How Swimming In A Public Pool Can Be Exhausting

Hi my favorite readers! Having been brought up with a swimming pool in my backyard, I never had to deal with strangers in a public pool. Now that I don’t have a pool on my premises, I use the public pool. When the facility first opened, it was fantastic. The location is ideal. And…it still is a great facility that offers many things for the health-conscious individual. They are always adding programs and classes to suit a variety of needs. Nice..

However…it can be exhausting swimming in the pool for a variety of ways. For instance…while swimming laps, I have been heavily bopped on the opposite side of my head by a guy in the next lane. And, I was swimming close to the pool’s side. I have had others swimming circles without telling me they were there. Only when I turned around and saw a circle swimmer, did I realize I was in his path. He did not ask to share lanes, nor even attempt to get my attention.

Then there was the lady with her two teenage daughters (both who were admirable swimmers, mind you.) There were already two people in the lane and she wanted to circle swim with her daughters. OK. So, we all circle swimmed..or is it swam? I was on the lookout the entire time, which is exhausting considering my poor vision. Her daughters were faster then me and I was warned that they might pass me. If this is common protocol, I don’t know. I just know it was distracting.

The school year is out now. It’s fantastic watching young kids learn to swim. Don’t get me wrong, I do like kids. However, they are taking the place over. It’s difficult enough dealing with young balls of energy every where, but with my eyesight being so poor I can only see anybody when they are two feet away from me. It’s downright tiring. It’s exhausting and distracting to have to pay attention to where they are, what they are doing, and how they will affect me. Or, how I will affect them. Plus, they’re unpredictable. Usually that’s part of the fun with kids. It’s not when swimming is the goal. Instead of going for a good workout swim, I swim on the defensive. If that doesn’t take the fun out of it, I don’t know what does.

I have seen extremely obese men entering the hot tub (which is in the pool area.) They obviously were using the tub as their bath since their body odor was so intense, it permeated the surrounding air. It was not the smell of sweat from a workout, either. Breathing was difficult (both through the nose and mouth), which was tiring. So much for the public hot tub.

I have seen more than a few people swim without caps. I have gotten hair in my mouth while swimming. That is not pleasant at all. It is exhausting wondering when, and if, it will happen again. I wish cap and beard coverings were required. I don’t know how that would work with beards, though. Is there such a thing?

Swimming is a fantastic workout and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m very blessed to have a pool so close. All I can say is…I’m patiently waiting for the school days of September to come.

Here’s hoping this piece comes across as being more factual then negative. Negativity doesn’t solve anything.

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