How To Develop Written Titles

Writing Tip:

While doing some writing earlier today, it became apparent how easy it may be to obtain chapter headings, article titles, or any type of subject heading. Sometimes when writing an outline we need to think of titles. And, they do not come easily. Or, if they do come, they just don’t seem to be worded right. Well…Here is what works great for me and it may work for you…

  • Upon writing a chapter, or article, a central theme will appear.

  • It becomes obvious that all the facts and circumstances revolve around this main point of interest (the central theme).

  • So, after the chapter (or article) is written, the title comes very easily. It just “pops into the mind”.

  • It is simply a summation of the contents.  It is directly related to the content.

  • Sometimes the words may be humorous, thought provoking, or serious.

This is kind of like leaving the book title alone until all the chapters are written. Or, not worrying about a song title until all the lyrics are completed.

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