How Long For A TKR Recuperation?

A couple of days ago I was at a business networking function and needed to enter another room. In order to enter the room, however, I needed to step up about 12 inches. This distance was greater than any of my tkr step exercises. Yikes..

On the way into the elevated level room, I lifted myself with my “good” leg. There were still difficulties, though. See, I’ve been hearing crunching sounds in my non-tkr knee lately. Some days it is more noticeable than others. It usually is noticeable while going up stairs (I live upstairs). I just hope it’s not the start of arthritis. (This is a perfect example of why swimming is more beneficial than walking for joint health. I walk regularly for exercise and enjoyment). I know of others who have a tkr and within two years need their “good” knee replaced since they were favoring their tkr leg so much.

Return to story…Returning from the elevated room, I stood there looking down at the “drop” to the next level (the room I was originally in and entering back into). It was a strange feeling. My tkr knee doesn’t have the bending flexibility allowing me to enter the room like a “normal” person with this steep step and my “good” knee was kind of sensitive. Yikes…

I finally decided my plan of attack would be to stand sideways and lower myself down with my “good” leg first. By holding onto the wall (door entrance), the bend in my tkr knee was easier to do. It worked, just don’t ask me how. I’m glad no one was behind me or in a hurry, though. 😕

This is the first time I wondered…how long does a person who’s had a tkr say they are recuperating? My flexibility is not up to par. I exercise daily to improve it. If my tkr flexibility does not improve (which it may not), does that mean my recuperation is over? Or…is recuperation a life time process? Hmm…

Thought I’d share this for anyone going through the same thing. Thanks for reading…

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