tomorrow..everything is going well,knee is just there being straight with a 125 degree bend.Up and down the stairs one foot after the other but do have a lot of swelling and a lot of stiffness when getting up.Sleeping on and off thru the night but I’m getting 6 hrs of sleep.Back at the gym last week on days I don’t have therapy, using threadmill and exercise bike nothing crazy nice and easy.Only problem I have at this time is a broken tooth that I have to wait 2 more months to get fixed

  124. Is it normal to still have some pain and swelling at almost five months out. Bought a recumbent bike but makes leg so sore in back of knee and down back of leg, cannot use much. Normal? What is normal? Have had more pains with this surgery than I ever had before the surgery. Know they keep saying a year and guess I am always afraid of infection, rejection but I can walk on it okay. Just not long and it does hurt. Still ice two three times a day – anyone else do this at this stage. I do sleep better (on valium now for long time) and it does not hurt at night very often. Guess I can be thankful for this. God bless all of you whatever stage you are in. Keep thinking…..”difficult times do not last forever.”

  125. John VanDervoort

    I’m a little over 4 months after my TNR. I have been doing my therapy religiously and surprised I’m not doing better. My ROM is 128 and -2 which I assume is good. However, I am frustrated at the continuous swelling. I continue to ice my leg at least 3x per day. I have just started sleeping through the night by having an extra long pillow between my knees. I expected to be almost normal after 2 months. Now I’m hoping for normal at the 6 month mark. Wish someone would have told me recovery would take this long. The good news is that I got off the pain meds after month 2

  126. Hello again! Can anyone tell me what exercises I can do to make my hamstrings not spasm? It’s been almost 8 weeks since my TKP and I can’t get my knee back to 0. I think it’s about a 6 right now. Bending is not a problem. I’m now up to about 115 degrees. If I try to lay back and let my left knee rest the pain is almost unbearable after about 5 minutes.

  127. I had a PKR in 2008. Extensive quad damage, so rehab was agonizing and slow. Was ok for four years. In Dec 2012, began having pain and stiffness in that knee. New knee doctor suspected infection – drained fluid, all blood. Three weeks later, repeat. Since this was not a sustainable treatment (hurt like hell every time!), I saw another surgeon who handles revisions in Pittsburgh. Full TKR May 13 2013. Much MUCH easier than the PKR four years ago – minimal quad damage, speedy rehab and recovery. The surgeon found a complete mess in my knee – the PKR had loosened, I had a femur head full of microfractures AND the recurring hemarthrosis. I am so sorry that I did not just do the TKR in the first place. I am now about ten weeks post TKR – still some swelling, but virtually no pain. Completed PT two weeks ago. Walking well without a cane. (I do take the cane with me if I need to walk long distance or walk up/down hills.) Handling stairs well. Very happy with procedure and delighted with rehab.

  128. @Patricia…. you might have someone look at your IT (ilio-tibial) band…. runs down the outside of your leg from hip to knee. A tight IT band can cause pretty nasty pain. (Loosening that band is a non-trivial exercise, usually involving massage and/or the use of a foam roller.) I have a partner who does deep massage on my IT band most days, and that has helped.

  129. Tomorrow will be Week 10 after my right TKR. I still have some pain off and on and still have to be quite careful on how I move or I’ll feel it. I take 1/2 of a 500mg vicodin in the morning before leaving for work. It helps a lot and gets me through the day without any pain. My walk is slow which I hate. My brain wants to move more quickly but my legs just won’t. I feel very weak in the legs and sometimes they feel like they want to give out on me. I continuously do the strengthening exercises daily. My movements are good but still weak. I’m still not losing any weight which I don’t understand. I eat right but my exercising is limited, of course. I tried using a stationary bike last week but my ankles swell up pretty bad just like they did before the surgery. If it weren’t for the weak legs, I feel I would be so much better. Sleeping at night had been bad but I began taking 5mg of Seratonin and it helps tremendously. Incision is still sort of puffy and reddish. At times, it itches and of course you can’t scratch. Still kind of tender. Swelling is still there also but it is slowly going down. I started to drink Pineapple Juice like someone had recommended and it does seem to help with the swelling. It also helps with my arthritis in the joints. Again, I’ll write back at 12 weeks after my check up. I surely hope all who has gone through this, is coming along as well as expected. My prayers to all!

  130. Hi Maria,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Sorry to hear about your discomfort. Have you tried icing? It’s a great natural pain reliever? Your symptoms are exactly the same as mine were at your stage.
    Hang in there and good luck!

  131. Glad I found your site. I’m 79 and had TKR on June 25th. I feel frustrated wanting to do more but my knee tells me no. I’ve only been taking 1/2 percoset at night and only 2 tylenol during the day. I feel I am managing the pain quite well until I have to stand after sitting even for a few minutes The pain is excruciating(?)and takes my breath away. Anyone else have that problem? When will that go away?
    My PT says I’m doing well, ROM is 120, and can do the bike without any problem.
    I guess I can consider myself lucky if that’s my only problem.

  132. I am 5 weeks post revision tkr and have had a low grade fever since the ought before I left the hospital. I am concerned as it has ranged from99-101. I had lab work and X-ray is normal, blood normal, although anemic while taking irn. Also +3 bacteria in urine. I am on Cipro but concerned. Tkr on other knee set for next week. Any ideas?

  133. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Idea: see your doctor. I wouldn’t play around with a low-grade temp when considering surgery.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  134. This site is helpful, thank you. I contributed in early june and now I am now ten weeks post TKR. I have been surprised, and disappointed, how little support I have been offered in my UK experience. I received nil physiotherapy, just one meeting with the surgeon at six weeks who said that I should feel better in six months. I am 61 years old, retired and had been up to now pretty active, cycling, playing golf (when possible)and swimming. The isolation following the operation, and all-consuming life of pain, discomfort, constipation due to meds, and insecurity of not knowing just “how I am doing” is hard to take. I am finding it quite painful on waking, stiff and then painful walking up and down stairs. Swimming is a joy. Exercise bike is no problem. I came out of hospital at 120 degrees, perhaps that is why they have left me alone. I am still about the same flexion. I am still optimistic and have plans to visit my daughter in New Zealand in January, and to play golf out there in that visit. But it is sooo slow. Keep it up everybody,
    as Winston Churchill said KBO !!

  135. TKA 5 wks ago today (incision reopened two weeks because of drainage which was due to a hematoma). Tested positive for staph and received antibiotics intravenously (and now on oral regimen). This is my fourth day back to work.

    Having first meeting this evening with a PT. I’d like to get another 5° of bend so that I can ride a stationary bike with the ball of my foot on the pedal.

    The lack of appetite and inability to sleep at night were big surprises. Also unexpected is that I have no problem acheiving a straight leg but I can’t sleep on my back with a straight leg without unremitting discomfiture seemingly from an inconsolable outside hamstring (for which a pain pill provides little more an hour of relief).

    I don’t sleep. I don’t eat. I’m tring to slam as much protein as possible and bought a Lose It! to help keep track of the unintended benefit of some dramatic weight loss results.

    All said, from what I hear, I have been told that I have a very positive outlook. So, if you were to be around me — rather than read what I have written — you’d probably think everything was great. But, this is much harder than I expected.

  136. I had TKR 3 weeks ago today, and I don’t know what shape I’d be in right now if I hadn’t read all these comments. I thought there was something terribly wrong with me. Like you, Mac, it’s been several weeks and I still can’t eat or sleep. I am also finding myself to be depressed most of the time, which is not my personality, and I have absolutely no energy at all. I have managed to ride in the car for 2 or 3 short outings and I always come home completely exhausted. Of course, my friends and acquaintances, in trying to help me, offer advice ranging from it takes months to recover to why can’t you be more like Brian Williams? I expected to be much, much further along in my recovery by now, and I hate living in this pity party. This blog with all the comments has helped me tremendously, because I see that so many other people have experienced exactly what I am going through, and, like me, are frustrated and confused about the ongoing rehab process. Thank you all for your help!

  137. Hi Sandy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I’m so glad everyone’s here to help you feel less alone. That’s precisely why I started writing about my tkr experiences. I felt completely isolated. No one seemed to understand.
    You sound like you’re doing remarkably well. What you’re experiencing is exactly like I was going through at your stage.
    Keep up the great work and come back often!

  138. Sandy, you’ve got to get some sleep. It’s part of the healing process. Knock on wood but I’m three days into a new regimen that seems to be working for me: I stacked up some pillows and lie fairly upright on the bed with my leg stretched out on crumpled sheets and comforters as seems comfortable and then pull a blanket over my arms if I get cold. It works. I am planning on a 20 minute walk this Saturday. I will be interested to hear what my knee has to say about it on Sunday.

  139. I have enjoyed reading the many posts here. Some are concerning and some give me hope. I am at almost 7 weeks since TKR. I started seeing a pain management doctor while still in the hospital and was prescribed Oxycodone 10 for pain which I still take day and night. I sleep a lot better than most who post here so I feel very lucky about that. I don’t feel guilty at all about taking pain med since it serves several important purposes – keeps me from completely losing it, helps me sleep and I get more accomplished at my PT sessions. PT has been brutal and I have tears at almost every session. Only this week was I able to pedal a full rotation forwards and backwards on the stationary bike. I was so excited you would have thought I’d won the lottery! Doesn’t take much to thrill me these days! I walk on my own but take a cane when I go out just to be safe. Of course not driving because of my pain meds. My husband and dogs(man’s best friend for sure) have been my rock the last few weeks! I still need to replace my left knee which is also bone on bone and honestly don’t know how I will bring myself to go through this again. But I’m 53 so I have a lot of years to live (hopefully) so I don’t really have a choice. Plus it makes no sense to replace one and not the other. Just to repeat what has been posted by others PT, ice, pain meds and patience are very important.

  140. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your uplifting comment. I also remember being THRILLED the first time I made an entire pedaling rotation. It’s the simple things in life, eh?
    Best of luck and stay in touch…

  141. I’m having the surgery soon (getting evaluated next week) and can’t take anything resembling an opioid or narcotic. I’m concerned about getting through the recovery on nothing stronger than Advil or the like. I’m 72 and have been doing quad and knee exercises for some weeks in preparation.

  142. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. Join the club…I only took aspirin while undergoing recuperation. Use ice religiously. I’ve written about this in other posts. Take a look around!
    Good luck and keep in touch.

  143. At 6-7 weeks post op I’m having a setback with my recovery. Been going to PT 3 times per week and working hard (I think so anyway). Saw my surgeon this week and he is not too pleased with my ROM. Problem is my ROM was better 2 weeks ago and now I am regressing. Also my pain is steady with no great improvement and still taking Oxycoden 10 day and night. Surgeon wants to see me in 2 weeks and if ROM is not better he wants to do a manipulation on my knee. I am terrified at the thought of this procedure. I don’t know how the success rate is and the thought of more pain scares me to death! Has anyone had a manipulation and if so did it help?

  144. Hi Kim,
    I have not had a manipulation, nor would I even consider it. My ROM is 93 due to 30+ year-old scar tissue. Other readers have shared experiences about manipulations. Take a look around this site.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  145. Thank you for this site. I have had nothing to compare my progress/lack there of and it has been a blessing. With my CPM machine gone and PT stopped last week, I feel like I have lost some my flexibility. Where I should be at 4 weeks post TKA has become more clear with your site. Now I know it will take time, and patience. Should I ask for outpatient PT if I don’t feel like I am where I want to be? It feels as though my scar is pulling each time I take a step. Is this normal? Sorry for complaining, sometimes the frustration can be overwhelming.

  146. HI Terry,
    You’re not complaining. Even if you were, you’re entitled to. The frustration is definitely overwhelming at times.
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment.
    My scar also felt like it was pulling whenever I took a step. Finally, something sprang inside. I was told the ‘sprang’ was an inner stitch breaking since it out worn its healing use. After that, all was well.
    Outpatient pt may be very useful for your situation. It’s worth checking into.
    Hope this helps.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  147. Had TKR May 23rd. Its now September and I feel I have hit a plateaux. Sleeping pretty well, but always tired. Quite a lot of pain on walking, climbing stairs. I had hoped after 12 weeks to be feeling much better than this, feeling very frustrated. Stiffness and pain have taken over my life. No arthritic pain obviously, but a whole lot of other stuff that make me feel very disabled… I didn’t feel like that before the operation. I am told it won’t feel better until six months.. I shall try to be patient. I am lying on my bed icon right now after a very short dog walk, best time of the day.

  148. Hi Jon,
    Thanks for dropping by again and leaving your update. You’re experiencing the exact same symptoms I was at your stage. It is tiring and painful most times of the day. At least you can walk your dog. That must bring a smile to your face and soul. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  149. Thanks, Of course i meant lying on my bed “ICING” not ‘icon’, (bloomin’ prescriptive texts) Walking the dog and
    hopefully returning to golf are high on my list of ambitions. Both are good for one’s soul.. and my dog always makes me smile. I have the twelve week blues i am afraid, but off to Ireland to meet my first grandchild for the first time next week. Keep going folks, you are not alone..

  150. Hi everyone,
    What an extremely useful website this is. I’m nearly 10 weeks post TKR and have been delighted with the improvement in movement and pain. However, there are lots of things I didn’t know, and would have benefited from knowing a while ago. An example is the creeping, painful sensation like electrical currents along the leg at night particularly – apparently it’s the nerve endings trying to reknit. My doctor recommended keeping the knee cool (not easy under a duvet on a cold night)and my osteopath recommended gently stroking the leg around and along the scar to remake the neurological pathways (is that the right term?). Both have worked. I also had a loss of appetite and extreme exhaustion for weeks. Thankfully hone now, but I still lack the energy I used to have, and reading of many people’s frustration at this encourages me that it is normal, and it too will pass.
    I have very little pain, some swelling still, but really good movement. Back ache is a problem as my gait has changed too, but I’m told that will improve over time. It’s the other knee which now needs to be done, but to be honest I’d really like to get some energy back before I have to go through all that again.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences; it’s been very comforting and encouraging.

  151. Been reading all these scripts and still am very thankful for this website. Thank you Booktoots! To Lesley, it is now 14 weeks since my TKR and everything you had mentioned is the same I had gone through myself. I, too, need my other knee replaced and am dreading going through all of this AGAIN. I am very weak and my energy level is pretty nil. I decided to go back to PT 3 days a week to see if they can give me more strength in my legs via exercising. I started 2 weeks ago and I have noticed a big difference. So, that is what you may need to do also. The PT guy I go to said that once I get the other one done, I will be quite happy with what I’ll be able to accomplish. I won’t be able to have the other done until next year due to my job but I know that I want to be prepared and more strengthened to be able to cope with the next one. Good luck and hang in there.

  152. I will begin by sharing my TRK experience, I had my TRK on my right Knee July 3rd 2013. So it’s been about 8weeks post op. I have made some great improvement since. But I decided to do in home care for the first two weeks post op. I felt it was a waste of time due to the fact my knee continued to bleed out heavily at the end of the scar. Which also delayed my progress! I was not able to do some of the physical therapy excercise! Once I got past the bleeding issue then I began 3doing my outpatient therapy by the 3rd week! When I started I was usina walker having the fear without it I would loose my footage! That being said I began therapy and it is was extremely painful for me! Which I made it harder for my self not to go all out and getting this TKR to function. So I babied my knee a lot! And now where I’m at! I felt I should have gone into Physical therapy full throttle no bars held. I do walk without a walker or cane now! But my biggest fear is walking in public and my quad muscle gives out and I end up floored! Life forbid:) But in the mean time as I’m watching my progress! I wonder has the Physical Therapy place I’ve chosen Good for me because I feel my progress should be a lot further along! At Physical Therapy some one can be doing exercise sthat have not been introduced to me and my post op out is a lot further them some other patients. It just makes me wonder should I look for another Physical Therapy location! Well I am in a continuous aching pain at night! I have lost many nights of sleep because of being in so much excruciating pain. I feel I’m In the 2.acute phase, but I should be 3. post acute but getting there very slowing! What I would like to know is will this pain ever stop? And if so how can I help the pain go away other than with pain pills? Now I have went from methodone, Oxycodon, tamaral, some worked sometimes the others made me extremely ill. Even for me now my nights are still sleepless! If you can give me any advice on stopping this aching knee pain that would be wonderful! Because my next TKR is around the corner! And I don’t know if I can handle it all over again? Please advise! Thank you!

  153. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for visiting my site. Comparing yourself to others only brings hardships. Everyone is different in progression levels. Do your best. There’s no such thing as going through tkr recuperation without pain. I’ve written about this before in various posts. Icing works marvelously.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  154. i had a totalknee replacement in my right knee! may 13 2013!4 months ago! wish i wouldnever have done it! the pain is still unreal! still on pain meds! cannot do steps at all! infact i think that the knee that was placed is a knee that is way to big for me! its twice the size of my other knee and it isnt even swollen! had pt for 3 months! dont feel as tho they was very helpful! could have did what they did on my own! dont think i will ever b right!i have arteritis in my otherknee but dont see me ever getting the knee replacement in that knee! i will suffer through the pain! sorry to b so negative! but this has been a horrible experience for me!

  155. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment.
    Have you consulted with your doctor regarding the size concern?
    The first four months are very hard. Hang in there.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  156. hi all, i am 11 weeks post op and thought i would try and give some hope to people thinking will this ever end, week 1 to 4 is more about the pain and the rom, we expected a degree of pain after the op and with the pain meds it is usually very uncomfortable rather than pain that bothers us. For me weeks 4-6 was probably the worst, for the simple reason that i was poorly informed,this is the time when you start thinking when will this end. for the most of us the longest you have ever felt unwell is a dose of flu 2weeks max now you are double or treble that were the meds have really kicked in and you might be feeling sickly nearly every day, Then all of a sudden everything turns around. week 7-9 the haziness starts lifting the sickness leaves which is down to cutting back on the meds little by little. Week 9-11 the dissapointment i felt during this period is what you will see often on this site called the rollercoaster,you are walking about with the biggest smile on your face relatively pain free compared to the previos months and thinking to yourself thank god thats over with when bang you are on the couch again with a bag of ice wrapped around your knee for 3days, this is the time you should have a smile on your face it is just your knee saying we are nearly there but dont push me.i hope my experience gives people in the early early weeks of this horrible procedure an idea that the worst 1-8 weeks will soon be over but a lot of work still to be done.

  157. I am just about 6 weeks since TKR and experiencing quite a bit of pain. PT is hard because my knee has not been able to bend 90 degrees yet as well as becoming completely straight. Is this common?

  158. Booktoots:- Thanks so much for starting this site, it is an answer to so many questions that we don’t get answered by the medics.
    I am four weeks out and was totally depressed about my progress until I found this site and read all the letters, most having the same problems as me
    The nurse in the hospital told me that if most people knew about the pain and suffering after tkr, a lot would not have it !!
    I am tired of sitting around and get so fidgety after a few hours, good to know about the pain during the night too. I did not take too many pain meds. was worried about getting addicted but now realize I should have managed the pain better.
    My replacement is very small but feels like a block of wood sometimes!!
    Starting private physio Monday, will see if I improve more than just doing the exercises at home.

  159. I had a LTKR 5 years this coming feb 2014. I sleep well but walking is painful. My left thigh goes numb or masses of pins and needles.I will never go back to my surgeon who was rude and uninterested in my rehab. His only comment after 2 weeks was get off the drugs . My right knee is now needing a TKR. But honestly when I see my NEW surgeon this wed I shall be asking whats involved in the left being redone or at least examined. I have contacted cellulitus twice now in the last four years. The LTKR at present knocks and sometimes when I straighten the leg too much it almost locks .The pain is mainly weight bearing It is not constant when sitting. It seems stiff even though I gave a great range. Has anyone else had a TKR and with ongoing pain ,if so I would appreciate your comments. ps. If you are about to go surgery.God bless. I hope you have a great recovery as many of my friends have.

  160. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for visiting my site and posting your inspiring comment. It’s great hearing you find my site useful. Everyone pitches in remarkably well. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  161. went for physio today and he said I am indeed stiff and not bending enough, he put me through quite a workout then said to rest the remainder of the day….thanks I thought !!
    He also said that tkr is one of the most painful surgeries they deal with and most people expect to recover faster – yes we all do.

  162. Hi Again, I am now post 9 months right TKR.. It is great now. I forget sometimes that my knee is a new one. It has been a log haul, but you can read some of my previous posts and for a 73 yr old, it has been hectic at times. This post has helped me so much along this path. The extreme tightness that I suffered through is totally gone now. The nerve pain has greatly diminished. I continue to do the exercise from my Chiropractor. I mentioned the technique in one of my former posts. For nerve pain it is a life saver, but it must be continued. I make it part of my getting up routine in the morning. Keep up the therapy as that is the only way to a pain free new knee. Good luck to all. Blessings, Nancy

  163. Im so looking forward to the future when my knee is healed and Im able to resume the activities I enjoy, such as bicycle riding, dancing and swimming. Its been a long, rocky road for me…I just had my tkr Revision on July 18, 2013, after the first inept surgeon used the wrong size prothesis, in 2008, therefore rendering my knee unstable, painful so that I was on crutch and activities so limited for almost 7 years until I was able to have this Revision done by a much better surgeon, who knew what to do to correct the mistake. Its been difficult, as my mother and some of my family have not been compassionate nor supportive, though Ive been very compassionate and supportive through their illnesses. I am blessed that the good Lord supports and is healing me and also friends who are like family and fellow trk patients who know what this is like to go through. Thank you for sharing and caring. I pray for all who are suffering for all reasons and that healing is very soon! God bless all!

  164. Thanks Linda.Like you I am trusting my faith in God for wisdom and the ability to keep looking on the bright side. Thanks for sharing your story.

  165. I have noticed a trend on this site: most men do not wake up during the nights as do woman, I think perhaps they are sounder sleepers !
    On average when do most posters who had surgery some time ago, feel they were free from pain? I am now 5 weeks, still get woken at night and also very uncomfortable during the day, I am not taking pain meds except one in the night, when do most come totally off them?
    I see the Surgeon on Monday so will let you know what he says regarding my progress.

  166. Well, 19 weeks now, and feeling a bit pessimistic to be honest. Just came upstairs at end of day and it’s very painful to walk on. After driving for any time it’s painful when I get out of the car.. Trying to be patient, exercise bike with no resistance for ten minutes this morning, 15 mins swimming crawl and length walking this afternoon.
    Rest plenty during day.
    Ice, elevation and rest this evening… Not sure if I could manage the whole thing any better. Sleeping well though, which is great.

  167. I am now at 18 weeks since I had TKR. I can bend my knee to about 125 degrees and if I lay the knee straight on a table it is a -5. I am able to ride a bicycle for 30 minutes and walk backwards on the treadmill for 10 minutes. I am still having physical therapy on my left knee because after I work out the knee swells and I can barely bend it. I can walk up stairs with slight pain but cannot walk down the stairs. My physical therapists says my Quads and hamstrings are fighting each other. They just put me on a Dynasplint which is suppose to straighten out my knee. I wear this for three hours each day. I take no medication for my knee pain. I can sleep the entire night with minimal pain. Overall, the recovery is coming along slowly but I see a light at the end of the tunnel. If there is one thing I’ve learned it you have to work, work work, that knee. I go to the gym 5 days a week and do all the exercises I was taught at physical therapy. Please don’t get discouraged if your recovery is not as quick as you want. Remember, having a TKR is one of the most painful operations. Oh, I also played 18 holes of golf for the first time. I had to ice my knee when I finished the round but I was just so happy to be out on the links. Good luck to all of you and I hope I can report in two months that I went to the Caribbean and walked with no pain.

  168. I had a custom TKR of my left knee a little over 6 weeks ago and feel very happy with my progress. I had a Leki walking stick that I used a bit on gentle hikes in the Rockies a couple of weeks before my surgery because I didn’t want my activity to cause inflammation right before surgery. (I found a video online to show me the right technique for using a cane.) I wish I had been using the walking stick on other trips, such as a visit to the Lake District a few months ago! First of all, I found that I could walk without limping when I used the Leki pole. I could do more walking, strengthening my muscles. And I had practice using a cane prior to the surgery.

    I had planned to stay for a few days of rehab after surgery but was doing too well. I came home 3 days after surgery and felt great. I was a little surprised at how much the knee swelled up when I was home and not lying down quite as much. I takes time to find the right balance resting the knee and exercising it, spending time icing and elevating vs getting on with one’s life. And the balance point shifts day by day and week by week!

    The PT coming to my home had me walking without a cane at home pretty early on and walking with a cane rather than a walker outside. I took that as permission to do that but if my knee was talking to me or I felt at all tired (and unsteady), I used the cane or the walker for insurance. I still use the cane outside and for uneven ground but am walking fine without a cane indoors. Have been driving since 3 weeks after surgery but taking it slowly, gradually increasing my activities each day and resting for a while each afternoon and evening if I need it.

    Someone mentioned running a fever soon after surgery, and this had me worried at first also. But I learned that it is normal and quite common to run a low temperature later in the day with a TKR. But I kept an eye on this since a high fever can be a sign of an infection (or other illness).

    I am half way through the PT covered by my insurance company. I appreciated the tip from some friends who have had this kind of surgery that some places offering PT will let you come use the equipment for a small charge and my first PT recommended a few local gyms that have pools for swimming, exercycles, etc. Not sure whether I will do that or rely on walking and doing my other exercises at home when the PT coverage runs out….

    I mentioned a Leki cane before and will add that I like the ones with a shock absorber. I ordered a second one that will fit more easily in my luggage when I travel. I figure I can use it to assist my other knee if it starts to give me trouble as I would rather put off a 2nd TKR for awhile at my age – 61.) I also ordered a book which is a little out of date, but answered a lot of my questions – Total Knee Replacement & Rehabilitation: The Knee Owner’s Manual, available on Amazon.

    Good luck everyone! Thanks for sharing your stories.

  169. Great to hear you’re doing so well! Thanks for sharing your information, Keith.
    I need to check int the Leki cane you’re talking about. Sounds interesting.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  170. I’m 6 weeks now and the surgeon was very pleased with my progress, he said he had to reposition my knee cap during surgery as it was one sided !! I also have a tiny bit of stitch showing but he said it will either dissolve or I can pull it out, I’m opting to leave it a while.
    Physio twice a week, they work me very hard but I am at 110 after some heat on the knee. I think I can see the light…yay. Still waking up at 2am every night with some aching, surgeon said quite usual, not to worry, thanks, it’s not him thrashing around at night.

  171. Nancy Caldwell,
    I am 4 days post op for TLKR and 1year post op for TRKR. I can not tolerate many drugs including morphine and NSAIDS. I had a femoral artery block for both and use tramadol without acetominaphin, visceral and 1 Tylenol 500 mg tablet plus a fentanyl patch that is changed every 3 days. Hope this might work for you!

  172. Hi – My TKR is scheduled for November 20th 2013. I will be honest – I’m a bit scared, I can take alot of pain but this has me worried. I am 55, it’s my right knee and I ride horses and we are very active. I have quite a few friends which have gone thru this and they say ice ice ice. My goal is to get back in the saddle by the end of Feb 2014… I crazy? Any other horsie people out there that can give me some insight?
    Thank you for this amazing site.

  173. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr-related comment. I also sent you a private email. I have no experience with riding a horse after a tkr. Hopefully, others will share their experiences.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

    P.S. Glad to hear you find my site useful. 🙂

  174. LESLIE P:- One thing is to take your pain meds. there is usually a lot of pain but the pills can take the edge off. I didn’t find ice all that helpful but many do, so try it and see. I am very active too and have found this long recovery hard to live with, I play badminton and not sure I will be back at it any time soon, but you never know with your surgery, some people heal faster than others. Hope you can get back to horse riding. Good luck with your surgery.

  175. I slept all night !!!!! My son brought me Tylenol arthritis relief pills, they are timed-release, took two, read for 5 minutes, put the light out and boom, woke up at 6am. What luxury. So will take them and catch up on all the sleep I have missed for 8 weeks. Hope this helps someone who is desperately sleep deprived as I am.

  176. I am 3 weeks post op TKR. It has been great reading through all the comments from everyone. I am on short term disability for 6-8 weeks and am very grateful for that. I went off narcotic pain meds 5 days post op and have been doing Tylenol since then. I ice and elevate 3 times a day (with the cryo cuff) and exercise the knee about every three hours so as to not get stiff. I am sleeping well, only waking 2 times a night for repositioning. I was given permission to drive 2 weeks out as it is my left knee and I drive automatic. I am still at appx 93 degrees and stiff in the knee with more discomfort coming from behind the knee. I am told that will lessen as the swelling goes down and will see more bend soon. I begin water PT next week and am really looking forward to it. I am bored too as I am a pretty active person but just continue to remind myself and also give myself permission to rest and heal. We have been through a MAJOR surgery and out body needs to heal not Mc-heal…lol…I get concerned that I wont be ready to return to work in 3 more weeks but we shall see. I’ll keep you posted!

  177. I am 5 months post TKR and I am thrilled that I can walk with no pain in my knee as I was extremely inflamed and in severe pain. (I also need my other knee replaced and will probably have that done next year.). I feel I have done so well with my TKR that I have to remind myself to rest sometimes when I am on my feet all day – I am on my feet a great deal. have to remind myself that I am probably still healing as sometimes my leg aches along with my foot. I also have started to experience heel pain in the leg that I had the TKR. I wonder if this is because I have resumed normal activities with no regard to my TKR -or- if perhaps this may be a side effect of the surgery that will pass. Anyone else have heel pain?

  178. Hi Connie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr insight. I’m sure others will enjoy it, as well. I experienced heel pain during my initial recuperation period. It was temporary. I just elevated my leg when it happened.
    Hope this helps.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  179. Had TKR a year ago last August, and though it was an ordeal, it was worth every ache and pain associated with the surgery, rehab, and recovery. It has restored my quality of life – before surgery I could barely walk more than a block – today there are no limitations, and I’ve become totally unaware of the fact that I underwent a TKR as I go thru each day.
    Hang in there, those of you who are in the early stages of recovery, much better days are coming.

  180. Me again, I forgot to mention that I’m currently closer to my 78th birthday, then I am to my 77th. God bless orthopedic surgeons, and the biomedical engineers, and others who were involved in the process of developing the artificial knee.

  181. Hi all, what a pleasure it was to find this site. I am 4 weeks 3 days post right tkr with patellar resurfacing. I am 66 years old. My knee was pretty worn out with big bone spurs growing behind kneecap and behind knee so it was the only option for better quality of life. Whilst I am in pain, it is a better pain than before surgery. Still don’t have full ROM but improving bit by bit each day. Going to physio twice a week now.

    Like everyone I have insomnia and wake about every two hours – I find that if I get up and walk to the kitchen and have a drink of water etc., it frees the knee up a bit and I sleep with a very soft pillow between my legs. I have a nap during the day to combat tiredness. Also have anaemia due to big blood loss during surgery and am on iron for the next couple of months. I take Ibuprofen during the day and have cut down to one Endone at night. I also take Oxycontin if I need to.

    I too wonder when it will end, but patience is key. I do not need a stick to walk since 3 weeks out but feel the knee is tight although someone said it could be due to internal stitches. It is still swollen but I do ice it, not as often as I should though.

    After I came home from hospital (at 7 days) my knee swelled up like a football – think I did too much so I started wearing the compression stockings again, and this really helped to bring it down.

    Seeing physio today and hope my ROM has improved from last time. Just want full extension, this is important to me as had the other knee done 5 yeas ago and did not gain full extension with it and therefore have problems going down stairs etc so I want this knee to be good to counteract the other one.

    Good luck everyone. Hang in there, stay positive. Will write in again with further progress. Before surgery I could only walk 1/2 an hour tops before severe pain and limping. Post surgery is pain, but a better kind of pain. Just want my life back.


  182. One more thing, look up ‘Power Healing for Surgery’ Dr Sinatra. He lists various vitamins to help the healing process before and after surgery. We need all the help we can get!


  183. I went to the pool for water therapy again and while I felt I had a great session, today my knee is so stiff and sore I could cry. I am really fed up with feeling like this, I am now 10 weeks and even my surgeon thought I should be better. I am doing all I can to heal but nothing seems to work. I have a friend who had TKR two years ago and her knee is stiff and swollen still, she has had two manipulations, I am terrified I will end up like that !!

  184. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for coming back and posting your tkr comment. You are far better along than I was at your stage. I wasn’t even allowed to do water therapy.
    This may sound stereotypical…but…it does get better.
    It’s only natural to get frustrated and tired of the entire situation. Do not let others convince you of a negative outcome. You control your mind and its thought processes..not them. Read my post about comparisons for more insight.
    Stay in touch and good luck!

  185. Hi,
    I am now a sliver over 5 weeks and there has definitely been improvement. I am getting a full extension on the leg but still only at about 95 degrees bend. That is the hard part for me. The knee is still swollen and stiff and I have much discomfort behind my knee. Does/did anyone else experience behind knee pain? I was able to ride a stationery bike all the way around in PT last week and I am walking without a crutch or cane. I cannot walk far though as it gets really sore and I get tired. Ice is my best friend…that and Advil. I am now able to sleep 6 hours uninterrupted because I take an Advil PM at bedtime. Any suggestions on getting a better knee bend or loosening up those muscles?

  186. I am just starting week 5 after my right tkr. I’m so glad to have found this site this time around. I had my left knee done in Feb. 2012 without the benefit of the information from this site. My experience with my right knee has been so different from the left knee-in a much better way. I was anemic last year and am not now– really now see how much the anemia affected my ability to heal and progress as fast as I am now. Thank you Booktoots for this site. My concerns about using too many pills; comparing progress with my other knee; fear about not gaining flexion fast enough and being in the dumps at week 5 have all been addressed by you or your dear readers. Thank you…I feel so much better after a trip to your site!

  187. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for visiting my site. Sounds like you’re doing great. Take a look around my site for posts about tkr exercises, I’ve written quite a few.
    I find back pedaling on an exercise bike very useful for improving hamstring flexibility.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  188. Hi Terry,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving your encouraging comment. It’s always great to hear how my site helps others. So glad you find it useful. It’s serving its purpose. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  189. Hi all, 5 weeks post op now and saw my surgeon today. He is not happy with my 0-95 deg ROM and says it should be 120, but I think everyone is different. I felt so positive at my last post and even my physio said I was progressing very well. I asked my surgeon to just give me a few more weeks and will try to get to at least 110. He agreed and I have to see him again on 5 December, though he told me bring my nightie to that visit (so he doesn’t sound too confident that I will do it).

    My knee has healed well, no sticks or crutches, walking well, have great extension. I feel the swelling is stopping me from achieving this ROM, feels like a band across my knee front and back.

    Anyway I have decided that if I can’t make it to 110 in next couple of weeks, I will let him do a manipulation because I didn’t go through all the nightmare of the surgery to fail now.

    Thoughts anyone?


  190. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for returning to my site and leaving your tkr comment. I have written about manipulations before.
    My ROM is around 95. That’s what it was prior to my tkr. I wouldn’t think twice about having a manipulation. My surgeon never recommended it. That’s why I respect him. A manipulation is out of the question.

    Why do you consider yourself as failing when you’re doing so well? You’re not failing, in my opinion.

  191. Actually that thought crossed my mind too – extra revenue! It would not surprise me at all as I know the industry is profit driven. He knows I have private health cover and money is not an issue.

    I am going to talk to my physio who was pleased with where I am at and see what he says. (The physio even dropped my visits from two a week to one as I was doing so well!) I didn’t consider I was failing until I saw the surgeon yesterday and his comments really surprised me and put this doubt in my mind.

    Surgeon just made me feel afraid that this knee was not going to make the mark but its only 5 weeks and there is room for improvement still.

    Thanks for your comments, I will talk to the physio and keep you posted.


  192. Jill:- I am at 11 weeks now and still experience pain behind the knee and in my calf, it is because I am not bending the knee properly when I walk, the hamstrings are tight. In the pool I do stretches for them but pay in pain the next day. I had 110 ROM but doesn’t mean much if my knee feels locked.
    Jenny:- Only you can make the decision about manipulation some fail, others do not, my surgeon wanted to do it, my PT said NEVER at this late in the game. So talk to your Dr.
    Good luck.

  193. Hi all, spoke to my physio today and he told me that he has been doing this for 20 years and he felt my surgeon’s expectations were totally unrealistic at this stage ( 5.5 weeks). He felt I was well on track to achieve required ROM in a couple of weeks. I was so relieved after talking with him – I had been so upset all morning. I am seeing him in 4 days and will have a good talk with him then.

    Will post after visit to physio IN 4 days tiem. I feel so much better after talking to him. My gut feeling is that he was being honest with me, not so with surgeon.


  194. I have been in quite a lot of pain the last few days, we went to a concert Friday night, the seats were comfortable and it wasn’t too long, but the next day I could hardly walk…crazy isn’t it, I will be 12 weeks on Wednesday and disappointed with my progress. I sit for 10 minutes and then try to get up and my knee has stiffened up. I can bend it well when sitting and in bed but when I try to walk it is like it has locked up. I meet people who have had TKR and they are surprised I am still not walking properly, two friends who had it were well recovered by 9 weeks. Yikes.

  195. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. You’re experiencing the same things many of us have..and still do. Kindly read my article on comparisons. It will help you.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  196. Great to hear how others are deal with TKR. I had a double TKR on 10/29/13. Right leg about 85 degrees left about 65.

  197. Hi Ann, thanks for the advice on backpedaling, I will definitely do more of that. I also have a lot of movement of the knee itself, I can wiggle it and hear and feel the mechanics, and a definite click when I walk. I am hoping that will stop as I strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee but if there are any thoughts/suggestions/experiences I would love to know them. This site has been so helpful to me and I am very thankful to everyone’s sharing!`

  198. I went for acupuncture today, I met the guy at a social function and he asked me why I was limping, when I told him he insisted I come to him (I have been before for something else) anyway today, he put loads of needles in BOTH knees/legs my arms, head and hands, he said to counteract the inflammation. He put a roll under my knees and I felt quite comfortable. When I got home I realized I could stand and walk without thinking about it, he insisted I go tomorrow, which I will do. Wednesday we go on holiday for two weeks (somewhere warm…yes !!)
    BTW he was surprised how stiff I was after all the therapy I have had.

  199. I’m 5 months post TKR,it was a struggle for the first 4 weeks sleeping was very hard and the pain & swelling was there..The out therapy at week 4 really helped the process along and I worked very hard by week 8 I was at 130 and my leg was straight. I still do my exercises every other day just to keep after it.The only thing that bothers me is the noise I hear when I’m walking the doctor says that probably won’t go away. Those of you that are just beginning your journey post TKR don’t give up keep at it because it will get better over time

  200. Hi again, saw my physio the other day and he is very happy with my progress and said I am where I should be for six weeks post op now, almost 100. I keep trying to compare myself with others at my post op stage and I don’t think we should do that, we are all different. There are so many positive stories out there.

    Ann – I do hope things improve. When you walk really concentrate and bend your knee the same as the other one with each step (I still do that) and it does work. Maybe try heat and massage calf a bit before you walk. When sitting, keep flexing and moving knee – don’t just sit and not move it at all as then it does stiffen. I see another post re acupuncture, that is definitely worth a try too!

    Talk again soon.


  201. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for returning and leaving your inspiring feedback. Take a look at a recent post of mine discussing comparing ourselves to others. You may find it insightful. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  202. I am 6 weeks out today (10/8) from my tkr. I am allergic to narcotics and have gone through this ordeal with virtually zero pain meds. It has been the MOST difficult thing I have ever done and I have a very high threshold for pain. I can take Advil and sometimes Tramadol but mostly I just go without something and take a sleeping pill at night.
    Right now I have a 125 degree bend and 100 percent extension with minimal swelling and stiffness. I can ride an exercise bike for nearly a mile with little pain.
    My incision is healing nicely however today it’s quite hot and red. Not sure if this is normal and a part of healing or if there’s something wrong. I also have one tiny internal stitch that is outside the incision (which they glued together (dermabond) Anyone have the incision redness six weeks or more out from their surgery date? Should I worry?
    I see the OS tomorrow.

  203. Hi Peggy,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. You sound exactly like me at your stage, except your ROM is better.
    I’ve written about scar healing and stitches in other posts on my site. Take a look around. 🙂
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  204. Hi everyone, went to physio a couple of days ago (7 weeks post op) and rode a bike! I had a smile on my face all day! It was such a milestone to be able to use the pedal in full rotation and I did it easily too. My physio was really pleased and said I may only need 1-2 more visits with him. Of course, I will maintain my own exercise with walking daily and stretching – might do some hydrotherapy walking as well.

    What a journey but it has all been worth it. My aim is to reach 110 ROM by 8 weeks and I will be happy with that, after that it will only improve.

    I still have redness/pinkness around my scar too but it is nothing to worry about and I had a small internal stitch showing for a while but that fell off last week.

    So, to everyone out there, like the guy in the movie, Best Exotic Marigold Hotel said, “It will all be alright in the end, and if it is not alright, then its not the end yet” – it will happen! Patience is key.


  205. Had my last visit with the physio yesterday at 8 weeks, he is happy with my progress. My ROM is just over 110 and I am happy and I think this will improve. Riding the bike yesterday was even easier than last time.

    I am seeing an exercise physiologist today to get him to work out an exercise plan to suit my requirements and then plan on using the gym at the physio centre – I can claim all this on my private health cover which is a bonus.

    Its been a journey and a half, and was glad to share this on this site and to be able to read the posts gave me encouragement and hope and I didn’t feel so alone with my struggle.

    Went shopping last Friday with my sister, only planned to go to 3 shops and we shopped for 5 hours! My knee stood up to it so well (bit sore next day but OK now) – I would never have been able to do this in a million years before having surgery.

    If you are tossing up about having surgery on your painful knee, take a chance. Its not easy, but you will improve your quality of life in the long run and it will be well worth the journey. You will get your life back!

    Thank you so much for this forum, its been a Godsend.


    Best of luck to everyone

  206. Hi Jennifer,
    Thanks for returning and keeping us posted on your tkr recuperation. It’s great to hear you’re doing so well. I’m certain others can benefit from your insight, as well. 🙂
    Keep up the great work and stay in touch!
    P.S. Glad you find my site so useful. 🙂

  207. Hello all, Back from two weeks in the sun, did a lot of swimming and exercising in the pool and also managed a little snorkeling. We had quite a walk to and from the dining room so got that in too. I am still walking stiff-legged although I can bend the knee when sitting and in bed, it seems to lock once weight is on it, anyway I see my PT on Tuesday for evaluation, will see what he says.

  208. Where is everyone? Shame people don’t keep up with their news isn’t it? I wanted to ask everyone how long was it before they couldn’t feel the two new parts of their knees, I am at 3 1/2 months and can still feel mine.

  209. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for dropping by again and leaving your tkr comment. With over 212 comments on this post alone, it sounds to me like others are keeping up on their news. 🙂 No shame here.
    FYI: I, personally, never experienced your “feeling” concern.
    Best of luck and keep in touch!

  210. This is a great site!
    I am experiencing the 3 week depression/set back. I consider myself to be an active, athletic 57 year old. I have in home OT/PT through this week.
    A few days ago, I overdid my PT and am having pain that is stabbing and sharp when I lay down. Inflammation has grown since this last PT AND having stopped celebrex at the same time. I think there is a connection – calling doc.
    I have had successful back, carpal tunnel and epicondyle surgery rehab. This is my toughest yet.

  211. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Glad you find my site useful.
    I experienced exactly what you are going through at three weeks. And..Personally, I have no doubt there is a connection between medications and the healing process.
    Good luck and keep in touch!
    Happy Holidays!

  212. I’m 8 weeks post op, range of motion is great and I’m finished with PT. Knee pain is minimal and I should be thrilled about all of this, but I still cannot sleep. I’ve tried all the OTC sleeps meds. My doctor prescribed Ambien and that did not work. Any suggestions on getting a good night sleep or when does a normal sleep pattern begin to return? I returned to work and do not nap during the day. I feel like a zombie all day long and by evening I start to get anxious about whether or not I’m going to be able to get some sleep. On a good night, I get about 4 hours, but it takes me 8 hours just to get the 4. Any suggestions?

  213. Hi Tamara,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr sleep concern comment. At 8 weeks, I was lucky to get 2 hours of sleep nightly. This lasted for months. I’ve written about it in other posts throughout this site. Take a look around, there’s bound to be some useful information you find worthwhile.

    I also have a book titled “Dealing With Insomnia After A Total Knee Replacement” that contains over 100 real-life patient stories. It is available in different formats to suit varying reader needs. Kindly visit my Storefront page for more information.

    Good luck and keep in touch!

  214. TAMARA:- Have you tried Tylenol Arthritis? They are timed-release and helped me to stay asleep for a good few hours, I felt so much better and was able to stop taking them after about a month.

  215. I am grateful to God and for this site which has given me more answers to questions I had. I too was scheduled for a left TKR and was terrified, not knowing what to expect. Reading some of the posts did, I must admit, give me more of a scare but others have been very reassuring. Now almost two weeks after surgery, I am experiencing not so much as pain but severe stiffness, to the extent that I cannot bend my knee at all. The only bend I am getting is through the use of the CPM, and I cannot go further than 60! Yesterday, I did my best and went up to 70; with a bit more courage, I will go further tonight. Only now am I starting to feel the numbness and stiffness around the knee ease off a bit and with and so with some luck, will be able to bend the knee on my own for the first time. My PT comes in tomorrow and I am terrified that she will be forced to bend the knee, as with all the exercises she has given me, I still have not been able to bend the knee on my own. Also, on rubbing down the left side of my knee I feel this rather hard “thing”. I asked my PT and she didn’t know what this was either. Is this normal? Straight leg raising comes as a breeze to me. Many thanks for this blog, and thanks for all your stories and suggestions.

  216. Hi Janet,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. So glad to hear this site has been helpful for you. That’s its purpose. 🙂 I found that “simply” rocking in a rocking chair to be extremely helpful for improving my tkr’s flexibility. Nice and easy…I’ve written about this in other posts on this site. Take a look around!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  217. I am 14 weeks out from a TKR on my right knee. I am 67,female and retired. I have pretty much returned to regular activity but sit with ice several times a day. I also have a community jacuzzi that I go into every day and do exercise there. At twelve weeks I had 103 ROM and am lucky enough to have 0 flex. I still have lots of swelling and discomfort. It is not the kind of pain that it was even a few weeks ago. My knee seems to be “waking up” as the skin sensitivity returns. I am off pain meds except for Ibuprofen and a very occasional Norco 5mg. I walk with a slight limp and don’t use any devices. My greatest frustration is that every time I feel that I have turned the corner I have a bad day. This site has reassured me that this is all normal and to be expected. Thanks

  218. Hi: I am 10 weeks post-op. After reading so many of these blogs I feel normal…I think…heheheh….I have been doing great with my exercises….full rotation on stationary bike forward and backward….up and down stairs with both feet most times unless I am really stiff. But right now it is very uncomfortable and stiff. I am told by my friends who have been through this that it is totally normal and that I probably overdid myself over Christmas. I start physio on Thursday. I know I know…some ask why so late? When I called my private PT I told her that the home PT had been there 4 times and I told her what ROM I had and what exercises I was doing. It was three weeks before Christmas and she suggested I just keep on doing what I was doing. She felt I was right on track and that trying to do PT and prepare for Christmas was going to be too strenuous. I have been diligent in my exercises, I go for walks and do grocery shopping for up to one hour. Did all my Christmas baking and had Christmas Eve dinner here with our family and grandkids. I am 61. Yes, I am impatient…and yes, I push myself at times but I am looking forward to seeing what the PT can help me with. I see the surgeon in two weeks for my 3 month check up. Scar is healing quite nicely. I went in with a very optimistic attitude. I kept telling myself that this is “healing pain” and the pain I suffered with before was a disability pain. Now I am seeing my abilities even if some days I get frustrated. As my friends and surgeon said…”It takes up to 18 months or more…BE PATIENT!”…….so thank you for your blog and for all the input. It has been very helpful this past week since I found your site. God bless you and all of you who write in. It’s not that “it will get better”….It “IS” better!….just hang in and keep on peddling.

  219. This design is wicked! You certainly know how to keep a reader amused and informed.
    Between your wit and your content, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job.
    I really loved what this article has to say, and more than that, how you presented it.
    Too cool! Keep up the great work, you are helping many people. I am glad I found your site. I don’t feel so alone in my tkr journey.

  220. Please help me ! I had a TKR on 9/23/13. I was bone to bone in my right knee so bad that my knee bent outward severely ! I am 59 years old . I would have to say I feel my life will NEVER be the same ! At 3 weeks after my surgery my knee did not heal right so they had to go back in cut out the dead skin and suture it . My ROM was at 125 quickly , I am not having problems with that my problem is the swelling and the popping in my knee is constant when I am in motion . I was told to do wall squats- when I try to do them my knee feels like it is popping out of place( almost like it rotates out of my knee cap ). I have called my doctor and they act like I am a dummy and a bother ! I do not know what to do , I am so depressed and feel I did the wrong thing and could do more before the surgery . I do not know if this is normal and will go away or if this is the way I will have to live the rest of my life ?? I feel like my quality of life is over . Please help !!!!

  221. Hi Phyllis,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. I have written about knee popping and tkr swelling throughout this site. Take some time to explore my site. You’ll find what you need. You are not alone.
    And…find another doctor if you believe yours is not supportive. You need a positive support system in place.
    Stay in touch and good luck!

  222. I just had my 6 month visit with my surgeon (well really 5 month) and I am here to tell you that if you put in the blood, sweat and tears it works.

    I was on your website earlier on about my problems. But I am here now to tell you that if you put in the work, it will pay off. You WILL get your life back.

    My surgeon hugged me today and told me how proud he was of me, and I told him that he scared me into putting in the work by threatening manipulation. He laughed at that…

    I am totally without pain now and can walk for long periods and up and down stairs as though I had a normal knee. It was a journey of blood, sweat and tears and you have to put in the work. I went to physio after I got out of hospital twice a week until 6 weeks and then did gym in between on the exercise bike and rowing machine. Sometimes I could hardly walk next day. It was a journey and a half.

    Today I went in to see my surgeon on the community health bus, there was a lady on there three weeks out of surgery who could not bend her knee at all (and would not). She was not seeing a physio and not doing exercise and blaming the surgeon for a botched job. I said that it wasn’t going to happen if she would not put in the work but it fell on deaf ears.

    I want to tell everyone, it was worth it all – the first 2 months are hell, but give it all, do the exercises, do the physio to the point of tears, and you will walk again with no pain.

    This is my final post. DO NOT give up – it will happen if you put in the work – you may cry, swear and everything else but it will pay off!! I am off on an Eastern Mediterranean holiday next month and will be able to really enjoy that.

    Best of everything to all.

  223. Welcome back, Jennifer! Thanks very much for sharing your insightful and inspiring comment with us. Your positive attitude and good work ethic are a pure pleasure to read. Are you sure you don’t want to stop by and check in every now and then? 🙂
    Enjoy your upcoming vacation…you deserve it!

  224. Well I am having a 12 month check in October 2014 again with surgeon (hope he hugs he again, he could be movie star! – I will be looking fwd to that!), but I don’t expect anything to change.

    It’s a hard road, and one of the hardest of surgeries to recover from but you have to put in the ‘hard yards” if you want it to work. Surgeons can only do so much. You have to have the WILL to make it work and do the work as internal scarring can result, if you don’t do the physio it won’t work very well. Try using MSM which reduces internal scarring.

    I say to you all, try and do your best at least for the first 2 months and you will reap results. You may cry, swear, be distraught, but do not give up. IT DOES WORK.

    Thank you all for reading my post, and I hope I have inspired you to just do that little bit more. It’s not easy that’s for sure, but do it. You will reap the rewards I promise you! Catch you in October before I go to Thailand!


  225. I had a TKR in March, 2013. Was skin tested for metal allergies – still became allergic to Nickel in implant (BEWARE- be blood tested before TKR). Toxins sent me on downhill spiral and ended up with upper muscle loss, pain everywhere (still do) and had to have revision(10 months) in January 2014. I am so weak and so down…feel like end of the world. Suffer so much – no appetite and cannot take so many meds due to sensitive and allergic. On Warfarin so no NSAIDS to help inflammation -any suggestions as to what I could take, what I can do to help my cause. Any advice would be appreciated. Been in constant pain for year now – ready to give up but know that is coward’s way out. If anyone has some hope they might share……please do so. I really need some positive feedback – or any feedback. Did 6 weeks outpatient PT….got to 117 ROM – nearly killed me. Not going back but do work out at home. Trying the rocking chair. Cry so much, depression – have ruined my life. Never, ever any pain like this before surgery. Just needed new knees – bone on bone and wanted before I got any older. I am 72 but was a hard working 72 – know family, friends hate to even call me. So many prayers out there for me. Please, please help me if you know any solutions to any of this including gaining appetite back once again. God bless each of you suffering with TKR pain or any pain. I know HE cares. I want my life back and pain gone. Can walk less than 10 minutes….cannot stand to cook, shop, etc. Have not cooked a meal in a year now. Bless my precious husband….he is my life now. Xrays look ok this time but they did before. Did not find allergy until Metal LTT Analysis testing in Chicago. Told them I could not wear nickel earrings…did not know they put nickel in until I got so bad and asked. Insisted on other testing. Was devastated when knew I had to have revision. Anyone had revision – how did you do……any revision due to allergy. Would love to hear. This sounds like a book – could not write anything this bad if I tried. Again……God be with all of you. Thank you for website.

  226. Hi Martha,
    Thanks for returning to my site and leaving your comment. That’s some experience you’re going through. Since I have not experienced metal reactions nor a revision, I cannot provide insight. Perhaps others can.
    Also…ice is great for natural pain relief. Take a look around my site for more posts about this topic.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  227. MARTHA:- I’m curious as to what your early symptoms were, I have had thoughts I may be allergic to my new knee too. I won’t post anymore until you write back.
    So sorry you are going through such misery, it is so amazing people have TKR and have absolutely no problems – lucky them !! I am your age and was very active before surgery, so I know how you feel. You’re appetite is affected because of your pain, once you get that under control you’ll be able to eat a little better. What has your family Dr. said about pain relief?

  228. Thank you, this is very informative and helpful. It had given me confidence that I am healing at the right pace 🙂

  229. Hello. I have used this and other sites to glean information in the worrying pre and post tkr period.
    I had my total kr 3 months ago and was very worried about the clunk (not click I assure you!) coming from my knee with every step. Also I felt crunching on the lateral area of my knee. Expecting a further operation, the surgeon explained what was happening. I had a lateral cartilage removed 30 years ago and the surgeon explained that the deep scar tissue was connecting with the femur implant. He manipulated my knee to demonstrate and explained the motion with the aid of x ray. He says this normally takes a year to be worn away! I have found the recumbent cycle has strengthened my knee and now have confidence in increasing this particular fitness regime. Hope this will help other fellow clunkers!!

  230. Ann. sorry I am so late in answering. Having some rough times with my revision – not the knee in particular….still sick from nickel allergy, I think! As for allergy to first one, my knee looked great healing on outside and x-rays showed knee was good. However, my body just went DOWNHILL fast after 3 months. And my knee stayed sore all the time. Cannot explain – not really hurt – sore. I could walk but did not feel like it. Doctor kept saying give it a year but finally I was so weak, sick I stayed on the bed most of time. Could not eat….think straight….cried all time. Knew something was wrong but could not convince anyone else. Finally got real pain in upper joints – even ribs. GP tested me….sedrate high. Said Fibromyalgia. Could be but just knew it was something coming from knee. Finally asked ortho doctor what kind of knee i had…when he said nickel was in it, I insisted on having blood work sent to Chicago. Nickel allergy. I was really a sick person by then and they scheduled the surgery nearly 3 months off….husband finally intervened and got it one month earlier. I survived the surgery but it has really drained me in every way. This time worse…..said it would be. I started trying to come off oxycodone yesterday and that is gonna be hard. Already sick and the additional symptons are torture. I am going back to therapy today – without pain meds – and hope to strengthen my knee more and get ROM a little better. This has been the worst year of my life. Had second surgery 10 months from first. Nine weeks almost since second one. I still cannot eat and still think the nickel is in body and having bad effects but do not know what to do except wait and pray it will someday leave and I will be able to walk. Dread the next feew months – always thinking that maybe this one will not work:( I know I need to think positive and I TRY. Would love to hear from you or any others out there with same problems. Wish I could just have a desire to eat…….anything. Have to force everything I eat. Maybe getting off pain killers will help. God bless each of you on this site. May he touh you and heal you and give you reason to want get up and live to the fullest every day. This is my prayer. I want to be “ME” again…..a better Me! Will look for your reply, Ann. Marie, never did get article you sent.

  231. Ann – went back and read your comments again. Doctor put me on Tramadol since I cannot take Tylenol. I had taken Tramadol last surgery. But I started having bad nightmares so he tried me on Oxycodone (same as percot but without the Tylenol, I think) Anyway, there are lots of drawbacks to this drug and I was afraid if I kept on taking I would really have hard time stopping. I cannot take NSAIDS – on warfarin. Got off pain meds first time at 6 weeks. No problem as I remember but then again, my memory is one of my big problems since so much surgery and meds. Concentraion was another sympton of the nickel allergy…..could not even finish a sentence at times. I am getting a little better and knee feels some better – reason for trying to get off narcotics. My therapy people are xtra nice and gentle and they know the circumstances so they will help me and I am going to try and help myself. Hope this answered your questions. Why do you think you are allergic? mp

  232. Martha:- Well, thankfully mine is probably not an allergy. My Dr. has got me an appointment with the main orthopedic hospital in the City in May, so we’ll see what they say about my knee. I have posted this before about sleep deprivation but Tylenol Arthritis is very good, it is timed release and keeps you asleep for hours. I am sensitive to many drugs but can tolerate this. Not good to take it for months but to get you over the hump and give you some much-needed rest.

  233. MARTHA:- Sorry, sorry, just noticed you cannot take Tylenol, so please disregard that part !!!

  234. I have posted a few times before, however, I have had the worst year of my life and experienced all the various stages of a TKR in ONE YEAR.

    Dec 2012 – Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
    Jan 2013 – MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement
    Jul 2013 – Full Knee Replacement
    Jan 2014 – TKR Revision
    Jan 2014 – Knee INFECTION

    I have stated the above so that I don’t have to go into details of the first three surgeries. Needless to say, I have been in absolute agony and many times I wished I could just no wake up so that I could bypass the pain and suffering. I suspected all along after the Full TKR that I had an infection since my leg was always swollen and sometimes quite red. Additionally, I experienced extreme pain accompanied by a feeling of loosening in the implants. My OS had blood tests, synovial fluid cultures done as well as umpteen x-rays. All x-rays showed that the implants were supposedly in place and not misaligned as I had charged. Thing was that x-rays only show an image as it is at that particular time, not when the knee was in motion. All this time, I have been using Percocet for pain management. Outpatient therapy was getting more difficult and eventually I stopped it due to the horrendous pain and swelling. The synovial fluid culture tests showed three to be fine (negative) and one was positive. My OS thought that the one was more likely to be contamination of equipment and not worth going through yet another surgery for infection since that was so complex and detrimental. As the days went by, I could no longer tolerate the pain and so we agreed on another opinion, what a joke that was. The other OS told me the same thing, everything looks fine and the test was probably a contamination, take more pills (anti-inflammatory) and call him in three months. I was not going to accept that and made my intentions clear, I would not see him again and I thought he was a quack! Actually he is quite a respected OS and I guess my frustrations were directed at him.

    A few weeks later my OS and I agreed that he had to perform yet another surgery to look at the alignment and more than likely replace everything. The present implant showed a 2mm overhang between the upper and lower implant. This was supposedly normal however not to me. One morning I woke up with my legs looking like the letter K. We set the next surgery for Dec 16 2013 at WakeMed. Dec 13 my OS had some personal problems to attend to and we decided to postpone my surgery to Jan 7, 2014. We added another OS to the team, to ensure that nothing would be missed and it would be a perfect operation.

    Day of Surgery: Culture taken during surgery showed no infection except for again the one which was suspect but not convincing. The implant was loose and caused misalignment as I stated way back when. Everything was replaced with a new long-stemmed implant that had NO overhang. The new implant extended about 7 – 8 inches into my tibia and femur. Apparently this sucker was not going to come loose and the surgery was proclaimed magnificently successful. I went through the usual three day stay and the accompanying excruciating pain during recovery. Lots of morphine and Percocet to ensure minimum pain. I was discharged on Jan 10 to home care. Actually the implant felt a lot more secure and I thought I was again on my way to a slower but sure recovery.

    After one day at home I had to postpone home therapy due to lingering pain however the Therapist came over to examine me. My leg was so swollen and red, that she took a picture of it and we texted it to my OS and asked for an immediate appt. Went to see the OS, I could not move so it was wheel chair time. He saw me and called the Emergency Dep at the hospital. I was sent over and admitted to Emergency Trauma Unit, I woke up 8 days later in the High Trauma ward hooked up to all sorts of IV Antibiotics 24/7. I do not remember the first 8 days and I was told that it is best I don’t remember.

    Obviously I had an infection which was being treated with 24/7 anti-biotics IV for a 16 day period. Well, I went through living hell and was told that my screams could be heard all over the hospital floor. During this time, I was also given therapy in the gyms and taught how to walk again. I had to use a wheel char and walker for most of my 16 day hospital stay. I won’t go into the details of the stay to spare you the gore however the infection gradually abated. When I asked my OS what happened, he stated that I would be better off not remembering the 8 days and that the IV treatment was absolutely necessary since the alternative is catastrophe. I guess I would be amputating my leg.

    I was discharged on Feb 1 2014 to home care which has ended and am now in Out-Patient 3 days per week. Today is the 10th week post-op, I still use a cane, I can drive my stick shift for short distances. I can walk short distances, and can handle most home activities. I have not had a decent night’s sleep for months, I still have LOTS of pain and still use Oxycodone sometimes combined with 325mg Acetaminophen. I hate the side effects but feel that I have no choice. The swelling is just about gone but the stiffness and pain is still there. My OS says considering what I have been through, I will probably not be healed for another 3 – 6 mos. I will be weaned off the Oxycodone in another 2 mos.

    In all my wildest dreams I never expected any of this and would never have agreed to the first surgery if I suspected any of this. This has been the worst year of my life. Never mind, that I have spoken to a lot of people who have had TKR and bilateral TKR who have had no problems. I feel completely broken as a human however I am still hopeful that one day I will be better, some days I am not so optimistic.

  235. I’m back!!! I found this blog appr 1 year ago when I had my first TKR – right, done. It was an ordeal as many of you reported and I experienced. I got depressed, couldn’t sleep, needed pain meds around the clock for weeks!! It was aweful!!! BUT… I have seen by many of your stories, no 2 stories are the same!! I am proof of that myself! I am 10 days out from my left TKA (3/25/14) and doing amazing!!!! I need very little pain meds, maybe a pill to sleep (which hasn’t been too bad), and 1 take 2 pills before PT. I was discharged home after 2 days, and only using a cane when I go out. Mostly at home, I walk without the aid of anything though slowly. I’m walking far better, I walk heel/toe and even my husband has noticed how much better I walk! He knows also and tells everyone this has been a totally different expierene! We are both so happy. I attribute a lot of this to a preparedness from reading others expierences and being both mentally and physically ready. I started PT several weeks prior to surgery (my hubby has very good insurance), we purchased a ‘polar pack’ ice machine to have on hand and I did this in spring time!!!!!not the dead of winter!! I’m considering going back to work in about 3 weeks part time too! I also planned a vacation for late May that has me motivated too!! I hope I can keep this going and just want anyone who is considering even there first TKA, it is NOT always as bad as it seems. I had both cases, and am certainly glad my 2nd was the easier. Good luck to all and I will report back in several weeks!!

  236. dallasjones, I am so, so sorry you have had to suffer through so much and so many surgeries, you probably regret ever having the surgery. I am sure everyone on this board is sending you good thoughts and hope you make a full recovery this time. We all sympathize fully, as everyone on here has gone through many problems.

  237. Well its been 8 months about and now other knee is failing and bone on bone so going to have other surgery in Sept if I can wait that long. Still have pains once in awhile on tkr but not bad. Tkr is not 100% but I am hoping that by Sept it will be as good as its going to get. Limping because of over compensation and now pain in other knee. What fun this all is NOT. Anyone is same situation as me?

  238. Hi Joyce,
    Thanks for leaving your comment and visiting my site. At 8 months, I was just getting used to my new knee. There was extra pressure on my “good” knee, with pain and crunching. Still is…6 years later. No worries, though.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  239. What a great site. This is my second TKR, the last one being 5 years ago. Oh how we forget. I’m in week 6 and after a beautiful weather weekend, my PT session (the next day) went terribly with excess swelling and pain. My fault, too much activity and I paid the price. The next two days were spent being a good girl and doing what I SHOULD be doing (nothing more) and icing a lot to get the swelling down. I have PT tomorrow and I can already tell that this will be better. Don’t do too much folks, it’s not worth it!! But as far as the knee replacement; I would do it again in a heart beat. It feels great to be mobile.

  240. Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your helpful tkr comment. I’m certain others will enjoy your insight, as well. 🙂 Keep in touch and good luck!

  241. Thank you for starting this. I wish I would have found this weeks earlier. I am 7 weeks today and I feel I’m one of the lucky ones doing good! After 3 and 4 weeks I felt great and was feeling ahead of where I thought I would be. Here it is 11 pm and not sleeping and now I know I’m not alone in this part of recovery. The not sleeping is worse than any pain because the pain was manageable. Any thing I try for a sleep aid seems to make it worse. I’m still doing the other knee in December, so the way it sounds I have a whole year of not sleeping. I have 110 rom but the other knee is holding me back. I think the stationary bike is a big key to recovery. I had no additional therapy after the first three weeks just doing my strengthening exercises every day. Again thanks for the wealth of knowledge this has provided.

  242. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. It’s always fun and encouraging to hear how others enjoy my site. 🙂 Share the news with others who could use it! Keep in touch and good luck!

  243. Hi. I am 4 weeks out from TKR. I have PT at home starting immediately after I came home from the hospital. I was in for 4 days. I have cried and screamed through the therapy. But, because I am working on my own between visits I am now at 105. It can be done. Work hard and don’t get discouraged. My pain was sever after surgery. It is better now. However, I still need pain meds. I have good days and, like today, I have bad days where I hurt all day. I just keep my eye on the prize. A functioning knee with no pain. To God be the Glory!

  244. Hello Folks,

    Just thought I would drop a relatively short update on the triple TKR and infection which I experienced in ONE year (see previous posts).

    I am now at Week 17 post surgery (week 14 post infection) and I am finally feeling really good! I am getting around, doing my everyday activities, gardening etc with barely any difficulty. I have graduated from Therapy and now doing my own thing at the gym and at home. The infection is gone and most of my surgery wounds are healed outside and in. My ROM is 130 / -1 and I keep doing my exercises. While I was up to about 90mg – 100mg per day of oxycodone for over a year, I am now weaning off and am down to 20mg per day. I am also using Lyrica for nerve pains which strike for a few terrible seconds when you least expect it. All in all, I feel wonderful and as my sis says to me, this is how I will feel in another 5 mos when it is all over. I look forward to it.

    I know that there are a lot of you going through living hell and wondering when it will ever end, I empathize most sinderely. If you want to use me as an example of the most extreme TKR situation, you can see that after almost two years I am reporting that I am fine. Remember that I had:

    Dec 2012 – Arthroscopic Knee Surgery
    Jan 2013 – MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement
    Jul 2013 – Full Knee Replacement
    Jan 2014 – TKR Revision
    Jan 2014 – Knee INFECTION

    So if you had only one TKR, you will heal and it may seem slow but let it happen. Don’t go crazy like I did and overdo any exercise or strenuous stuff which could rock the implants loose. Nothing wrong with taking your pain meds, you will NOT get addicted (I did it for over 18 mos and I am weaning off successfully). You must control the pain and allow the TKR to heal, you have had MAJOR surgery and it takes time. In our case MORE is NOT better, take tiny steps and you will be fine. It will get better.

    I hope that my story of my journey to hell and back will help you to understand your situation somewhat better and help to cheer you up.


  245. Hi Dallas,
    Thanks for stopping by and updating your status with us. Wow…that’s some story you have. It’s very inspirational. You sure are tenacious! 🙂
    I’m sure others will find comfort and understanding in it, as well.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  246. Hi Dallas, you are an inspiration. I’m going into my 9th week and today it felt as everything just broke free. Got up this morning and jumped on the bike with no tight muscles! Worked all day with no soreness. Here it is 11:30 and can’t get to sleep. Talked to a guy today and he said his sleeplessness lasted a year. I’m getting my other one done in December, oh boy twof years of sleeplessness!!

  247. Mike M.

    Glad you are feeling great and experiencing that aha moment when it feels as if everything is fine and you are now healed. 🙂 I would be a little cautious since I have experienced these very moments many times, thing is that they do NOT last for very long and you may be tempted to let your guard down and cause problems. There is no quick solution to the healing period, let it play out, enjoy these moments and just be careful, DON’T OVERDO IT!

    Oh BTW, I have been experiencing sleeplessness for 19 months and don’t see any relief in sight. My OS just gave me Lyrica (which cost $zillions) and said that it would help me sleep as well as take care of any pain during the night. It helped somewhat but the resulting gas and bloating which was my side effect was worse. I stopped it after 3 nights however I will try again tonight since I need to get some sleep.

    Good luck with the other one in December.

  248. I had my TKR on February 4, 2014. Today is May 10, 2014. I was discharged from physical therapy this past Wednesday. For sure I believe our experiences as TKR patients are going to be as different as we are. My knee is not perfect…but it sure doesn’t hurt like it used to for 4-1/2 years. Every step I took hurt like Hades….now, tonite—I went on my first “long” walk (whoopee I went about 3/4 of a mile and it took 22 minutes) and I was winded and coughing (allergies on top of all else!). I figure I will just go every other day (to walk) and hopefully–by the end of this summer–I will be able to walk to my office and back (about 2 miles each way). To me….I never expected perfection..I have heard and felt the whole “clicking” thing inside my knee—I have also felt like “something” along the left side but not pain like I used to have. I have the numb “patch” to the left of my incision (still numb like day #1 post op). Twinges…swelling a bit…(actually, he took some fat off with the TKR—so it’s actually “thinner” than my right one!). I don’t know. I am still hopeful it can and will “get better still” by the time my year anniversary rolls around next February. I just saw him (my ortho) two days ago and he said “Come back in 9 months.” So—there you go. I am overweight…I want to lose weight now as a result of getting my knee “back” so to speak—but I do understand it’s all one day at a time and no screwing around like I did for the past 4-1/2 years suffering in all that pain and doing “squat” about it until this past February! So—hope this helps! God bless you all!

  249. I had a right TKR on Mar 17 and now am at 8 weeks. I also ahead a total left shoulder last September. Since I had the TKR I have lost a total of 25 lbs. I work out 3 times per week and the new knee is doing great. Since I was on pain RX for the past 7 weeks, can they cause the weight loss ?

  250. I am 51 and had TKR back in November. I am doing great now.It seemed like the pain would not stop but it will in time just hang hang in there, it was well worth it.The best advice to anyone who needs TKR get active as soon as possible after surgery.I stayed in the house confined and fell into major depression.My GP treated me with antidepressants but it took 8 weeks to recover from the illness.My advice to anyone that needs TKR get active as soon as possible after the surgery . Stay strong it will get better

  251. So glad to find this site! I am 7 weeks post TKR and although I still have pain, swelling, and stiffness, I can definitely see that I did the right thing! The sharp razor pains from the arthritis is gone! I can walk as far as I want and walking is great although standing still is a big NO NO. Causes tremendous swelling and stiffness! I am only at 100 degrees ROM but can do almost anything I want. Looking forward to days ahead without pain and stiffness. Keep working!

  252. Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. I don’t know about others, but the Tylenol-based meds prescribed to me caused nausea and loss of appetite. Hopefully, this helps.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  253. I am glad I found this site while researching TKRs. On March 10, 2014 I underwent my 2nd in 5 years meniscus repair on my right knee. The first was the medial simple tear and I did great wtih it. This last one however was the lateral and a complex tear. During surgery, it was noticed ( also on the MRI but the extent couldnt be evaluated until surgery) i had considerable loss of cartiledge in several areas. In the largest area, my Dr. drilled a series of many small small holes to encourage scar tissue to form. This didnt work as expected and I’ve done a series of Uflexa injections ( 1 shot for 3 wks). I felt some relief after the first two, but the day before my 3rd I experienced increased levels of pain up to a 10 with my knee giving out. I spoke to my dr about it as he gave my 3rd injection after withdrawing about 60 cc of fluid, gave me a brace for stability. That was 2 wks ago Tuesday. On Sunday, I had to have my knee drained again throught he emermgency clinic and I have an appointment tomorrow w/ my ortho. I am afraid he is going to tell me replacement. I was reseaching a TKR that I heard of that goes throught he back of the knee. Anyone know of it? Also, what does the scar look like after its healed. I guess I’m vain to an extent. I have nice legs – i don’t want a huge and deformed looking knee after the replacement…. the scar I don’t actually mind. Im having anxiety over the pain and I’ve always prided myself over a high pain toleranc; not being able to sleep b/c it feels like a railroad spike being driven into my knee and that shoots up my leg to my hip. Thoughts? tips? Anything…. Thank you!

  254. Hi. I posted on May 10th…now it is May 22nd. I’ve been walking about 1.2 miles since that first walk referenced in my May 10th post. As I mentioned then, my knee is not “perfect”…but I don’t have the stiffness either since walking about every other day since the 10th. I do have twinges here and there to the side of my knee…but I’m hoping that’s due to my new hardware adjusting to my style of walking (and shoes I wear, etc.) Even with a new knee…we still have the “gait” we always had while we walk. My goal is to be able to walk 5 miles by the end of September without huffing or puffing. I’m going tomorrow to try walking to my office (about 1.5 miles from my house). If I can make it there and hubby can bring me home afterwards…I consider that a “win”. What I’d like to know from my fellow TKRs is how long it took you to feel like your knee was “normal” (no twinges, no nothing!) after “graduating” from PT and walking as part of your exercise regimine. Or am I blowing smoke to think my knee can one day feel “fine” with no sensations of anything as I walk? Take care! MD

  255. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your inspiring tkr comment. Your knee will feel fine with time. You sound like you’re doing great now.
    Take a look around my site. There are tons of posts discussing walking, sporadic pain, etc. Remember…everyone recuperates at their own speed. I was walking comfortably within a year. But…I’m not your average bear. You may be quicker..

  256. Hi Jill,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your knee comment. That’s some ordeal you’re going through. Yikes!
    Put your vanity aside if you’re considering a tkr. My scar is 6.5 years old and 8″ long, estimated. Now it’s white and pretty. 🙂 I just consider it part of my collection. 🙂
    I’ve written about this throughout my site. Take a look around!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  257. Thanks! I really am not so worried about the scar but more the appearance of the knee being mishapened and much larger than the other knee. I know Im being vain to even worry about it; but i do. Its big and swollen and mishapen looking now and its such a contrast with my other rather bony left knee.

  258. Jill, Your knee should not look any different/larger than the other after a period of time.

    For those looking for a natural sleep remedy, I can highly recommend Black cherry juice – available at Health Food stores – you take a small dose when you wake up in the ck , it puts you back to sleep naturally.

  259. Hi Ann,
    Thanks for stopping by again and leaving your comments. I’ve heard black cherry juice is good for sleep, also. And…just to show how different everyone is…my tkr knee looks puffier ( I won’t use the word “fatter”) than my “good” knee. It’s been 6.5 years. 🙂

  260. Hi Jill,
    I just posted a comment under Ann’s reply. Anyways, my tkr knee look swollen (or fat) compared to my “good” knee. It’s been 6.5 years post-tkr.
    Everyone’s different!
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  261. Well I went to the Dr today and we are going to do Osteochondral Allograft Implantation. Its a bit complicated to explain so I encourage you to look it up. He said this could buy me some time toward a TKR and the ones he has done have been successful.He did say the recovery is a bit grueling because its NO WEIGHT bearing for a min of 4 wks and maybe longer. I’m excited however to be given this option. I shall keep you all posted if you are interested.

  262. Had my LTKR May 19th 2014
    Over all the things went well. They did a Quad Sparing Femoral nerve block so I was able to move my left leg right out of surgery
    Pain and Nausea were controlled well
    Was pleasantly surprised that the Joint Center I went to no longer catheterized or used warfin as a blood thinner
    Went home the third day. Felt my early release and ability to walk with a cane (used a walker for 2 days) was due to the time I spent Pre-Op doing exercises to strengthen my leg Quads, etc

    Am doing the Elevation, Ice (DonJoy ice machine) Post-Op exercises. Still have a lot of swelling.

    Will start PT on the 27th and staples out on the 29th.

    This Blog post is most helpful. Most people I have talked to expect quicker recovery and are depressed they are not recovering faster. Fortunately my surgeon doesn’t sugar coat the procedure and says if you are not willing to do the Pre and Post exercises don’t have the surgery.

  263. Hi Summer,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. You sound like you’re doing great! Kudos! Keep in touch and good luck!

  264. I will be 41 in July and had my TKR on my left knee October 5, 2012. By my 3rd week post op my knee bent as much as it ever would. Even with using the CPM and home physical therapy and then therapy at a local place. To this day my home therapist will come see me occasionally and the last time she came my knee was at 93° and I know I’ve lost a few degrees since she’s been here last. It straightens just fine, in fact it hyperextends almost to the same point it did pre-op. I have been having pain like I used to during those several weeks after surgery. Throbbing, aching, stabbing, burning, plus stiffness. I have also found when I leaned against the tub the other day to grab something on the other side of it and my kneecap pressed against the side of the tub and the pain was unbearable! I no longer have insurance as I lost my job a few weeks after going back because I could not perform my job duties as a shift leader for a national drug store. So I’m pretty much stuck with my knee as is and getting worse.

  265. I am a 54 year old man. Post op TKR entering week 9 and see my surgeon for the second time on June 6th. While I am pleased with my progress to this point I still have concerns on my recovery. I am in outpatient PT twice a week. My ROM is ok between 106-115 depending on my swelling. I am still having a problem straightening out my leg.I am not even close to zero yet. The Knee was in a bent position for years and always seems to want to go back to being bent. My physical therapist has been able to get my leg straighter each time I go, which gives me hope. Only taken pain meds once a day and some aspirin to help with the inflammation. The swelling has been the hardest part for me while being able to walk 20-30 minutes a day and go up and down stairs. It’s the swelling that kills me. Constant icing and of course learning not to overdue it at times has been hard. I am hoping my doctor can give me something to help manage the inflammation better. I am glad I had the surgery I have no pain that I had prior to the day I had the surgery. But I do have good days and bad days. Reading all of these posts has really giving me strength and confirmed what my doctor told me prior to having this done. He told me it could take6-9 months before normal comes back into play.I can walk pretty much without a limp which I had been doing for a few years. If I can just get my quad and hamstring back on track I will be very happy. Everyone has different experiences, but it seems that a lot of us have similar tales as well. I wish the best to all who are going through this, don’t give in to the pain, be strong and don’t give up.

  266. Hi Jay,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your interesting tkr comment. It sounds like you’re doing great! At 9 weeks, I needed to work on my leg straightening, also. 🙂
    Good luck & keep in touch!

  267. Had my 3 month follow up and it was great. My ROM was 120+ the dr. said see in one year. I said no see you in 6 months for the other and made the appointment for December. Two weeks ago I quit taking sleeping pill and pain pill to sleep at night, what a relief to go asleep.

  268. I am 66 and had my surgery May 20/14. I was really pleased with progress considering I have been fighting bursitis in my hip, same leg as the TKR. Yesterday while trying to get a cramp out of my butt I felt a snap and unbelievable pain at the right side of my knee and up leg. The swelling in my knee is much more than it was and now I can barely stand on it. Does anyone have an idea as to what might have happened? I can’t take any narcotics for pain due to allergies so this is a big set back for me. Your site is great …thanks

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  270. Hi Margaret,
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  271. Hi everyone
    Like most of you I am thrilled to find this so informative site and to realise that we are all different but also quite similar! I am not a patient patient and want to be better immediately and that’s not happening. I am 14 weeks post TKR on my right knee, have a nice straight leg and a 120 degree bend so everyone happy with me. I have just started getting crampy, jumpy legs at night and very hard to sleep. I haven’t read all the articles but has anyone found when they stand on cold ground an ache immediately shoots up the TKR leg and then lifting it or placing on something warm the ache immediately disappears. I have also found a thermal wrap which is lovely on both knees as my supposed good unoperated knee is now playing up and aching. Still taking pain and anti-inflame and they do help. Thanks for all the support and to know we are not alone. Good luck

  272. Kellee Grabowski

    Hi! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a
    captcha plugin for my comment form? I’m using the same blog platform
    as yours and I’m having problems finding one? Thanks a lot!

  273. I had bilateral total knee replacement on June 11, 2014. Sometimes I think I am doing good, but I do have definate differences in terms of flexibility of both knees and a few other concerns. I took narcotic pain meds until early morning June 25, and then stopped due to terrible constipation, despite stool softeners and laxatives. After 3 more days off pain meds, except Tylenol, laxatives kicked in and bloating and cramping is better. My right knee (which oddly was feeling the worst pre-op) is doing great. I have good flexion and extention. My left knee however is not doing as well. I have much more swelling and pain, less flexion, and really have to push to get a flat extention. I have religiously done my PT exercises several times a day (except for one day when I was so very sick with constipation). I am also on my recumbent stationary bike 3 times a day rocking back and forth, trying to push more flexion in my knee. I can already go all the way around with my right. I should add that 12 years ago I had varicose veins stripped in my left leg, and 6 years ago I had a meniscus tear trimmed in my left knee during a knee arthroscopic surgery. Sleeping at night is a nightmare. I can’t sleep more than 1 to 2 hours and then can’t fall back asleep. I am restless and can’t get comfortable. I usually have to get up and go in another room to try to sleep in a chair or on the sofa. The last issue is my fatigue. I am so very tired and just can’t seem to feel the slightest bit of energy to do anything. I save it all up for the PT exercises throuhout the day. Is all this normal? Am I expecting too much, or am I lagging behind. I was hoping to at least have enought energy by now to do some laptop work from home, but I find it hard to concentrate for any length of time.

  274. I am 8 weeks after my tkr surgery and doing well ( I’m younger than most – 58). Horrible night pain. One thing that’s been a godsend is getting on the elliptical several times during the night when the pain is most horrible. Just 5 minutes on the machine eliminates most of the pain and I can get back to sleep!

  275. I am almost 5 months out. 58yrs old. Went back to work after 7 weeks. It has been somewhat of a roller coaster. Good days, bad days. Knee is still swollen but every day it gets a little better. I had some minor issues with sleeping but took Tylenol PM to help. I’ve started every day with a brisk bike ride to loosen up.
    Been through 2 series of PT sessions(20+). Now I’ve started 6 sessions of deep massage therapy. Recent MRI showed what we think is some scar tissue build up at top of implant above knee. Hope to work that out.
    Overall it is better than the pain and discomfort I was in before the surgery. And it seems that we are all different and recovery times are all over the place.

  276. Hi

    I am 7 days after surgery and have my ups and down. I am 51 and have bad arthritis in both knees bone on bone and had for over 10 years I wouldn’t say I was very fit person due to this before op and had limited movement. I read these comments and get a bit concerned with myself that I am not doing enough. I can lay my leg out straight can lift it and my bend is at around 88 to 92 depending on the restriction. It seems to be very restricted around the cut and under my knee I am still badly bruised from top to bottom. I get tiered very easy when doing my excise and walking I do my walking around the house at the moment and have been to the park once to walk not far though. I get disappointed in myself as I don’t think I put enough effort into it as it has swelled up and bruised so bad it felt like I couldn’t at first the swelling has gone down a little but it’s still very bruised and stiff. Can anyone tell me if this is part of the healing process or do I need to lift my game and get into it a bit more.

  277. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I experienced everything you’re going through. Take a look around my site for more information. I’ve written many posts about your concerns.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  278. I think you’re doing very well so soon after your surgery, a lot of people would not think of going walking to the park already. Don’t overdo it and don’t forget to ice and elevate to help with the pain and swelling. You will have bruising for sometime, you had a very invasive procedure !!

  279. Great to find this site. Read thru many post. Dallis….man…what an experience.
    I just had a TKR 07/21/14. I know have flat leg layout and can bend into a 90% sitting position. Still using a walker and now get in and out of bed without the neighbors hearing me. I use my pain meds at night now to sleep since I get these weird nerve jerking from my legs and body. I am down to a level one when sitting in my recliner all prepped up with ice. I would recommend you raise your chair,bed,toilet for easy accesses when needed.

    Here’s my recommendation;

    1.Do what your body tells you.
    2.Pain management
    3.Have some type of support for you in place.
    4.Take your time- The body needs time to heal.

    At the time of My TKR my OS and PT’s painted a picture of me walking down the hall way, sounded like I would be skipped all the way home.

    Yea right – the next day after the numbing agents whore off and they where trying to encourage me to get up. Nope, not gonna happen..

    In my case pain management was top priority..

  280. Hi Dave,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving your insightful tkr recuperation comment. I am certain many others will find it as useful as I have. Keep in touch and good luck!
    Marie (aka Booktoots)

  281. Thanks Ann I did cheat though my husband drove to the park then I walked around and sat when needed. I keep forgetting how invasive it was. I try not to over do like today I seem to be sore in my thigh and hip so trying not to do to much. I have my husband but it’s hard when it’s not them. I try to keep the ice up but do elevate it when I can but people think you are slacking of.

    Dave some great tips.
    I try to listen to my body but every one says no pain no gain so you don’t no if you’ve done enough. The doc said the same to me I thought I was going to skip out of hospital. I’m at about 90%. One question to all when you say that your bend is at a certain point is that on your own or with a little assistance as sometimes I use something to help me bend it as the tightness and swelling won’t allow me to bend with ease.

  282. I had knee surgery on Feb. 14 2014, Happy Valentines day to me. I am doing pretty well. I am still taking Hydrocodon once a day at night. I have some heel pain and it helps me sleep better. I wondered how long people are on medication. I also get very tired after about one to two hours after I have walked around a mall, art fair etc. Sometimes I feel my legs cant hold up my body. Kind of like I am buckling. I have numbness on the sides of my knees also.But I do go to the gym at least 5 times a week and continue the exercises my PT planned for me. My insurance ran out so I no longer have PT but I am going every two months and pay out of pocket. I cant believe insurance considers bi lateral knee surgery the same way they do one knee. That is all the therapy they would give me, about 5 months twice a week. I am still sore most mornings and walk slowly during the day. But I am hoping I will be better in a year. I feel better each day. I use ice on my knees for my soreness and that does help. Here is wishing that all of you make a speedy recovery and continued progress

  283. I am almost 4 weeks out from my TKR. I had no idea it would be this painful. I have been in so much pain the first 2 weeks on & off I felt I couldn’t breathe & was gasping for air I wAs crying so hard. Had to set my alarm to take pain meds every 4 hours or I would have unbearable pain. Don’t like taking narcotics (on oxycodonde) because I am 23 years clean & sober member of AA. But I still need the pain meds. Now at 10 mg every 6 hours but can go a little longer at times but other times I had to take them 4-5 hours apart cause pain was so bad. Back of knee was hugely swollen but PT manipulated it so now not as swollen. I am using a crutch & walker at times when I go out. Will start using a cane this week. I get frustrated that I am not further along & that I still need pain meds. Plus meds are making me constipated & nauseous all the time. I take fenegren for the nauseau but it is still there. On short term disability & really need to get back to work. Go see surgeon on 8-13 which will be 5 weeks post op. He will decide when I can go back to work & when I can drive – it’s my right knee. I cry and get depressed by all this. Didn’t realize it would be this hard. Glad to read other posts that show me I am not alone.

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  286. Update on my TKR journey. I went to see my surgeon at 5 weeks & my knee wouldn’t bend past 70 degrees on my own. One week ago at the 6 wk post op I had to go in for the manual knee manipulation to break thru the scar tissue to get my knee to bend more. They gave me a nerve block & put me out. But when I woke up it hurt bad. Not as bad as the surgery but bad. Pain was bad for about a day. Went to outpatient PT next day & got better ROM. Been going every day since then, using my CPM machine daily, doing my exercises & yet my ROM has been going up and down. Got me to 109 with PT pushing & 92 on my own. But next day I was back to 90 with them pushing. Frustrating. I feel I am doing all I can but my body is not cooperating. I am glad I had the manipulation cause it did help a lot. Anyone else have a problem with losing a lot of ROM degrees even when doing everything “right”?

  287. Hello, great information here. Spent a long time reading posts!

    I had a robotic partial knee replacement 2.5 years ago which was screwed up. Someone in the operating room “bumped” the robot out of alignment and the result is that the femur implant was out of alignment in two ways. The most consequential was that it was not flush with the femur so it was carving a groove in the underside of my kneecap. I cannot express the pain, subsequent depression and loss of mobility. My surgeon died in an accident shortly after my surgery which didn’t help matters. I pushed through until I could not stand in any more. I dreaded the thought of a TKR but wanted my life back SO badly that I had it done. I was fortunate to find a popular orthopod who took one look at my x-rays and knew how bad it was. He was super fantastic and did a great job with the Total.

    I’m five weeks out from the TKR. I returned to work at week three. Not because I wanted to but because finances dictated. I have no pain when sitting. It’s on office job so I get up once an hour and go outside and walk up and down the street to loosen up the knee. It gets stiff quickly but loosens up fast.

    I took the car for a spin yesterday (fridge was empty) and it felt good, so I’m driving.

    As far as recover goes, I think it’s slow. My quad had atrophied in the 2.5 years that I did not use it, so it’s been quite a challenge getting it to “start firing” at the PT puts it. Five weeks out and I’m still using crutches and/or a cane. I prefer the crutches because the quad gives out and if I were on cane I might fall. So probably another two weeks on crutches. I am walking between 2/10ths and 3/10ths of a mile. I had hoped to be walking further by now but maybe that is unrealistic. Walking pain free is my goal. I would like to get up to three miles a day and be able to walk on the beach again.

    If anyone has time to respond, I guess my question is… Is walking the best exercise for people w/o access to a pool? And how long on average before we are walking (say one mile) unassisted? I hit my goal of 2/10ths of a mile before the end of week two, but I seem to be stuck there. The knee swells if I go past that. I’m still icing and elevating several times a day.

    ROM was 0 and 113 with the PT’s assistance last week. Unaided ROM was -6 and 105. Unaided ROM continues to improve. I think it’s because I don’t push the knee beyond a certain pain threshold.


    PS: I have a great tip for night-time pain. Wet a t-shirt with cold water, wring it out (but not too much, you want the t-shirt to be somewhat wet) and then put it in the freezer for about three minutes. That makes it super cold! Drape it over the knee, put an ice pack on top of the t-shirt (adds weight and feels good!) and walla, back to sleep in no time.

  288. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving your tkr comment. Your wet t-shirt suggestion is a FANTASTIC one! Thanks for sharing. Good luck and keep in touch!

  289. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for updating your tkr progress. ROM fluctuations were very common for me. I’ve written about it in other posts. Take a look around my site. Keep in touch and good luck!

  290. I had my TKR one month ago. I am walking with a cane, sometimes forgetting the cane in another room. Walk slowly but ok without it. Driving to PT sessions 3 Times a week- my ROM is at 100. Really working on that and straightening my leg out. I have two main concerns right now. I’m not sleeping that great- wake up with my knee throbbing and aching and have to take pain meds. Trying so hard to get off the pain meds- but still finding I need them at night. I’m sure it’s highly individual but I’m wondering when most people are completely off the narcotic meds? Just in this last week I’ve been feeling very anxious and kind of depressed. Constipation has been a big problem because of the meds- and now I’m thinking this depression is med related too. Is it common to have these feelings of anxiousness and depression? I almost have a feeling of “dread” at night time coming because I know I can’t sleep. Help!

  291. It has been 9 wks today since TKR. By far this has been the worst experience of my entire life & that is saying a lot! Started working from home yesterday. Needed the money. Saw doc last Wednesday & he said work from home 2 wks then go to office. Work was ok with this. He agreed I could drive now. I had a knee manipulation at 6 wks since knee was only bending at 65-70’degrees. Now I can bend 96 on my own and PT got me to 115 degrees yesterday. Lots of progress. But still in pain. Still sob at PT. Still on pain meds. Still depressed. All of theses things are better & pain is better except at PT but it is just so draining to still be going thru all of this at 9 weeks. Would love to hear others experience with the debilitating depression they suffered thru.

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  293. Excellent web site. A lot of helpful information here. I’ve spent many sleepless nights reading it to regain my sanity!

    I am sending it to some friends ans also sharing in delicious.

    And obviously, thanks ffor your sweat!

  294. I am 61 and had my TKR 10 months ago. My knee was pretty battered with too much damage to list. In short the only answer was a TKR. As everyone stated it’s extremly painfull. The key is to work as hard as you can during the first 6 weeks of PT. After this time ROM gets hard to increase because scar tissue is very hard to stretch. I can normally take a lot of pain and work through it. Therapists raved to me about how hard I worked. Had my 10 month checkup in August and the surgeon said my range of motion was 115 degrees, same as my 6 week checkup.It kind of bummed me out that I could;nt increase it. Unfortunatly 3 days after the surgery I got a blood clot behind the knee. no ones fault, just one of those things that happen. My intent here is to give hope to those that are early on in the TKR. I can now walk my dog as far as I like, ride my bike, play golf, and do my job at a golf course which requires me to walk 3 to 4 miles a day. Best of all I don’t miss the arthritic pain. So hang in there because every day it’s going to get better.

  295. Thanks for a marvelous posting! I certainly enjoyed reading it, you look like you might be a great author.
    I will be sure to bookmark your blog and will come back someday. I want to encourage you continue your great job, have a nice evening! All the best to us tkrs!

  296. Hi everyone!
    Five weeks out from bi-lateral TKR.
    I began PT 4 days after I got home. Been at ROM 130+ and 0 from then till now.
    I’m also one of the youngest patients they know of or treated, (Dr. too), I’m 56.
    I keep “hitting walls” and expected I would, but now I’ll just be standing or walking across the room and even though I am a SERIOUS clutz..(lol).. My knee kind of “falls”. You know, like when you’re just walking along and your ankle turns for no’s like that.
    Anyone else ever had this happen? I just need to know I didn’t accidentally do something..because really..I don’t do much except exercise..go to PT and work outside some.
    Frustrating. Thank you friends.

  297. I am 77 and am now in week six after TKR on my right knee. I am also five months post TKR on my left knee. The first recovery was pretty much text book. However, this second one has been more problematic. My rt knee is still quite swollen,red and warm to the touch. Sometimes my whole lower leg is darker than my left one and the redness will occasionally extend into the outer side of my calf. RE: pushing myself: I have abandoned the cane and been walking thirty mins a day for the last week or so. Today, I needed to stop and return home after twenty mins because of pain in my hips! Yikes! Have I cause this hip pain because of trying to do too much too soon? Or am I looking at the need for hip replacement,too? This site is a blessing!

  298. I’m 10 days out from TKR surgery and today began to walk freely without a cane. I walked 1 mile before leg weariness set in. Using the CPM machine and daily visits from a physical therapist, my leg flexion is 107 and rising 3-4 degrees a day. Still on full dosages of percocet, oxycontin and other painkillers, but hope to reduce those now. Pain only occasionally at night, and eased by icing. My age is 71, weight is 157 and I swam an average of 1.75 miles a day before surgery. Plan to ease back into swimming in another 7-10 days, and return to work (college administrator) in one week.

  299. Mercy, 3 weeks out from tkr on the left leg. Great site to read what others are going or have done through. At 55 I have had three surgeries on this leg trying to keep from having it done as my doctors said such a young age. Haha don’t feel so young now. I am very active and because of that he felt that I will have to be redone because it will eventually wear out. I chose to go to a in patient PT rehab for 2 weeks which got me on track and now home doing out patient 3 times a week. The swelling is unbearable (about 3 Xs bigger then the good keen however I have 112 rom. Because of the swelling which after reading the comments on this site is normal I still feel I am hitting a brick wall. Air Cast Ice pack seems to help some but can wear it all the time. Great site and everyone keep your head in the game, I guess this too will pass????

  300. Hi Gary,
    It’s common to feel like you’re hitting a brick wall during a tkr recuperation. I sure know it is. 🙂
    Thanks for visiting my site, enjoying it, and leaving your comment. Keep in touch and good luck!

  301. I am 5 weeks out post a total knee and still have bouts of nausea despite that fact that I only take pain medication every day or so. Try not to take it due to persistent nausea. I have recurrent episodes of nausea that is not associated with medication. It does not matter if I have eaten or not. Also, just don’t feel good at times. I do not have any signs of infection, etc. Has anyone else had this experience. I see my surgeon again on Monday.

  302. Hi Debbie,
    You’re not the only one with nausea concerns unassociated with medication. I’ve written about this in various posts throughout my site. I had it big time for five consecutive days after my tkr.
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  303. Hi, I’m 4 weeks Post op for a right TKR. It is the most painful thing I’ve ever had done or accidentally done. I am 58 years old, 225lbs, in great shape as a crossfitter in Nashville, TN. I injured my knee in 2013 playing basketball and had the meniscus repaired in Dec 2013 expecting a 100% recovery which didn’t happen. I was told to do what I could tolerate which in hindsight I didn’t use common sense and over did it. So this Nov 10th, 2014 I had the knee replaced, boy o boy was that painful. The first two nights were really bad and it’s still that way. I’ve been without the cane after about 4 days, actually had a two day funeral the day after I got out of the hospital, it was 50 miles away. Last weekend I had a friend convince me to go to Gatlinburg to relax for 3 nights at a indoor water park resort which I did. I wouldn’t recommend that to anyone. When your away from home and get sick and or extremely sore it’s really scary, that happened to me. I’m so glad to be home. I am doing well in PT. after the 2nd week I was at 130 ROM and can do everything so far that they have asked me to do. A little more background, I had 13 years of Martial arts, 2 year break, 1 year of running and marathons and then started crossfit at 56 years old. I can’t wait to get back into it but will do what my Dr @ St. Thomas Hospital tells me to do, I will respect that especially since he is a crossfitter too 🙂

  304. Hi Syree,
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  305. Hi everyone,

    I am 5 1/2 weeks out from a RTKR and have hit a plateau in my flexion. My PT has not been able to get me past 110 degrees so far. Before surgery, my ROM in this knee was only 120. I am at 0 with extension, now in pool therapy and manual therapy 3 times a week. PT isn’t too concerned right now and says I am about average, especially since my rom was not great before surgery. My other knee is -5 to 135. 🙂

    Have others experienced this and had mini breakthroughs at different stages? Just looking for some encouragement. Thanks!

  306. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. You sound a lot like me when I was at your stage, only your flexion is better. 🙂
    Always remember to never compare yourself to others. Everyone recuperates at his or her own unique pace and style. Keep in touch and good luck!

  307. Hello,
    I am 55 and coming up to a year (April 21 2114) from having my TKR. It was the best thing that I could have done. I had orthoscopic surgery in Feb. and discovered that my knee was bone on bone. We then scheduled my Left TKR. Recovery wasn’t always fun. The worst for me was day 2 when the block wore off….. We weren’t on top of my pain meds and lets just say it was not pretty!!! When I got home I only used my walker for two days and cane for a couple more. With a GREAT physical therapist my recovery went pretty good. I had some swelling and used my ice machine they sent home with me quite a bit. The most pain I had were the nerves growing back together. But soon went away. I went back to work 3 months after my surgery as my job is very physical . I do a lot of stairs and ladders. I still have a little pain on the stairs but have noticed that that has gotten better. I still do not fully kneel on my knee yet. I have no regrets and will do my right knee when the time comes!!! Thanks for this wonderful site!!

  308. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. It is refreshing to know that you enjoy my site. You sound like you are doing very well. Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

  309. Hi, Had my right knee done TKR on 19th January 2014,exactly 12 months ago, like everyone else lots of pain at first, but I am really glad I had it done,
    My quality of life is so much better can walk to town and back, climb stairs, brilliant, would recommend it to anyone. John.

  310. Hi all,

    Just wanted to give a quick update from my post on Jan 17th. I had some mini breakthroughs in the past two weeks. I am now up to 118 degrees of flexion, and yesterday I rode the bike at a normal height and speed with zero pain or stiffness. It doesn’t stay that way of course, but these little rays of light at the end of the tunnel we are all in gives me great comfort. My biggest issue is a tight IT band. I have been told by my PT and OS that it can be the most common short term issue his patients face. I am getting weekly massages now, use a roller on my band, etc. Hopefully it will settle down soon. I had IT band pain before, so not surprising it would flair up. I look forward to the day that my knee feels “normal” all of the time and I don’t think about it every hour of the day. 🙂 Patience is a virtue… 🙂

  311. Hi, posted on 18th January 2015 but omitted to say, still get nerve ending pains even after 12months, do you know how long these will last. No pain other than that, I can not kneel on it yet, as someone earlier also said, but I suppose in time I may be able to, not too bad as I am retired. Thanks.

  312. Hi John,
    Thanks for stopping by again and leaving your tkr nerve pain comment. I still get pain due to prevous bone spurs and it’s been 7 years since my tkr. I’ve written about this in others posts on my site. Take a look! Of course…You have your own unique experience.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  313. Maria Hagenberger

    I am a 60 year old female who had a LeftTNR in June of 2013. I should have left my knee alone. Everyday I suffer in pain, my knee is red hot and swollen. I can no longer do stairs. I have lost muscle mass all over my body due to limited activity. I fatigue easily, worry constantly about my future. I am thinking about having a revision. Has anyone had any luck with them? I want my life back.

  314. Hi Maria,
    Sorry to hear about your negative experiences. Thanks for stopping by and sharing them. Many others have undergone a revision and posted comments about it to my site. Take a look around for further insight.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  315. I had a tkr 7 weeks ago. I am 59

    Does ant one have terrible pain in their foot and ankle. I can straighten my leg from a sitting position with out pain only if my toes and foot is turned sideways. does anyone else have that problem.

  316. Hi Michaela,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. Your concern has not happened to me. Perhaps others will provide more insight. Good luck and keep in touch!

  317. I am a 55 year old woman and I had TKR on the right knee November 11, 2014. Then 3 weeks later while still using a walker, I had TKR on the left knee December 2, 2014. Hospitla stay was just overnight for both surgeries. For anyone considering it… ready….this surgery is painful and the healing takes a lot of time and energy.
    It is no joke!
    words of wisdom:
    Get the raised toilet seat-it makes your life easier.
    If you do the exercises faithfully it will hurt but it will help you progress to healing much faster.
    Suck it up and do what they tell you but DO NOT over do it! You will definatley know when you have done too much and you will suffer for it.

    The only complication I had so far is a blister from either the medication or the tape and after 10 weeks it turned into a dime size ulcerated wound. The doctor said it would heal on its own but it may take a long time so I asked him to manually fix it. He is going to repair that area by cutting out the ulceration and stitching it so that I can get back to healing without a crater scar.

    I have been walking without a cane since January 1st, 2015. I returned to a mostly sitting job part time the last two weeks in Jan. and full time the first week in Feb. If I sit too much it gets stiff. If I walk too much it gets tight(swollen). But I admit that the pain I had prior to the surgery is gone. My main issue is that I am impatient and I thought I would be farther along by now. But, after reading this blog, I will just have to hold tight, be patient, and know that this takes time and it cannot be rushed. Good Luck!

  318. I had my second knee replacement surgery on May 6th of 2014 everything is doing okay but I am still not walking like I want to I have this fear in my brain that is telling me that I will fall and I know that is not tr, I do okay at home but when I go out I acted as if there is ice on the side walk and there is nothing on the sidewalk and it is sunny out. I want to get back to walking normal an I have to tell myself that I can do it and so today after 9 months from surgery I went back to using the can and I felt more confident and I walked okay and the fear that I had was a little less and so is that so bad and did I take a slight step back? Deborah Ray

  319. Hi Deborah,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr update. You sound like you’re doing great to me. Whatever works for you is what matters. Go for it!

  320. Hi. I’m so very glad to have found your site. It is the first site that matches my experience. I am in week 10 of my TKR. I still have pain and stiffness after sitting too long and especially in the morning getting out of bed.

    Pain especially under my patella which makes leg raises very painful unless I physically pull my patella inward while doing them, even then I’m limited in wait, 5lb, and reps, 15-20.
    Range of motion: Mostly noticed in the shower, bending sideways to pull my foot up to wash.

    No helpful information from PT or doctor.

    Any words of wisdom? I need them

  321. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for visiting, posting your tkr comment, and finding my site useful. Take a look around my site to find a number of posts that provide further insight about what you are experiencing. Everything you’re going through is the same I went through.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  322. Hi I’m 6 week post op for LTKR. I’ve only today found your site. And how brilliant it is. I’m plodding on but still not sleeping well because of pain. I’m taking 200mg of Meptid 4 times daily. But I’ve found that my knee seems to lock a little. I don’t see my surgeon till the 16th. But I also have Diabetic Neuropathy, and the numbness in my feet and legs is so much worse since op. I had a spinal block with sedation. But my feet feel totally wrapped in cotton wool and I trip very easily. I have osteoarthritis in my right knee, and that is giving constantly. My operated leg is also very hot.

  323. Hello, I had my tkr on March 17th, I have pt 2 days a week, first week was rough more pain than I guess I expected, got thru that and week 2 is a little better, week 3 I started feeling like wow I am getting better, I live in a house with restrooms upstairs and in the basement so I had no choice but beable to do stairs the day I came home from the hospital, it was rough but dueable, today I feel as if the swelling will never go away, so I searched on line to find this wonderful site, I thank everyone for sharing there experiences, it helps me a lot just by reading and knowing that I am not alone in this, and that the 3 stages are real. My pain now days isn’t to bad and I use ice a lot, but the swelling……. I can’t wait for that to go away. I am at 117 bending , I started the exercise bike last week and I have just started walking with 1 crutch instead of two. I will still use both crutches when I am out for nothing else but stability. I also still use pain meds on several occasions nite time for sure. Thank you for all the great information.

  324. Hi Rebecca,
    Thanks for stopping by and posting your tkr comment. I am glad you find this site useful and realize you are not alone during your recuperation process. If it’s any consolation, my tkr knee still swells after overdoing it.’s been 7 years post tkr.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  325. Hi, I’m 67 year old female, had TKR ON Feb. 10. I was so glad to find your site and started reading from the top! Quite a variety of differences in recovery. I have been doing very well and have gotten my ROM up to 123 today at PT. I was able to leave the cane the beginning of March???? I am putting Mederma on the scar and it is looking great! I can hardly find where the bottom of it stops! My question is, when will the scar stop being sore? My swelling is almost gone, but when I touch the scar, it is sore to the touch. I have been off pain pills since mid March. I am a golfer and have started back yp playing, gradually moving from 9 to 18 holes! Since the right leg is going do well, i plan to have the left on done next Feb. I already have the appointment.

  326. Geri K, NY
    This is such a wonderful site, after surfing the web for answers and/or suggestions your site has surpassed all others. Reading other stories and your suggestions my fears have somewhat been alleviated. I am 3 weeks out of a right TKR. After surgery I had a lot of bleeding, swelling, blistering and pain. To the point where I had to be taken off the anticoagulant medication (really scary). Ofcourse I developed cellulitis of the lower portion of my leg( really really scared), thank God the infection did not affect my surgical wound. I was placed on antibiotics and a leg immobilizer during the night which eventually resolved the cellulitis. But through it all, shaky and scared I fought back the tears and continued my PT. After my discharge from my Rehab, I had have a nurse who came in to check and change my dressing & in home PT for 3 weeks, who was very good and assisted me through painful strengthening and stretching exercises. On week 4 I will be going outside for pt and I am very anxious and don’t know what to expect. ????????But I guess I will have to be strong !!!!!

  327. Hi Geri,
    Thank you for your very kind words and for visiting my site. You have a great attitude. Keep it up and stay in touch. Good luck!

  328. I am 11 weeks out of tkr. Before surgery the majority of my pain was behind my knee. I still have this pain when I straighten my leg after having it bent for awhile and when I leave it straight for a while. Is this going to go away and does anyone else have pain behind the knee post surgery this far out. I feel like I’m behind in my recovery but my bend is great and I’ve been walking well without cane since week 5. I also have not taken any pain meds besides Advil,since two weeks post op. If I could lose the pain behind my knee I’d feel so much better b

  329. Hi Terry,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. You’re less than three months post-tkr. You’re doing much better than I was at your stage. I, for one, had pain behind my knee. I still do every now and then. Take a look around my site and read other posts to make it easier on you.
    Good luck and keep in touch..

  330. Thank you so much. It helps to know that I’m not lagging far behind. It’s just strange because all the people I talk to did not hurt behind their
    Knees and seem to have been pain free quite quickly. I love your site. You are helping so many people.

  331. Hi Terry, fantastic website…I had TKR Feb. 11th, on my left knee…my knee was far worst then expected but the surgery went well…really didn’t have any pain management as I am allergic to everything except Morphine and Percocet (which didn’t help much…my PT at home the first three weeks was good but not hands on or aggressive…I was walking without any assistance the second week…at my 3 week postop visit my ROM was 90 and -5 on straightening…the fourth and fifth week I went to outpatient therapy and at my 6 week postop visit my ROM was 110 and -3 for straightening and then the same night of my 6 week visit I was rushed to the ER with severe diverticulitis, admitted to the hospital and five days later had emergency surgery on my bowel…I literally had no therapy to speak of for 18 days and was so anxious and depressed about my ROM…I then started with an incredible therapist at home…we had to go carefully because of the abdominal incision but four weeks later with a lot of blood, sweat and tears my ROM is 126 and we’re pushing for 135…and I’m at -0 for extension…my leg still feels like I’m packing around a tree stump but I’m told over time this will improve…moral of the story, hang in there, if I can do it after the rude second surgery, you all can do it…patience, patience, patience.

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  333. Jackie Brubaker

    I had a left TKR on Dec. 11 2014. I continue to have pain especially at night. My walking has improved especially distance. The pain is mainly on the outer aspect and seems muscular. It feels like a very bad cramping. I also have some pain at the knee cap. Just wondering if this is normal at 6 months post op.

  334. Hi Jackie,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. You’re experiencing I was at your stage of recuperation. Take a look around my site for more posts and insights.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  335. Thank you Booktoots for this service to the TKR community. As evidenced by all the posts, and true to what the doctor told me, TKR recovery is all over the place. Until you read it though, it’s hard to get your head around. Had mine 5 weeks ago, lots of pain and stiffness. Difficulty sleeping. Even doing the most simple initial PT exercises was killing me. Progress is now slow and steady. In an attempt to move things along, joined the YMCA to take advantage of the jacuzzi, pool, and exercise bikes. Reduced the opiate intake by 75% and anticipate being off them totally within a week. My job requires me to stand on my feet for hours at a time so still have no idea when I will be able to return to work. Still can’t stand on my feet for any length of time. Best wishes for a smart and speedy recovery to all.

  336. Hi Mitch,
    So glad to hear you are benefiting from and enjoying my site. That’s the purpose! Thanks for stopping by and leaving your informative tkr comment which I am certain will help others.
    Keep up the great work, stay in touch, and good luck!

  337. Very helpful comments that is helping me get through my TKN. Five weeks post op and my knee is getting on fine. I find that regular icing helps particularly just before sleep . I have another issue though! Prior to my op (should’ve had it done 5 years ago the surgeon said!). I had been waking like a crab and developed my own compensating mechanisms, namely transferring additional weight onto my other leg and ended up with a noticeable limp on occasions. Prior to the op I had pain in my right buttock (same side as the TKN) thigh and sometimes in the groin. Thought the new knee would solve it but it hasn’t. Has any one else experienced this problem I wonder?

  338. Hi I’m at 4 weeks post after a revision tkr. I had the first surgery 18 months ago and found out 14 months post my body was rejecting it. To make a long story short the result was an allergy to nickel from the implant. My new knee is made of titanium and oxinium. The surgery so far is a success. I still have the spasms at night despite the medication and on and off the cane with about 110 flexion already. I wanted to tell my story about the nickel allergy. I was pain with swelling the entire time before I was tested. I hope and pray that this one is successful as I need to have the other replaced as well due to arthritis. As for the pain, not much at all this time except when I get up in the middle of the night as the knee settles and swells. Once I’m up and moving all is pain free. I only take Tylenol and naproxen as needed. Good luck to all of you who are going through this for the first time. You will have a lot of good days and some bad ones when you over do it, My advice is to rest it a day and get back to it. Don’t give up!

  339. I’m 4 weeks today. I started water walking and excercize week three. Regular pt was not challenging enough. Have been walking without cane or walker for about eight days. I had the right knee done four years ago and thought this left knee would be a piece of cake like the first one. I’ve had a rude awakening. I love the water, and really work hard for almost an hour. Have adapted Pilates moves in the pool and getting great results. Until the next day. My husband says I moan in my sleep and by morning I can hardly get out of bed. Keep the polar machine on all night long, but still have trouble taking that first step. I can’t take NSAID,s because of stomach issues, so it’s the 10 mg hydrocodone just to make it through the morning. Best side effect. Lost 12 pounds so far. I lost 15 with my first one and have kept it off. Hoping for same results this time.
    This blog is wonderful. It’s great to read results of others with TKR.

  340. Hi Linda
    I was feeling about the same as you until week 4. My knee tightened up with a little more pain and stiffness especially in the morning. As we exercise more the fluid moves around and the scar tissue loosens up but tightens when we sleep. My first step out of bed is brutal but once I get moving it settles down. The only issue I have now is my knee has tightened up so therapy is working on straightening it. I had the same issue with the other surgery and it went well. My advice to all is not to just concentrate on bending only but work on keeping it straight too with the exercises given by your pt. You don’t want to go back into surgery to have your knee manipulated. Stay on your exercises daily and don’t give up. It will get better but patience is needed to get through this. Good luck.

  341. Thanks for the comment Renee,
    Have you seen that commercial on TV where the lady has to call her sister to help her prepare a holiday meal? That’s me! Having to wait for the healing is excruciating. I know the healing is coming but I want it NOW!

    Last night I rode in the cart with my husband along with friends while they played nine holes of golf. I was able to putt a little, but was afraid to try anything more.

    Today I did 45 minutes in the water with as much marching in place and leg kicks as I could endure. Of course the water was followed by hours of polar icing. I’d rather do icing than pain pills. I’m lucky enough to be semi-retired with a great outlook on the company I founded in 2012. The biggest obstacle now is this doggone TKR.

  342. Hi Linda lol I have those days too. I’m 5 wks post op. Try to get up and move as much as you can. This is vital after tkr to help strengthen the knee and thigh muscle. It’s going to be rough and your going to be tired a lot but it will get better each day. Take a walk outside everyday. Do at your own pace. I stopped using the carts at the grocery store. I don’t know if your doctor mentioned that depression is one of the side effects after tkr as we get frustrated and want to heal fast. Remember it takes at least a year to fully heal from this. I unfortunately had that minor set back but I’m progressing very well. I still have spasms at night and that awful start up pain when I get up in the morning or sit for too long which is normal and should go away in a few months. I’m looking forward to a normal life without knee pain. Again you will have good days and bad days but overall when you get to the end of that tunnel you will be up and swinging that golf club for hours. ?? I am so happy to find such a wonderful website for tkr.

  343. I need to have my right knee done…am scared to death..I have heard more horror stories and very few good ones..Need to say but I am a big baby when it comes to pain and it sounds like you go threw a lot of pain..I’m 78 and the more I read about TKR the less I want it done…It’s getting to the point where walking is painful…

  344. Hi Rita,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. There is a lot of pain, but is definitely worth it in the long run. Any rehabilitation involves some level of pain. Take a look around my site for more insight and comfort.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  345. I have been reading all the letters from every one…they all sound almost alike but why pain over a year after the TKR and why does the knee still swell up even after a few years…I don’t want to be in pain after a year or more…I will still keep reading hoping for all my questions to be answered…I still have a little time to make my mind up…

  346. I have had bilateral TKR the month of May 2015. My left knee May 4th and my right knee May 18th
    Thank you for your stages of recovery as they help me to gage where I am right now. I am in outpatient PT twice a week. I do range of motion and quad exercises twice a day along with a recumbent bike 20 minutes twice a day. This is follow edby ice and elevation

    Yesterday I did my exercise routine in the am and then went to PT where we worked on range of motion. I got to 115 on my right knee and 110 on my left knee. This was very painful. Last night I had pain in my right knee cap which woke me up. I took pain meds and iced and elevated my knees. Today I find that the pain is still there so am opting to just ice and elevate and massage those areas with Deep Prep and Penetrex. I use a massage wand too.

    I really want to do my exercises but think it important to deal with this new pain which might have been due to too much exertion the day before with my PT.

    Hoping that resting and having patience that I can return to my PT routine is in the cards for me shortly . Thanks

  347. Hi quick update I’m at week 10 and my knee revision is coming along well. Very little pain and swelling. My degree of bend is at 116 and I can fully straighten my leg now as my quad muscle is getting stronger. I’m looking forward to getting the other knee done in a few months. I wish everyone great success with their surgery.

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  349. Great site..I’ve had two in 1995 and the other in April of this year 2015.
    First seemed very painful but healed well over a year.This one I got worried about because I’m about 13 weeks out and still get swelling.
    Reading this blog assured me that nothing was unusual and I’m healing well.I think people have to trust that as the TKR is major surgery but some heal faster than others.
    I think i’ll have to have revision in my first one in a few years as its 20 years now.
    Regardless I had to do them and trust they will make your lives much better.So sorry to hear that some are experiencing a lot more than they should but thanks that we can share!

  350. August 30, 2015
    Today I am 10 weeks post op from a TKR and so frustrated and scared. I was a RN, so I guess I should have been more aware of all the pit falls. The surgery was done under a block that was to last 20-hrs. I only lasted 6 hrs, and ended at MN no less. So for 6 hours I was in agony. They did a second block to get ahead of the pain the next morning, and I have been chasing pain relief ever since. Thought I was a tough cookie, but this has reduced me to Tiny Tears. I only have 90 degrees of flexion and I don’t feel any support from my surgeon. I’m giving 100% at PT. He says I am just behind average. After reading your blogs, I don’t feel so isolated. I so wish I could rewind the clock.

  351. I’m 1 week (almost to the hour) out with my tkr surgery. Thanks to the reading provided in Booktoots’ various sites/blogs, I can say that nothing seems abnormally concerning at this point. Anesthesia and pain medication kind of rough on the tummy (and appetite), but that continues to improve with each day. Was sent home after two nights, and have been to three P/T sessions so far. Honestly, I’m thinking some of the therapy activities would have been more painful (if not impossible) pre-surgery. One thing I do wonder about is the dull clunking I sometimes feel when walking (with walker of course). Therapists say it’s not unusual until swelling, tightness, and fluid around new components goes down. At any rate, there is no pain or discomfort associated with it. From what I’ve read, sometimes it goes away, and sometimes it doesn’t. Guess I’ll find out for myself.

  352. Hi Greg,
    Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment. It’s nice knowing you find my site useful. I have written about tkr clunking in other posts. Take a look around!
    Stay in touch and good luck..:)

  353. Had my first TKR in June and a second TKR in September. I a 72 years old. I was in a lot of pain before the surgeries and have no pain now in either knee. I could barely walk 60 feet without screaming before the first TKR — so you know how bad it was.

    Was surprised at how well (easy) both surgeries went. (I carefully selected my surgeon — he is listed as one of the “best” on several orthopedic lists and has done a lot of research on pain.) Spent two nights in the hospital with the first TKR and one night with the second. Had regional anesthesia both times. Protheses were custom designed for me based on a CT scan. Discarded the walker after two weeks with the first TKR and after ten days with the second. Could have discarded it earlier. Important to get adequate pain medication so you can exercise.

    I was able to discard the pain meds after about two weeks for both surgeries. As soon as I started to walk relatively long distances, the swelling went down.

    Did not have physical therapy. Had found exercises on the Internet pre surgery and did them faithfully for months before the surgery even though they were painful. It really helped. The PTs came to me in the hospital and gave me four exercises, which I had been doing before the surgeries. Never used a home PT nor a PT at an office. Not needed. Passed extension goal of 0 before left hospital both times. Am now at about 120 degrees for the right leg and close to that for the second.

    My advice is to stay away from PTs that can injure you. I do not understand why they are needed unless you have some disability or are totally out of shape. Have many friends that were injured by over zealous PTs. Sad, but true.

  354. my surgry ws 5 weeks ago. I’ like to say this is a great article and wish i had had it from the beginning. I am a nurse practitioner but knew nothing about TKR. I was told by friends, oh I was driving the first weeek, i never took a pain pill. just do some quad set eevery day before surgry and. truth is it has been the wort pain on my life. you will be fine. i havem’t had a decent night’s sleep since they took away my morphine pump. I am up, walking around now and definitely notice that If I over I do it I suffer that night. I can meet my flexion goal well but the extension is not so.good. I walk with out any assistive device but have a l. I am impatient and discouraged. I want to do more I am still going to outpatient therapy 3 times a week and working on my exercises at home. I still have stiffness and cramping in my quad at night. pain meds do not help at all but muscle relaxers do. i’m just afraid the relaxers are slowing my recovery. what do you think? I have 2 friends who are PTDs and get conflicting info from them. I have an open spot on my incison which is not healing well. i am piling on the protein and supplements. thank you for this article and thread, I have learned alot.God bless us all with healing

  355. Thank you so much for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment, Alice. I have written about the drawbacks of comparing oneself to others in other posts throughout this blog. Take a look around to learn you are not alone.
    Good luck and keep in touch!

  356. Hi I just had my left tkr on Friday, November 20, 2015. This one is much more painful than the revision I had 6 months ago which is doing much better. I know once some of the swelling goes down the pain subsides quite a bit. I’m going through the sleepless nights, struggling getting in and out of bed, pain and stiffness but it’s expected. My first home therapy is today which I’m looking forward to. I hope to be totally pain free in a few months so I can get back to normal. I’m glad I had my knees done unfortunately the revision was a setback but it was worth it as I’m almost totally pain free from that surgery. I will keep you posted in a few months. Take care.

  357. Hi Renee,
    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. Glad to hear you are doing so well. Stay in touch and good luck!

  358. Alice,
    I had my first surgery in June and the incision finally closed last week. I celebrated with a long hot soak in the tub. 🙂 Never achieved enough flexion/extension, so after fussing enough and obtaining a second opinion, my surgeon did a release under anesthesia. I am now – almost 6 months post-op getting around and returning somewhat to my initial activity level…. I want to show my dog in a couple of weeks. Being a RN sure didn’t help me through this. I learned to be my own advocate. Oh, stretches really help with the cramping. I do them AM and PM. Good luck!

  359. Hello my one month update on my left tkr. I’m pleased to say the pain is subsiding. I only take Naproxen and Tylenol as needed for pain. I just finished my home therapy with a bend degree at 110. Looking forward to outpatient therapy for another few weeks. Keep up with your exercises and don’t over do it. Sleeping at night is still difficult but will improve in time. I’m walking more each day and started riding my stationary bike. I can see light at the end off the tunnel. Remember patience, patience, patience is one of the keys to recovery. Stratghtening the leg is also vital so do the stretch exercises given to you for that. Overall I’m happy with my results. Will be back in a month. Happy holidays.

  360. Welcome back, Renee. Thanks for the update and advice sharing for others. You also have a wonderful holiday season. Keep in touch and good luck!

  361. Hi, I’m new to this site and have ready many posts but don’t see anything that quite matches my issue.

    I had a right TKR in June of 2015 and did/am doing extremely well. I am 7 weeks post TKR of the left knee and it has been a totally different outcome; much more painful and problematic in every way. Saw surgeon this past Tuesday (6 week checkup and X-ray) and all was fine. I’m having outpatient PT twice a week. Two days ago, I developed a sharp pain on the outside of the left knee that takes my breath away when it hurts unexpectedly (not a continuous pain). It is hindering my home PT this weekend and I’m using the cane again. Does anyone have any experience with this type of occurrence?

  362. Hi Rhonda,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment about your tkr concern. Since I do not have any experience with your concern, perhaps others who have will pitch in with their insight.
    Keep in touch and good luck! It will get better. 🙂

  363. I am 17weeks in getting there have saw physio once since I came out of hospital in November got an appointment tomorrow hopes she is happy with my progress am managing the stairs okay if I go out I take walking stick as my knee seams to go stiff and I struggle to walk I need to stop and bend in its okay for a little while .my knee bend is about 92 struggle without pain to get any more does anyone have the same problem I dread the thought of walking to far my granddaughter is missing her walks with her granny

  364. Thank you for this website. I am 7.5 weeks out on my second knee replacement. I am 60. I had the first replacement just over 2 years ago. I had a baker’s cyst behind that knee and it made my recovery a lot slower than this one. I was in the hospital for 5 days on the first and out in 2 days (not including the day of the operation) for this last one. This knee bends and is straight–in fact was straight when I got home—and STILL, STILL the recovery is long and with a lot of pain.
    This is why coming here and reading that this burning sensation, and not being able to walk a long way—is par for the course. Being patient with this process and all of the mental strength it takes to keep doing the exercises is so important to bear in mind on this amazing, and challenging journey. The thing I keep telling myself is if I didn’t do this it would have been the wheelchair. Think of that–how many of us would have been wheelchair bound except for this operation.

  365. Great exchange of info! Wish I had found this before I had my TKR. I had bi-lateral TKR done in early July 2015 and as mentioned in many comments, I was doing PT within 8 hours of surgery and up and walking within 24 hours. I went to a rehab facility three days after surgery where I was doing one sometimes two PT sessions each day for two weeks. Included in the PT sessions was daily practice of climbing and descending a flight of stairs. Over a two week period I graduated from a walker to crutches to a cane. I did use Opioid pain meds initially before PT to work through the pain and a few times at night to sleep, but I was able to move to over the counter NSAIDs to manage the discomfort. Went home after two weeks at the rehab facility and had PT sessions 3X per week at local facility for the next six weeks, returning to work (office environment) about nine weeks after surgery. I continued on with some of the PT exercises at a local gym 2-3 times per week. PT therapists recommended the recumbent bicycle and lots of stretching; hamstrings, quads, etc. Unique thing for me was prior to the TKR surgery I had significant muscle cramping throughout my legs, especially at night. Post-surgery, the cramping is just about non-existent. I will never have the mobility of years past, but I’m now pain free, especially at night, and can walk 2-3 miles without stopping. Another downside, is both knees are still numb to this day.

  366. Hello again! It’s been a couple of years since my second knee replacement. I’d just like to let everyone know I’m now completely mobile with two knee replacements. However, my last knee replacement which was done a few years ago is still not right. I have constant stiffness whenever I workout or walk the treadmill. My surgeon said I’m 5 degrees off of having a completely straight knee. I think this is why I feel my left knee is stiff all the time. I’m thinking of buying a Dyna/Sprint and wearing it at night. If I could get this stiffness to stop I’d be one happy camper. Other than that I want all of you out there to realize having a total knee replacement will be different for each person. Even with my stiffness I’m so happy to be able to golf, walk, exercise, and enjoy my retirement.

  367. I had right TKA 4/27/15. I continue to have moderate pain and considerable stiffness. I am however very active. I walk 2-3 miles routinely and ride a recumbent bike or my bike outside. I feel like I have a tight band around the front of my knee and stiffness and pain behind it. My right knee is considerably larger than my left also. I kind of just “tough it out”, taking Motrin 800 mg when the pain is really slowing me down. I had 12 weeks of rehab…3x/week and did very well. At one year post-op, I feel discouraged at times because of the persistent pain and stiffness.

  368. Hi Debbie,
    Thanks for visiting and feeding comfortable enough to leave your tkr comment. You’re going through exactly what I did at your stage. I have written posts about it. Take some time to look around and realize you are not alone. Keep truckin’ and stay in touch!

  369. I just want to say thank you for this information. I am only 42 years old and just had TKR of my right knee. Being younger than the average TKR patient, I have been very frustrated about the healing process. I am only on two weeks, but the pain was so much more than I expected, as well as the swelling/lack of flexibility. This breakdown of stages makes me feel so much better. Patience is not my strong suite, but reading this helps so much. I have three young children (ages 11, 9 and 5). It’s extremely hard to be a mommy right now, but I had to do this surgery in order to be a good mommy in the near future, I pray.

  370. Elizabeth Robinson

    I had my TKR April 15,2016, Friday left the hospital on Sat the 16th. Started PT on Monday April 18, 2016. My issue is my ROM bending back. I am only at 100 degrees. The pain is horrendous, not the knee itself, but all the muscles in my calf, upper thigh area and 1 spot on the outside of my knee. I take the “heavy” pain meds when I go for therapy and take Tramadol during the day, as I returned to work on May 23rd in an office environment. I am losing patience and not sure how to deal with the pain anymore. Had I known it would be like this I doubt I would have had it done.

  371. Had RTKR on April 19/2016. Just got to 106 degrees but still have to work on my straightening. For the first few weeks I too wished I had never had it done, and there are moments when I still feel that way. Still have pain in various areas. Seems to change daily. Still can’t sleep without pain killers and Gravol. Can’t drive yet, which is very frustrating and am not sure when I will be able to get back to work, as I have quite the commute and don’t think I could stomach it right now. I do find that a lot of my problem was in my head. Once I forced myself to give up my bed on a full time basis I started to feel better. But the healing process is very depressing and long. I bought an incumbent bike which really helps. Every time I feel yuck I just get on that and it gives me some kind of renewed energy. My knee is popping too which my P/T said is normal so she has taped it for now. I’m still looking at another 8 weeks or so of P/T. She wants me to get to 120 degrees before she will let me go. This site has been so helpful, especially to read that I’m not the only one feeling like this and taking so long to heal. I so envy the people that after so many weeks are at their full ROM and conquering the world again. If anything this procedure has taught me patience and to remain calm because I’m not really in charge here. My body is.

  372. I’ve found this information to be extremely helpful. I went into TKR without foreknowledge of the tremendous emotional tug-of-war that would ensue.

    Thank you.

  373. Thanks to my father who informed me about the topic of
    this weblog, this website is really remarkable. Keep up the great work!

  374. Hi guys……….had TKR both knees on 22/06/16.
    Am 62 years old and in pretty good nick for my age,weight 79 kg. height 5ft. 10 “.Resting heart rate of 41 bpm.
    Left the hospital and rehab unit 12 days post op and walked out under my own steam.
    Am still getting weaned off 2.5 mg S8 targin twice a day,and 5mg endone when req’d
    every 3 to 6 hrs.Also can use up to 8 panadol during a 24 hr period.
    During the week in the rehab unit I did 1 hr hydro therapy each morning and 1 hr.
    intense physio excercises in the rehab unit each afternoon.

    The Surgeon left a very prominent Baker’s cyst(size of a med apple)in place behind my left knee
    and I have been informed this may take up to a year to drain away completely.The cyst is currently
    giving me most of my pain and makes it very hard to completely straighten out my left leg.
    Now at home I am doing all the recommended post-op exercises and am hopping on my spin cycle twice a day
    for 20 mins each time at a very light tension setting.
    I am planning to be back at work in just over 3 weeks time.
    The most uncomfortable/painful time for me is when I am trying to get to sleep.I need to keep a pillow between my knees
    as it hurts quite a bit whn the knees come together.
    Very painful operation to have both done at once to be sure,but I am looking ahead to a good pain free result.
    Best wishes to all other patients, Glen.

  375. Hi Glen,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your informative tkr comment. I am confident it will help others throughout their recuperation process, as well. Keep in touch and good luck!

  376. Im going on 2 yrs and the muscle hurts , pulls, tender, warm, swollen ,, I have the ugliest scar after my surgeon and I agreed to have stitches no staples.
    I exercise walk all the time always on the go my goal for a day is 12 thousand steps per day……but the muscle pain is always there. My day starts with a Motrin 800 every day…. not happy.
    My left knee is going down too I will not go back to the same Dr. Im willing to try the other surgery where the muscle isn’t cut.

  377. Herpes almost frustrated me which i keep on with encouragement from family members and friend. i got my herpes cured totally with Dr name withheld because i got his whatsapp contact through a comment i saw about him getting someone cured. i wrote to him and ask some few question about his remedy. Today i am cured after just few weeks of taking his herbal remedy
    Just write to him through his whatsapp channel + and get his herbal remedy for herpes so you can be cured. dont listen to people that say there is no cured because there is an herbal remedy for it

  378. Hi Susan,
    I am publishing your spam-like comment to show others how people attempt to get free advertising without any concern to viable existent data. What does herpes have to do with my website? I suggest learning blogging protocol.

  379. Hi Vee,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. Kudos to you for doing your exercise and doing your best to live with your bionic knee. Pain is an issue. Icing and rest help.
    Keep in touch and good luck!

  380. I am 22 weeks tkr post op. I was in PT for 16 weeks, 10 weeks longer than most of my hospital mates, and they are 20 years older than me. I had 3 previous knee surgeries, and much scar tissue to overcome. As difficult as recovering from tkr is, it does not last forever. I understand that this is hard to believe in the acute phase or post-acute phase, but it is true. Keep doing what surgeon and your pt tells you what to do. You must, must, must do the rehabilitation faithfully and have faith in your ability to get better, and stronger. It is also important to remember that everyone is different, and everyone’s body reacts differently to invasive procedures. TKR is a major surgery that takes months, and over a year to recover from . Life does get better, if you put the effort into it. Walking long distances is no longer painful, but I do still get tired and stiff. I still sleep with a pillow between my knees. Rely on your family and friends for help, both physically and emotionally.

  381. Hi, I just found this website and wish I had found it a year ago! I had TKR on my right knee in September, 2015. I still have pain! Some days it’s minor but other days I could tear my hair out it is so painful. I had a manipulation 3 months ago and, although it wasn’t painful I found little mprovement in my flex ability. I still cannot get my leg straight. Now my left knee is giving me some problems. For me, who has always been very active depression haunts me every day.

  382. Hi, my TKR was done September 28, 2011 and a scar tissue release done 12 months later. My replaced right knee is definitely the stronger and straighter, but despite working very hard at PT and rehab the new knee does not have quite the ROM the other one has (only about 120 degrees flexion) and still can be stiff and sore, especially after long sitting. So, the answer to how long it takes to heal depends on what you expect. I was very happy when even 2 days after my surgery I was standing in the bathroom to brush my teeth and it did not hurt to stand. I can wait in line at the grocery store now without wincing and trying to lean against things to get my weight off the right leg. Going down hills, even very steep hills, does not cause me to yelp at every step, and I walk at least 5 miles a day without trouble. To get to this level of function took me about 3 years’ work; maybe because I had extensive scar tissue from an injury that was the reason for the TKR, it took longer for me than average to get up to speed, and the rehab was certainly painful. The limited ROM can be a problem — it’s hard to bend to do housework, look on the lower shelves at the library, get up from sitting on the floor, etc. — and I had hoped for more, but overall I’m glad I had the surgery. When he walks with me everyday, my dog is glad, too.

  383. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for taking the time to post your insightful tkr comment. I am certain others will benefit from your insight – especially concerning individual differences.
    Stay in touch and best of luck!

  384. I had my first TKR July 2014 – went through a year of nothing but pain – did all the PT – kept telling the surgeon something didn’t fell right. In August 2015 got second opinion – had my revision surgery August 2015 – Now October 2016 – still in server pain – I’ve had 4 surgeries on this knee and I see no pain free days insight. So I have come to the conclusion I have jumped from the frying pan into the fire. If anyone is thinking about having this surgery – please do your homework and make sure you have a top notch surgeon.

  385. Hi Fuqua,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. Sorry to hear that the surgery was not all you thought it would be. Suggesting others do their homework and find an excellent surgeon will go far. I am grateful for my tkr every day, btw.

  386. Had LFKR on November 21, 2016. Was able to walk unassisted around the house three days after surgery. At 5 days post-op and after three in home PT sessions, I began daily walking in my neighborhood. Today, December 8, 2016, the stiches were removed and I enjoyed a mile walk in 20 minutes to celebrate. I credit my miraculous recovery to attitude, determination and to an outstanding surgeon. Another factor I recommend is to prepare yourself prior to surgery by maintaining a healthy weight and being in decent cardio and muscular condition. I am blessed to have had very little pain since surgery, although swelling and soreness was an issue for the first 5 days. I am very much looking forward to replacing my right knee in Spring 2017. Best wishes and the Lord’s blessings to all.

  387. Hi John,
    Thanks so much for visiting and leaving such a wonderfully inspiring comment. It’s great hearing how well you are doing. Best of luck and keep in touch!

  388. First TKR Mar 17 2015. No problem riding my horse in 10 weeks.Excellent rehab right leg
    Second knee replacement Nov 2015. Same surgeon, prior to the second surgery, the surgeon said i had the best quads, etc., of any 71 year old that he has seen. I really worked on that before the second surgery. BUT different rehab ( and very, very bad!-I had to tell them what to do and there were no machines and none of them knew any exercises- glad i had my notes)
    Now more than a year later, still not riding. Went to two additional; doctors and they say all looks good. left knee, still somewhat stiff, difficult going up and down steps.
    Today, the ankle of the right good first TKR leg got all swollen ( past tendon issues)
    But then, the right TKR that has been so good, suddenly is swollen and I have extremely sharp needled like pains shooting thru the knee. There is also a black and blue mark, although i have not hit or injured that leg in any way.

  389. big thanks for this site I had my TKR down on the 14 Nov 2016 and thought it would be a breeze oh how wrong was I am now at 14 week mark and like others the pain at night is the worse, the trouble is when you feel good that day I will of course do to much and then the pain comes. Went to my Gp the other day as I felt my meds was not under control came away feeling so much better meds adjusted and down to 1 tramadol at night when needed. Found that the physio I have now is great works on the scar the other phsyio never did and boy could I feel the difference when the new physio worked on the scar nearly felt normal for a short time. Like others before me I still find it hard to get up from sitting it is like I have to wait for a second or two for things to settle before I take the first steps which are more like a shuffle then once I get going all good. So big thanks to all the writers before me as I thought I was going lonney and was a whimp.

  390. Hi Lyn,
    I also replied via private email. Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. It appears you are going through exactly what the rest of us have – or still are. So glad to hear that you are feeling less alone and/or “looney”. 🙂
    Stay in touch and good luck to you!

  391. Hello it’s been a little over a year since my last post. I am 22 months post op from my right tkr revision and 18 months for the left. Well I wish I could say all is well but unfortunately I am experiencing muscle pain in both knees. I have on occasion a few spasms in the left knee. I get twinges in my right in my sleep. I have been exercising in the gym and notice swelling and discomfiort especially if I sit too long, I was hoping this would go away by now. I also have a limp once in a while. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this. I can only take so much Naproxen. I don’t regret the surgery as the pain was much worse. I just want to be pain free and wonder if this is what I have to live with for the rest of my life.

  392. Hi everyone,

    I am so glad I found this site. I am only 4 weeks post op with a TNR. I am still amazed at how well I do when I go to PT, but frustrated the next day, when I can barley walk. After reading a lot of the above posts, I know my lack of sleep and major pain at night is more normal than I had thought. I know everyone heals differently, but this lack of sleep is depressing me. Pain medicines and ice only help so much. Thank you all for sharing your stories!!

  393. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your inspiring tkr comment. It’s nice to hear how my site has helped you feel less alone. Keep in touch and good luck!

  394. Had bilateralTKR on Feb 6, a little over 6 weeks ago. Coming along pretty well. I can go up and down stairs pretty well, back to driving, and walk around without any cane or crutches. I still have swelling of both knees after I’ve done some activity but ice and elevation help. I also use compression sleeves on both knees for large parts of the day which helps stability. Off almost all pain meds except for a couple ibuprofen once in a while during the day. I do take two Tylenol PM at night since about a week ago and have been getting much improved sleep at night. Both knees still feel tight and swell which is unpleasant. Overall I think I am doing really well with 120 degrees of flex in right knee and 115 degrees in left. Can also straighten both to about 0 degrees which makes my PT very happy. Can’t wait for both knees to feel “normal ” again.

  395. I had TKA on left knee on Jan 31,2017; I am a 71 year old female in overall good health and weigh 130 and am 5’4” tall. My experience has been excellent for the first 5 weeks(great doctor,PT,and good patient! However, I have recently ,because of an old spondylolisthesis,and subsequent herniated discs at L3,4,and 5 ,have been experiencing sciatic pain down surgical leg,possibly due to extreme pt for knee ,and the fact that my gait is different now that my knee is straight(or mostly..still 3 degrees from 0,but flexion at 125. My right knee needs fixing too, but it also is at 3degrees, so at east I’m even!
    Since I have been released from PT, I am now concentrating on excellent posture,taking care to sit,stand and walk properly. And most of my exercise is concentrated on keeping my calves and hamstrings stretched,plus heavy -duty core building to protect back. I do pretty well during the day, but wake up about 4 times a night,stand up,walk a little ,take 1/2 a pain pill,and try to go back to sleep.

  396. Hi
    Well now at 22 weeks since tkr, finally off the major pain meds although I still find some nights still bad… but find just walking around can help with that pain and if need be I kept some meds for those such nights but like everyone else when you have a great day I never learn don’t overdo it. I have found a deep tissue massage has really helped with the scar and the muscle tightness I used her weekly for about a month and now down to fortnightly, must admit the good leg has enjoyed the attention. I have also used a PT to help get me motivated in doing more exercise which was a great help now I have her programme to do at home. I have even managed to walk part way on one of my favourite walks (bush walk in NZ) it was something I used to do on a regular basis before the tkr, but still take one day at a time

  397. I had my tkr, on my left knee, on April 24, 2017. I got out of the hospital the day after my surgery and was driving two days later. The only problem I had was getting into and out of the car as I am tall and it is hard to get my leg in since my surgery.
    From reading everyone’s posts I feel blessed. I was in no pain. Only took 2 tramadol and that was prior to my first pt. The pt told me to never do that again. He said the pt needs to know when you are in pain so they don’t stretch your ligaments or tear a muscle. Me and the therapist parted ways after 4 visits. MY leg would get go below 8 extension and he said there was nothing else he could do for me. Two weeks later my extension was 2 and my os was happy with that. My flexion was 104 and he said not to worry good things will come and now it is 114 which is low by some standards but I feel it is good for me.

  398. Both knees done 9/19 and 9/22/2016 seem at times to get tighter and tighter.Do exercises every day and can walk 1/2 mile with discomfort.Is there any hope that they will get better? i’am 86 and feel like this may be they way I’ll be the rest of my life.

  399. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your tkr comment. I understand your dilemma with experiencing discomfort. Remember…Everyone recuperates differently. It’s up to you to decide on your mental outlook. It will play a role in how well you do. Will you have hope, or won’t you?

  400. I had my right tkr on March 5, 2018. My left knee was done last year and I was blessed with a painless recovery. With my right leg I was blessed too with only taking tylonal for pain control. My rom was 100 when I left the hospital and I got it up to 110. My os told me that my rom was 110 prior to surgery and it would be 110 plus or minus 10 after surgery. I am now up to 115 and am very happy to be there as it is better than it has been for well over 20 yrs. My extension was bad, I dont know how bad it was but both iknees were bad. Now my extension is 0 on both knees. It took a lot of work and me stopping pt so I could do it myself. My pt would give me exersises to do and the pta would tell me not to do them cause they dont work. I did what the pt told me to do when I was home and it went well. It took 3 months to get my leg straight but I expected a longer time. I walk for 36 minutes a day and ride the upright bike for 20 to 30 minutes a day. When I walk I walk heal, ball of foot, and then off with my toes. This pulled the heck out of my legaments but it got my leg straight. If I stand for too long (more than 10 minutes) my legs get super sore and it takes a few steps before I can walk without staggering. I look like a drunk that just hopped off a bar stool.

  401. Hi Paul,
    Thanks for stopping by again and leaving your insightful tkr comment. I am certain it will help others, too.
    I also had difficulties straightening my leg during recuperation. I like your bar stool comment. I don’t feel so all alone. 🙂
    Keep in touch and best of luck!

  402. Your style is unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this blog.|

  403. While mostly true, there are a couple do things I would have to disagree with.

    I had bilateral tkr in February 2021. The first 5 days absolutely sucked. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. From there, it’s all relative to your mental state.

    You will be in some sort of pain for at least the first 12 weeks and when I get past that I’ll let you know. Painkillers are not the answer. Building your pain tolerance is. You do this by doing the exercises religiously, even if they hurt. I am not talking about pushing past your limitations, I am talking going just past what you think you can tolerate and you will be sore. But not “pain killer” sore, you will be ice and ibuprofen sore. It does get better and the more you do the more you need that ibuprofen and ice at the end of the day. As the rehab continues, it gets better. BUT so will the limits you are pushing past. You will get the most ROM during weeks 6-12. That doesn’t mean you are stuck there. So it’s a lie when they say thats as far as you will get. You gain ROM by stretching and doing the exercises – any exercise that pushes you a good stretch. Over time it will get better and better. By time, think years.

    Sleep – forget it. You aren’t going to get much at least until week 5. Best you can hope for is 2-5 hours split up over the course of the day. Unless you enjoy sleeping in the lazy boy. My dad passed away but he was the only person I’ve ever met that could do 8 hours sleeping in a lazy boy.

    I am not going to sugar coat it – it’s going to be difficult and your recovery depends on you. By week 8 the soft tissue and bone has healed enough to where bending your knee, even past 140 may hurt but you aren’t going to ruin the surgery. I would know, I fell in week 8 and at the time my ROM in my right leg as 115. My heel hit my behind and after the 30 seconds of sheer white out pain, rebooting and checking it all systems were okay for another 30 seconds, I felt great. No pain and my knee bent pretty good for about a minute. Then the stiffness and swelling hit. The next day I was at 122 ROM in that knee. I did fall on wet grass and I know had it been I hard surface I would have been back under the knife. Some people have an MUA after this surgery which stands for “manipulation under anesthetic” whereby they knock you out and bend your knee to break up scare tissue. Well I got that for free! Lol.

    The main thing is keeping focused on recovery and the end goal. Life isn’t pain free and it never will be. There is a difference between good pain and bad pain. Good pain is the soreness and stiffness from doing the exercises, walking, etc. Bad pain is when you can’t move because the pain is excruciating. If you exercise and that’s the kind of pain you get you are doing something wrong or something is wrong.

    Mental toughness – and it is a struggle. I’ve had bad days where I questioned my decision where I second guessed if I’d done the right thing, all because the recovery is along process.

    Above all – never compare your recovery to someone else’s. I did both knees at the same time and everyday it feels like I have two different legs. Left one doing great, right one hurts and visa versa. I feel like two different people knee-wise. I have family members who have had both done at separate times and the only common denominator was pain tolerance, mental fitness and sleep!

  404. Hi Merlin,
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your tkr comment. It is refreshing to know that you feel comfortable sharing your opinions/experiences that are at odds with certain aspects of my article. I am confident others will appreciate your insight, as well.
    I noticed your email address appears to be a spam collector (great idea!), so I avoided responding privately.
    Best of luck and keep in touch…

  405. Feeling very down at the 6 week post-op point and starting searching the web for just this type of blog! It helps so much to share experiences with others. I had my TKR on my left knee in late June. My right knee is in pretty lousy shape as well and in some ways I feel like that is hampering my overall progress. When I go to outpatient PT, they work me very hard and I have been able to get my ROM up to 116 so far, and finally was able to straighten my leg to 0 degrees. The days I have to do the home exercises, though, I can barely move the leg at all. I wish I could get outpatient PT more often than 2 days a week, but my therapist claims studies have shown an extra weekly session doesn’t result in any significant difference or improvement (I call BS on that and assume it’s an insurance thing). Sleeping a full night without pain is still not possible. I did quit the heavy duty meds after two weeks as my surgeon was very hard nosed about that, but thank God I was already taking Celebrex prior to surgery which helps. I’m most concerned about resuming my commute back to work which involves a long walk and a lot of stairs going up a steep hill. I cannot afford to be in pain at work but I also out of sick and vacation time at the 7 week mark so I really have no choice. From other posts, its sounds like the next 6 weeks will be very telling for me in terms of how much I can still heal. Thanks for letting me share and thanks Booktoots for this informative site.

  406. Hello Kathy,
    Thanks so much for visiting my site and leaving your informative tkr comment. It is nice to read your story and know that you find my site helpful.
    Remember to check back often to realize you are not alone.
    Good luck!

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