How To Develop Excerpts

Hi everyone. As more of my book’s puzzle is developing, something else is coming into play.  It is an item that can be used in a variety of ways to help promote and market anyone’s book. How to develop excerpts.

The development of my book’s excerpts happens as subtopics are being embellished upon.  More details are coming into play, leaving room for wordage which sparks an interest.

The main purpose of an excerpt is to describe parts of your book in a few words, to spark interest in potential readers. I can’t believe how easy it is happening, either.

It seems that every time I would see an excerpt, a lot of thought and reason had gone into them.  Granted, some of them were probably like that.  However, after mine just fell into place, hmm….

How to develop an excerpt:

*simply pick a topic that you have developed in your writing project

*choose wording that summarizes that topic in as few words as possible

*choose action-oriented wording that has your readers wanting more

An excerpt is also known as a teaser or enticement, if you will.

More details about writing tips and how to use excerpts will be found in another book project of mine in the future.

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